Were not moving ahead in education the way we should. And then throughout the world appoint the best people we can get, ambassadors who can speak the language no mere not merely people who made a political contribution but who can speak the language. Use this lesson to introduce students to the Cold War. So one more effort should be made. The s- I believe the Soviet Union is first in outer space.

This is Quincy Howe. ", Khrushchev: "We have steel workers and we have peasants who also can afford to spend $14,000 for a house.".

Mr. Nixon talks about our being the strongest country in the world. MR. KENNEDY: Well, Mr. Nixon, to go back to 1955. Now, looking at the other parts of the world South America talking about our record and the previous one. MR. KENNEDY: Well, I think the president of the United States last winter indicated that before hed go to the summit in May he did last fall, he indicated that there should be some agenda, that there should be some prior agreement. You showed no recognition of the Administration program to try to persuade Chiang Kai-shek for the last five years to withdraw from the islands. ", Khrushchev: "On political problems we will never agree with you. Which system, Communism or freedom, will triumph in the next five or ten years? Premier Khrushchev explains that every person born in the Soviet Union is eligible to receive a home. We want to be stronger. The order of speaking was reversed from their first joint appearance, when they followed the same procedure. He said he did not think that what Americans had written about their houses was all strictly accurate. There are a good many able men who could be secretary of state.

And I say that not as the Democratic standard-bearer, but as a citizen of the United States who is concerned about the United States. We have to let them know that we want to help them, not because were simply trying to save our own skins, not because were simply trying to fight Communism; but because we care for them, because we stand for freedom, because if there were no Communism in the world, we would still fight poverty and misery and disease and tyranny. There were eleven dictators when we came into power in 1953 in Latin America.

And so I would hope that Senator Kennedy in his answer today would clear it up.

. Lets talk about civil rights.

Let's argue fairly. Now if the Senator in his answer to this question will say I now will depart, or retract my previous views; I think I was wrong in I 955; I think I was wrong in 1959; and I think I was wrong in our television debate to say that we should draw a line leaving out Quemoy and Matsu draw a line in effect abandoning these islands to the Communists; then this will be right out of the campaign because there will be no issue between us. The American system is designed to take advantage of new inventions and new techniques, he said. We talk about schools three times as many classrooms built in the past Administration and Eisenhower than under the Truman Administration. ", Nixon: "There are some instances where you may be ahead of us, for example in the development of the thrust of your rockets for the investigation of outer space; there may be some instances in which we are ahead of you -- in color television, for instance. ", Khrushchev: "I doubt it. Let us move now to the future. A form of government in which the people hold the power and use elections and other forms of collective action to influence policy.

What I am trying to indicate is that the tide of historys on our side, and that we can keep it on our side, because were on the right side.

", Nixon: "If you were in our Senate, we would call you a filibusterer. We have five treaties with Latin America, including the one setting up the Organization of American States in Bogota in 1948, in which we have agreed not to intervene in the internal affairs of any other American country and they as well have agreed to do likewise. Now, what can we do? They have no useful purpose. This has expressed itself in the revolts in Eastern Europe.

I have always opposed drawing a line. Vice President Nixon says he wants to show Premier Khrushchev this kitchen. Let your correspondents compare watches and see who is filibustering. Religious Experience and Journal of Mrs. Jarena Lee: giving an account of her call to preach the gospel, frontispiece. Nor is the question that all Americans want peace and security an issue in this campaign.

All right? Were on the side of justice against the forces of slavery, against the forces of injustice. I have seen us ignore Africa. ", Nixon: "It takes two to make an agreement. And in the years to come it will be written that one or the other of us was elected and that he was or was not a great president. When Guinea became independent, the Soviet Ambassador showed up that very day. There isnt one country in the Middle East that now endorses the Eisenhower Doctrine. Houses in the Soviet Union are well built. That is why I say that in this period of the sixties, America must move forward in every area. You put great emphasis on diktat' [dictation]. I voted for the Formosa resolution in 1955. I didnt say we had the worst education in the world. I do not. Officially known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). There is one issue that stands out above all the rest, one in which every American is concerned, regardless of what group he may be a member and regardless of where he may live. What are they? Instead, it focused on the typical American home, which, in this vision, was led by a white breadwinning husband and a devoted housewife. There are six countries in Africa that are members of the United Nations. Now is sir, is this because each of you feels obliged to respond to the other when he talks about Quemoy and Matsu, and if thats true, do you think an end should be called to this discussion, or will it stay with us as a campaign issue? If you were in the United States Senate you would be accused of filibustering." He talks about economic growth as a great indicator of freedom. He added that Americans were interested in making life easier for their women. But if India does not succeed with her four hundred and fifty million people, if she cant make freedom work then people around the world are going to determine particularly in the underdeveloped world that the only way that they can develop their resources is through the Communist system. Therefore, we are governed by this idea in our policy -- internal and foreign.

