I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach all of a sudden ThenJosh grabbed a pistol from his thighholster. I needed to take a little break. No one will blame you for that.". CLF.

I nodded and started walking to the bar. That's when Callie pulled a gun of her own and start pointing it at her head.

Sophia is alright now. " Probably because she doesn't want to leave this country, her home. There was 2 or 3 CLF soldiers next to the door and other CLF were coming in and out, carrying a lot of guns. "Wait what?? Even Wynn's husband was worried at some point because they've been gone for so long! Almost the exact same cloths as me! When the sun came up,me, Sophia (who woke up not to long ago and was feeling better), Josh and Tammy, a member of El Familia, we took a car and we drove to the Eastern trader to sell some stuff, then we went to the Civilian trader to sell and buy other stuff. When I arrived, the first guy staredat me and started walking away. I swear that was the only time I contacted someone from the Familia. Then I saw Josh with both of his hands up Now, that, was worrying. I walked away and took out some of my anger by punching the light post on the other side of the street. Not long after we arrived, pretty much everyone left so it was just Me, Sophia, who had just woken up, Woody and Ivan. Runian agreed and the radio went silent. YOU BETTER FUCKING TELL ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW", "She stayed in the fuckin' woods now fuck off". We were looking around Zeleno for supplies when Vlad spotted a large group of zombies hanging around the clinic. There must have been 20 of them, all coming at us. "CLF had you fuckin' handcuffed for a reason, what did they want, what did you fuckin' tell em?".

I said, looking at Josh. The soul of his dead brother or something like that? "You have a girlfriend?" I need to find her!" "Yeah I know Alright follow me. It was one of the best nights I had. "It's a nice looking knife." Said Callie, in tears. Is it a Bar member??" I still remembered Runian private frequency from when we ran together in the ZFC. "Or what? I also told her that I felt something for her but that I wasn't sure if I was ready to let someone close again. theres a statue with a man with a gun next to a church and its right next to the coast and theres a police statioon.can anyone tell me where i am because i dont know the map really well. "You! I can't really explain it but I just felt it. I always relied on talking with the other parties and try to defuse the situation. I never intended to go against the CLF by contacting Deebs. To warn you about it. He told me that he saw my armband, that's why he shouted his name. Sophia asked questions about why he was acting like this. "START BY SAYING THE TRUTH!! Also, 99% of what is written here did happenin game. Entry 21 New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. So, he sent me and Josh to look for it. Well, actually, there is two things that happened that are somewhat interesting. It felt good to be free of movement and not have that constant weight on your shoulder. We did not have any medical supplies for him so the wound quickly got infected We were very close to the Russian border and, from a map, Laurent said that there was a hospital up there and that we should check it out. And so we went up there and retrieved Dave and brought him back to the bar. And it's not going to be only this picture, it's gonna be your fucking life.".

Keep you and yours safe in these troubling times, my friend.For now, as much as it disheartens me, it is likely best for all involved that you do not know where we are headed next.". "Have you seen the amount of fucking guns in this building?? ", I walked to Sophia and brought her away fromthe group of people to do a rsumof what Dante said. There is a lot that we are constantly doing and as of now, I can't be on a long talk. No one else was aware of my communication either". "Well, what's the point of going on if you have no one close to your heart to come back too? But, this time, I slept like a baby and god it did some good to me. When he did arrive, Ivan recognized him and sat down to chat with him. It safe to say that he died since he had no weapons other than a shovel and he had a fucked up leg., After that, I left the hospital. "For what?" When everything was done, we regrouped at a nearby well to drink. We started shooting the zombies with oursuppressors when more started coming out of nowhere! Ivan contacted Hector, the leader of El Familia. And it got worst every time. "Don't make me come back here and use it on you again.

I could see her hand slightly move towards her Deagle and then rest on it, ready to draw. Ivan's radio clicked once, signaling that he needed help. When she gets high on cocaine she start punching people. a lot. He was affiliated with the CLF when we met in Namalsk but wasn't a full member or something like that.

