It is capable of speeds in excess of 200 mph depending on which of the many power-plant options is chosen. ), SmartLevel ($120, didn't exist when Bob Walters used a bubble level to align the wings and canard. load Seems a liitle high, a new Pheionx 103 that even meets USA Part 103 Rules with a Hirth 50hp is only about $15,500. Trying to clean it off with MEK will just cause the chemicals to enter your bloodstream. The wing is bolted on with 4 bolts that are difficult to get at even if you have a removable rear wing cover. All visitors may be screened with a metal detector upon entry. Dragonfly accident records from the NTSB, fitting between the center and side consoles, cut off the aft portion of the side console, Cockpit Width: 43in inside (same as C-172), Construction: Moldless foam/fiberglass composite sandwich, Combined Area: 97 sq ft for MK I or 102 sq ft for MK II/III, Wing Loading: 8lbs/sq ft solo; 11.4 lbs/sq ft at gross, Load Limits: +4.4g, -2g working; 6g ultimate, "The great majority of our builders' airplanes are coming out at or, "It's common to find yourself heading for the pattern doing, Discussing the pre-fab kit: "You pretty much take it out of the box, put it together, and go flying! Material list is missing from mySingle seat quickie plans which I purchased, but since I was only studying the plans for understanding of canard designs, it was no problem. After some simple digging I do see that Dragonfly aircraft are listed to have lower stall speeds than Quickies and other comparable canards. The main structural materials are made of fiberglass and epoxy laid up over stryofoam blocks or sheets that have been carved or glued into the exact aerodynamic shape desired. A Dragonfly built using all the pre-fab components can probably be built in about 1 year less than a plane that has been "scratch-built" using only raw materials. I have deleted the image files now that we have a single PDF in the Downloads section. The exact figures will depend on the engine you use, and whether you have "beefed up" your canard and wing (the carbon fiber layup schedule) to handle the higher gross weights according to the plans modification. It's not at all like the Q-birds that just fold their tail section on a hinge. .

The aircraft is supplied as a kit or as plans for amateur construction. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. You can also consider the tricycle configuration of the Tri-Qs.

. Please note the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force is not responsible for items left in vehicles. We could try that. It is configured with a main wing and an equal length canard. JavaScript is disabled. The Q-2 (or Q-200, or "Q-bird" generically) has a more rounded fuselage bottom that has a distinct longitudinal curvature to it. What special piloting skills will I need to fly a Dragonfly? Insight? What do MK I, MK II, MK III and similar designations mean? Click here to return to the Southeast Asia War Gallery. In addition all bags are subject to search and may be placed through an X-Ray machine.

Can I remove the wing and canard and trailer a DF to and from the airfield? This is a characteristic of the GU canard that afflicts different DF aircraft to a greater or lesser extent, due to minute differences in construction between builders. Both of these have online catalogs and ordering pages, so you can select products and order them at any time, night or day. smattering of others (Jabiru, Legacy, Hirth), What support can I expect while I am building? Few Dragonflies have 600x6 tires, Then you unbolt the torque tubes from the elevators and disconnect any canard lights and/or pitot tubes.

From 1964-1966, the U.S. Air Force evaluated two modified T-37 trainers, designated YAT-37Ds, as prototypes for a counter-insurgency (COIN) attack/reconnaissance aircraft to use in Southeast Asia. Other than that, the canard configuration, the location of the fuel tank, the center stick, and many other characteristics make the 2 airplanes look so similar that SOMEONE must have been cheating when they designed their plane. This configuration has resulted in the Dragonfly name due to its similarity to the dragonfly insect. You would have to find a pre-owned. Standard engines used include the 60hp (45kW) Volkswagen air-cooled engine and the 85hp (63kW) Jabiru 2200 four-stroke powerplants. The plans are 20 years old now and there have been many, many, MANY modifications published, both mandatory and optional. This is all a messy process that can take more than an hour with a lot of cursing.,, That's a broad statement that's most likely coming from the tail-dragger configuration of the Q1 and Q2/200s. or subscribe to the DBFN newsletter and check the classified ads in the back. Weight: 11,700 lbs.

