Youve got to be kidding me. Wearing a bikini while mowing the lawn is bad for so many reasons but not because your body is shameful or hurting others. Michelle once attempted to start a Go Fund Me for the Fedosky family but it flopped. When asked to describe their grandma in one word most of the kids had nice answers but Josiah went way past one word and gave a narcissistic answer about how grandma made him the man he is today. Of course Jim Bob has to make everything about himself with his usual odd self-centered style of speech. Theyre the killer competitive ones. Anyway, this episode doesnt make Jeds run for office any more appealing to the voters. When Jinger gets home Jeremy tells her to get dressed up and to wear heels because hes taking her on a date. The guys just showed up and performed for the show. Nurse Abbie and first responder John werent needed to help so they moved on. Warning! Right off they run into an accident and go to check out the scene. Im not sure the passengers next door did.3. Spud is as overwhelmed by his big family as most people are. Probably a bit of both, I guess.3. Jinger and Jeremy are moving to CaliforniaSTILL! Of course Jessa and Ben won. Okay, I take that back. Smrt! Ben and Jessa hire some of the other Duggar boys to build a deck onto their house. 3.

He practices crawling on all fours which I am actually jealous of because my knees wont do that anymore and Im only a little older than Ass Bob.

Jana claims to never have been in a courtship before despite reports of her mentioning relationships. He doesnt want his kids to be working for anyone other than himselfthat is unless its a hate group based in Washington, DC. 2. Jinger and Jeremy take friends on a snow to sand adventure in California.

1 Hour 1 Minute Mark: Justin talks about his crush on Jana Duggar. Maybe its due to all their practice from chasing a runaway Hank. Salute the rainbow, Justin! Jim Bob mocks what he thinks is a Liberal attitude by saying Were all winners. and everyone laughs, boos or thumbs down him and I think Jessa says, We dont do that. They dont like the idea that kids get prizes for participating or get encouragement when they lose.

Michelle also chickened out. I really want to be super nanny for some of these reality show moms. If they have enough money to spend $300 on one jacket they should be able to pay for their own apartment instead of living off church welfare.

Joe and Kendra buy a new stroller. Jed, Jeer, James, Justin and Jason are in Philly to pick up three used limo lemons to sell at their car lot. Jana gets her hair dyed while being interrogated by a rude and nosey hairstylist. John and Abbie and Joe and Kendra seem pretty comfortable with each other and hopefully do enjoy their marriage. Ivys got this! It doesnt work. Yeah, right. Jeremy and Ben are trying to study from home with their little blessings but are struggling. Costumes are dug up and roles are assigned.

Of course this leads to flashbacks of the old 19 Kids show. Thirty year old Duggar women arent allowed to venture off by themselves.

They pick up man meat to eat and thats it.

Jessa gets home and defends her lame brothers, but coming from her family where sexual abuse has occurred, I can see her being happy that her brothers didnt change him. He is Duggar #12 of 19. Josiah and Joe end up taking over the cooking. Funny how escargot and haggis were easier to eat than tater tot casserole. TLC never did come back and ask Ben how his eyesight was the next day. That didnt stop her before when hiking mountains in a skirt and flip flops. Jinger is wearing a fur stole just to make sure everyone in California realizes she isnt one of them. John/Abbie and Josiah/Lauren go on a double date to a birthing class with Teresa Fedosky. I guess the Christian spirit didnt hit them as it did many others when it came to supporting first responders and our neighbors. Cant have Jinger do something on her own. Its bound to happen eventually. Boredom Alert! They dig deep as they answer questions about pregnancy and motherhood. They had baby Addison last week. Does it bring them more honor to think they lost a son instead of a daughter?

Of course the Duggars have to make this silliness into a vicious competition. The twins, Jed and Jeer, have moved into a bachelor pad. Justin believes Jim Bob was investing in Joshs video interests. He was also a second child like Hank. Jessa and Ben are just careless, stubborn numbskulls. Why TLC, why?! Josiah and Lauren seem confused on what to do with each other. But I cant blame them for being ignorant on this one.

