Air traffic management for spacecraft Medical system, Q:(Java) What to do when fee Challan form is misplaced PPSC? They cant be accessed directly but is possible to be access using member functions. Which among the following is false for class features? We can hide the operation and structure of actual program from the user and can show only required information by the user. Encapsulation helps in writing ___________ classes in java. There is double the wait time for a two-channel system with, A:The beginnings of customers: 2021-22, All Rights Reserved, NPTEL Programming in Java Week 1 Quiz Assignment Answer July & August 2022, The Joy of Computing Using Python NPTEL Assignment Answers Week 1 2022, Arcesium India Careers 2022 Hiring Software Engineer (2019/20/21), Google Data Analytics Sales Manager (German English) Recruitment 2022: Apply Here, IBM Off-Campus Recruitment 2022 Hiring for Accounts Payable Specialist: Apply Here. Which feature of OOP reduces the use of nested classes? If two classes combine some private data members and provides public member functions to access and manipulate those data members. If a local class is defined in a function, which of the following is true for an object of that class?

This feature have helped us modify the structures used in C language to be upgraded into class in C++ and other languages. Q:What exactly are the duties involved in maintaining a system? Which of the following pairs are similar? if n==0: return 2 Explanation: Immutable classes are used for caching purpose generally. Does PPSC upload the Admission Letter for Psychological, After the written test, how many days PPSC takes to announce, PPSC Syllabus PROVINCIAL MANAGEMENT SERVICE in Services &. Thank you for visiting. Required fields are marked *. Which feature can be implemented using encapsulation? And the whole of the process are two aspects that make up the total,, Q:Using real-world operating system examples might help illustrate the idea. Which of the following is not true about polymorphism? A phone is made up of many components like motherboard, camera, sensors and etc. Q:Computer networking What is the physical layer's concern with bit-by-bit delivery? A language feature that combine variables and methods in a. But global variable is accessible everywhere, also it is most prone to changes. Which feature can be implemented using encapsulation? Which among the following is not true for polymorphism? How To Register for British Lyceum Pakistan online teaching. The operating system isn't expected to settle on framework decisions autonomously. Explanation: Global variables almost always violates the principles of encapsulation. Which feature of OOP is indicated by the following code? All facilities here are 100% Free. This is done to ensure that the private data doesnt get modified accidentally. Data abstraction refers to providing only essential information about the data to the outside world, hiding the background details or implementation. A:Introduction: A:Debugging: Which header file is required in C++ to use OOP? prompt the user to enter apositivevalue of typebyte. Q:As a programmer, provide two instances of how you can speed up the cache. All the members using that data can continue in the same way without any modification. The many tactics or methods used to test an application to make sure it. Find answers to questions asked by students like you. public class Main { Explanation: Data members data type can be changed without changing any further code. O Provide better features Which among the following doesnt come under OOP concept? Which among the following would destroy the encapsulation mechanism if it were allowed in programming? Describe in detail how the command, A:Introduction: Encapsulation helps in writing ______ classes in java. Identify the, A:SOLUTION: Which is the correct syntax of inheritance? Which among the following is the language which supports classes but not polymorphism? It is necessary for endpoints to be linked to a network in order for, Q:How do you know this assertion is true? Which is most appropriate comment on following class definition : Which class can have member functions without their implementation? It represent the static view of an application. State True or False. BS Degree holders are eligible for PPSC Lecturer or not? Which among the following best describes encapsulation? Which among the following should be encapsulated? What distinguishes this, Q:Here, software development and academic writing are contrasted to see which is more efficient. CLI. If different properties and functions of a real world entity is grouped or embedded into a single element, what is it called in OOP language? Computer Science Research Topics Ideas in Urdu. It is a good idea to hash the password contained in a file before encrypting the. Q:Discuss the importance of using software engineering ideas in the creation of software. | c# programming-C++ programming-Java programming c# programming-C++ programming-Java programming question, Copyright 2022, All Rights Reserved by, OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING OOPS CONCEPT AND FEATURES MCQ, login and add your own answer to this question. Linux and Unix are PC working frameworks that sudden spike in demand for the CLI. Q:In the context of software development, what does it mean to "debug" an application? Your email address will not be published. How does cable choice matter? Which Feature of OOP illustrated the code reusability? Which among the following can be a concept against encapsulation rules? We encapsulate the data to hide the critical working of program from outside world. Which among the following violates the principle of encapsulation almost always ? with Accurate Answer. Q:Whatisthedistinctionbetweensoftwarelicencingandcopyright? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Explanation: If using access declaration for private members of base class was allowed in programming, it would have destroyed whole concept of encapsulation. A company may use a third-party supplier for the creation of goods, Q:In order to properly install and assess a system, you need first compile a list of the most. Explanation: Using access specifiers we can achieve encapsulation. The. A:The planning and development of software for use in computer operating systems and software programs, Q:What is a database management system (DBMS) exactly?Using appropriate examples, describe in detail, A:Introduction: Q:Which is a process of hiding the implementation details and showing only functionality to the user? This is, A:The answer may be found here: What are some possible solutions? We call it a class in OOP generally. A:Intro Which among the following can be a concept against encapsulation rules? USING ANY KIND OF POINTER/ARRAY ADDRESS IN PASSING TO ANOTHER FUNCTION. This is a List of Available Answers Options : (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Reported from teachers around the world. Q:What are the ramifications of a data breach on cloud security? Encapsulation says the data should be accessed only by required set of elements. Find which of the following uses encapsulation ? Syllabus of computer science for PPSC test preparation, The main function of scope resolution operator (::) is. How do you collect. Only data members can be there in structures also. Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported. As if it was possible, any class which gets inherited privately, would have been able to inherit the private members of base class, and hence could access each and every member of base class. State True or False. Electrically Erasable. Consider the following code and select the correct option: Consider the code and select the wrong choice: Encapsulation is the way to add functions in a user defined structure, Using encapsulation data security is ___________. Start your trial now! If data members are private, what can we do to access them from the class object? Please briefly explain why you feel this user should be reported. Which feature allows open recursion, among the following? Q:What are the Infograph's guiding principles? Which feature of OOP indicates code reusability? Indicating the expenditure of extra, Q:As a consequence, the CPU suspends all active processes until the interruption is resolved. What to do if CNIC has expired or lost on the day of PPSC. This portion of the answer will focus on the Physical layer of the OSI model. THE DATA WHICH IS PRONE TO CHANGE IS NEAR FUTURE. Class with main() function can be inherited. void main(){ int a; void fun( int a=10; cout<>. they will be able to easily find answers to questions at school.We strive to publish Encyclopedia quizzes that are useful for students. #if n is 0 return 2 Fuzzy logic is a way of thinking about computers that is based on "degrees of truth", Q:Q2. Using access declaration for private members of base class, Using access declaration for public members of base class, Using access declaration for local variable of main() function, Using access declaration for global variables. Hopefully, Our site can be very useful for you. By registering, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy .*. Which among the following should be encapsulated ? If data members are private, what can we do to access them from the class object ? Which was the first purely object oriented programming language developed? *; And it can be created by making the class as final and making all its members private. The objective is achieved by a software developer writing computer code. A database management system (DBMS) acts as a bridge between an end-user and a. Can you declare an array like this if Student is a subclass of Person: Student[] students = new People[]; This method can be called from any exception object, and it shows the chain of methods that were called when the exception was thrown. Because of their shareability and visual appeal, infographics have grown in popularity, Q:Provide an explanation as to why different testing methodologies are required at different phases of, A:Testing Methodology: A. How many classes can be defined in a single program? ifn=1, A:Program: In a company, A:Big Data is an assortment of coordinated, semistructured, and unstructured information assembled by, Q:When malicious traffic is diverted from one VLAN to another, a network breach happens. b) Overloading Please enter your email address. Which of the two features match each other? Since array data is not provided, I, Q:Linux is an example of open-source software. The feature by which one object can interact with another object is: ___________ underlines the feature of Polymorphism in a class. Which among doesnt illustrates polymorphism? Overloading def L(n): Which feature in OOP is used to allocate additional function to a predefined operator in any language? Using this we can in turn implement data abstraction. Instance of which type of class cant be created?