Also, if you said that it was a bit over a week ago, we could make more test if you could provide us a sample of her pee and--". Josh then pulled his own pistol and pointed it at me. A small construction area south of the Bar. ", I asked him, really confused. I finished the day by placing the 2 beds, a table and a shelf. After 3 days, I walked back to the bar. Bryson agreed without hesitation! Today was an interesting day. My pace was quick, which attracted Josh's attention. Unfortunately, it started raining so we jogged back to the cabin. I know it definitely didn't come from Deebs but she did say that she passed the message to other members in the Familia Could one of them be working for the CLF? Also a fridge and a tackle box to transport all the baits. "Oh yeah, I know. We parked it, took our stuff, and walked to the camp. She pulled out a Deagle handgun. Just like a lot of the other members of the Zeleno Fishing Club actually. If anyone is seen outside, they will be viewed as enemies. He then grabs a lighter from his pockets and holds it below the picture. We weren't told the location at first, only an estimated time. "Wait, you had signs?? I guess Are you allowed to talk on the radio for a long time? "Why are you fuckin' staring at me?" We talked a little bit while fishing but mostly just enjoyed each other's company and the nice scenery. "Uuuhhmmmm yes and no. I leaned in for a kiss, which she gladly returned. As she fell, she hit the opposite wall, which kind of straighten her position so she didn't land on her head. He tighten them way to much and I winched from the pain. "We don't know what kind of head injury you suffered from Charlie's hit. Hector took his gun out and ordered the two man to lay on the ground. I won't lie, it felt really really good to just sit back and freely talk with her. " Sophia said, Dave was dumbfounded and he just turned around saying. He then turned around and walked back to the fire. I told her I will show her how to. He answered with only, before walking away and closing the front door. The Bar and the entirety of Berezino is under the Authority of the Chernarus Liberation Forces. I switched to my pistol and started shooting but it also fucking jammed!! "No Michael, it's okay, you did what you had to do. "Ano. Sha also had a bruise on her cheek. I'm sure we can find a pregnancy test somewhere. Thank you a lot Dante for it all but, I think we will take it from here. "Go back to the front." She said in between rivers of tears. She had a solid point there.

I said in panic. Nothing too worrying, we had worst. Just let me know and we can meet somewhere neutral, away from the bar and be honest with each other. You can read it here if you are interested. Kind of like a Heaven version of the worldand we were living in the Hell version of theworld. ", "Alright, well, when you can, let me know. When I said that I could wait outside her building but she said that it wasn't necessary and that I could wait at the kitchen table.I sat down as she started going upstairs. She let out that little girly giggle that made me instantly smile and warmed up inside., Later than day, we came back to the bar and there was a few guys there already, but it was still only me and Sophia. I couldn't stop looking at her. Sometimes I talk to much and it got me into trouble once. There was a small dock in the lake so we setup there to fish. They heard it and I think they connected the dots pretty quickly. As she fell, she hit the opposite wall, which kind of straighten her position so she didn't land on her head. This guy keeps surprising me with how much he is helping me today. "With the lady with the purple shirt. When did you got here?!

We started by searching the woods to the West, nothing. It was me, another man I'll call Vlad since I can't remember his actual name, Ara and another women. About Runian.

That's when one of them saw me and started jogging towards me. Alone, powerless, confused. For a small lake, it was filled with fishes. They tried to pull their guns out but they got gunned down by the Bridgewater. Sophia had brought a sleeping bag and set it down so both of us could sit on it. We started hearing the front door breaking down from the amount of zombies pressing against it so we had to try to push out of the back door. The blood results came through and they found out that you are actually pregnant!" That's it, I had fucking enough. Calm down and stay here. I ignored him and kept going towards the woods. It was more difficult than expect not gonna lie! Better water resistant clothing, food, water and a bigger first aid kit.

