One thing that is unique to the city and that youll have to see for yourself is the ruin bar. In Cologne, celebrate your endeavours with a visit to the Chocolate Museum, and its three-metre-high chocolate fountain, before catching a homebound ICE train. Berlin - Germany Gdansk - Poland Krakow - Poland Extra Stopover - Zakopane - Poland Budapest - Hungary Extra Stopover - Bratislava - Slovakia Vienna - Austria Prague - Czech Republic Berlin - Germany. If you start your travel day in the morning, you have time left to explore Gdansk have a nice meal in the evening. Transport:This route is a 22 day trip and youll spend 20 nights in your accommodation and one on a night train. On any side street or square youll find unique buildings full of colourful detail. Seven hours by sleeper later, youll arrive in Istanbul. Pop into the Chocolate Museum too, before being whisked back to London on the Eurostar. On your first evening, in Toulouse, admire the grand architecture of the Place du Capitole before drinking in the nightlife in the Carmes neighbourhood, starting at Chez Vincente bodega. The capital of Austria has been an inspiration for artists over the last decades. A combination of high-speed daytime routes and sleeper trains makes a whirlwind rail tour of some of Europes finest cities eminently doable. Mauerpark for the bonkers outdoor karaoke, Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide for Independent Travellers. Interrail passes and rail tickets are available from:,, and, Looking for a holiday with a difference? Gdansk is a lot more affordable than Berlin. This interesting city has a lot to offer for every type of traveler! We traveled throughCentral and Eastern Europe by train. Krakow escaped being reduced to rubble in WWII, preserving the postcard-perfect Old Town and the cellars housing its famous bars and clubs. Bratislavans are incredibly friendly and, as the city has not yet been discovered by the mainstream tourist (stag-dos aside), food, beer, and wine are still cheap here. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and its a very interesting stopover. Read more about how to use the Interrail pass in this article. Unrivalled granita di caff can be found nearby at the Tazza dOro cafe. A sleeper takes you to Lillehammer, a pleasant lakeside town, and then its on to compact, wonderful Trondheim, founded in 977 AD. Whether its the charm of Old Town streets and handsome squares, a thriving culture scene or restaurants that are redefining Polish cuisine that get you going, Wrocaw is the place to start your trip riding the rails through Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe also offers travellers exceptional value for money, making it ripe for exploring on an Interrail pass. Then youll head to Vienna, the musical capital of Austria where coffee and cake reign supreme. A personalised travel booklet with maps, language guides, top tips, and more.

When you book with an account, you will be able to track your payment status, track the confirmation and you can also rate the tour after you finished the tour. If you follow the 2 week itinerary without the extra stops, this itinerary includes 6 travel days. Of course, theres much more to Belgrade than its nightlife. From here theres a choice of routes to Barcelona: a fast train via Perpignan or Narbonne, or the longer but much more scenic regional train via Latour-de-Carol with a change at the Spanish border (no reservations needed or available, three connecting trains each day). The journey onwards to Zermatt takes in magnificent scenery as the train hugs the mountainside. Then sleep your way to Belgrade, a city brimming with culture and pedestrianised districts. The train then heads north to Bucharest, home of the vast Palace of Parliament, the worlds largest legislative building. You can hike to the beautiful Morskie Oko Lake or visit one of the Kasprowy mountain peaks by cable cart. Back into Sweden, pause for lakeside relaxation in stersund and visit Jamtli, its historic open-air museum. Check the Pride calendar for Europe! All of these cities have a great combination of nightlife, culture and foodie treats to discover, plus youll end up by the beach at the end of your trip for some well-deserved chill-out time! Then its over the Spanish border to San Sebastin in the Basque country, for pintxos and the splendid seafront walk between La Concha and Ondarreta beaches. The sight of a gleaming railway snaking over an Alpine pass or hugging a lake has long inspired travellers, and both are well served by rail routes. Hit the ground running in bohemian Berlin, one of Europes most historically rich cities. For instance, enjoy a medieval dinner with unlimited drinks in an authentic atmosphere or do a sightseeing cruise on the Vltava river. Museums, art galleries, churches and cathedrals line up for you to visit them and get your inspiration flowing. Check out these articles to help you plan your perfect train trip: Start your travel throughCentral Europe by trainin Berlin. Learn how to buy cheap train tickets in Europe! Proudly guarding the Danube, the once twin cities of Buda and Pest show off every architectural style from Baroque to Art Nouveau. From Krakow, the Wielicza Salt mine or the Oscar Schindler Factory can be visited in a day trip. Blog posts to help you plan the perfect Interrail trip. Three times a week the free Magic Lake Show lights up the water. These recommendations are for faster connections, though not necessarily the fastest possible, and generally leaving in the morning on weekdays. Youll appreciate some relaxation before carrying the party on at one of Budapests many Ruin Bars. We also use optional analytics cookies to help us improve the website.

