Lot better at the London Stadium this time, than cup game last October. As part of the wider VINCI group, we offer customers an unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise, leveraging our technical experience in the built environment to deliver added value across our sectors of operation. It couldnt be more different from Upton Park. Eventually made it to the correct platform with plenty of time to spare to travel North East. The Second World War saw a bombing and a rebuild of one corner whilst the all-seater legislation that came in the nineties also saw big changes to many of the stands.

There are lots of police and stewards about keeping an eye on things and helping direct away fans towards their choice of station. Mayor of the Newham district recently assured there will be further probing of how and why the London Stadium ownership issue became a huge mess, losing taxpayers big money. The owner of London Stadium has filed a professional negligence lawsuit against Allen & Overy, the company responsible for the dramatic 99-year deal with West Ham United. Thanks mainly to other reviewers on this site, and from what Id seen on social media pages, I knew that driving all the way to the stadium and being able to park was out of the question.

We have the expertise to help you reduce your expenditure, improve your carbon footprint and deliver efficiencies, whilst protecting your business.

As regard to the toilets it's definitely a thumbs down from me (just not enough urinals). Food is lovely! I was staying with some friends in Bishops Stortford, so a simple journey into London. Getting away was easy with all the immediate roads being free from traffic and there were no queues at Stratford tube station. They cost: Adults 17 Concessions 14 Family Ticket 2 Adults + 2 Children 48 Tours can be booked online via theLondon Stadium website. The West Ham fans spat abuse at the away end all game. It took quite a while to get back to Stratford, but once on the tube, it was plain sailing.

Why were you looking forward to this game and visiting theLondon Stadium? There was little atmosphere inside the ground and the only 'noise' was when each time West Ham scored a goal.

Expensive (9.50 for hot dog and beer) although in fairness it was of good quality. It was the first time that Sunderland were to play a gameat the London Stadium. I went with the club coaches. Been there, seen it, won't go back. According to the last annual report, lack of events at London Stadium helps saving 7.4 million. I was only seated half way back in the East Stand. This pub has been popular with fans visiting London for a game over a number of years. The Emirates is poor, Wembley is a disappointment, but this is by far the worst combination of a stadium simply not fit for purpose. Yes Shirt Sponsors: I did like the lettering at the top spelling out WEST HAM UNITED, leaving you in no doubt where you are. They all missed West Hams first goal. That was a first for me at any game, but especially at a ground that has such a high presence of security measures. Originally it had a capacity of 80,000, but this has since been reduced to an all seated capacity of 66,513, although licencing regulations currently restrict the Club to a maximum matchday attendance of 60,000. The game was a right off.

105m x 68m Pitch Type: Went to Crate Brewery near Hackney Wick Station a bit of a trendy enclave apparently but chatted to home fans who were friendly.

Upper tier is a big gap away from the lower. It is a modern stadium which looked impressive. I'm the son of a Geordie so we tend to do more away games than home as we live in London. I got the train to London Kings Cross and then a high-speed Javelin train from St Pancras to Stratford International.

The food was very expensive. There was crowd control at many points with stewards holding stop/go boards to prevent any crushing. And then expect to be searched again after going through the turnstiles. We found the home fans friendly and they all tried to have a bit of a laugh with us. The crowd is controlled. If I was in the upper tier I imagine the view would not be as good as fans are very far away from the action and there is a huge gap between the two tiers. It seems that the entity interested in the purchase has not yet said the last word. In 2019, the government assured about the imminent change of the regulations, but these were not introduced until 2 years later. Palace fans are passionate but on this occasion I was left disappointed. Anyway, rant over now this is where I come back to the security and stewarding issues: Yes, I was impressed with the stadium but as a football ground it's definitely a thumbs down. There was a mixture of home and away fans inside and families were also allowed in. Food was good, toilets amazing, no queues apart from outside at the club shop. We have global experience in providing stadium hospitality and catering with operations across four continents. The ground seems to have the ability that most "dome" stadiums do; where the sound just evaporates. Supporters enjoy fine unobstructed views, however, fans are housed quite far away from the playing area, especially at the back of the upper tier, so make sure you bring some binoculars, or more practically if you can, get yourself a seat in the lower tier or at the front of the upper tier.