The man that seemed to be in charged walked inside the bar. The woman called Tammy got closer to us and said in her deep Southern accent "Wow, you really are a lucky man Michael". "I'm fucking busy right now." I always find new stuff that I had not seen before or stuff that survivors left behind when they stayed in a building for a while. } Dante silently though for a few seconds before saying"I see well I could take a blood sample from her and get it tested just to be safe." It was a perfect trade! When I came too, Sophia was over me trying to wake me up. "I know what you're thinking.

I couldn't help myself but look at her. She was slim but very fit. The windows gives us a great view of the bar and a good view when I write. And it got confirmed after a few days without any contacts from Laurent, Sadly, without any medical attention, Paul died from the infection in his leg. I stayed next to Sophia for a bit before bringing her to her place so she could rest. I fucking swear! Everything became very slow as I saw her go face first into the wall of the adjacent building and vanish from our view has she fell down the roof of our 2 story building Vlad screamed her name and ran to the led, as did I. He then said some names and we were all brought outside with a CLF soldier. We then stayed like that for a little bit.

The more empty places we checked, the more anxious I was getting Not long after checking Orlavetz, people starting showing up. You were not a nationalist when I knew you in Namalsk!

After we checked how much ammo we had left, we realized that we shot well over 300 rounds all together As for Ara, she got extremely lucky. At that moment, I saw how much she cared about me. She softly but firmly said to me, slowly bringing me towards home. I will let you go this ONE time since no one from us nor the Bar got badly injured. He then started talking like he was having a conversation with someone. I had to contact Deebs to warn her. Sophia and Josh were already there. animation-duration: 5s; After maybe 10 or 15 minutes, a soldier came to the Captain, saying that he has to see something. This might even start a fucking war between the Bar and El Familia! It was getting pretty dark outside and with my head injury, I felt really tired. You see, Sophia always carries one on her. She was meeting him at the front of the church in Stary Sobor. After maybe 10 or 15 minutes, a soldier came to the Captain, saying that he has to see something. "Considering how much you've helped me, I would fucking care. I should have stayed and be with you for all of this. Talked more while I was cooking the fishesfor her after she prepared them. At the end, we were very tired but it was worth it.

I don't hold it against you.". She was very pretty. Thank you for understanding. If she really was pregnant, I had to find her. Dante then said that him and his group believed that this Artifact was emitting some strong radiation during the storms. Most of them were in hiding for a while before joining back again to create this new group. At one point, one of them suddenly grabbed the back of my neck and shook me around. Relief that this wouldn't be a problem. I finally said, holding tears. The actions they were doing were saying otherwise. You did what you had to do. We will have to bring the rest to be sure they don't get taken. Sadly, getting jumped by bears and wolves wasn't the real danger Others were. To warn you about it.

I never wanted anything from him other than protection when I was in trouble! She said, sounded angry and disappointedat Josh's accusations. The best weather to stay inside and write. At this point, I was panicking and screamed for help over the radio. You better stop pushing me and insulting me cause I'm at my fucking limit. I said. The crazy bastard. "Sure, go ahead, anything that can get my mind off of things right now is welcome." Not sure what to do. At the same time, Callie went down on her knees, hands on her head That was really fucking bad.. She pushed Josh away and slowly lowered my gun. But I couldn't stop staring at her. You did what you had to do. Who lives there?! There is a pause in which only the background hum of interference can be heard. I looked at him, kind of stunted. She said before walking to her gun cabinet. Such a beautiful women who also had a golden heart. I'm not the best for fighting. That's when I leave camp for a few days and go far up north to hunt animals. It was for her own safety. "Well, we can't just leave him if he needs help" So I immediately went back into my place to drop my extra gear while Sophia was doing the same at her place. I sat by the fire and just chilled for maybe 15-20 minuteswhen Ivan asked us on the radio. Which will only get all of us in trouble ". " We tried the best we could to find another battery fast enough butthe final shockwave hit before we could get one in the headset Everything turned black for me. I couldn't risk having themdo the same thing, or worst, to Sophia. Yesterday, I woke up and there was no one at the bar. Floating maybe 15-20 feetoff the bottom of a crater. All 3 of them were Chernorussians. I said. "Yes I just learned about it Dante just told me How the fuck do you know that??" Runiantook the .308 ammo I had in my pouches for my Winchester while the other searched through my shirt and found the Polaroid picture of Sophia I always keep on me. Thank you for this, it will be an immense help in our understanding of this weird phenomena and it's effect on humans! Did you? But, unfortunately, Paul lost his footing and fell down a cliff and badly injured his leg. I didn't pay attention to it since that kind of problem was recurrent and I was only a hunter, not a soldier. I released her from my hug after a few seconds to look at her.She looked exhausted. I quickly explained what I saw and he immediately took his gun out and started looking around with me. I really needed to talk with him. If you keep telling the truth and answering our questions honestly, I think you'll live.