MR. NIXON: I would say that the issue will stay with us as a campaign issue just as long as Senator Kennedy persists in what I think is a fundamental error. The people have to make a choice between Mr. Nixon and myself, between the Republican party and the Democratic party, between our approach to the problems which now disturb us as a nation and disturb us as a world power. `:&c1 It is called the "Kitchen" debate because of a well-publicized exchange of angry words at the model kitchen exhibit of the U.S. Trade and Cultural Fair in Sokolniki Park. Now, he has to get a better job out of his Congress if hes going to get us the money that we need to conduct the foreign affairs of this country in Latin America or any place else. The Soviet Union refused to agree to that, and we went to the summit and it was disastrous. MR. KENNEDY: Mr. Edwards, I dont think its a wise idea for presidential candidates to appoint the members of his cabinet prospectively, or to suggest four people indicate that one of them surely will be appointed. I dont think that even if that effort fails that it will be necessary to carry on tests in the atmosphere which pollute the atmosphere. I believe that this struggle is going to go on, and it may be well decided in the next decade. Expand students understanding of American consumerism by connecting this resource to the film of a, Trace Richard Nixons views of and interactions with American women throughout this unit by linking this resource to the life story of, Compare the ideal home presented in the U.S. exhibition to the realities of living conditions in the 1950s through the, Consider the limitations of personal choice and personal freedomparticularly for womenin baby boomer families by combining this resource with. At the American Conference Inter-American Conference this summer, when we wanted them to join together in the denunciation of Castro and the Cuban Communists, we couldnt even get the Inter-American group to join together in denouncing Castro. Mr. Nixon said that we should not regard them as pawns in the cold war; we should identify ourselves with them. Will other countries? ", Khrushchev: [manifesting a lack of interest in a data processing machine that answers questions about the United States]: "have heard of your engineers. Each candidate will now have four minutes and thirty seconds for his closing statement. It is essential that we extend freedom, extend it to all the world. More progress in the past eight years than in the whole eighty years before.

They earn $3 an hour. The president bears the constitutional responsibility, not the secretary of state, for the conduct of foreign affairs. We had a recession in fifty-eight.

But until were strong here, until were moving here, I believe a summit could not be successful. You think the Russian people will be dumbfounded to see these things, but the fact is that newly built Russian houses have all this equipment right now. The point of all this is, this is a struggle in which were engaged.

You are entitled to housing. But in this respect we can also show you something. In some ways, you are stronger. In view of the difficulties weve had with the islands, in view of the difficulties and disputes weve had with Chiang Kai-shek, thats the only position we can take. Now in determining how we deal with this issue, we must find the answer to a very important but simple question: who threatens the peace? (V~ldYUjK2ta"q{*oUm%eOK3 I hope it [the Geneva conference] will be successful. He is a very good man. The world looks to you today with regard to Geneva. We can no longer afford to be second best. America gained by continuing the dignity, the decency that has characterized us and its that that keeps the prestige of America up, not running down America the way Senator Kennedy has been running her down. ", Nixon [shaking hands on it]: "By the same token, everything I say will be translated and heard all over the Soviet Union? And my judgment is that they dont want to give their freedom up to become Communists. We must have a great goal. New-York Historical Society Library. Mr. Khrushchev remarked that in the Soviet Union, they did not have "the capitalist attitude toward women.

This is the difference.

A panel of newsmen questioned each candidate alternately. What about Khrushchevs argument? Ive been critical of the Administrations failure to suggest policies which would make it possible for us to establish, for example, closer relations with Poland, particularly after the fifty-five-fifty-six period and the Hungarian revolution. Both men walk into a room decorated like an American kitchen. Will Guinea and Ghana, which have now voted with the Communists frequently as newly independent countries of Africa will there be others?

Im asking the peoples support as president. General Twining, in January, fifty-nine, described the position of the United States. The other had a minute and a half to comment. This debate took place during a time of increasing tension in the Cold War, starting with Sputnik in 1957 and ending with the U-2 affair in 1960.

