A traditional restaurant that only offers Viennese cuisine, offering you good value for your money. One of Vienna's most traditional Beisl, which is a tiny and old restaurant, is known for its excellent kitchen. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Actually known as the restaurant serving the best Tafelspitz in Vienna (slow cooked beef in soup with vegetables) and popular among local business people, the restaurant should be on your list for an authentic dinner in Vienna including Wiener Schnitzel. Here is All the information on where you can. We have suggestions. Indoors, a bar with a true Viennese barkeeper (youll understand when you meet her) and traditional dining room awaits. Pork cuts are used for the schnitzel at Figlmller, pounded to tender perfection and then coated with imperial breadcrumbs from Kaiser rolls, giving the schnitzel its characteristic crunchy outer layer. Which piece of meat for the Wiener Schnitzel? Its not rare to see a line snaking for miles out the front of Figlmller, therefore we recommend you try to reserve days in advance.

While the guest house is located in the city center, it can easily pack a number of people inside. This means you can choose from a wide range of Parisian Schnitzel, Wachau Schnitzel, Schnitzel a la Mexico, and others. And with that, you drink a glass of wine. Besides its famous Tafelspitz (slow cooked beef in soup with vegetables) another Austrian delicacy and many other local dishes, Rudis Beisl serves amazing Wiener Schnitzel. Once comfortable, you should know that you are about to experience one of the best and most affordable schnitzels in Vienna. Skopik & Lohn is both serious and playful about its food, drinks and atmosphere, cleverly combining the elegance of Austrian fine dining with the laid-back feel of a 1920s NYC bistro. Alternatively, you can drink a beer. In the heart of Vienna, youll find the Prstner Restaurant, a grand locale with several rooms and themes that can accommodate over 100 guests. Its beautiful garden is a great attraction, where you can enjoy great food and take in the summer sun.

Wiener Schnitzel = 16. Definitely the best schnitzel in Vienna. Unless you are vegetarian then you might want to stop reading this mouth-watering article. At the time, I thought I would only be gone for 6 months, but the more I traveled, the longer my bucket list became. Top10 Vienna Blog | Vienna Insider Tips and Experiences. Meissl & Schaden is located at the Grand Ferdinand hotel and impresses with its semi-outdoor show kitchen. Click here to view the privacy policy for this site. Posted on Last updated: February 20, 2022. Making the most out of Vienna and life. Its Italian sister, the cotoletta alla milanese, is rumoured to have been introduced to the Viennese in the 19th century, however, many believe this to be false. We cant find a country that matches your search. Since the restaurant is right next to the State Opera House, its not uncommon to see couples and groups enjoying a Schnitzel in a formal dress before a performance at the Opera. When in Vienna, with numerous choices, Plachutta is the right place to visit this location. It is a classic beer garden-style restaurant that is, and it is situated inside Prater Park. You will not get a table without a reservation, so do not waste your time. Something about this place made us feel like regulars even though it was our first time visiting. Gently pound the schnitzel between cling film. On the off chance, you are offered aside, we suggest you choose the lingonberries. It is mostly famous for cakes and coffee. The perfect traditional Viennese restaurant to combine with your Schoenbrunn visit, either the Schoenbrunn Zoo or the Schoenbrunn castle.

Located in the 19th district, where the citys historic vineyards are, it is an ideal place to have dinner after a long walk in the hills. Looking to expand your search outside of Vienna? The restaurant serves the schnitzel with a side dish ranging from potato salad, dumplings, French fries, garden salads, among others. One of the most buzzing restaurants, where you will see flocks of locals and tourists waiting for their Wiener Schnitzel. Best Wiener Schnitzel Restaurants in Vienna, MAPs of the BEST Wiener Schnitzel Restaurants in Vienna. Looking for where else to eat in Vienna? The caf is located in a beautiful building, and the waiters are well dressed, and you can enjoy a conversation as you eat your schnitzel. It is a restaurant that is located in the city center, and it is characterized by a traditional dining style with great food and an exceptional atmosphere. 42-48. Prices are on the upper side but considering the restaurant's reputation, it's location in the city center of Vienna and most of all the quality of food and service, prices are absolutely fair. Here, you can enjoy the dish in fancy surroundings, with the stylised furnishings and elegant chandeliers that dress the interior. You agree that your personal data (as described in the Data Privacy) will be processed to send newsletters. If you visit Vienna and you havent tried a Wiener schnitzel, then its like you havent been there.