A number of traditional pubs in Stratford that I passed looked as though they were gearing up for some West Ham trade that evening but I walked further afield to try some of the craft beer pubs in the area. From turnstile to seat, it was chaotic with no room to move and a real crush getting from one side to the other. It also contains lots of eateries. However, I was pleasantly surprised. When I came here for the Olympics, I managed to get to that point and noticed how big it was.

I went to the Paralympics in 2012 and had hoped that it had changed.

It was generally sasy to get to by road without being stuck in traffic as this can be a pain in London. As time ticked on, the two faces off on a frequent basis with things getting feisty. Travelled by train from Manchester.

Yep nice one lads, Ive sneaked up through the urinals clearly! Think you know everything there is to know about the London Olympic Park? For years there had been an on and off rivalry but one transfer between the clubs really revved it up; Frank Lampard. Those that did hang about seem to stay in the bars until the crowds clear. A little more leg room and seat width (given the size of today's population) would have helped too. I really enjoyed it and would be happy to go back. In fact, I think this vast stage may even be a disadvantage to the home team as it brings out more in the opposition team! The stadium was then around a five minute walk away. Needless to say, I didnt bother, especially after seeing the prices so I remained in my seat the whole time, only standing up during half time but stayed in my place. Finding the ground was very easy getting off at Stratford tube station, Then walking straight to the ground or going thought Westfield shopping centre to grab a bite to eat, both ways to the ground are fully sign posted with West Ham staff also shouting out directions. A great atmosphere in our section not really replicated by the home fans apart from the odd song here and there. A friend of mine wasn't allowed in due to his ticket being 'invalid', after speaking to a head steward he was directed into the next turnstiles and ended up in the home end. Thankfully the stewards let me through the barrier to go back the way I came. This not only doubled our walking time back to the bus stop but also involved walking through the exiting West Ham fans. All White Third Kit: It creates division between them and football became a stick to use for beating. From Stratford International. Its just a big white round metal frame, but I do like how the club has dressed it up by covering it in West Ham colours, and the big screen was a nice touch too. Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, facilities etc. First time visit to the Olympic Stadium. Plus the Hammers did have a former Colchester player in the starting line up, so as a ColU fan I was backing the home side. Based on our second half performance we were probably lucky to get a point from it but was brilliant scenes when we scored at the end right in front of our travelling fans. The away end isn't exactly well signposted, and you all approach through the same path. After the match has ended home and away fans are well separated immediately outside the stadium by a large fence and there is normally a sizeable Police presence. FC Astra scored in the 45th minute and then in the second half they defended very well with their keeper making several fine saves to keep the score at 0-1 and West Ham went out of the competition. We squandered chances and I worried that we would regret that in the second half. When the Boro scored there were some objects thrown at the Boro fans, which led to Police appearing inside the stadium.

Were delighted to have been awarded the contract for the London Stadium. Getting away was easy. Journey was by tube from London Bridge to Stratford. The three I asked for directions to the away end didn't have a clue where to point me. We made plenty of noise but I doubt if it reached the pitch. Unusually we had a sit-down meal, albeit a burger joint, in Westfield Shopping Mall ten minutes walk away. When I watched it back on MotD, the presenter pre-warned the viewers that the highlights for this game were going right in at 35 mins from the off. Although I'm an Albion fan we live in Leicestershire. The Club havetried to brighten up its appearance with a wrap around skin featuring various images, including the largest digital screens in Europe and at night when it is lit up, the stadium looks far more impressive. The atmosphere was very quiet other than the away end. Getting away from the ground could not have been more straightforward (helped perhaps by the early departure of the home fans). Sat at table with a West Ham fan and his wife. Whereas before the game home and away fans were okay to mingle amongst each other on the outer concourses outside the ground, after the match away fans were directed straight down the staircases away from the ground towards the perimeter roads outside. We had something to eat in the nearby Westfield Shopping Centre, but as it was a nice day we spent time reading the programme and using the free wi-fi in the park near the stadium. Interestingly, this rule was not enforced among us away fans who could sit or stand as we pleased. Prices will only rise as matchday looms closer so dont delay! We had a trouble free walk back to the car and were soon on A12 on the way home. I am glad Preston don't play at such a stadium. Police and steward presence is so heavy you would it was Millwall being led out and not Hull City. People were spilling out onto the outside table area and canal side area. The home fans closest to the away end seem to be more focused on making gestures, along with other jibes than watching the match.

