Its no secret that fashion in the 1980s has and always will be superior. These shoes were popular from 1917 until now! Ever since the early 1980s, when Converse made minor changes to the iconic Chuck Taylor All-stars, they have been one of the hottest fashion trends. One of the most common ways to wear Chucks is by wearing two different colors that match the clothes. The 2013 remake is enhanced with a cushy foam insole that features built-up arch support, making this the most comfortable construction of the classic design to date. In November 2015, Charles Bullock, chief administrative judge at the International Trade Commission, preliminarily ruled that several brands Converse filed against were violating Converses outsole design trademarks, i.e. [citation needed], In 1921, Charles "Chuck" Taylor, an American semi-professional basketball player, joined Converse as a salesman. The sole material is flexible but not flimsy on the All Stars. The matte look of the original All Star eyelets and rubber surpasses that of the 70s. The adaptations were made without compromising the designs DNA, but to the eagle-eyed observer, no two shoes are the same. It can be hard to tell at a glance, so heres the fine-tooth comb 411. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. [25] A luxe range in white or black patent leather were also planned for business casual wear. Chuck Taylors have played a role in several subcultures, which the company has promoted as part of the brand's ongoing cultural popularity. [16], Converse's manufacturing operations for Chuck Taylor All Stars, as well as the company's other shoes, was moved from the United States to other countries such as China, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. cancer chuck shoes zebra neuroendocrine converse taylor carcinoid star awareness stupid tumors All rights reserved. Thanks to its beefed-up build and vintage aesthetic, the 70 became the go-to shoe for the brands high profile collaborators such as Virgil Abloh, Missoni and Rei Kawakubo. David Tennant wore the iconic footwear during his tenure as the Tenth Doctor (2005-10) on the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who. In addition, Taylor's signature was incorporated The insole feels more supportive and more spongey than the Classic Chuck. The Chuck 70 features more stitching and a sturdier construction compared to the original Chuck Taylor All Star. Theyre noticeably more comfortable for the repetitive thump of foot on pavement. Contrast stitching around the tongue, a glossy heel patch and a nylon-webbing heel strip provide the finishing touches on a true trip down memory lane. So I decided to write about the 1980's because I feel that was one of the best decades ever. There are also the monochrome matte eyelets that give the shoes a slightly cluttered look. Founded back in 2002, Sneaker Freaker is the first and only international footwear magazine. By the time the 1980s came in, these shoes had already become a fashion statement. This retro model was different from the then-current Chuck Taylor All Stars, as various changes that happened to the All Star shoes over the intervening three decades. Here's why Wal-Mart should be worried", "Who Doesn't Love Chuck's? This, in turn, helps to keep the shoes in proper shape over time. pp. In addition, Chuck Taylor All-Stars have continued to prove their iconic status through their use and portrayal in film, art, and music culture, as well as some sports subcultures such as powerlifting and skateboarding.[29]. Can Alkaline88 Sport Better Quench Your Thirst? Its more of a rival to the classical Chuck Taylor sneaker from the late 1960s and 1970s. After Taylor's signature was added to the ankle patch as his endorsement, they became known as Chuck Taylor All Stars, the first celebrity-endorsed athletic shoe. The video dust jacket of Hoosiers also featured the iconic black high-tops. The Best Boomboxes of the 80s you need to know about. [citation needed] Judge Bullock also ruled that most of the shoes sold by Highline United under the Ash brand did not infringe and that Converse did not have a valid common law mark for its midsole. That may read as a positive (and ways, it certainly is), its also just one of the reasons for the price jump. With the originals, meanwhile, you may experience some sort of aches in the arch support and toe joints- especially if youre someone whos severely flat-footed or overweight. Despite their uncannily similar appearance, the modern Converse Chuck Taylor All Star and the Chuck 70 are about as similar as you and your grandparents. The Chuck 70, on the left, features extra stitching on the tongue and sides of sneaker, as well as a modernized Converse logo. Though the shiny varnish on the rubber of the 70s evokes a vintage feel, it isnt the most attractive for people who favor a beat-up sneaker. There are many different styles of Converse shoes, each with its unique look and feel. By all reports, the 70s last longer than the originals, which, if theyre doing well for an extra six months, already makes up for the price difference. Chuck Taylor All Stars enjoyed a comeback in popularity in the 1980s as retro-style casual footwear. As with all things, follow your heart. That may sound like a highlight, and its certainly is. This is more evident at the balls of the foot. The main thing that all of these shoes have in common is that they were all branded by Taylor himself. And most importantly, which version is right for you? The converse is a footwear brand known for its stylish and comfortable sneakers. Is the $30 price jump worth it? The innovative detail of the original shoe was the "loose lining" of soft canvas that was intended to provide flexibility and prevent blisters. aesthetics, we will learn the difference between the Chuck Taylors (the 70s) and the regular Converse (Classic Chucks)? [1][2], Converse started making an early basketball shoe in 1917 and redesigned it in 1922, when Chuck Taylor asked the company to create a better shoe with more support and flexibility. All of the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers are unisex and come with standard unisex sizing. Which one is right for you? The footbed of the All Star II is slightly less flexible- though thats something we can tolerate considering the thickness of the sock liner inserts. Enter the Chuck 70, introduced in 2013 as the premium version of the originals with slightly improved touches. To account for this, an additional plastic heel cap has been built in for stability, whereas the Chuck 70 has no need for additional structures, allowing a more dynamic fit. It was also very popular to label the shoes with left and right, which are usually seen in photos. For most people, the Chuck 70s make sense. And I want you to know that any information entered on this site will always be safe and secured.