The South of France, including the infamous French Riviera, is renowned for its sunshine,. Next day, in Gothenburg, the Museum of Art has a huge collection of Nordic paintings and sculpture and, south of the centre, Slottsskogen park has meadows and forests, and a cafe. If you have a few extra days, you can easily add Warsaw to your Interrail Itinerary. Ste is perfectly placed as a stop-over between Barcelona and Nice. 2022 Interrail Planner All rights reserved. Walking directions between the stations and your booked accommodation. The Bohemian Adventure is a great value option if you want to see some of bohemian Europes top cities on a budget in just 3 weeks. Suggested duration 19 days Route stops Paris, Munich, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Ni, Plovdiv, Istanbul, Veliko Trnovo, Bucharest, Vienna, Venice, MilanBest Interrail pass Same as the Scandinavia adventure itinerary, The legendary Orient Express route, all the way to Istanbul, is the stuff rail dreams are made of a journey peppered with some of Europes most interesting cities. Krakow is a relatively budget-friendly destination. From there, its a long sleeper train journey to stunning Vienna, epicentre of cafe culture. Get the best travel insurance for Europeans, How to plan an international trip in 10 easy steps. The train trip takes around 3 hours during which you can see the landscape shape change from grassy fields and woods into rough mountains and valleys. So thats a great opportunity to plan your travel dates according to the Pride dates in 2019. Access to our 24hr emergency phone number while youre away. Need extra time in Split at the end as well? Looking for a little more privacy? But there are quite a few cool hotels and hostels! Check out the beautiful Elewator Hotel in the heart of the city or the beautiful Stay Inn Hotel. A city of flowers and fountains with a curious Mediterranean feel, Zagreb is a year-round destination with a museum-caf-theatre culture by day and a lakeside party by night. If you plan on visiting Bratislava, check out the brand new and budget-friendly Boutique Capsule Hostel Chors or the Chill House. Are you more into citytrips, nature trips or do you want to party in each city? Stopover in Zakopane, Extra Days to Spend? Thats not to say its any less worthy of the attention; its just better at flying under the radar than its larger sibling.

