Make sure you are inspecting all these parts for damage. You must log in or register to reply here. This next part is interesting. Youll see in the assembly portion. To keep tension between the rubber, watertight seal and the output shaft, there is a spring inside the seal that constantly applies light pressure inward towards the transfer case output shaft. If you are reusing this transmission, you can insert your output shaft now to aid in assembly of all of the low/reverse clutch parts. Remove the input carrier and thrust bearing (planetary and washer). Please help me.

Did you guys not remove this, or was it not noted? I had to pull the whole thing out and press it out. Now finally you are at the output shaft. Be careful or itll come from together. I just wanted to update this thread and close it out. Put it back the way it came out. Let your pump ride it down til its near flush. Turns out it's pretty easy to change. Torque bolts to 8 ft. lbs. using the aforementioned pattern. Update, clutch flywheel and gearbox needs replacement:( Think I will just recondition the box. Before I start this I should point out that I am in fact not a Transmission specialist. Just dont be violent.

Risk factors that could cause the output shaft seal to fail prematurely are lifted suspensions that alter the driveline angle, a worn drive shaft yoke, worn transfer case output shaft bearing, or lack of maintenance. Go figure. They should stay in thanks to fluid friction, but just in case. I have been meaning to do a writeup for some time now. This is the tool you will need to remove it. A good transmission builder will do the build in a dust free environment. Transfer Case Output Shaft Oil Seal Replacement Cost Estimates, Brake Master Cylinder Reservoir Replacement, Variable Valve Timing Control Solenoid Replacement, Free Chevrolet Suburban 1500 repair estimates, Chevrolet Suburban 1500 reliability ratings, Chevrolet Suburban 1500 Maintenance Schedule. Soon>>>Hotwire + fuel pump, water/meth, The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Remove all the valve body bolts. You dont want any foreign material getting into it. A used transmission might be cheaper. Over time, droplets will begin to form at the base of the transfer case output shaft housing, and possibly trickle down the drive shaft. A buddy of mine (stoondesiel) had a vibration with his Tahoe and got his drive shaft check it was all good but still had the vibration he blew up his diff and replaced it and the vibration was gone. Down on the output shaft, inside the planetary, there is a snap ring. Remove the tailhousing or transfer case and adapter, whichever one you are working on at this point (new seal needed).

180k service done thanks Clint. The transfer case output shaft seal is a seal which prevents the transfer case fluid from leaking past the input shaft from the transmission and the front/rear output shaft to the differentials. The transfer case sends power from the engine to the front and rear axles in AWD or 4WD vehicles. Install new o-rings onto the oil pump bolts and install them. Your filter/gasket kit should have come with a new one. Remove the bolts holding the lock-up solenoid in place, then remove the solenoid. Install the small snap ring on the output shaft to attach it to the reaction gear. Notice the housing is below the oil pump seat. Seat your input sun gear onto the output shaft and input carrier. First clean up the transmission well. Install the 2-4 band. Nice job. stream I just lowered my hoist carefully until my transmission was lying down on the floor (carefully). A failing transfer case output shaft seal will first show signs of seepage, that is, the drive shaft and output shaft housing will begin to show signs of contact with oil, though droplets of oil may not be forming underneath the seal. It may be bolted on, but in my case it was just slipped on. Seriously though there is a tool (J39119). As you are doing this there are pins that you can install to help. Its hard to say, but it could just be something simple as your cables are getting caught on your wiring harness or something, so check that first, of course. You need to index everything prior to assembly. I would think the biggest credit has to go to Ray Pampena! 1998 GMC Suburban 1500 4x2, 105K, 3.42s, Diesel Depot 6.35 replacement engine, Homemade remote PMD cooler, Accurate Diesel PMD extension cable, OPS relay mod, Fluidampr. You can find them all over the place online. This will give you an idea if there is something wrong with your transmission). Its called your hands. If you happen to lose one or more of those balls let me know. Quick bit of history. I'm hoping it was a manufacturing defect and not increase loads due to the diff, but if my car does another 150000kms on this new bearing then the car will most likely be near falling apart by then anyway. Most everyone has had their transmission go out or had a friend's who's did. Alright at this point you have a few options. Good to go. A forum community dedicated to all Mitsubishi 3000GT and Dodge Stealth owners and enthusiasts. And dont forget to replace that accumulator piston seal. Ive read a lot of stuff put out by reputable builders (to include FLT) that would blow your mind about some of this crap, like the ole corvette servo. Oh, and the built transmission I had didnt have the yellow arrowed piece, which is a dipstick stop. I am going to guess that you have the same T case as I do which is the 243c. Now if you decided to tackle an output shaft replacement/swap you'll find that the ouput shaft is actually close to the back of the transmission and 3/4 of the guts have to be removed to get to it. - 1996 GMC Ext Cab Short Box 1/2 Ton - 2wd - 6.5TD - 400000KM - Vin Code S - F Lower Intake - Peninsular Upper Intake - 3" Home made Exhaust from turbo to back - No Egr - No Vac Pump - Remote PMD location In Airbox - Turbomaster - Ramair Coldair Aircleaner Box - 6" By 10" Round K&N Air Filter - Autometer Boost, Trani, Pyro and Oil Pressure Gauges - Fuel Pressure Grauge - Stripped all A/C Components - Fed The Beast - Snow Performance WMI 2x1GPH Nozzels - #9 Resistor - Firestone Airbags In The Back, - Areo Racing Rims and Cooper Cobras Holding it all to the Ground Somewhat -. Silikhan Publishing Group & For my purposes though i have to replace the RWD long shaft with the short AWD shaft for my build. I believe the one RPM put in mine was the transgo mod. As you remove all of this pay attention. There is no output shaft bearing. Now remove the servo cover. Like other shaft seals, the transfer case output shaft seal is a continuous circle made of a synthetic rubberized material that conforms to the surface of the shaft and allows the shaft to rotate freely inside the seal. Make sure to align all of the holes. Remove the O-ring seal from the end of the input shaft. You must be logged in to see the message. LS1TECH - Camaro and Firebird Forum Discussion, 2-Speed thru 10-Speed GM Autos | Converters | Shift Kits, 2yr Wrty Trans/conv combos. Its fairly straightforward. The play that you have is normal. How much is a 300M output shaft, and where do I get one? Then grab your T50+ and a breaker bar and remove the 8 bellhousing bolts. If you are reusing this transmission, you can insert your output shaft now to aid in assembly of all of the low/reverse clutch parts. :bigok: If you put a jack under the hub you can raise the control arm an inch or two and get the long bolt out. Lube Specialists oil cooler, Fast idle switch, Zerex G05 coolant. George was a really nice guy.