So all 3 of us went after them. The following day was an interesting one. Anyone up there?" "Well, actually I am her boyfriend and I've seen her on cocaine before and she had a fucking seizure the last time so yeah, I'll say I can say No for her.". She pulled out a Deagle handgun. Dr Carter was definitely not a people person. Like the kind of shit you see on TV! You'll be able to have a somewhat full life. Vincent went on foot to Solnichni. He was the first Belic member to welcome me at the bar. She is a fast learner! SHOOT ME! He started putting the blame on us, at how we always laughed at him, never took him seriously. At least they didn't take any of them from us A while ago, like over a month ago, there was this Russian group that threatened to attack the bar. I proposed. He wasn't kidding about the amount of zombies. I felt defeated, crushed. After a little bit, we went to the bar and started working. Did you experience any kind of visions?"

"Well, you see Ugh Michael, you have Radiation poisoning Don't worry it's only very minor! You see, Sophia always carries one on her. He did say ,Anyone up there?, at some point so it was somewhere with a 2 story or more building. When I did leave our home, I saw Sophia with one hand up in front of the bar Weird but not uncommon.

Fucking Asshole. Ever since I lost Nicholas, Mick, Paul and Laurent.

When I said that, Sophia said something that I will remember for a long time. When he pulled out the pistol, Sophia stopped pacing.

When they started punching her, Sophia told them that she had some signs that she was pregnant, which made them stop and back off of her. When I arrived at my place, I went to sleep, knowing that the next day would require a lot of energy from me to build the cabin. I looked around in the woods and on the other rocky section but she was nowhere to be seen. "Just tell it straight to me alright? "Hey hey it's alright, you can tell me. But I couldn't get close to them. But I knew enough. We even both needvision glasses!

She didn't want Josh to die nor get anyone else in danger because of her drunkenness. How?? I quickly found out that they were! After some time, they were finally done with me so they contacted their Captain, asking if they need to "take care of me". "Michael, we are going to Black Lake to search for Sophia. I was standing at the foot of the scaffoldings,picking the zombiesoff.Vlad grabbed Ara and started dragging her towards me and the scaffolding when I was forced to fall back from the sheer amount of zombies coming my way. Startingto get worried for Ivan, Sophia said "Click your PTT once if you are in danger and need help, or twice if you are Okay". Vlad said, "Holy shit I've never shot that many mags in a row. I asked. I can remember one name. I stayed next to Sophia for a bit before bringing her to her place so she could rest. His boyfriend or something?? I pretended to understand but I knew it was bullshit. When Jager and I arrived, there was Deebs, AWOL and Tammy. I won't go into details obviously but it's easy to imagine the rest of the night. He kept it lowered next to his leg. We fired and fired until none were left standing., Once that was done, we checked the bodies for supplies and started looking for that helicopter. I stayed at that gate for what felt like an eternity. I learned pretty quickly that I wasn't the only one wearing blue clothingto be recognized. He would only talk to me if I'm alone." It was my second time driving this Ada and I started to like driving this little shit box. The Runian I was with in Namalsk??". ", "GO AHEAD!