Next up, youll head to Croatia, calling first at the vibrant capital of Zagreb, before heading South to the stunning city of Split perched on the shores of the Adriatic. All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. Alternative Durations: Timing not quite right? You can also expand this 2-week itinerary to a3 or a4-week itinerary. More information. Fast TGV and Eurostar trains will then speed you home. London to Lausanne (Eurostar + TGV, 7 hrs 10 mins, stay one night); Lausanne to Annecy (regional + TER + TER, 3 hrs, stay two nights); Annecy to Chamonix (TER + TER + TER, 3 hrs, 10 mins, stay one night); Chamonix to Zermatt (TER + regional + InterRegio, 3 hrs 57 mins, stay two nights); Zermatt to Lucerne (regional + InterCity, 3 hrs 25 mins, stay one night); Lucerne to St Anton, (InterRegio + RailJet, 3 hrs 29 mins, stay two nights); St Anton to Zell am See (EuroCity, 3 hrs 15 mins, stay two nights); Zell am See to Innsbruck (Eurocity, 2 hrs, stay two nights); Innsbruck to Bern (RailJet + InterCity, 4 hrs 43 mins, stay one night); Bern to London (TGV + Eurostar, 8 hrs 22 mins). Given the increasing problem of overtourism, a stop-over in the city will give you a taste of what youre missing out on in Prague but without the crowds. Climb the dome of the renovated Reichstag, Discover the nightlife of Schoneberg and Kreuzberg. Optional walking tours, pub crawls and other activities at our partner hostels. You can include one extra stopover for the exact same price. Thun makes for a scenic 20-minute side trip. If its recent history is anything to go by, Eastern Europe has had it hard. Between Latour-de-Carol and Toulouse, sit on the left to get the best views. Without further ado, heres the 2 week Central and Eastern Europe Interrail Route! Next, travel to Bern, whose old town was declared a Unesco world heritage site in 1983. Even though Split is a port for many Croatian islands, sitting elegantly between the Adriatic and the mountains, the countrys second city has two Unesco World Heritage sites within its walls, a marble waterfront walkway, and a buzzing atmosphere around its bars and pubs. Berlin is also crammed full of fascinating WWII history around every corner so there really is something for everyone! Continue east to lakeside Zell am See, where activities include paddleboarding, wakeboarding and waterskiing. I've traveled a lot and wish to explore some more unknown territory. Once in Ni, in southern Serbia, be sure to spend time at Holy Trinity cathedral, a curious mix of Byzantine, Islamic, Renaissance and baroque styles, replete with intricate frescoes. Website Designed by OneBox.Digital. Join afree walking tour in Berlinand visit the classic sightseeing spots, like Brandenburg Gate, the Potsdamer Platz, and theTV tower. Berlin is not the cheapest place to spend the night. Krakow is a must-visit when in Poland. On this route, youll get to take in the best of Eastern Europe essentials. Check out the Villa Nova hotel if you plan on visiting Zakopane. At your final stop, Brussels, try the mussels at family-owned Chez Leon, and a final night out at Caf Delirium, with its 2,004 beers. Euroventure Travel Ltd Krakow is also known for its escape rooms if you dare! So if you want to Interrail Eastern Europe and Central Europe in about 2 weeks, you came to the right place! Take a night train from Krakow to Budapest! Further north, in Warsaw, admire the view over the city from the 30th floor of the Palace of Culture and Science. A network of ice caves 50km away in Werfen is a worthwhile jaunt. If youre lucky enough, you might even get into Berghain. LS4 2PU. Visit the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Eat real apple strudel and wiener schnitzel, Go to a classical concert in a city renowned for music. If youre looking for something a little more romantic, the Vienna House Andels and Angelo by Vienna House are great hotel options. Berlin is the alternative, cool kid of Europe and a pro at being edgy. Exploring amazing countries that were off-limits until quite recently in Europes history, this fast-paced 3-week Eastern Europe interrailing trip covers a real mix of destinations from grand old cities to stunning Adriatic coastal towns. Join a food tour or learn about the legends of Gdansk. We also offer a 4 week and 5 week version of this route. This way, you dont loose daylight traveling and you save a night in a hotel. This trip spans eight countries a massive dollop of European culture in one tour. Known widely as the Paris of the east, there are few European cities that can compete with Budapest in the beauty stakes. On top of that, its a great city trip in Europe and you can easily include it into your awesome 2-week Central and Eastern Europe Interrail route. europe goeuro trip travel there routes The road you traveled to get here: Train Travel Itinerary.