They were initially developed as basketball shoes in the early 20th century. As far as aesthetics are concerned, the Chuck 70s features a vintage appeal with a more noticeable profile, cap toe, and cream-colored rubber foxing. Because they dont like putting labels on their shoes, Converse has decided to create them for everyone regardless of gender. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon (.com,, .ca etc) and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program, There are several other interior tweaks, too, such as perforated. While the Classic Chuck uppers feel like a tote bag given for free, the Chuck 70 redesigned uppers feel more like a tote bag worth paying for. Although it was originally intended for basketball, powerlifting athletes have embraced Chuck Taylors as an ideal shoe for the sport. Nonetheless, the first impression isnt really the one that justifies the $20 premium. are among some of the most used names that can describe these great shoes. A foundational shoe for punks, skaters, queer folks, and even weightlifters, the iconic canvas upper and rubber toe are often imitated but never surpassed. The Classics are also notably lighter, but on the flip side, the heel counter is relatively stiff than the Chuck 70s. The thinner canvas of the contemporary All Star doesnt provide quite the same structure as the self-supporting bulk on the 70. As new technology enabled Converse to produce highly engineered basketball shoes for on-court action, the Chuck stepped into a different arena. Note that its that foot-shaped slab of foam, which the manufacturer says was added to improve cushioning and arch support, thats the biggest differentiator. If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. The shiny varnish on the rubber of the Chuck 70s offers a vintage feel, but it isnt the most attractive for someone who favors a beat-up sneaker. Judge Bullock further ruled that while Skechers "Twinkle Toes" brands did share similarities to Converse, "Twinkle Toes" were different enough and marketed in a way for it not be mistaken for Chuck Taylor All-Stars. The insoles refer to the padding included in a pair of Chuck Taylors. [citation needed], Only the high-cut shoe design features the iconic ankle patch with the All Star logo, but the heel of the shoe's high- and low-cut designs include a glued-on label with an "ALLSTAR" logo. The Chuck 70s fabric is the first thing you notice before even putting on the shoes. The unique thing about the 80s Converse shoes is that they could be worn in many ways and everything you could imagine, from casual to formal wear. This is particularly the case at the balls of the foot. The originals are also available in wide widths and come more sizes, so more folks are able to fit in them. Besides, they have a higher rubber sidewall that adds more stability and elegance to the shoe. The 70s brought a chunkier look back with a taller sidewall and sculpted silhouette while also playing on its vintage looks with yellowish-tinted rubber, reminiscent of an aged vintage sneaker. The Converse Chuck Taylor is one of the most influential sneakers of all time. While both soles look very similar, it feels as though the Chuck 70s are slightly grippier, despite having less-defined grooves than the Classics. The same aspect becomes clear, even clearer with the Chuck 70s. The metal eyelets match the rubber. This is the padding youve come to expect from a pair of Chuck Taylors. The overall lacing system is thicker and denser. [6][5][18], In 1949 Converse decided to make a black canvas shoe with a white toe guard, laces and outer wraps to create the iconic black-and-white version of Converse All Stars. Credit: Reviewed / Tim Barribeau. The laces on the Classic All Star are truly white, and they match the matte white rubber on the outsole and toe cap. For the Chuck 70s, the metal eyelets are designed to match the rubber.