The first guysaid. "I need to get some answers out of him. She softly said. There was a small fence that was falling apart, so there was a gapin between the planks. They complied and Hector said : "Ok now you two will listen here. She was red with anger too., I stopped Jager for a second. I immediately remembered the heads-up I gave Deebs about the information Sophia gave up a few days ago Fuck, do they know?? What's going on?" I gave them the location of the BBQ from last week", "I know honey I know. Deebs was visibly very angry. He claimed that he fell asleep here and they left him here. Anyway, Ivan was now fine so we started heading back to the bar. Deebs isn't going to give up. Everything became very slow as I saw her go face first into the wall of the adjacent building and vanish from our view has she fell down the roof of our 2 story building Vlad screamed her name and ran to the led, as did I. I couldn't stop myself from muttering something about her. We need to go!". He said that Dimitorou probably suffered some strong impact to his mind from the radiation and the Tremor, which caused his split personality disorder. Which is the last thing I need right now As I was guarding the gate, Bryson, Spencer and another man I didn't recognize walked up to me. We chatted and had a shit load of fun! I went back to the bar, grabbed meat from the fridge and a bottle of Whisky when Ivan said over the radio that the CLF made threats of coming back to the bar, so to setup some security positions at each entrance. We sticked to the woods and avoided bigger cities and the main roads. We used condoms through the whole night! As the person got closer, I realized that it was Sophiaand that she was coming straight for me. When I started backing up, he started sprinting and I turned around and ran. These conflicting expectations made for a challenging project. It took them maybe 10 minutes. They had left us our guns but ordered us to wait until they were out of the Bar area before grabbing them. Later that day, Runian had some time to talk on the radio. When I woke up a few hours later, it was dark outside and Sophia was still sleeping so I silently left her house and walked to the bar. " Hector says "If I have to hunt you down again for spreading lies, this is what will happen but I'll shoot your fucking head next time, you got it?!" Just let me know and we can meet somewhere neutral, away from the bar and be honest with each other.". "Ah you see, I prefer a cheese sandwich myself." I was fuming but Bryson was right. "What are you? "What are you hiding from huh?" I went back to the small gate that Ivan ordered me to guard, even tho all I wanted, was to go look for Sophia. Someone next tome took out an auto-injector of something from his bag and stabbed Sophia in the arm with it.

After a few hours of cleaning, Josh's voice came over the radio She snort a fucking line of coke!! Yeah, Dante. Later that day, Wynn and her husband showed up at the bar. If it happened during the night, you wouldn't be able to see anything passed your hands!There was always 4 or 5 Tremors, each stronger than the other. We ended up talking for quite some time when she said that she wanted to go fishing and asked me if I wanted to come with her. She dropped me off a bit outside of town and I jogged to an area close by. Get out of my way." Sophia kept her hand on her Deagle and I also stayed ready to shoot, just in case. We looked at each other with a face saying ,Really? A few weeks before leaving Namalsk, I was on my way back home when I got attacked by a pack of wolves. He says "'Fuckin' " a lot and he'snot someone you wanna piss off. Real smooth. Finally found a blank book. It was still too cold to do any kind of gardening. At some point, I heard Ivan's voice on the radio on one of the public frequency, saying some kind of apology about working with the Russians. I don't know what to think of you Josh." And you're meeting him alone!?" The Bar and the entirety of Berezino is under the Authority of the Chernarus Liberation Forces. I said, feeling the coldness of the knife to my throat, stinging. I guess Runian did saved my life once again.