Visitors from surrounding countries come here for the all-night party scene and friendly atmosphere. Looking for a more romantic accommodation? Most hotels in Budapest are open for all travelers. Scandinavias expanses just beg to be explored by train, and this route offers a ringside seat for some of its spectacular scenery. Often described as Slovakias little big city because of its relaxed, rural feel, Bratislava is one of the three jewels of the Danube alongside Budapest and Vienna. Take a dip and relax in a thermal bath before sinking a glass of the local wine, Tokaji. Make sure to select a direct train, because some trips take much longer. While it cant compete with Budapest for architecture, the city does boast some unmissable sights, including the gargantuan Church of Saint Sava. Explore museums such as Haus der Musik with rooms dedicated to the Viennese composers, including Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss, and the sumptuous Schnbrunn Palace, where Mozart performed aged six. Prague is a lesbian-friendly destination and on weekend, you can visit the women-only Jampa Dampa bar or see if the Freedom parties line up with your travel dates. Translated as the White City, the Serbian capital Belgrade has an air of mystique about it. Its the most popular city in Hungary, as capitals end to be interesting. The mountain town of Zakopane is located in the stunning Tatra mountain range. Want an even bigger adventure? London to Toulouse (Eurostar + TGV, 8 hrs 10 mins, stay one night); Toulouse to Barcelona (TER + regional, 6 hrs 20 mins, stay two nights); Barcelona to Ste (TGV + TER, 3 hrs, 27 mins, stay one night); Ste to Nice (TER + TER, 5 hrs 25mins, stay two nights); Nice to Genoa (EuroCity, 4 hrs 4 mins, stay two nights); Genoa to Rome, (Frecciabianca, 5 hrs, stay two nights); Rome to Stresa (Frecciarossa + EuroCity, 4 hrs 22 mins, stay one night); Stresa to Zurich (EuroCity + InterCity, 3 hrs 37 mins, stay two nights); Zurich to Cologne (ICE + ICE, 5 hrs 5 mins, stay one night); Cologne to London (ICE + Eurostar, 5 hrs 17 mins). Everyone has undoubtedly heard of the likes of Nice, Cannes, Marseille and St. Tropez, but with this article, were hoping to offer an insight into some of the lesser-known spots that can be found along the French Mediterranean coast of France. All those things I want to share with you. The capital of Germany is a lively and busy city. Explore the historic old town and the Imperial Palace, with its opulence of the Habsburg dynasty. ItineraryLondon to Paris (Eurostar, 2 hrs 26 mins, stay one night); Paris to Munich (ICE + ICE, 5 hrs 33 mins, stay one night); Munich to Ljubljana (Euronight train, 6 hrs, 37 mins, stay two nights); Ljubljana to Zagreb (Euronight train, 2 hrs 8 mins, stay one night); Zagreb to Belgrade (sleeper train, 6 hrs 19 mins, stay one night); Belgrade to Ni (4 hrs 27 mins, stay one night); Ni to Plovdiv via Sofia (sleeper train + regional, 9 hrs 56 mins, stay two nights); Plovdiv to Istanbul (sleeper train, 7 hrs 21 mins, stay three nights); Istanbul to Veliko Trnovo (sleeper train, 12 hrs 24 mins, stay one night); Veliko Trnovo to Bucharest (INT, 8 hrs 49 mins, stay one night); Bucharest to Vienna (Euronight sleeper train, 19 hrs 21 mins, stay two nights); Vienna to Venice, NightJet sleeper train, 10 hrs 57 min, stay two nights); Venice to Milan (Frecciarossa, 2 hrs 13 mins, stay one night); Milan to London (Euronight + Eurostar, 14 hrs 37 mins). In Turin, less than four hours away, cobbled Via Borga Dora has vintage clothes boutiques and a weekend flea market.