When first designed in the early decades of the twentieth century, the Converse All Star had three main styles: a monochromatic shoe with a black canvas upper and black rubber soles, an all-white, high-top model with blue and red trim (designed for the 1936 Olympic Games), and an all black leather and rubber shoe. But Im here to tell you that there is much more difference between these shoes than that. They have adopted various names throughout their existence and development in the past century. The most influential sneaker of all time has to be the Converse Chuck Taylor. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Another great thing about them is that theyre available in every color that you could think of black, white, blue, pink, red, and yellow, to name a few.

The uppers of the Classic All Stars feature a smoother texture compared to its retro, and they are more flexible, for starters. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. The other huge improvement with the Chuck 70s are the soles. Converse first manufactured these casual shoes in the early 1900s. ", "Converse's new Chuck Taylors get a comfort boost: Minimalist sneaker launched in 1917 receives upgrade with Nike tech", "OG of OGs: History of Converse Chuck Taylors", "Who Was Chuck Taylor? There are several other interior tweaks, too, such as perforated micro-suede lining to enhance breathability and foam padding on the collar and tongue for maximum comfort. That said, a solid use case exists for the original Chucks for a number of people. The shoes are a tad more comfortable, and youll realize this after wearing the shoes for one day. But as the classic sneaker evolved, Converse eventually took a look back and in 2013, released the Chuck 70, a revival of its Chuck Taylor sneaker from the late 1960s and 1970s. The shoes are currently worn at weddings and even on stage during concerts by famous models including Ramones, Kurt Cobain, Cate Blanchett, and Michelle Obama. The tongue is attached to the shoe at the bottom. So what is it about the charismatic Chuck 70 thats helped cement its present-day popularity? In addition, the keen eye will also pick up a number of small visual differences between the Chuck Taylors and Chuck 70s. Besides, the surfeit of stylish shoes has recently crept in with the athletic trend. I am a blogger that was born in the 1980's. [22] A year after the release, the Chuck II was considered a commercial failure, with retailers reporting poor sales. In the end, your feet will feel as good as they were when you slipped the shoes in the morning. Eventually, Taylor and his name boosted the popularity of both the company and the shoes. A good number of users stated that their feet were shod in the new Chuck 70. Chuck Taylors are culturally associated with authenticity. However, as the classic sneaker developed, Converse eventually took a look back, where they introduced Chuck 70 in 2013. The exterior of the sneaker, which comes in black, blue, or red, hasnt changed much. Model Ashley Graham shares her summer style staples. With the Chuck 70s, the insoles feel more supportive and spongier compared to the Classic Chunk. Although Chuck 70s may cost more, they're worth the extra investment if you're looking for a long-lasting shoe. Some variances are felt more than theyre seen. Its no secret that. They come in way more colors and patterns compared to the Chuck 70s, which makes expressing yourself easier in them. The matte look of the Classics eyelets and rubber subdues its looks. So whats new? I want to give you some information about our privacy policy on our website. They were introduced to bring back the vintage look that the sneakers from the late 1960s and early 1970s had. Theyre more comfortable, durable, and at $80 to $85 a basic pair, theyre also reasonably priced for a shoe that will likely become a go-to. The canvas upper has a smooth hand and feels about as light as New Yorker tote bag. the pattern on the bottom of the sole of the shoe. When it made the shift to lifestyle sneaker, the All Star lightened its load by switching to a finer canvas. Converse All Stars were the official shoe of the Olympics from 1936 to 1968. The brand argued that these companies were violating a common-law trademark by importing knockoff sneakers with similar elements. But you cant really count on these as an orthopedic oasis. The Chuck 70s, on the other hand, has the fabric as the most noticeable thing even before you put the shoes on. Other than aesthetics, what else is different? After Converse added Taylor's signature to the ankle patch they became known as Chuck Taylor All Stars. During its long life of pounding parquet floors, the Chuck Taylor had to be tough. Its handsome looks paired with the upgraded components helped solidify the Chuck 70 as a mainstay sneaker for the brand seven years on and has since seen collaborative iterations with a bevy of notable designers and celebrities including Brain Dead, Carhartt WIP, Dover Street Market and JW Anderson. Shop the Chuck Taylor