", "Sure, go ahead, anything that can get my mind off of things right now is welcome. Empty handed but my mind still frighten by that Howling, Later that day, Wynn and her husband showed up at the bar. "Uhm can I know what this is all about?? He laughed before releasing his PTT. Leaving the Berezino bar in a state of disarray and fear. It was hilarious and cute to see Sophia have that much fun even tho she was high as a fucking kite. ", He said. If you have to die here, now, it's gonna have some really bad repercussions on the people you care about. He replied. I brought her to the cabin and she lay down on the bed. I bought some items that Sophia and I would need for ourlittle fishing hut. After that talk on the roof, Sophia and I went back to the bar. She dropped me off a bit outside of town and I jogged to an area close by. to { Things that can be treated most of the time." Who's the only one who knew about the fuckin' pregnancy?? We found Sophia. When I arrived to our camp, I found it abandon No one to be seen, every gates busted open or in pieces on the ground. He said. Someone here wants to talkto you! I waited until we were at the cabin to answer him. I had to do something. Yes, she agreed to take another hit, but she was still under the influence and not thinking clearly. As I said that, Dave just looked at me, obviously not believing me. She is fine but she doesn't want to come with us right now. She saw the blood and asked if I was alright, rushing towards me. At least, for now, Sophia and I can go to our normal business. She says she needs some time alone. "I know what you're thinking. I was also looking for a cooking stove or a fireplace. "I got closer to the ledge to look down and a part of the rock rolled over. One of the soldier grabbed his radio and called for his Captain, who got to us quickly. I wanted to punch this asshole's face into pieces so badly. "Then tell the truth and don't try to kill yourself. He brought this upon you and it's not the first time his provocation brought him trouble" I said, carefully. He said that Charlie overheard the 2 guyswas saying some shit about having received the cocaine from El Familia, which we knew was a lie since El Familia would never deal drugs And saying some other lies about the Bar and El Familia like calling El Familia a Cartel.

Charlie and I are like. brothers that beat each other over the dumbest shit but we like each other, even tho we don't say it. A women called Deebs. How could they know? We made her a makeshift splint for her leg. . I was at one of the gates, waiting for someone to arrive with a car when Sophia came up to me running. "Michael stop! "Michael, you showed your worth in the last few days. Vlad realizedthat I wasn't following so he turned around calling my name but stopped mid sentence when he saw the hoard too. I didn't gave her the full injector. BUT, if I even hear one of you spread some lies about my Family or the Bar people, no matter how small, we will find you. It was awkward. I never flirted with Hector! He said. That's it, I had fucking enough. Ivan and Jager took the helicopter and looked from the air. You'll be able to have a somewhat full life. As soon as I finished my sentence, Callie went "Oh let me help you with that".She turned towards Ivan, who was further down the street talking with someone, and shouted "Hey! Cause we could just talk on it. It was a short day but it was a tiring one. That's when Jager pulled out a tazer and shot Callie with it, to stop her from hurting or killing herself. So me, Runian, Flip, Charles, Dimitorou and some others traveled back to Chernarus and we established another home on the west side of the country. The same group the guy in the hazmat suit showed up. Cordis Aido or something like that.

Or did one of them talked to much and the CLF got wind of it?? She didn't want to hear none of it. Sophia grabbed some metal wires she had in her bag and attached Callie's hands with it. It wasn't broken since she could walk on it thankfully. I grabbed my radio and quietly reached Deebs. He then grabs a lighter from his pockets and holds it below the picture. Alle varemerker tilhrer sine respektive eiere i USA og andre land. Wescouted the construction area but there was no movements. I was allowed by the Car Gourou himself, Woody, to borrow a car and give Deebs a ride. But she quickly changed it back., A fire was already started so we sat around it and we all talked and joked around. She got it very quickly I've got to say.

She had some but in her house so we walked over there. A lot before vomiting.She was alive, thank god. Someone next tome took out an auto-injector of something from his bag and stabbed Sophia in the arm with it. And it gives us more opportunities to have some intimacy. Don't worry." I'm veryglad that you show so much FUCKING CONCERN!!". But after a while, you kind of get used to it, as weird as it sounds. We went to my place to grab what we needed. I pointed my pistol at him, about to pull the trigger when Sophia got between us. I couldn't hear anything for a good part of the meeting" I said as I was getting in the driver seat. "DON'T LIE TO US! I decided to stay at the cabin for 3 days. It was the Captain and he didn't look happy First, 2 days ago, Ivan got word of a working helicopter that might have been abandoned in a soccer field of asport complex towards the North-West. West of Zelenogorsk., Well, this writing session actually got me tired. I made the lab redo the test 3 times to be sure. The perfect spot and height to place my Winchester and watch them through my scope.

I didn't know a lot about these people to be honest. This is why I am contacting you.

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