Jim Bob admits to having some speech issues as a child but doesnt talk about his learning disability. She talks about starting a home dcor business called Arbor Acres. One of the Duggars most often used phrases is a Duggar girl can do anything in a skirt. She looks very frail and it still makes me wonder why she was at the pool by herself that fateful day when she drowned. Lets embarrass the hell out of the guys. I was hoping Tyler would projectile vomit all over Jim Bobs cricket tacos. Gotta say thats how I work too. Janas business will most likely never open to the public. Jessa and Ben claim to have been working with him and have taken away screen time. That it was messy and smelled bad. 2. Jana is sporting jeans and is living in a city. 5. Ben was too boring. Jed is wearing a dress shirt with large pictures of cars all over it. Im sure a doctor will go down after they try to put a laser near my eyes. 5. 4. Theres a quarantine going on and a courtship announcement at the end. Meanwhile, Jinger and Jeremy are in LA exploring the city. Aired: July 14, 2020Jana and Jinger hit up Beverly Hills for some shopping but quickly get some sticker shock. Joy and Austin come in next and the last two teams decide to quit together and be last mainly because Kendra was starting to have contractions. *Team Three: All of Janas original group. Spud turned down the role because it didnt pay in snacks. But Josh had an amazing new computer of his own. 1 Hour 28 Minutes: Josh and his teenage porn habit. What kind of toys are they charging under there? The failed courtships with some of them point to this being an issue, but then again Zach married Whitney and she wears pants and shows her arms/shoulders and even (used to?) Im guessing TLC paid for some or most of the surgery since they filmed it and possibly the business gave them a break for advertising reasons. Poor kid is going to be hearing that one forever because most of the Duggars are allergic to poison ivy. Michelle, Jana, Lauren and Josiah finally make it to the hospital room to see Jessa and all of them stand far back as if birthing a baby is some contagious disease or something. Michelle thinks a regression in potty training could be disobedience. I just need someone to pay the lawyer fees. 3. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience. Hate when Jeremy's posts make me laugh lol, I just did a quick Instagram search of who Jason follows it may be an Emma Langdon or it could be her sister Claire, it seems he also follows who I assume to their mother, a Lori Langdon. God bless us all, everyone! The Duggars dont do math. Meanwhile, John and Abbie and Joy and Austin double date on a horse and carriage ride in Fayetteville. The LA Vuolos are out looking for a real tree to cut down at a tree farm. 1. 3. 4. Seems legit.

Not even one tater tot. Ben is still tutoring the kids over video chat but Johannah admits its hard to pay attention. I truly hope the Duggar kids listen to this podcast and begin to see the insanity they were raised in and get themselves a good ole board certified secular therapist. 4. None of the daddys boys want to help out this little kid so they end up calling Jessa to find out where she is. 3. Im pretty sure 99% of us figured their date would have something to do with a plane. Jim Bob must remind each kid that in exchange for the all paid trip they have to tell innocent strangers about pops favorite hobby and mamas fertility. Episode Recap of Beverly Hills DuggarsWhy do I think the producers wanted to title this show Beverly Hills Hillbillies and backed out. This was when Josh had his head shaved as shown in the moving special. The church decided to send Josh to stay with a guy who may also have had a porn issue at one time to dig a pond. This brings back a ton of memories for me.

How come I havent seen that on the court connect records? Im sure youre all sitting on the edge of your couch expelling something in your excitement. 2. She really needs to stop that. Placating your kids with food isnt healthy. John bakes a cake for Abbie for her birthdayfast forward. But you wont. Not as long as she lives under Jim Bobs authority.

Too bad they seem to favor Addy over her full name. Spud,Let me watch the Superman movie or Ill tell Meredith youre having a girl and then Ill bite her!. Little Lissy has no interest in the trees. Last two episodes of the season! She says their backup plan was to deliver at home with another midwife. She is eventually kicked out of the painting session for poor behavior. His monologue talking about his Jana crush is hilarious. The foods are haggis, escargot, cricket tacos and the worst of all.tater tot casserole. Jana and her gal pal, Laura, Ben and Jessa, and Pops and Lolli make it out to la la land for the party. She fills that bowl with ice cream and waits for him to read the surprise message while I hope for Joe to choke on it. They volunteer to watch Spud as Ben and Jessa take Hank to the doctor. This same scene happens in all the kids honeymoons. I know someone had figured this out but I can't remember, it's Jackson B living in AR? John and Abbie take an overnight train to Lapland and discover that the Duggar prayer closet was larger than their sleeping compartment. I wonder how many potty training kids she beat. God works in mysterious ways. Most of the sins were about anger (domestic abuse) and lust and the other men would bless the sinner with canola oil. They are shown the ice dining area which gives them the excuse to tell some foreign dude about mama and pops having 19 kids. I bet there were some regrets in the early days of the pandemic from the young women concerning shunning birth control and college for motherhood. Not mentioned is the trouble they had dealing with other groups and John wearing a gun and flashing his Arkansas badge at others. I wont recap it but if you want to watch it its hilarious how they cut Josh out. All they want to eat at the party is steak because beef is the food of the manchild. Anyway, the Duggars are asked what their clothing style is and Jeers, need help and Josies, ugly were my favorite answers. Jill is shown in the flashback episode but they own her image so she doesnt really have a choice. Ill take Anna and Josh too for a quickie divorce. I can see them all enjoying that scenario.1.