It does not take long for your food to arrive at your table at this restaurant once you have ordered. The kitchen only works till 10 pm, so be sure to arrive earlier if you want to get your dinner served. Enjoy your wiener schnitzel in a building that dates back to the 12th century, making it a perfect venue for sampling a historic dish. MONFRI: 5pm11,30am Pick up the phone and make a reservation today, as you possibly cannot leave Vienna before dining at Huth Die Gastwirtschaft and trying one of their special Viennese Schnitzels. Brandauers is located a few meters from the east exit of Schoenbrunn and serves local dishes such as the Wiener Schnitzel and home brewed beer. Please try again. Schnitzelwirt is located in the 7th district of Vienna, not far from Mariahilferstrasse. Set in the center of the city this traditional local restaurant has a great deal to offer. Weve selected our favourite sandy beach bars in the city Is there anything better than the sizzling sound of deep-fried deliciousness on a warm summer evening? Working hours:Works every day from 11 am 1 am. This legendary cafe, still run by its founding family, offers a diverse mix of Viennese and Croatian dishesthat youll love. Although in an area with plenty of competition, Glacis Beisl has earned its standing on this list. When traveling, the most important aspect is to go with the flow, and you should try and explore the city if you are to enjoy your visit effectively. Plachutta offers a wide selection of traditional dishes. The Wiener Schnitzel is excellent and incredibly crunchy, and its one of those Schnitzels where the batter makes air bubbles between the meat and the crust coating (mouth-watering right here). . Always good beer and food . Have a great and safe trip. The helpful crew is going to serve you all tour long and you are going to enjoy the beautiful views of Vienna from the water. Working hours:Workdays from 8.30 am 5.30 pm. Viennese Schitznel. Original Wiener Schnitzel Pork or Veal ? You can opt to choose one of each to allow you to sample the delicacy of the city. The average cost per portion is 20 25. they have the best Wiener Schnitzel :). Wiener Schnitzel with a potato and cucumber salad = 22 I love to pick a central base camp and then explore the surrounding area, really immersing myself in the culture and interacting with the people, and enjoying and exploring the food of an area is an essential part of this experience. There is a long line of schnitzels one can order here, including some original creations, most being under 10 (except the Wiener Schnitzel, of course). is, and what makes it so special keep on reading. Now that you have all the information you need, we suggest you start exploring. The schnitzel can be served with parsley and potatoes with a lemon squeezed over the meat to give it a zesty flavor. The restaurant offers delicious and authentic Austrian meals and will have you coming back for more. Keep in mind they only take reservations for groups and not small audiences. Schnitzelwirt is a quintessentially Austrian joint that has been supplying the people of Vienna with their version of wiener schnitzel for over 35 years. A traditional wiener schnitzel served with lemon, Here is where youll find classic dishes served by classic Viennese waiters, dressed in their traditional attire of black and white. https://www.facebook.com/caferuedigerhof/, Pork schnitzel with potato salad = 8.60 Make your reservation early to avoid a long wait. Here you will be served with giant portions of pork schnitzel, and it is some of the best schnitzels in town. This is why its best to check with them over the phone, or book in advance. Favouring the veal variety, it is succulent, expertly seasoned and served with the conventional Viennese companions of potato salad and greens. You can get an entre side that can accentuate everything. The place fills up quickly, so try to make a reservation! We couldnt decide which one to get, so we applied the golden rule When in doubt, order the mixed platter for two. My story? The restaurant serves a traditional veal cutlet that is pounded thin, breaded before frying. At the time of writing, you can delight in Glacis Beisls Wiener Schnitzel for 19.80. As well as many Viennese favourites, such as wiener schnitzel made using the traditional veal, youll find creative and contemporary gems such as chicken with rhubarb and cranberry jus. You can get it with a German-style cucumber side salad and a wedge of lemon or any other side dish of your choice. It is ideal for pan-frying schnitzel. Working hours:Works every day from 11 am 11 pm. The portions are big, while the Schnitzel is perfectly crisp on the outside and inside, filled with cut-with-a fork meat: a real veal Wiener Schnitzel. Originally intended to be opened in New York City, it is located many thousands of miles away in Karmelitermarkt, a particularly artsy area of the second district. Nearly six years ago, I left my job at an Oklahoma City law firm and embarked on a journey around the world. It is one of those places you would like to run to during lunch hours when you are super hungry. You should try their wiener schnitzel because they serve one of the most exceptional schnitzels in the city. The Figlmller is a cozy, traditional venue that you will get both the pork and veal wiener schnitzel. Immerse yourself in the original theatre of the princess Esterhazy, Joseph Haydn, Mozart and the Viennese society since 1683. The portion is huge, while the Schnitzel tastes by the book. You can watch the chefs preparing the perfect Schnitzel. Wer traditionell Schnitzel essen gehen will kann dies gut im @SkopikundLohn Die riesigen Schnitzel knnt ihr im abgefahrenen Ambiente genieen Schaut unbedingt vorbei! The experience is fantastic, and you will find yourself asking for more. Eight years ago I quit my job, sold everything I owned and left my home in Oklahoma City to set out on what I thought was going to be a six month trip around SE Asia. Good thing is that you are not going to get hungry. Cordon Bleu (without sides) = 12 In summer, there is the option of eating outside in the charming garden. There are various side dishes that you should have to include potatoes, among others. Wiener schnitzel from pork is common in other parts of Austria, however, the commonly served in Vienna is both veal and pork. Here is more content to read before heading there: Have you tried any of these Vienna schnitzel restaurants? I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu.

