And I hope that you keep coming back and asking that question, because as we get more and more discovery, well have a better approximation of when we will get to that goal.MR. Funding from Congress will be critical to these efforts. Last month, CDC publicly released our National Wastewater Surveillance data. NIH-supported basic research and clinical trials infrastructure within the United States and around the world helped the scientific community, in collaboration with our industrial partners, to undertake rigorously designed studies to give us robust data, not just speculation or anecdotes, about safety and efficacy of various treatment options.As we face the threat of the Omicron variant, we are fortunate to have several powerful medications that work to keep people out of the hospital. We understand this may be disappointing for some of our patients and apologize for the inconvenience. We want every frontline, essential healthcare worker to know: Were with you, and weve got your back.This week, well launch a nationwide tour to strengthen mental and behavioral health services. We hope and I believe we will get there all the parameters that we have, pointing to this as well as the interventions that we have that we will reach a stage where further and further down to the point where some people call it living with the virus, some people call it endemic. If that is not an emergency, then, in fact, were out of the emergency situation. (Speaks Spanish. Based on your responses, you are not eligible to use our Virtual Care Team service. MODERATOR: Lets go to Tamara Keith at NPR. And my second question is: How much funding does this plan require in total?MR. Its the empty chair at the dinner table or the open seat in the bleachers, the quiet homes, and the crowded hospitals.Thats why this administration will coordinate a whole-of-government effort to support children and families who have experienced the loss of a loved one due to COVID. And, if we get the funding from Congress, we will launch new Centers of Excellence in communities across the country to provide high-quality care to individuals experiencing Long COVID and better understand the symptoms theyre facing. This crucial breakthrough led to the development, in association with industry partners, of multiple COVID-19 vaccine candidates, several of which are now authorized or approved by the FDA.These vaccines have now been administered to billions of people around the world, including over 250 million in the United States. ZIENTS: Dr. Walensky? Next question. Fourth, vaccinate the world and save lives.The Presidents National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan that were releasing today will help move us forward safely, sustaining and building on the progress weve made over the past 13 months.The Presidents National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan is robust and comprehensive.The Presidents plan is the product of many weeks of work with experts inside and outside of government local public health leaders, governors, and partners across our federal agencies. COVID-19 testing for Reliant patients is available at locations in Auburn and Marlboro. Can you speak broadly to what else can be done to move us past the emergency stage of the pandemic? But really, we want to make sure that people can tolerate them for long periods of time and, if you can, that you increase the quality of the mask you wear.MR. MR. ZIENTS: One was airplanes. This ongoing research investment is not only helping us turn the corner on COVID-19 but also is vital to preparing us for future pandemics. And then Dr. Walensky. ZIENTS: Okay, why dont I take the first question, which was on domestic air travel. Staying away from others helps stop the spread of COVID-19. If your browser does not automatically redirect, please click the link below. So, thats among the reasons that we want to revisit this in a separate way. This historic progress didnt happen overnight or by accident. Well launch the Test to Treat initiative so people can get tested and treated for free in one stop. Based on your responses, you're eligible to see our Virtual Care Team through MyChart. I head to New Hampshirethis Fridayto kick things off.Whether we are working to strengthen mental health, behavioral health; whether were authorizing therapeutics or distributing vaccines at HHS, we bring our unique capabilities and expertise to the mission. Im delighted to be with you for todays announcement.As you heard from Jeff and Secretary Becerra, a key element of the Presidents National COVID Preparedness Plan is building on the strengths of our public health response to COVID-19, expanding our capacity to respond to new variants, clusters of cases, or outbreaks so we can effectively stay ahead of this virus and protect more people.Today, I want to discuss some of CDCs strategies for monitoring the virus, alerting people in real-time, and adjusting our response as needed. To find a vaccine site near you, visit Q Thank you for taking my question. How does the administration plan to, sort, of get people to overcome three years of shutdown anxiety and work-from-home tendencies to actually go back and resume their normal activities?MR. And we have more treatments available for the American people than ever before millions of treatments each month.Pfizers pill is a gamechanger 90 percent effective at keeping people out of the hospital.We collaborated with Pfizer to accelerate development of the pill. First of all, when will it be the appropriate time to remove the domestic travel mask mandate, given the lowered risk of COVID and your new plan? And that is because of all the tools that we have now. If you: areup-to-date with vaccination OR had confirmed COVID-19 within the past 90 days (you tested positive using a viral test). ZIENTS: I want to thank everybody for todays briefing. MR. ZIENTS: schools with low transmission. Appointments at Saint Vincent Hospital/Worcester Medical Center. The University of Florida and the Stephen C. OConnell Center are closely monitoring COVID-19. This adds to the National Syndromic Surveillance Program, which collects data on COVID-19 emergency