They might want to read up on the Founding Fathers beliefs in alien life. Im also for encouraging children and awarding them for their efforts and participation. I really hope she keeps it and puts it to good use under her homemade jumper dresses. Good job, kid! Surprise! She has her own ideas. They must have tried to save the white horse because she was giving Josiah a piece of her mind by nearly bucking him off. Jinger, Jessa, Joy and Joe claim to be poor swimmers. At the hospital Jessa is given Pitocin but doesnt need a blood transfusion this time.

The first one is two hours long but that flies by due to the wonderful presentation from Justin and his wife, Julia. Jana and Michelle were being flown from Tennessee by Josiah and Lauren but didnt make it in time. Jim Bob pops up for some words but I just ignore him. Geez, I need a freaking drink after watching this crap and I dont even drink!!! Why is TLC allowing them to proselytize without giving equal time to other beliefs? Katey gives birth to a baby boy in April. They flip a penny to see which way to go and they first end up on a dead end dirt road and then conveniently to a gazebo in town. Actually, I cant blame the artist. Justins dad asks Josh about his computer, What kinda filter you got on that thing? and Josh did a visible gulp. 5. They almost look like real people in this episode. Hannie and Jackson are playing Mary and Joseph. Im sure he had fun that night.

As they stand along the side of the highway with a camera crew the boys discuss their car problems and their decision to wear skirts. Im sure Hank will be reciting Bible verses and retelling hero Trump stories to the kids at the park in no time but in the meantime he will be seeing a speech pathologist.

She couldnt remember that? Joy goes into the specifics of her stillbirth and shows her babys burial site at the Forsyth camp. Duggars Teresa is the infamous midwife who has helped with several botched Duggar home deliveries and whose husband has had trouble keeping his medical license. This is where things get crazy.

Justin and Julia talk about how sexualized their environment was including the babies. Great idea, idiot! After the game Jessa opens the floor to anyone who has an announcement to make. Josiah and Lauren Duggars Wedding Photos (pt 2), (No copyright infringement intended, photos belong to respective families as well as TLC.). I need to watch me some more Hamilton. When I was her age, I would have been happy with casual restaurant dinner and a concert or Broadway show. @jaseduggar and was tagged in Jessas story (7/2). That didnt last. Felicity is not a fan of freezing cold pool water but shell get there. Lauren and Michelle both gave their unknown gender miscarriages boy names. 7. Josie and Michelle make disinfecting wipes and clean the nasty kitchen. I dont believe one bit of that story. They create a manchildbaby game of diaper basketball, wear printed toddler t-shirts with adorable sayings on them, tell silly childrens jokes and do lots of giggling. After Derick has said many times he pulled his family off the show Jill is back. This is when Justin goes all pride on us in his rainbow wig. After this episode was a birthing recap episode showing Michelle having her last five kids and then all her daughters and daughter-in-laws giving birth. John and Abbie claim to be thinking outside the box by hopping onto one of the Duggars planes for their date. They help to manage supplies and clean up. Oh, and then Justin gets on the Zoom meeting to introduce Claire Spivey to the world as his courtship girl. They dont have a blog or a public social media presence. Jeremy jumps off a building in Las Vegas. 1 Hour 47 Mark: Justin talks about how men would confess their sins in church in a very weird and dark way. Is it maybe harder to find a girl who will live under the Bates family rules, and as the man of the household youd be responsible for it? Well see. Havent we seen this a million times before? They didnt need a three course meal of junk while waiting. How can Jesus people piss me off so badly?

They could have driven faster than fly. Good luck with that.5. The first challenge is one of the team members having to eat something disgusting. Jeremy seems to be doing what Jim Bob failed to do. Her older sisters werent even allowed to wear clip-on earrings until ten years ago at about the time Josie was born.

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