With a perfect location, the Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge Hotel is also a wonderful accommodation choice in Budapest. Its just as beautiful as its neighbouring Eastern European capitals, but smaller, quieter, and with an idyllic medieval feel. interrail map railway Then check out the LOFT Hotel Bratislava! If you have some more free time, why not go for the 4 week or 5 week options for a slower-paced trip? These hotels are very LGBT-friendly. A must-visit in Stockholm is the Vasa Museum, home of a ship salvaged in 1628 and majestically preserved. Check out these versions of the route. Take a night tour to admire Bratislavas beauty. Route: Berlin Krakow Prague Vienna Bratislava Budapest Belgrade Zagreb Split. A fast AVE train will whisk you to Barcelona, to explore La Boqueria, the epic food market, and the architecture of the Gothic Quarter. Once in the Catalan capital, check out the Museu dHistria de Barcelona. Just over two hours west by rail is Milan, whose magnificent Gothic Duomo took 500 years to build. In this article, we want to share our Central and Eastern Europe Interrail routewith you guys. This journey covers a lot of ground in 2 weeks. Add into the mix thermal spas, river cruises and a lively caf culture, you have one enticing destination. Plus train reservations.

The Iberostar Grand Budapest has a central location in the heart of Budapest. Check if upcoming lesbian Pinked parties collide with your travel dates. Interrailing is an easy way to see the continent.

Visit Krka National park, take a ferry across to Hvar or Brac islands for a relaxing day trip.. Head to the beach, chill with a cocktail and watch the sun set on the trip of a lifetime! Hotel Clark is LGBT-owned, thats why its most definitely a good choice for LGBT travelers. Not sure about travelling independently? My name is Inge. The trip begins with a night in Paris with time to visit the romantic Palais-Royal gardens before speeding by ICE train to Munich, with its vibrant, open-air Victuals Market. Check out the 7 days in One Month rail pass. For budget accommodation, we recommend Hostel One Home and McSleep Hostel. Head up Ljubljana castle and then dine out at the Cankarjevo nabreje, a riverside walkway lined with eateries. You can either visit Bratislava in a day trip from Budapest or Vienna. Travel back over the border to Lyon, to stroll around the fountained Place des Jacobins and visit the Muse Miniature et Cinma, a must for film lovers. Then youll head to Krakow, Poland. Let us know and well customise this for you! There are tons of sights and activities you can do. Can you recommend any other places in Eastern Europe to our readers? makes a purchase.

With its rickety trams and turn-of-the-century feel youll be charmed by its past while you cure your hangover in any of the multitude of hot baths. Burley Hill Business Centre

The Bratislava to Vienna train takes you to your destination in 1 hour. On the return journey westwards, Veliko Trnovo in northern Bulgaria makes a good stop, not least for its wonderful handicraft market, Samovodska Charshiya. Wander around its streets and pass what was the border between Eastern and Western Europe before the Berlin Wall fell. The route home stops at Innsbruck, with its space-age funicular and gondola to the top of the Nordkette, at 2,256 metres, with a jaw-dropping view. 2 week Central and Eastern Europe Interrail route, Short overview - Destinations in this trip, The Europe rail pass you need for this journey, Extra Days to spend? Check out the Aparthotel Rakowicka or Hotel 32 in the Old Town of Krakow. Leeds A short hop across the border takes you to Bratislava to see its brilliant buildings and Disney-esque castles for yourself, before following the blue Danube as you make your way to the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Take panoramic photos from the scenic Buda castle, Go to Sziget rock and indie festival in August.