Install the left hand shift solenoid into the valve body and insert the retaining clip. Their initial estimate was $200-225 to replace the bushing. (starting to see the trend?). Our community has been around for many years and pride ourselves on offering unbiased, critical discussion among people of all different backgrounds. Now using either a bench mount or in my case an engine hoist, get your transmission vertical. If you are in my position and are doing this for the AWD/RWD swap, you may have just pulled out your replacement shaft. I will definitely use them again and recommend to my friends. If you are cheap then do this. Silikhan Publishing Group & JavaScript is disabled. <>/Metadata 376 0 R/ViewerPreferences 377 0 R>> This is only half the assembly. Three things need to be aligned at this point. Do not mess this up. Well I thought everything was going smoothly. A hacksaw blade with a simple handle or tape can help with removal if you cut through the bushing enough to make a split,it will then collapse some and come out of the tailstock easily-don't cut any deeper than the minimum amount. If you are reading this as part of the AWD/RWD swap then make sure you install the proper tail section. Im dropping the car into a main dealer this week for a server anyway so was going to get them to check it out, but I'm afraid they will just replace the whole transmission. Repeat all above instructions as necessary until you have your unwanted shaft out. We are working every day to make sure our community is one of the best. If you don't remove the little cover (look for a piece with only two bolts on it) the cover will be EXTREMELY hard to remove. Its a rubber neck where your filter inserts. Its in the way of the next step. This pin needs to be just barely below the valve body surface. I will try that tomorrow. The shorter AWD shaft though does not, so when said stress is exerted, say hundreds of pounds of torque suddenly applied, the shaft will just straight break. Oh god I hope its that easy. If you didnt install the 2-4 band correctly this wont go in. There are multiple spring colors, which can be used in either the 1-2 or 3-4 accumulator positions. <> Mark williams took a stock shaft and copied it but made it out of 300M. You should take end play measurements of your input shaft if you are so inclined. Transfer Case Output Shaft Seal Replacement, Cruise Control Clutch Release Switch Replacement, Fluid leaking from under the middle of the vehicle, Grinding or rattling noise when driving the vehicle. Pasted as rich text. You'll need a good mechanic who is confident in pulling the box apart. Tighten the bolts to 8 ft. lbs. Pat yourself on the back, the hard part is done. The transfer case fluid is a lubricant which helps the gears operate smoothly and in an efficient manner. Throw on the new filter gasket, filter, and pan gasket. You can use a little trans gel to hold it in place. Some failures are reported before the 85,000 mile mark, but that is typically not the case. <> This is actually part of a massive retrofit I'm doing over HERE to swap AWD into my RWD SSS. Grab a phillips screwdriver or equivalent and as you start to seat the pump, drop the screwdriver into a bolt hole until it goes into the casing as well. The RWD has a longer Output Shaft because it has a tail housing going directly to the driveshaft. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I ended up with a leak from the front output shaft seal after doing my "re-gear" mod, the final shaft that runs through the engine moved back and rolled/damaged the seal. Next up is the thrust washer on top of the low roller clutch inner race.

This is variable among models, years, and aftermarket/factory. It turns out that I couldn't find the bushing at any parts stores, locally or on the internet. 1 0 obj

Clear editor. 10/10. All for a competitive price while I continued with my normal day in my own home. JFIF C Once you do that you should be able to carefully remove the harness from the valve body. DO NOT TRY AND USE A NORMAL T50 TORX. As you pull the accumulator off take special note of orientation, order, etc. If it did come out skip the entire next section and go to reassembly. I ran those, with 45 degree fittings, 6 AN lines to an Improved Racing Thermostat (185 degree, with an fittings available), then you'll need 90 degree AN fittings for your oil cooler with 6AN adapters for whatever type of oil cooler you are using. In my case I had a factory transmission from an 04, and a built transmission for an 06. Youll need to carefully support the reaction gear to do this to avoid damage. (note this picture is of the backside of the valve body). Small hammer (I used a small piece of brass). Can't remember exactly what size, but i know that what i was told was wrong and had to run to my local speed shop to find the right fittings. These are covered with oil inside the transfer case, but must have a means of keeping that oil from draining out of the output shaft housing. Do Not Sell My Personal Information -, By logging into your account, you agree to our. Clutches on left aligned to seat over the gear on the input to the right. There is a special tool that grabs it for you. Ray Requested Mark Williams do it. The shifter will not go into 1st or 2nd gear position. Be careful. 3-4 clutch plates indexed on the input ring gear, input sun gear indexed into the forward sprag inner race, and reverse input housing tangs indexed into the sun gear shell. JavaScript is disabled. Right below that is the input ring gear and thrust washer. Make sure your shaft is perfectly clean of dust or contaminates before doing so. Technically you are supposed to do this after the Oil Pump removal, but I popped it out prior as it was holding my pump up.

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