Work Hours: Every day from 10:00 to 00:00. When visiting Vienna, eating local food like the original Wiener Schnitzel is a must! Each schnitzel is huge, and can easily feed two people. Skopik & Lohn, Leopoldsgasse, Vienna, Austria, Am Nordpol 3, Nordpolstrae, Vienna, Austria, Caf Rdigerhof, Hamburgerstrae, Vienna, Austria, Figlmller Wollzeile, Wollzeile, Vienna, Austria, Gasthaus Kopp, Engerthstrae, Vienna, Austria, Schnitzelwirt, Neubaugasse, Vienna, Austria, 14 Vienna ice cream places you absolutely need to try, 7 of Viennas beach bars where you should get sandy in the city this summer, Salty and sweet on the street Your ultimate Vienna Street Food Guide. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Salt the meat on both sides, dredge in flour, tap off, dip in the eggs and dredge in the breadcrumbs. Working hours:Works every day from 11 am 0.30 am, but the kitchen only works till 11 pm. So keep in mind that the food quantity will be slightly lower than the restaurants listed above, but offers a great taste and charming atmosphere.

0.5l beer (Augustiner Helles) = 4.10, Although the name may suggest it, you dont have to dress particularly warm for this one, nor will your schnitzel be made of reindeer (excuse us for this rather poor introduction, we just couldnt help ourselves). Pfarrwirt is renowned for being one of the oldest taverns in Vienna. My work has been featured on Fodors, Eater.com, International Living, and Great Escape Publishing, among many others. The owners recently passed the baton to their two daughters, who continue the legacy of serving sensational slithers of meat. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The coffeehouse/ restaurant is over 100 years old and carries Viennese culture like no other; from the classic coffeehouse interior to the tables full of older guests playing cards and the waiters with their Wiener charm. Offering the perfect place for a summer nights dinner in the garden, this is definitely a place to which to take your kinda-fancy guests from abroad when they want to sample the citys famous dish, the Schnitzel. Baked garlic Schnitzel (without sides) = 11. It may be pricey, but it lives up to the Euros youll invest in it. It passed the one centimetre test, and the veal meat was succulent. 9 Best Vienna Restaurants | Where to Eat in Vienna, Austria, 5 Best Cesky Krumlov Restaurants | Where to Eat in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. Enjoy this typical recipe in a rustic setting and pair it with a potato salad or chips for a hearty, indulgent supper. Although commonly considered a tourist destination, the food at Purstner is impressive and diverse. In the restaurant you will find pictures of former Austrian football pros and other Austrian celebrities who all stayed at Rudi's Beisl. So a dry Riesling is a good choice. We did while having a mouthful of Schnitzel! The modern interpretation of traditional Austrian and French cuisine in the 2nd district of Vienna offers one of the best Wiener Schnitzel and other fabulous dishes. Read on to discover our pick of the best restaurants to try this iconic dish. Am Nordpol 3 is the place to mention when somebody asks you to name a spot to get a really original Wiener Schnitzel away from the tourist crowds. Although the restaurant boasts an ever-changing menu, the wiener schnitzel has remained a constant and reliable dish. Were committed to your privacy. #wien #wienerschnitzel #schnitzel #vienna #cake #esterhazy #foodporn #foodphotography #austria #weekend #weekendaway #travel #traveller #food #meat #desserts #plachutta @plachutta_restaurants, Ein von @ aleksnaps geteilter Beitrag am Mr 9, 2019 um 3:44 PST. While most of the dishes on the menu change seasonally, the Schnitzel is an all-year-round hit.

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