Get up early for Altona fish market, which sells everything from sea creatures to fifth-hand junk its a wholesome recovery after a big night out in the Reeperbahn district, perhaps. I'm a traveler, writer and photographer. Prague, six hours ride to the north, is something of a Gothic fairytale. We plot itineraries that cover the Med, the Alps and an affordable version of the Orient Express, Suggested duration 15 days Stops Lausanne, Annecy, Chamonix, Zermatt, Lucerne, St Anton, Zell am See, Innsbruck, BernShortcut Head straight to Zermatt to make it an 11-day tripBest Interrail pass 15 days within two months (337 youth/439 adult/395 senior/under 12s free) or the tighter 10 days within two months (274/357/321/free). 9 Free Revolut Alternatives that youll love. Although the other hotels mentioned in this list also welcome all travelers! We guarantee that itll be one of the most moving experiences youll ever have on your travels. If you travel this journey in winter time, you might even get a few skiing days in the middle of your Interrail trip! By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set. Stopover in Bratislava. Have a coffee in Kino Europa, Zagrebs oldest cinema, Stroll through the beautiful Mirogoj Cemetery. European sleeper trains can cover vast distances overnight, so sleep to Ljubljana and wake up in a city whose grand central streets are beautifully car-free. Brno takes a backseat to Prague when it comes to attracting visitors to the Czech Republic. Looking for a more private accommodation? Have you decided to add Bratislava to your itinerary? For this trip, you need an Interrail Global pass. Whats the best VPN for Europe right now? Any Interrail or Eurail passes if required, based on the best value for you. The Bosporus and Sleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul. In the city of Prague, you can do tons of cool activities. Eastwards, at Chamonix, take the cable car to the top of the Aiguille du Midi for lunch at the self-service cafeteria of Le 3842 Restaurant, named for its lofty altitude. Float down the Danube on the splavovi party boats. We recommend going to the Auschwitz Birkenau memorial and feel the emotion that still lingers in site. Whether youre into your royal history or not, the sheer scale of it here will be encapsulating for all, whilst not forgetting the great bars and eateries. Let us know in the comments below! As the nucleus of the Moravia region, Brno has long had somewhat of a reputation for producing excellent beer and wine which you can sample in the citys many fantastic cellar bars and restaurants. There are a few direct connections available and those are definitely your best choice. The capital of Serbia wont disappoint you. Dont miss one of the best-preserved amphitheatres in the world. The Vienna to Prague train ride takes around 4 hours with a direct train line. Want to save youbudget for other stuff? Accommodation in top-rated, centrally located hostels or hotels, tested by us. You could choose to book a bed in the budget-friendly Wombats City Hostel or The Circus Hostel, both of which are traveler favorites. Time your overnight journey to Berlin to arrive on a Sunday, and head straight to Mauerpark for the bonkers outdoor karaoke which attracts an audience of thousands from 3pm. Interesting train trips Europe Did you know about these? See Europes largest medieval market square, Take photos of Polands best-preserved city, Find one of many Gothic cellar bars open until late. This itinerary weaves from France through Switzerland to Austria, with spectacular views that will glue you to the train windows. Heading onwards, skirt Lake Geneva to the beautiful town of Annecy, and take the chance to paddle a canoe to La Cuillre Omble, a restaurant at the lakes southern end, serving local freshwater fish. Take a day-trip from Krakow to Zakopane or join a hot springs tour in Zakopane. Train travel is relaxing and liberating. ItineraryLondon to Bordeaux (Eurostar + TGV, 6 hrs 1 min, stay one night); Bordeaux to San Sebastin (TGV + HotelTrain 4 hrs 6 mins, stay one night); San Sebastin to Madrid (ARC, 5 hrs 31 mins, stay two nights); Madrid to Barcelona (AVE, 2 hrs 30 mins, stay two nights); Barcelona to Lyon (AVE, 4 hrs 55 mins, stay one night); Lyon to Turin (TGV, 3 hrs 52 mins stay one night); Turin to Florence (Frecciarossa, 2 hrs 50 mins, stay two nights); Florence to Salzburg (NightJet sleeper train, 8 hrs 20 mins, stay two nights); Salzburg to Prague (RailJet + regional, 5 hrs 55 mins, stay two nights); Prague to Krakw (EuroNight sleeper train, 8 hrs 1 min, stay one night); Krakw to Warsaw (InterCity, 2 hrs 22 mins, stay two nights); Warsaw to Berlin (EuroNight sleeper train, 7 hrs 8 mins, stay two nights); Berlin to Brussels (ICE + ICE, 6 hrs 45 mins, stay