1- He will finish the puzzle. State True or False. Which of the following is not type of class? What is default access specifier for data members or member functions declared within a class without any specifier, in C++? Which among the following have highest level of abstraction? The correct answer to the question Which feature can be implemented using encapsulation is Abstraction (Option B).

Exception handling is feature of OOP. Using encapsulation data security is _______, retrieves and removes the head of this queue and throws an exception if this queue is empty. USING ACCESS DECLARATION FOR PRIVATE MEMBERS OF BASE CLASS. When, A:Differences: Encapsulation helps in writing ___________ classes in java. Which among the following violates the principle of encapsulation almost always? (B) If you have three arrays X [N], Y [N], and B [N]. a) Polymorphism These devices, as the name indicates, are used to store massive volumes of data and. Which among following is correct for initializing the class below? A:SPEED OF THE CACHE: Which feature can be implemented using encapsulation? Find which of the following uses encapsulation? Which feature of OOP indicates code reusability? The software's use and redistribution are governed by a legal document known as a. This refers to software fault repair, Q:It is well known that Linux and UNIX are command-line systems. Which feature can be implemented using encapsulation ? Where is abstraction used? Which is not feature of OOP in general definitions? The term "cache speed" refers to the rate at which operations are carried out, Q:Today, all businesses have adopted big data into their information technology systems. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported. A:Introduction: Polymorphism

Write a program as follows: At, Q:The process of making changes to a software product after it has been delivered in order to fix, A:Complete the system shown below: The term attribute refers to a _____ of a table. cast, A:Java programming code: Code modification can be additional overhead, Data members data type can be changed without changing any other code, Data members type cant be changed, or whole code have to be changed, Member functions can be used to change the data type of data members. Q:Explain in detail the system features that urge you to use a real-time operating system in three, A:The following three scenarios are listed: The switch looks up the packet's source address in a source address table (SAT) before, Q:Describe how one can use the program(dijkstra algorithm) you developed to solve a real-world, A:Dijkstra's algorithm: Create public member functions to access those data members, Create private member functions to access those data members, Create protected member functions to access those data members, Private data members can never be accessed from outside the class. IT IS A WAY OF COMBINING VARIOUS DATA MEMBERS AND MEMBER FUNCTIONS THAT OPERATE ON THOSE DATA MEMBERS INTO A SINGLE UNIT. Q:In this article, we'll take a look at Windows Service Control Manager and explore its advantages. Explanation: We can define public member functions to access those private data members and get their value for use or alteration. Among these two things of function and operator overloading, where is polymorphism used? Client confidence is the most significant long-term consequence of a data breach. #if n is 1 return 1, Q:Is email something you use regularly? Which definition best describes an object? Which among the following would destroy the encapsulation mechanism if it was allowed in programming ? What do you call the languages that support classes but not polymorphism? A:Introduction: If same message is passed to objects of several different classes and all of those can respond in a different way, what is this feature called? VLAN hopping, also known as virtual LAN hopping, is a network assault in which an attacker, Q:The following subjects must be covered in detail by you as a network trainer for a major, A:Definition: Which feature can be implemented using encapsulation? implement the following, A:Since no programming language is mentioned, I am using Matlab. What is scope of a class nested inside another class? Which of the following best defines a class? Give. Hiding the implementation complexity can: Abstraction gives higher degree of ________, Which among the following can be viewed as combination of abstraction of data and code, Abstraction principle includes___________, Higher the level of abstraction, higher are the details. Object cant be used with pointers because they belong to user defined class, and compiler cant decide the type of data may be used inside the class. What is size of the object of following class (64 bit system)? Which among the following would destroy the encapsulation mechanism if it was allowed in programming? Anti Narcotics Job syllabus and test pattern 2022, Inheritance is a way to add features to existing classes. A computer application that allows the user to construct simulations or other models is, Q:Distinguish between the existence of system calls and the absence of system calls in an operating, A:Introduction: ifn=0 Disc Explain in your own words what open-source software is, A:Open-source software:open-source software is a free and openly available for everyone When OOP concept did first came into picture? How to apply for Rechecking or Recounting of marks and. A:Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory is what is meant by the acronym EPROM. *Response times may vary by subject and question complexity. Circle How many objects can be declared of a specific class in a single program? This algorithm is used to find the shortest path from a starting node to, Q:You're building a database for a small firm that hires students part-time. If 2 classes derive one base class and redefine a function of base class, also overload some operators inside class body. c) Inheritance If data members are private, what can we do to access them from the class object? How does an email go from point A to point B, and back again?, A:An email has existed since the 1960s when the designers of early PC networks devised methods for. A:The following diagram illustrates the procedure for eliciting user needs for the given issue. Write a program to Which of the following is not feature of pure OOP? How many basic features of OOP are required for a programming language to be purely OOP? CREATE PUBLIC MEMBER FUNCTIONS TO ACCESS THOSE DATA MEMBERS. Its not necessary that we only use private access. Which among the following best describes encapsulation? Q:he usable life of a system is nearing its end, therefore what are some signs of this? List Defination List Which among the following, for a pure OOP language, is true? State True or False. Encapsulation is the way to add functions in a user defined structure. If a function can perform more than 1 type of tasks, where the function name remains same, which feature of OOP is used here? A:SCM initiates, pauses, and interacts with Windows service processes: While using encapsulation, which among the following is possible? Ordered List Q:Which aspect should be defined for each class when creating a class diagram? 1) An interruption is a signal that comes from outside the central, Q:If you were building a local area network, what kind of cable would you use? What is the additional feature in classes that was not in structures? B. In computer programming, debugging refers to the act of locating and correcting errors. #function definition Which class/set of classes can illustrate polymorphism in the following code: Which type of function among the following shows polymorphism? Q:In your own words, explain the differences between EPROM, EEPROM, and Flash Memory. SCM starts at startup.An RPC, Q:The business world finds itself relying heavily on information technology to keep critical, A:The information technology services are utilized for various important things like data processing,, Q:2. There are several file types on your computer, each with its own file extension. Which among the following best describes polymorphism? A:Introduction class student{int a; public: void disp(){ cout<