So I paid for this and the man behind the till walked off and came back telling me they had no pies left. There were lots of West Ham fans here and everyone seemed friendly with anticipation for the first game building. Many people branched off to the left towards Stratford and from what I've heard were left to their own devices. I hope Im proved wrong but I think the fans will find it hard to get an atmosphere going on a cold February evening against an unfancied opposition. Summary of overall thoughts of the day out: As a non-drinker I only had a Diet Coke which was quite expensive. The game itself was a belter for us scooping all three points with a thumping 5-1 win. I had heard mixed reviews so wanted to see what all the fuss was about! It certainly gives the place the West Ham touch. Seems to be an endless wasteland of empty space, oh, apart from the giant slide (no, me neither). I couldn't really hear the home support until they scored. The leg room is great but the seats are shallow so if the fans stand, children have no chance of seeing the game. Ive always been lucky and sat close to the pitch here and the view is unobstructed and good (if not a bit far away from the pitch even at the front). Went to the Goldengrove pub which a Wetherspoons outlet.

The London Olympic Stadium is now home to West Ham United football team. While first trial events will take place in just 2 weeks, all stadiums could be open again only from October onwards. Access to the ground was via a large central walkway leading from Stratford Station and the Westfield Shopping Centre. We got the train to Euston and then underground to the London Stadium. There was no time to do anything except walk from the station to the stadium. Well before injury time the ground was 80% empty, but obviously, the Watford fans stayed until the end to applaud their players efforts. Others took trains into Liverpool Street to come out again. It actually wasnt too bad and isnt really all that much different from Wembley. Shame to see so many fans leaving in the 80th minute even though they were winning 3-0. Once up the first set of stairs there is a large and unnecessary area before you drop down towards your seat and in this area there are no barriers just a few stewards keeping two sets of fans apart. Seemed to have about 30 urinals for 2700 fans? There has been talk for some time about introducing safe standing in the two highest leagues in the country.

We arrived about 45 minutes to kick off so headed straight for the turnstiles, At no point were our tickets checked, only 8 turnstiles were open for 5000 people. Its perfect pub quiz knowledge! The usual pies, drinks and chocs are on sale at various outlets, and they seem to do a sort of 'Happy Hour' up to an hour kick-off before the game, where you can buy a Pint for 3.50 instead of the usual 4.70. It would have been better knocked down and rebuilt as the location is fine. There is a reasonable amount of parking there if you get there early enough. We had a quick walk around the stadium and the digital LED screens make it look spectacular. 2022 Football Ground Guide. Fairly low key, with so many West Ham fans leaving early there was no segregation once you got to the bottom of the steps onto the loop road.Walk back to car was thankfully uneventful. I noted that the first bar inside sold only bottles of beer, however if you go further along the concourse they sell pints of beer for just 10p more. Very good day out nice to visit ground but still seems very unfinished and disorganised in the ground and coming out, but this was only there second match here so should learn and improve for when I go back to hopefully watch my team Ipswich Town. The same steward then continued to sarcastically laugh and stare endlessly into the away end hoping to catch Newcastle fans eyes At half time there was no alcohol being served which is probably due to the fact it was a 17:30 kick off. We had done our research and decided to park in Bromley-By-Bow for free on the streets, from here it was a right at the end of the High Street, cross the A12 intersection and then left down by a small industrial area and a walk through the Queen Elizabeth Park.

Stewards act like customs officers at the airport. The new structures should be in place by 2020/21. The view is awful, the home fans hostile and the entire operation is badly run. Once inside the ground, it looks very impressive, although obviously not a football ground. The stewards seem to have no idea either, I was towards the bottom of the "tallest" part of the stand but the actual view wasn't so bad as some fans viewpoints, we had a good perspective of both halves but sadly closest to the home supporters. Travelling from Stowmarket to Stratford should have been really easy by a direct train, but on this occasion it was fraught with problems! The ground looked good from the outside but was disappointing as a football arena inside and I believe the Hammers have lost a lot of the intimidation that Upton Park had once inside the ground. I called into a pub called the Rocket which is not far from Euston station. It was easy to then walk to the ground as the coaches were parked relatively outside. (Plastic bottles of Heineken which were less than 4 quid, so not too bad overall I suppose). Withrock concerts through the intervening months, our versatile venue has also seen us host the Rugby World Cup, international and domestic Rugby Union, The Race of Champions, the RFL Four Nations and was home for the first Major League Baseball games to be played in Europe. This is simply awful as a football ground. Inside the concourse is spacious, more so than most, and it was easy to get a pre-game and half time beer. It is this expertise that Delaware North will bring to the London Stadium, ensuring that we deliver a world class service to visitors, fans and spectators in the coming years. Doug Tetley, Managing Director at Delaware North UK.