Will there be a US option for non-transponder ADS-B? Construction time from the supplied kit is estimated as 700 hours, while from plans is estimated at over 1200 hours. How much does it cost to build a Dragonfly? Americas owner-flown aircraft enthusiasts and active-pilot resource, delivered to your inbox! We believe it will be difficult to better the economy, price, performance and safety offered by the Dragonfly design with regard to a 2 seater aircraft. With two-place side-by-side seating under a bubble canopy, the Dragonfly is powered by a stock 1,600cc VW engine.

with LOTS of cutting discs and sanding drums, Hacksaw (band saw helpful but not absolutely essential) and LOTS of blades, A high quality steel ruler (3 or 4ft long or so), Welding equipment or a friend who knows how to weld, or else buy the pre-fab components, Grinding wheel for shaping aluminum and cutting hardened 1/4 inch chrome-moly steel. They are meant to be trailered if you want to travel more than 100 miles. Post By then, people were starting to put all kinds of engines into the airframe, and the major support for builders was beginning to shift away from Viking, now operated as a part-time venture, and more toward the builder community, the DBFN newsletter, and the annual fly-ins. Where can I buy a partially or 100% completed Dragonfly? However, it was recalled to active service in August 1966 for final design testing of the urgently needed A-37 attack aircraft. The problem can be solved quite simply by addition of vortex generators installed on top of the canard at the 50% chord line, spaced about 1.5 to 4 inches apart. In addition all bags are subject to search and may be placed through an X-Ray machine. The aircraft is supplied as a kit or as plans for amateur construction. So, the answer is, you can remove the wing and canard if you have to, but you are not going to want to do that every time you want to go flying.

Selling RV-8 empanage kit. Gearing up for Open EZ build. The struggle is real. - Food and Soda Drinks

Ceiling: 36,000 ft. Stories? That would probably be considered somewhat of a record. On 8/1/2020 at 11:08 PM, Countach74 said: Telephone: +27 82 5647765, this is their contact number as per EAA, but no success. Okay, well I figure I'd drink and PAINT CAD tonight. Its forward 20ft (6.1m) span wing employs a GU25-5(11)8 mod airfoil, when the aft wing (span 22ft) uses an Eppler 1212 airfoil. Im an aspiring MBA student working hard to Does the canard have problems with rain or bugs?

- Camera bags I want one--- but can't wait for Christmas, Operations on almost Intersecting Runways. Your link has been automatically embedded. Most have a low back seat like in this Red T-Bird I. Armament: One 7.62mm minigun and3,000 lbs. (We don't know what Bob Walters was smoking when he suggested using a hacksaw to cut it. Over 2000 sets of plans are currently in circulation worldwide with more and more Dragonflies taking to the skies each year. When sanding any foam, wear a mask to keep the dust out of your lungs. Weapons are not permitted including pocket knives and firearms, to include conceal carry and other dangerous weapons. We invite you to make use of this web site for the purpose of sharing Dragonfly related Information".

However, the original designer of the Hoop Gear and there may be some builders who are actively working on the mods. - Box cutters - Knives The canard on the Dragonfly is a full-span airfoil at the front of the aircraft that serves to distribute the wing loading between the front and rear lifting surfaces. It also depends on what kind of tires you have. Although the A-37B served with the USAF for only a short period, a number of A-37Bs remained in use with the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guardas observation/flight attack aircraft until the last one was retired in 1992. The plane was never built. Nothing more exotic than a 3/8in electric hand drill and maybe a Dremel Tool. Register today and take advantage of membership benefits. Hosted by Defense Media Activity - Carbon Fiber. Safe-Tee Steering, Lenco Stainless Trim Tabs, Plumbed Livewell with Dragonfly Sea Chest & Quick-Change Pump, 24-Gallon Fuel Cell, Recessed Molded-In Push Pole Holders, Recessed Hand Holds, Bow & Stern LED Navigation Lights, 6 Flush Mount Stainless Steel Cleat, Poling Platform, 1100 GPH Bilge Pump w/Auto Switch. Hi Jon, so what is the work-around to get Dragonfly plans? The Dragonfly was introduced at Oshkosh in 1980, and the prototype received the "Outstanding New Design of 1980" trophy. So it deffinitely fits into Light Sport, and with a 478lb useful load minus only 6 gals gives you 442lbs to use, which I doubt 6 gals are going to get you far with either a 582UL or 912. How do I buy the plans and get started? Based on the successful results of Combat Dragon, the USAF order newly built A-37Bs, which had cockpit armor, more powerful engines, redundant flight controls, provision for aerial refueling and a strengthened airframe. - Water bottles (clear, sealed bottle, up to 20 oz.)

