Jointhis sub-challenge if you have a knack for cooking! The purpose of CEL Kids Hackathon is to ensure that kids experience the evolution from being a consumer to the creator of technology. The students would be required to participate in pairs. Help us innovate to improve healthcare for kids! Seeking innovative ideas on how to gamify patient education and care plans, to increase pediatric engagement in their own health and doctor's instructions. Participants are welcome to invest as much time as they'd like throughout the duration of the phases with a minimum of 16 hours of participation. Any submission helps! Fun games that increase knowledge about diagnoses. Please refresh the page or try after some time. Curriculum Creation Contest (C3 Challenge), Gamify Education and Care Plans - 1st Prize, Gamify Education and Care Plans - 2nd Prize, Gamify Education and Care Plans - 3rd Prize. Examplediagnoses to look at Diabetes, Asthma, Pre-Post Surgery, Nutrition, and many more! Competencies to create for but not limited to: Graphic design,Coding,Videography,Mobile app developmentand more! Please refresh the page or try after some time. Children's Health is hosting it's annual Innov8 4 Kids Challenge", calling all middle school, high school, college, and professional developers to bring their best innovation. Open to all participants!

Children would be given a problem statement aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals for which they have to create a project on Scratch if they have access to a computer or Pocket Code if they have access to Smartphone. ____________________________________________________________________________________________. ThinkTikTok, how docreators grasp your attention? Open to all participants in DFW area (finalists will present live to Judges in Dallas, TX)! Challenges include: - Gamifying Patient Education - Video and Content Creation - Culinary Cook-Off. The students enjoyed the entire period of the program and parents asked for more sessions of coding for their children. Challenge your creativity to create short 120-second length videos that are fun, engaging, and educational. (Your parents must signThis Participation Agreement (Consent form)and upload the signed document with your project submission. Remember you want to make ithealthy;you could take your favorite dish and veganize it! Winners get recognition, cash prizes and cool goodies. Submissions for the C3 Challenge will be taken starting February 1st via email to [emailprotected] Please indicate your name in the email, submissions with names that are not registered in the Hackathon will not be counted. How can you make sure they learn the most important basicsofvideography? Code to Enhance Learning Trust5, Classic Diamond Apartment, Raksha Park Society, Tin Batti, Danilimda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, IndiaPin code: 380028. Help us train the next generationto lead in STEAM.

afb18a5766a39362059f762033d853bfc6191252-realtime, This Participation Agreement (Consent form). What will you do to keep your audience engaged and entertained? Program is designed keeping the needs of students in mind! What to do- Major actions to consider about your diagnosis, What not to do- Major actions you cannot do with your diagnosis. Please refresh the page to see the time in your system timezone. Open to all tech experts and professionals, share your knowledge! You have been registered to the challenge, now tell your friends about it. Most patient education exists in PDF / printed documents or long educational videos usually directed at a parent or caregiver. Oculus Quest 2 headset for each team member, $100 Amazon gift card for each team member, $50 Amazon gift card for each team member, A password reset link will be sent to the following email id, HackerEarths Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Whatever you do, get creative and make sureitstasty as wellyou may get the chance to cook it for real! The project has a purpose which is relevant to you and your surrounding. How to prepare CS-inspired girls for a vibrant career? Maybe aTikTokseriesor website? Inspiration to get you started:Say you want to teach the basics of videography. Commontreatments? Schools or parents can register their children in pairs. Learn to code with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. What has worked for you? Open to all participants! Must be 13 years or older to participate. Code to Enhance Learning is a non-profit that uses coding as a tool to build critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and perseverance in children in grade 4-9. Inspiration to get you started:Pretend you are on an episode of Top Chef ormaybe evenChopped, and you want to impress the panel ofjudges who also happen to be registered dietitians. Completeness to achieve the task and aesthetics to appeal the user.

Great! HackerEarth uses the information that you provide to contact you about relevant content, products, and services. Help us build a library of training content for participants to tap into and gain some awesome skills and knowledge! The first phase is the idea submission phase, where participants are invited to submit their ideas. A server error has occurred. How can school leaders ensure scaffold integration of coding in their schools. Inspiration to get you started:Consider the diagnosis of Asthma, you may get started by making a fun creative 120-second video addressing any of the topics above, such as "Top 5 things I avoided as a kid with Asthma!". How to learn coding without a computer or a laptop? Maybe youdontwant to be a YouTuber, what content have you used before that has helped you? Ormaybe youwant to make it high in protein. They will submit the project to us along with a concept note to be reviewed by our expert panel. Prizes will be awarded for the following categories: Additional tech and cash prizes to be announced. The work of all participants is recognized with certificates and celebrated with goodies. *All Participants between 13-17 years of age must have parental consent in order for their submissions to be judged and eligible for prizes. Is it one that already exists or one that you put your twist on? Submit your favorite healthy and delicious recipe for a chance to be chosen to cook it live in front of a panel of judges and potentially win!

This hackathon will take on the format of a multi-month challenge with two phases. Pick a category(s)from the perspective of a patient, how would youtell this story? The CEL coding program has been designed really well keeping the context and the needs of the students in mind. Sharing of responsibilities amongst the pair and their ability to sort out the difference and move towards goal. ThingsI'veLearned- What has your diagnosis taught you? The seven computational concepts are sequence, event, loops, parallelism, conditionals, operators and data. Also, aligned with the problem statement of CEL Kids Hackathon. Videos for Patient Education (think short Tik-Tok-like videos), Curriculum Creation Contest (C3 Challenge) (submit videos and content for tech training). : Diagnosis 101- What is the diagnosis? *The consent form can be submitted as an attached document along withthe final submission. Each entry receives expert feedback to help kids be confident of their strength and areas to grow which motivates them to code to solve more problems. More challenge categories may be announced. Diagnosesinclude but are notlimited to Cancer, Heart-related diseases, Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Asthma, Orthopedics. What type of learner are you? For the second phase, some of these ideas are shortlisted and the participants are invited to the creation and development phase. Ensure that you are logged in and have the required permissions to access the test. However, all children would get a certificate with feedback after the successful submission of their application along with concept notes. A digital signature or wet signature are both acceptable. The integration of computational concepts defined by MIT Media Labs. CEL Kids Hackathon is an annual collaborative coding event for students in grades 5 to grade 9 to help them begin their coding journey and showcase their coding talent. Inspiration to get you started:Check out some of last years submissionsChildren's Health Hackathon 2021. Build creativity, problem solving, collaboration and perseverance in kids promoting 21st century skills which will help in academics now as well as in future in professional life.

We are partnering with you to create videos "made by kids, for kids"! Join us in making India not only digital literate but digital changemakers. An error has occurred. We care about your data privacy. Participants are welcome to invest as much time as they'd like throughout the duration of the phases with aminimum of only 16 hours of participation. Calling all professionals and tech connoisseurs! Get creative! The top 6 winners would receive prize money, goodies and certificates worth INR 15000. In the era of websites and apps, CEL program gives students an opportunity to develop basic understanding of how coding is done and prepares them to make a better decision in the future. What meal would you make them? Step into the shoes of content creators and make a YouTube channel!

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