From what I could see, the two sets of fans seemed to mingle together ok and the police seemed fairly relaxed with not much to do whether that was the case after the game I dont know as I was not around that side but there was a police helicopter hovering around afterwards but that might be standard practice for every match. For lager drinkers there were extra pumps outside. We then had time for a quick beer in the Doric Arch before the train home.

The gap between the lower and upper tiers of the away fans diluted the atmosphere. Away fans are split between the upper and lower tiers with a big gap in between which doesn't help the atmosphere. Still not many signs and lighting still very poor, especially in the couple of short tunnels en route. I drove down and parked in the Bow area. From how to get there to how much it cost, weve rounded up 5 facts about the Olympic Park that you might not know. Straight out of the ground and a ten 10 minute walk back to the coach park (there were plenty of police in attendance) and straight out of the city. I was keen to get in this time. To get to the front seats you have to walk across a scaffolded walkway across a gap between the concourse and the seated area. The Club also offers a Pie and a Pint for 8.45. I have never been to a ground with so many fans who made so little noise.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before submission. A real mess. I walked around the ground just taking a few pictures. Spent time outside the ground itself (after passing through the extensive security checkpoint) chatting to other Blues fans. Time for a swift celebratory beer then away back home. Really looking forward to my first visit to West Ham's new stadium. Either they werent singing or I was just too far away to hear! The atmosphere seemed good but there was a suspicion of pre-recorded cheering at one point. Absolutely shocking. I was home by 7 pm. The Central line was efficient and after a quick hop over to the Northern line we were back at Euston about 35-40 minutes after leaving our seats.

From a game that started out looking like we would be on the wrong end of a beating, after our substitutions with 30 minutes to go, had Solly March scored with that free kick in injury time, Brighton would have pulled off a real mugging! And it was! Its so much simpler to take an official club coach. You don't have to be a train traveller and you can pre-book on-line, which I would advise given there is very little parking in the vicinity of the ground. The large screens inside the stadium were brilliant. Toilets were okay, the concourse was spacious, and the bar staff were generally friendly. The cost of the latest changes is expected to be in the region of 15m. West Ham got a dubious penalty and that was that. Then, the guy sparks up a cigarette and sat there happily puffing away no one around him seemed to care! During construction legacy plans were changed with football use being the preferred future and West Ham United the preferred tenant. Outside was policed well.

The Hammers fans I spoke to in the shopping centre were friendly enough, although a few gave us unfavourable glances. Although works were obviously completed on the West Ham stadium over the years there are a couple of key changes to note. The journey was easy as most games are in the capital.

Being a little further out of Stratford, it was also very quiet and it was also well staffed so there was no queuing for drinks and the food arrived quickly. I was looking forward to returning to see what it was really like for away fans as I'd heard mixed things from other supporters.

The atmosphere is poor, with the weird 'conversion' of the stadium, which seems to consist of dropping some temporary stands half way across the athletics track at an extremely high cost. This bus goes all the way to Hackney Wick. It was then a case of walking through the shopping centre and into the Olympic Park and there it was! I was in the lower tier and the view was fine. From the first minute of the match, the atmosphere was hostile between both sets of fans. The facilities are very good with lots of bars and toilets at every block. The wait for the tube was about 15 minutes as most West Ham fans aren't going back to the centre of London. There were outlets around the outside of the ground where you could get the usual pies, burgers etc, along with being able to buy a pint outside too! We offer a whole host of packages for La Liga, Bundesliga, and all major leagues and cup competitions. Noise only picked up when the goal went in but from both sets of fans it wasnt anything special. The stadium is round well almost. Book your next dream trip with Nickes.Com! I came down with my wife and son. The London Stadium would also be a new ground for me to tick off the list and a chance to see some Premier League football. The Clubare working with their stadium landlords and local authority to see if the number of tickets that can be sold can be increased from 60,000 to 66,000. I didn't notice them apart from that which is good. This said I'll happily go again next season, hopefully they'll have that vegetarian pie waiting for me.