visits from over 70 percent of emergency departments across the country to anticipate where cases are increasing.Second, we are expanding our capacity ingenomic surveillance so that we can readily detect variants of concern or interest.Each week, CDC analyzes genomic sequences from all 50 states and uses these sequences to understand and map the spread of variants across the country, oftensequencing tens of thousands of viral samples in a given week. Hundreds of one-stop sites will open across the country this month, located at local pharmacy clinics, community health centers, long-term care facilities, and veterans health centers.The Presidents plan, with support from Congress, ensures other important tools, like tests and high-quality masks are widely available, accessible, and free.As the President announced last night, if youve already gotten your free tests from starting next week, youll be able to place a second order for tests delivered straight to your home. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Walensky will add further specifics, but I want to focus on how were going to reach every American who needs our support on COVID.To ensure we can continue to accelerate and synchronize the research, development, production, and delivery of COVID vaccines and treatments to keep Americans safe, the Presidents National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan makes our logistics and operational hub at HHS permanent.We call this permanent hub the HHS Coordination Operations and Response Element or H-CORE. High-risk patients or those who meet certain criteriamay seekmonoclonal antibody therapy (mAb). Dr. Walensky, on masking?DR. So, yes, we are confident. With continued expansion, we now have 647 testing sites publicly reporting on COVID Data Tracker, and we are onboarding new sites each week. We appreciate your cooperation. Will we have enough notice if another surge develops? Thus, we will continue to invest in research to develop better treatments and next-generation vaccines, ones that could provide even broader and longer-lasting protection. And in April, that number will more than double.To ensure these lifesaving treatments are easily accessible, the Presidents Plan launches a new Test to Treat initiative to provide individuals access to testing and treatment for free, all in one stop. If you have a fever, continue to stay home until your fever resolves. Learn more HERE, Many companies and federal, state and municipal offices are requiring employees to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Under the leadership of Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response Dawn OConnell, she and her team at H-CORE build on the successful partnership HHS has had with our dedicated colleagues at DOD, as well as our state and local partners.Through it, we have delivered more than 690 million doses of vaccines and 4 million treatments to families nationwide.To date, we have distributed more than 270 million free N95 masks to local pharmacies and community health centers and helped get free COVID tests to 70 million households.No matter what the future holds, H-CORE must be ready, and Americans deserve to know that we have the infrastructure in place to get critical services and supplies where they are needed.Another key goal of the Presidents plan moving forward is to address the long-term impacts of COVID, including Long COVID and mental health.As the President said last night, his plan directs the federal government to accelerate its efforts to detect, prevent, and treat Long COVID, building on our ongoing work, already, at NIH. Contact your primary care provider for a referral for mAb therapy. To protect the American people and our economy, we must defeat the virus everywhere. Its because Omicron in general is a milder variant. Reliant patients can now use MyChart* to self-schedule a COVID-19 test at our Auburn or Marlboro drive-thru testing Reliant is a multi-specialty medical group caring for patients throughout Central and MetroWest Massachusetts. But all of thats changed.Today, we have the tools we need to protect each other and treat COVID-19. Gainesville, FL 32611, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Stephen C. OConnell Center Policy Manual, Theyre widely available for the American people. This plan benefits greatly from their valuable input.Importantly, executing the Presidents plan requires additional congressional support and funding.Today, well provide an overview of this plan.The first goal: protect against and treat COVID.Two years ago, we had limited tools to protect ourselves: masks, isolation, and social distancing. I believe that is much, much closer than the pan-coronavirus vaccine. And with congressional support, we look forward to executing this plan in the year ahead.With that, Kevin, lets open it up for questions.Kevin?MODERATOR: Thanks, Jeff. So the President was very clear, as Dr. Fauci said, that we need to be prepared for any possible variant and invest in the next level the next generation of treatments and vaccines.Funding from Congress will be critical for these efforts so well be working very closely with Capitol Hill going forward.MR. WALENSKY: Yeah, thank you for that question, Jeremy. So when you ask about pan-coronavirus, thats quite aspirational. And thanks to their efforts, people working from home can feel safe to begin to return to the office. Stephen C. OConnell Center But what were focusing on first is a pan-SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, which means a vaccine that would be highly effective against ancestral strain Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omicron or any future SARS-CoV-2 that we might experience. But right now, were making good progress. And then we have all of the systems that we talked about our wastewater system; our syndromic surveillance system; our genomic surveillance system; our enhanced genomic surveillance system, which is how we found a case of Omicron within days of knowing that it existed in other countries. I would just add on to what Dr. Fauci said that, you know, over the past year, weve made significant progress and are in a very different position than we were when President Biden took office, with 215 million people fully vaccinated; two out of three eligible adults boosted; multiple treatment options, which weve talked about today, including millions of lifesaving pills; free at-home testing; 400 million high-quality masks going out for free. Thanks.MR. And if we ever get there, that will take years. For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine, please visit:

So, specifically, what do you need to wear to ensure that youre protected if youre one-way masking? First, simply to follow up on Jeremys question regarding air travel, whats the science that says that people should wear masks on planes and on trains but dont need to wear one at a, you know, crowded movie theater or arena? Then theres the beta-coronaviruses, which include not only SARS-CoV-2 but SARS-CoV-1, MERS, and others, and they are in another category of the beta-coronaviruses. Testing at Reliant is by appointment and is only available for Reliant patients. Those recommendations, if you recall, is to maintain masking if you are in an area that is orange or high-level community COVID-19 level, and that you could remove those masks if you are yellow or green where, in yellow, if you are high are at high risk, that you would want to consult your healthcare provider to give you some advice as to whether you would want to continue.MR. This work includes but is not limited to groundbreaking, structure-based vaccine design by U.S. government scientists at the NIAID Vaccine Research Center. Therefore, in accordance with CDC and Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine guidelines, Reliant is not providing COVID-19 vaccine medical exemption letters unless a patient has had history of a severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis to one of the ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, I noticed that Secretary Becerra is here at this briefing as you all move from a crisis footing to more of a long-term management mode. See below to learn how our testing process works. We are in that situation where we can do that. Well each deliver some remarks, and then open it up for questions.As President Biden said in last nights State of the Union address, weve reached a new moment in the fight against COVID-19.Because of the significant progress weve made as a country, the determination and resilience of the American people, and the work weve done to make tools to protect ourselves widely available, we are moving forward safely, getting back to our more normal routines. They know that numbers and statistics alone dont capture the true toll of COVID-19. We are working intensively on that discovery phase. And under the latest CDC recommendations, most Americans in most of the country can now be mask free.Last night, the President laid out four key goals for the path ahead:First, protect against and treat COVID. If you develop symptoms get a test and stay home. In fact, weve already shipped 480 million doses in total to 112 countries for free no strings attached. These approaches include our National Wastewater Surveillance System and the National Syndromic Surveillance Program to better anticipate a rise in cases; expanded genomic sequencing to quickly identify new variants; and our approach to data modernization and our new Center for Forecasting and Analytics, which is designed to forecast and model emerging health threats and to help inform public health decision making.First, surveillance. So, were ready for whatever comes.Next, the third goal of the Presidents plan: prevent economic and school shutdowns.We know how to keep our businesses and our schools open with the tools that we have at our disposal. And well create new stockpiles of tests, pills, and masks so we have the tools ready to deploy if we need them. Visits at Worcester Medical Center must follow the Saint Vincent Hospital visitor policy. This includes resources to secure more medical supplies, including vaccines, treatments, and boosters; sustaining the testing capacity in the country; investing, as Dr. Fauci talked, about in research and development of next-generation vaccines, including pan-coronavirus vaccines; and accelerating vaccine uptake globally. Under President Bidens leadership and in partnership with the White House, we have worked hard at HHS to fight this virus. We'll be in touch with the latest information on how President Biden and his administration are working for the American people, as well as ways you can get involved and help our country build back better. With that, I will turn it back over to you, Jeff. So this is very much business as usual. But its also because of the massive amount of vaccination weve been doing, the massive amount of boosting weve been doing, as well as the protection that we can get from our therapeutics in this moment. A couple of questions. Once you get a particular candidate that fulfills certain criteria, then, if you asked me that question again, Sheryl, I could give you an approximation of how long it would take. ZIENTS: Next question, please.MODERATOR: Emma Court at Bloomberg.Q Hi, thanks for holding this. Thats clearly the message that we heard from the President last night. MR. ZIENTS: Well, thank you, Doctors.Let me close with this: By protecting against and treating COVID, preparing for any new variants, preventing economic and school shutdowns, and vaccinating the world and saving lives, the Presidents COVID-19 Preparedness Plan will enable us to move forward safely, to get back to our more normal routines.The Presidents Plan is robust and comprehensive. Weve conducted groundbreaking and lifesaving research to improve our understanding of the disease and how it impacts us. As soon as the sequence of SARS-CoV-2 was made available in January of 2020, these researchers rapidly generated a stabilized spike protein as the optimal immunogen for use in vaccine development. If you are scheduled for a video visit with your PCP or specialist, please read these setup instructions prior to your virtual video appointment. ZIENTS: On the federal workforce and the workforce more generally: Throughout