[Wrapping his arms about a Soviet workman] Does this man look like a slave laborer? People will see and appreciate this. Vice President Richard Nixon visited the embassy exhibition. But Ive not made a judgment, and I have not narrowed down a list of three or four people, among whom would be the candidate.

u= W/yQh$ & SZ{#TFs) Oil on canvas. If that were true, why didnt we identify ourselves with the people of Africa? In this way, the American kitchenand a womans role in itbecame a weapon in the Cold War. @&Lq_XN+:"} 4GB; b$|wDmn:^ I look at Cuba, ninety miles off the coast of the United States. Why didnt we bring students over here? We will appear before your people. Are you aware of such a report, and if you are aware of the existence of such a report, should not that report, because of the great importance this issue has been given in this campaign, be released to the public? ", Nixon: "Wait till you see the picture. The big struggle will be to prevent the influence of Castro spreading to other countries Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, Colombia. C/oyN{vtMc` G?[`d>p\q__$('O!Ok>SYQP `D@*`j F@P#rGcgWI*U )\gA%qd#wO\;pF8-P_ Is, as Mr. Nixon says, our prestige at an all-time high, as he said a week ago, and that of the Communists at an all-time low? q3Xic.G, Z WcKv ?,jv0d# 'oztDAaEbZXV4\ Jrk:Aa00i%X fB0WXWu,c9 [NE #!U+zP}n>XX8.6':O/Y

I served it uh in the war. ", Nixon: "I appreciate that you are very articulate and energetic. So that Im hopeful we can try once more.

russian npr But lets look at the other side of the coin. Each side must find areas where it looks at the other's point of view. A state of hostility between two nations that does not include open warfare. I would say Eastern Europe is the area of vulnerability of the uh s- of the Soviet Union. ", Khrushchev: "Not quite. Enjoy! First uh let me again try to correct the record on the matter of Quemoy and Matsu.

The Fourth Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Debate. @rVhK\p|. By cutting off trade, by cutting off our diplomatic relations as we have, we will quarantine this regime so that the people of Cuba themselves will take care of Mr. Castro. 1893-1894. But he is not as you think. But I shall talk to you about this later.

What are freedoms chances in those areas? Now, both you and Senator Kennedy have said that there are certain conditions which must be met before you would meet with Khrushchev. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> We arm to parley, Winston Churchill said ten years ago. Both you and Senator Kennedy say you agree with the President on this subject and with our treaty obligations. They want to be free. [Halting Khrushchev at model kitchen in model house]: "You had a very nice house in your exhibition in New York. Of course not.

I would say first of all that we must have in mind the fact that we have been negotiating to get tests inspected and uh to get an agreement for many, many months.

And if we fail, the cause of freedom fails. Chapultepec Castle, Mexico City. When I say phony spirit, I mean phony, not because the spirit is not good on our side, but because the Soviet Union simply doesnt intend to carry out what they say. If all Americans agree with you then who don't we agree [with]?

I know Mr. Khrushchev. When we sit down at a conference table it cannot put an ultimatum to another. I agree with him. It is designed to look like a kitchen in California. Let's have far more communication and exchange in this very area that we speak of. ", Nixon [hearing jazz music]: "I don't like jazz music. MR. HOWE: And good evening, Senator Kennedy. ", Nixon: "Well, then, let's have more exchange of them. In America, if you don't have a dollar -- you have the right to choose between sleeping in a house or on the pavement. Premier Khrushchev says Communists in the Soviet Union view women differently. Cihak and Zima (photographer), Ida B. Wells-Barnett, ca. Number two, I believe that if any economic sanctions against Latin America are going to be successful they have to be multilateral. MR. CRONKITE: Thank you Quincy. By 1965 or 1970, will there be other Cubas in Latin America?

This is the major recommendation that hes made. ", Nixon: "There is no question but that your people and you want the government of the United States being for peace; anyone who thinks that it is not for peace is not an accurate observer of America. This was reported extensively in the American press.

If we are going to have the initiative in the world, we must remember that the people of Africa and Asia and Latin America dont want to be pawns simply in a struggle between two great powers the Soviet Union and the United States. For instance Mikoyan likes very peppery soup. The head of the government in the Soviet Union. Because again this showed a lack of understanding of dictators, a lack of understanding particularly of Communists, because every time you make such a concession it does not lead to peace; it only encourages them to blackmail you.