Our entry point was at point A which is in the 10 oclock position. We were told his ticket didn't scan and because his name is not on the ticket it was invalid, we advised them this ain't no concert, your names never on the ticket. Thankfully the architect for Everton's new ground were there and I can only pray that he heard the supporters views. Then got the train into London Bridge and the tube out to Stratford tube station which was all straightforward. Now Im no prude. Interestingly, parts of the lower tier are made up of large blocks of retractable seating that can be moved backwards and forwards to make way for the athletics track, or for other events taking place at the stadium when needed. An athletics stadium with a football pitch placed in the middle. Thanks to the West Ham fans pouring out of the stadium from the 70th minute getting away from the stadium was a breeze. No pre-match pub etc.

At a steady pace this took 15 minutes to get to the closest part of the ground which is the South East corner. It was nice to see the new stadium but there are much much better away days to be had in the Premier League. Watford have an exciting attacking squad, just like the Hammers and neither team can seem to defend. Though physically safe standing is already in Premier League, legally it's still prohibited. There's a pub/eaterie underneath the Orbit Tower but very much a home fans place. Hard to be anything but miles from the game even in the lower tier. This also occurred when West Ham equalised. Thestadium looks huge but the directions around the area aren't that great. I thought the atmosphere was really poor and sadly familiar with many new grounds and a far cry from Upton Park, which I used to love going to and which was a proper football ground! In addition, it is also located on the Docklands Light Railway. Its causing an issue between certain sections of the fanbase and Plymouth Argyle Football Club. The stadium is essentially a bowl design, but when you consider that the stadium was primarily built for athletics and it still retains its ability to host large athletic events, then this is understandable. We were all sent down the steps to a loop road, then sent all along this road by the stewards. The London Stadium certainly looks impressive, although there ain't a lot around the ground. Had cracking view in the stadium as we were on the front row of the upper tier. There was even an outside bar set up which allowed quick service for lager and cider drinkers, and alleviated the queuing for real ale in the main bar. Drinks were London Wetherspoons prices but it was full of Arsenal fans so there was a bit of the usual pre-match buzz.

However I had no issues with the view whatsoever, We were fairly high up in the upper tier, not sure what it would have been like for those higher up with the triangular floodlight frames possibly in the way though. However, playing our only fit 18 players, still under a transfer embargo and almost every player having played 4 games in 11 days, we were more than happy with their performance. The delays meant that I missed the first five minutes of the match and could not have the walk around the outside of the stadium that I had planned.

Having been fortunate to visit the stadium during the Olympics I was curious to see how they have spent a further 200m on it! I assume these are also neon lights that light up when its dark but as this was early afternoon we werent going to see it. The prices are in line with most London clubs and there seemed to be a good selection, although we didn't sample any of the food. Whilst I don't for one second believe Boro fans are the shy and retiring type, it was clear where the main aggravation was coming from, ably abetted by terrible stewarding and Policing, and a stadium which does not seem suited to host Football matches.

There were occasional and brief stop signs (similar to leaving Wembley) but the impression was of a very rapid return to the station and away. The Stadium has played a decisive role in fostering spectator and participation sports in the territory. What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of the stadium? Lucky I had the ticket on me and not with my mate who booked them. which made that part of the journey really easy. Once out of the station it is then a short walk to the London Stadium. At the bottom of the slip road at the traffic lights, take the left hand filter lane, towards Stratford and Westfield. The supporter's coach from the Amex Stadium dropped us virtually next to the ground two hours before kick off. I think Id be trying another station next time, but all well controlled and obviously well-rehearsed. I have seen the ground before but it is still quite an impressive sight with West Ham branding around the outer structure.

Clever trick blowing the old ground up quickly, to stop fans trying to go back. Once we did get back to the bus stop we managed easily to get on the first bus (30) and were back at Euston in around 35 minutes.

I genuinely feel for the West Ham fans who have followed them for years. After that we made our way to the stadium and passed a bar (I cant remember what it was called) that was showing the Palace v Chelsea game.

Please note that for certain high profile games then the Club opts not to sell alcohol to visiting fans. rockwool ham

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