All Star at Converse. Its no surprise here that laces also feel like an upgrade. From its roots as a DIY-style fanzine to todays global coverage, its pages have documented every colab, custom, limited edition, retro reissue, Quickstrike, Hyperstrike and Tier Zero sneaker released over the last decade and a half., The 12oz twill and stitched forefoot detailing of the Chuck 70, A thinner blend found on the regular Chuck Taylor All Star, Regular Chuck Taylor All Star outsole tread, Updated branding on the regular Chick Taylor All Star, Converse Chuck Taylor Vs. Chuck 70: Breaking Down the Differences. No part of the design has been overlooked in order to recreate the Chuck 70s authentic feel. You will also get an extra layer of canvas sewn into the uppers at both sides of the vamp. Now it's the staple Chuck for a cult following of the world's style elite. [11], In the 1960s, Converse had captured about 70 to 80 percent of the basketball shoe market, with Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars being worn by ninety percent of professional and college basketball players. [citation needed], In 2013, Converse launched the Chuck Taylor All Star '70, which featured a build similar to the All Stars used for basketball that were built in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Sometimes back, Chuck Taylor, All Star shoes rose above being just a piece of athletic footgear to become a fashion statement. But just like everything else changes with time, so did these classic shoes; In 2013, they introduced another version called Chuck 70, which brings an updated look while still keeping some vintage elements. Its what also makes your feet ache after a day walking around the city wearing a pair. The 70s only come in standard width, fitting a unisex mens 3/womens 5 through mens 16/womens 18. A hi-top and a low-top range were planned, with initial color offerings in silver, royal blue,[24] red, green, black, pink, and blue. [6], By the 1950s, Chuck Taylor All Stars had become a standard among high school, collegiate, and professional basketball players. On June 23, 2016, coincidentally the 47th anniversary of the death of Chuck Taylor, the International Trade Commission ruled that Converse's alleged trade dress for the midsole design of a combined toe cap, toe bumper, and stripe was not entitled to trademark protection under the common law and found invalid Converse's federal trademark registration. link to 80s party games that will take you back in time, link to The Best Boomboxes of the 80s you need to know about. The next obvious difference comes courtesy of the Chuck 70s midsole finish. Suddenly, the Chucks are on par with most modern shoes in terms of comfort and support. In standard D width, the Chuck Taylor All Stars are available in unisex sizing that fits a mens 3/womens 5 through a mens 18/womens 20. I will also go over some other great shoes that Taylor has created. Thanks to the vintage aesthetic and beefed-up design, the 70s became the go-to shoes for some of Converses high-profile collaborators Virgil Abloh, Dei Kawakubo, and Missoni, to name a few. The Best Deals of Amazon Prime Day Still Going, A Sleek New Watch Built for Every Day & Every Dive, Brighten Your Summer with July's New Fitness Gear, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. [3][4], Marquis Mills Converse founded the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts. There are five metal eyelets instead of two for lacing. But at the end of the day, to fully appreciate the exacting standards to which the old Chuck 70 has been built, youll just need to try them out. Each step of the new Chuck 70 is designed to feel a little more cushioned than the original. | Converse 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Collection", "Converse CEO on the risky, first Chuck Taylor update in 98 years", "Converse Chuck II Open Knit Celebrates Rio Olympics With New Colorways", "Chuck Taylor Sequel Flops, Dealing Blow to Nike's Converse Brand", "Converse Chuck Modern Colors Collection -", "Converse Is Reimagining the Most Iconic Sneaker of All Time", "CONVERSE UNVEILS THE ALL STAR MODERN SNEAKER INSPIRED BY THE 1920 ALL STAR", "Converse Unveils All-Star Modern Sneakers", "Converse Launches a Brand New All Star Modern Collection With Nike Technologies", "The Big Three: Why Powerlifters Love Chuck Taylors", "Kamala Harris's Chuck Taylors Are a Big Hit on the Campaign Trail", "Converse Celebrates the Creative Spirit of Andy Warhol", "What Are The Best Weight Lifting Shoes for Squats & Deadlifts? You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The 2022 Kia EV6 is the EV You'll Want to Drive. The sports aggressive lateral action caused lesser shoes to blow out in no time, but the 12oz weave seen on the Chuck 70 could take a serious beating. [citation needed], By 1923 the Converse All Star shoe was designed in its present-day form after the company made improvements to the design based on Chuck Taylor's input.

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