I think that Senator Kennedys policies and recommendations for the handling of the Castro regime are probably the most dangers- dangerously irresponsible recommendations that hes made during the course of this campaign. Would it not be better to compete in the relative merits of washing machines than in the strength of rockets. Perhaps they have established a new tradition. I think that judgment could be made after election, if Im successful. And I believe if we identify ourselves with that force, if we identify ourselves with it as Lincoln, as Wilson did, as Franklin Roosevelt did, if we become known as the friend of freedom, sustaining freedom, helping freedom, helping these people in the fight against poverty and ignorance and disease, helping them build their lives, I believe in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, eventually in the Eastern Europe and the Middle East, certainly in Western Europe, we can strengthen freedom. This download includes background, text and text-dependent questions for the infamous, spontaneous "Kitchen Debate" in 1959. And thats what concerns me. Ive reached the conclusion, too, based on the reports that have been made, that they may be cheating. They want to stay free, independent perhaps of us, but certainly independent of the Communists. I hope it will not be necessary for any power to resume uh testing in the atmosphere. Each had two and a half minutes to reply. The rest either abstained or voted against us.

He said some things never got out of date -- furniture and furnishings, perhaps, but not houses. Not one of them selected a Communist government.

MR. HOWE: Now the opening statement of Senator Kennedy. Secondly, I didnt say we had the worst slums in the world. Whether you place either one of the powerful nations or any other in a position so that they have no choice but to accept (sic) or fight, then you are playing with the most destructive force in the world. I can promise you every word you say will be translated into English. There we got more votes for condemning Hungary and looking into that situation than we got the last year. Mr. Nixon said he thought American houses would last more than 20 years, but even so, after 20 years many Americans want a new home or a new kitchen, which would be obsolete then. In addition we can have more exchange with Poland or with any other of the Iron Curtain countries which show some desire to take a different path than the path that has been taken by the ones that are complete satellites of the Soviet Union. Americans want to make life easier for women.

There was a Communist dictator that we inherited from the previous Administration.

It sounded fine. And that they are bad, and we ought to do something about them, and we ought to support housing legislation which this Administration has opposed. Now, under our rules, I must ask this question of you, but I would hope that the Vice President also would answer it. Ive reached the conclusion that the Soviet Union is actually filibustering. Khrushchev: Your capitalistic attitude toward women does not occur under Communism. Let the people choose the kind of house, the kind of soup, the kind of ideas they want.".

That was more than we had offered to all of Africa before from the federal government. It isnt an issue with Mr. Nixon, who now says that he also supports the Eisenhower policy.

What was his overarching point? Fourth, let me say that in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the great force on our side is the desire of people to be free. Da, da, da. Some people say he looks like me. I dont believe theres any burden, or any responsibility, that any American would not assume to protect his country, to protect our security, to advance the cause of freedom. Lets look at Africa.

Either hes for the President and hes against the position that those who opposed the President in fifty-five and fifty-nine and the Senators position itself, stated the other day in our debate either he is for the President and against that position or we simply have a disagreement here that must continue to be debated.

", Nixon: "You must not be afraid of ideas. MR. NIXON: Senator Kennedy has said tonight again what he has said several times in the course of this these debates and in the campaign, that American is standing still. As members of a new political generation, Vice President Nixon and Senator Kennedy have used new means of communication to pioneer a new type of political debate. I personally, and on behalf of my colleagues, express my thanks for the president's message. ", Nixon: "My point was that in today's world it is immaterial which of the two great countries at any particular moment has the advantage.

I dont believe it is. Finally, let me say this: as far as prestige is concerned, the first place it would show up would be in the United Nations. I think therere several reasons. In this day and age that misses the point. Now I didnt make most of the statements that you said I made. The position of the United States has been that this build-up, in the words of the president, has been foolish. Premier Khrushchev says that the Soviet Union also has steelworkers, but they want to live in their houses longer than 20 years. A public display of items focused on a particular topic.

MR. NIXON: First, with regard to Poland, when I talked to Mr. Gomulka, the present leader of Poland, for six hours in Warsaw last year, I learned something about their problems and particularly his. MR. HOWE: John Chancellors question for Vice President Nixon.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Again we turn to the past.

And when we are strong and when we are first, then freedom gains; then the prospects for peace increase; then the prospects for our society gain. burger spots chicago

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