the pandemic, more than 4 million federal employees had been very hard at work protecting our country and providing critical services. They are safe and they work.Moving forward, we will continue to prioritize this vital research, including towards a pan-coronavirus vaccine.Now, if new variants emerge, we now have faster processes to assess the impact of the virus on our vaccines. Please call your Reliant doctors office BEFORE visiting any of our sites if you are COVID-19 positive or if you: Use our COVID-19 symptom checker to receive specific recommendations for your care based on your symptoms. Im curious a couple things. So, we continue to reevaluate Title 42 every several weeks, every four to eight weeks, and we will continue to do so throughout the duration of time of this pandemic.MR. Second was . ZIENTS: Next question, please. We're redirecting you to the ReadyMED website in 5 seconds. And we continue to make hundreds of millions of high-quality N-95 masks available to Americans for free at local pharmacies, grocery stores, and community health centers across the country. All patients and visitors must wear a surgical mask at all times while in our offices and sanitize their hands upon entry. MODERATOR: Lets go to Alex Nazaryan at Yahoo!Q Yes. Thats why the Presidents plan calls on Congress to reinstate tax credits to help small- and mid-size businesses provide paid sick and family leave to those sick with COVID-19. Were donating 1.2 billion doses to the world. Thank you, Tamara. Last, the fourth goal of the Presidents plan: vaccinating the world and saving lives.Clearly, the virus does not recognize national borders. Click here to view the screening policies at Saint Vincent Hospital. Please enable JavaScript to use this feature. What if my symptoms worsen? A few events that have already postponed or cancelled are: For more updates, please continue to check our website. We have a good amount of questions today and some limited time, so lets keep it to one question. FAUCI: Thanks, Dr. Walensky.As Jeff said, vaccines and treatments are key parts of our toolkit moving forward. Gainesville, FL 32611-5850, University of Florida Just wanted to give make a question to Secretary Becerra. To help keep our patients and employees healthy by reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19, we ask that all patients and visitors comply with the following: Masks are required in healthcare settings. MR. ZIENTS: Well, thank you, Secretary.Now, moving to the second goal of the Presidents plan: preparing for any new variants. Those requirements are currently in place through March 18th, and theyll continue to be so while we evaluate leading up to March 18th the duration of the requirement based on the state of the virus. Consider visiting one of our in-person ReadyMED walk-in care locations instead. Vaccines, treatments, tests, masks these tools are how we continue to protect people.They enable us to move forward safely and get back to our more normal routines going out to eat at a restaurant; taking that trip thats been long delayed; arranging a playdate for your kids; attending a sports game, a movie, or a concert again.To make sure people have the tools they need to protect themselves, well launch a website later this month that will be a go-to place where you can find vaccines and masks at easy and convenient locations, and where you can find the latest information on COVID-19 in your community.Now, let me turn it over to Secretary Becerra to cover how the Presidents plan will allow us to keep distributing these tools and ensures we continue to advance equity.Secretary?SECRETARY BECERRA: Thanks, Jeff. Thats why weve put in place many safety precautions in our medical offices to reduce the risk of illness spread. Decades of U.S. investment in fundamental biomedical research provided the foundation for the rapid design and development of COVID-19 vaccines. This powerful medicine works against all the variants that weve tested it against.And Pfizers antivirals are highly effective at reducing the risk of hospitalization and death. That doesnt necessarily mean that the definition of an emergency, where there are other things that are important that one can do in much greater ease when youre in a situation where youre officially in an emergency. We thank them for sharing their ideas and expertise. DR. FAUCI: Yeah, Sheryl, well, when one thinks of a pan-coronavirus vaccine, it really is going to be an incremental process. We are now offering pediatric COVID-19 vaccination for Reliant primary care patients ages 6 months 11 years old. We continue to scale up these efforts and are grateful for the resources from Congress to be able to do so.MR. In order to maintain appropriate social distancing, we encourage patients to bring only one person to their appointment if necessary. WALENSKY: Good morning, everyone. Separately, does the CDC believe that schools in places that are in have low spread should recommend that students not wear masks, given the potential unintended consequences that mask-wearing has had on childrens education? So, just in terms of travel, we have to look not only at the science with regard to transmission in masks but also the epidemiology and the frequency that we may encounter a variant of concern or a variant of interest in our travel corridors.

Third, prevent economic and school shutdowns. If your browser does not automatically redirect, please click the link below. HHS and the State Department, along with USAID, have identified and briefed bipartisan leaders in Congress on the near-term funding that is needed. You do not need to schedule a PCR test unless required by your employer, school, etc. So, no change, but an evaluation taking place at this point.

DR. WALENSKY: Great. It was developed with the input from dozens of experts, local public health leaders, governors and partners across our federal agencies.

This month alone the month of March well have 1 million of these treatment courses available. You may also useour COVID-19 symptom checker to receive specific recommendations for your care based on your symptoms.

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