How long does it take to build a Dragonfly? Following this evaluation, the USAF contracted Cessna to modify 39 T-37Bs into A-37As in 1967. A molded canopy was selected to avoid the soap-bubble effect of a freeblown canopy. Older formulations were carcinogenic. Don't ever cut urethane foam with a hot wire, because it is very toxic. A Great American-brand propeller has a 4-inch pitch and 52-inch diameter. You are using an out of date browser. It's already been done before many times, so the parts are off-the-shelf and the support is plentiful. Pasted as rich text. By 1998, 500 examples of all variants were reported as flying. . (Rigged Hull Only. Where can I buy a partially or 100% completed Dragonfly project? In the mid 1990's, Patrick sold the rights to the Dragonfly to Mike Puhl of Slipstream.

I might be able to locate materials lists, but the idea is that you need to develop the materials list as you go through the plans. Plane and Pilot expands upon the vast base of knowledge and experience from aviations most reputable influencers to inspire, educate, entertain and inform. Links to Engines If the factoid is underlined, it is considered suspicious or maybe even no longer accurate at all. Have purchased Q1 plans from QuickHeads, but more interested in Dragonfly, since it is more controllable than Q1/Q200. Thisaircraft retired to the museum for a second time in July 1970 as the YA-37A. What is the difference between a Dragonfly and a Q-2? Don't get cured splinters of carbon fiber into your skin because they do not work themselves out like a wood splinter would. These aircraft primarily flew close air support, night interdiction and forward air control missions in South Vietnam and southern Laos.

The glossy brochure says the Empty Weight is 605 lbs, and the Gross Weight is 1150 lbs. The intention of the aircraft is to provide builders with a project that is inexpensive to build and also inexpensive to operate on a readily available engine. The only realsupport that's available is through "the community". I agree that the drag on this little bird is quite high, but it looks like a barrel of fun. Plane and Pilot builds on more than 50 years of serving pilots and owners of aircraft with the goal of empowering our readers to improve their knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation. ", "Dragonfly plans are considered by experts to be among the most detailed and, maximum airspeed of 120 knots (SMALL OOPS! By Plane and Pilot Updated January 28, 2016 Save Article. All called Dragonfly, and there are others. Building a Dragonfly is comparable to building a Cozy, at least a Long-EZ. I have flown a Tri-Q200 and was remarkably similar to flying an EZ -- VERY controllable. 1985 Rust and debris in the carburetor and fuel strainer (builder error! (NEW) Can the Dragonfly be certified as a "Light-Sport Aircraft"? Maximum speed: 485 mph Only way I know is to solicit to buy someone's used plans, or eBay. Lou Beverly bought an airplane that had been started 17 years ago and still had never flown. How can I compute the Weight and Balance on a Dragonfly? Find a friend who owns one or buy one - you'll need it a few times. Builder/Administrator Since Dragonflyisorphaned , why don't we have a strong community withpre-owned plans, like you have the plans here for Q and Q200? * Firearms, to include conceal carry and other dangerous weapons, are specifically prohibited in Federal facilities in accordance with 18 USC 930 (c) Clear editor. ), 1991 Stall/spiral on landing after a bounced landing (pilot error! That having been said, most Dragonflies seem to stall around 65 mph and cruise at about 120-140 mph. I could be wrong. See, After too many builders were breaking their canards on landing due to the springiness of the canard, Viking devised a new gear arrangement,