one night); Brussels to London (Eurostar, 2 hrs 1 min), The latest Rail Map Europe costs 11.99 + p&p from, which also sells the European Rail Timetable Summer 2019 (19.99 + p&p), and Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide for Independent Travellers by Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries (15.99 + p&p). And who could disagree, what with some 200 floating bars to choose from along the Danube and Sava rivers. But theres also an awesome nightlife for straight travelers, as well asLGBT travelers. The comfortable NightJet sleeper train network connects Florence with pretty Salzburg. Packed with imposing and impressive architecture, homely eateries and luscious green parks theres plenty to fill your days with. A day train takes you to Gdansk, Poland. On first sight, the thing youll notice about the city is how verdant it is, thanks in no small part to the sheer number of parks and the forest-lined banks of the Danube. Expect to arrive in Budapest around 8h30 in the morning! This is just an example for a two-week Central and Eastern Europe Interrail route. Tour wonders like the Duomo cathedral, and enjoy wine, pasta and other regional specialities at the Coquinarius restaurant. If you dont fancy traveling Central Europe, you might want to check out the Interrail Itinerary for Scandinavia or one of the other cool European Interrail routes! Florence, spiritual and physical home of so much Renaissance art, needs no introduction. Travelling by train from the UK to Berlin could also work, but travelling back by train/bus from Split will take you a long time so bear that in mind! Walk around in the ancient city or take a stroll through the surrounding park. Exclusive discounts on attractions across Europe. In 2019, Vienna is the host for the Europride! Peace of mind with alternative travel included if there is a strike or similar disruption. Prague is in the middle between Berlin, Vienna and Munich. It was the experience of a lifetime. Learn more from our, Top 5 hidden gems in the South of France not to miss on your Interrail trip, Interrailing in Belgium: 48 hours in Brussels. Marvel at the curvy design of the Dancing Building, Try all the Czech Pilsner beers in the Old Town pub. And dont forget to check out our Budapest Sightseeing guide! Get a budget-friendly bed in the popular and modern Hostel Filip 2 or in the High 5 Hostel, which is set in an ancient building in the Old Town. The IC 407 leaves the main station in Krakow around 22h. Eight thousand years after being founded, the city is 2019 European capital of culture. Photograph: Getty Images, Five great Interrail itineraries across Europe. If you feel like going to the beach, we recommend taking a quick ten-minute train to the small ton of Sopot, where you can sit on the beach or have a drink. As a former frontier city on the Iron Curtain, Bratislavas Soviet-era concrete structures jostle for prominence with the pastel shades of its Old Town, serving to make it one of the most intriguing cities in this part of Europe. Another thing youre likely to notice is the vestiges of its communist past. Knowle Building Hire a bike to explore highlights such as the masterpiece-filled Rijksmuseum and then lounge in the leafy Vondelpark, home to innovative cafes such as the saucer-shaped Blue Tea House (Blauwe Theehuis). Having shaken off the yoke of its communist past with gusto, the city now has a reputation of being a year-round party town. Have you been interrailing around Eastern Europe before? Only Once Today is a creative project by The Magic Bean Factory. Read more about visiting Auschwitz in this post. In the evening, visit magical, fairy-lit Tivoli Gardens. There is some awesome hiking in the area. Suggested duration 17 days Stops: Amsterdam, Lbeck, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, Bergen, Lillehammer, Trondheim, stersund, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg, AntwerpShortcut Miss out Norway to make it an 11-day trip Best Interail pass 15 days within two months (see South to the Med itinerary) or the 22-day continuous pass (354 youth/461 adult/415 senior/under 12s free). Once you get your tongue around the name (its pronounced Vrots-wahf, by the way), former European Capital of Culture Wrocaw is one of Polands best kept secrets. The city is beautiful and theres a lot to see inside the city, as well as in the surrounding area.

Your next train eastward is to Zagreb, with its beautiful Gornji Grad quarter, and Museum of Broken Relationships. Read our travel guide to Gdansk to learn more about this interesting city in Poland. Take a few extra days to relax or add extra destinations into your route if you have more time or if you like to travel faster.

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