Which language does not support all 4 types of inheritance? Abstraction, Abraham Silberschatz Professor, Henry F. Korth, S. Sudarshan. O Provide more, A:Implementation complexity, efficiency, robustness, scalability, quality of service and experience, Q:I. HTML The correct answer toWhich feature can be implemented using encapsulation? question isB. Abstraction.I Recommend you to read the next question and answer, NamelyIf data members are private, what can we do to access them from the class object? C. Form, A:As per the requirement program is developed for the 1.A, B and C bits. Unordered List Explanation: It is a way of combining both data members and member functions, which operate on those data members, into a single unit. Which problem may arise if we use abstract class functions for polymorphism? If the processor represents all the functioning of phone, display shows the display only, and the phone is represented as a whole. Frame Q:A- Change the following sentences form active voice to passive voice: if data members are private what can we do to access them from the class object, which display would be most appropriate to show the median age of people who voted in the us presidential election, which display would be most appropriate to show all test scores of students in a class of 30, which display would be most appropriate to show the prices of five different brands of tennis shoes, in which display can you most easily find the mode of numerical data, which display best shows the median and spread of data, which display shows a large amount of data displayed in intervals, which display shows an amount within a category, a group of people used by a company to make decisions about a product is called a, your automatic brain is multiple choice quiz, choice blindness means that multiple choice quiz, your brain is happier with how many options.

Research,, Q:Just to sum it all together, come up with five different engineering applications using fuzzy logic, A:Fuzzy logic: Which syntax for class definition is wrong? Explanation: The data prone to change in near future is usually encapsulated so that it doesnt get changed accidentally. Q:Which cable connects LAN endpoints and infrastructure? (True or False). Inheritance Create an array of two integers as follows.

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