I started downloading them there, but was halted 1/3 the way through do to the size. The Viking Dragonfly is an American amateur-built aircraft, designed by Bob Walters and produced by Viking Aircraft LLC of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. An O-200 equipped Dragonfly was recently clocked over a 60 mile course at 152 mph average speed, with peaks of 185 mph indicated. What is the history of the Dragonfly? What is Dragonfly's stall, cruise, and maximum speed? The Q-birds have shorter wings (thus higher wing loading) and fly faster than a Dragonfly. From 1964-1966, the U.S. Air Force evaluated two modified T-37 trainers, designated YAT-37Ds, as prototypes for a counter-insurgency (COIN) attack/reconnaissance aircraft to use in Southeast Asia. speed shown is 55 MPH), speed shown is 48 MPH), You can find a copy of the Dragonfly Construction Manual here:. I'll work on getting a proper set of templates for the airfoils and bulkheads, so until then you cannot build from these plans -- although they are still an interesting read. Gary LaGare is the designer of the Q-2, and Bob Walters the designer of the Dragonfly. Range: 270 miles with 3,000 lb. What special skills will I need to build a Dragonfly? Termed the "hoop style" gear, this. - Backpacks Exhibitions. Prohibited Items: The ballast weight shift occurred when the plane hit the ground. This was called the, Over the past few years, a new gear style has become popular. Your impression must be related to the Dragonflys typically having gear that is more inboard than the Qs. If you are willing to be a bleeding edge pioneer, there are many engines to try! - Diaper bags Cruising speed: 425 mph

Some of us have been working on our aircraft for 7 to 10 years.

If you go for weeks without building because it's in a hangar 30 minutes away, the weeks will become years and the years will become decades. The wing and canard are built as a single piece in a jig, and the job can be accomplished in a normal two-car garage. Following this evaluation, the USAF contracted Cessna to modify 39 T-37Bs into A-37As in 1967. I would like to take a look, although I suspect there would be full-size drawings that may not be included in what you have. Cured fiberglass strands are like sharp splinters, so use Peel-ply whenever possible over joints to reduce splinters. The SmartLevel reads in 1/10th degree increments! . - Service animals Next: Resume building a Cozy Mark IV. Permitted Items: You could try emailing Viking Aircraft and see what they say. I'm a little surprised on how it's connected to the bulkhead. Epoxy fumes. Try Weight and Balance Calculator (from Jeff LeTempt or Don Stewart, I can't remember which).

Both wings have a total area of 92.2sqft (8.57m2). Dragonfly Boatworks works closely with clients in designing the boat you want, the boat you need.

The aircraft on displaywasone of the two prototypeYAT-37Ds evaluated by the USAF. Thus, to climb, one increases lift on the canard, instead of increasing drag on the tail. in which the wheels were mounted on steel or fiberglass legs much closer to the fuselage on the canard. The cockpit is 43in (109cm) wide. flew his off a grass strip, and occasionally others have done so. We don't use any Kevlar in the aircraft, but that's not to say you might not like to try it somewhere for additional weight savings and puncture resistance. An Electric drill (drill press very helpful - wish I'd had one when I started), Build a hot-wire saw with adjustable voltage control, ($10 in parts), Build an epoxy scale from scrap wood or buy an epoxy pump for $150, or use $1 measuring cups with accuracy even at 10ml quantities, A Dremel Tool kit ($60 - $150 or more?) Some wood is used for reinforcement of the fiberglass composite and for the firewall. Other than that, it is very difficult to tell them apart unless you are up close. , , , . He figures it will be another year and a half before it is ready to fly. (U.S. Air Force photo).

Powered by Invision Community. and see if you can find someone who has a similar airplane to yours and ask that person what experience he has had with grass strips. Do not expect to go very far in one of these.

Finally in 2004, the rights to the Dragonfly were purchased by Dart Industries which intends to Eliminate the center console and center stick, put your legs on each side of the center pillar, and use side sticks. I have a set of Dragonfly plans, Serial #2 according to the paperwork I have. 1985 NTSB report says that ballast weights shifted out of CG range during test flight, but the insider scoop is that the pilot had a heart attack on downwind. Hi Winchester, thank you for the valuable info! You are not going to want to do that. The Viking Dragonfly is an American amateur-built aircraft, designed by Bob Walters and produced by Viking Aircraft LLC of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. The elevators are mounted on the canard.

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