The temple you're headed for is in the distance, so hop down and start using the mechanics you just learned to unlock the path forward. Do one-third damage, causing the boss' shield to activate once more. Simply stand in the circle to make sure the progress continues. Clean up the remaining enemies and proceed up the stairs through the large doorway. Make your way towards the cave, sticking to cover on your way down. Once accepted, head to the Campaign banner with the Witch Queen icon nearby to start. You need to survive. After you have defeated Brutiks, the barrier blocking Sagira will disappear and you will be able to take her, ending the mission shortly after. Repeat this until the boss is dead. This one was very, very hard. When you're done listening, the mission will end and it's on to the next, Guardian. Inside the building is yet another group of Scorn enemies, the Master variant containing an Overload Chieftain. Kill this enemy as soon as you can, as their totems can make nearby Scorn invincible. Gl. This includes gear that will constantly increase your Power, and a plethora of Upgrade Modules that will allow you to upgrade your weapons and armor as you go.

You'll also face increased difficulty on Legend in the form of modifiers and limited revives in boss encounters. Let's dive right in and get started. Brutiks will spawn in below a shielded crystal. Signup for a Free Account. The Lightbearer is incredibly dangerous and should be killed as soon as possible. - Episode 74, Hunt: Showdown's new Serpent Moon event adds more bite, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen campaign walkthrough, Modifiers: Mettle, Legendary, Chaff, Galvanized, Fire Pit, Modifiers: Mettle, Legendary, Chaff, Galvanized, Fire Pit, Empath, Modifiers: Mettle, Legendary, Chaff, Galvanized, Modifiers: Mettle, Legendary, Chaff, Galvanized, Empath. A loot chest will appear near the entrance so make sure to grab its contents.

All shield types are present, Champions are in just about every encounter, and the Attrition modifier makes aggressive play downright impossible. You're currently on Mars, and the Cabal is setting up to fire big guns at Savathun's Throne World. Your quest will soon update and ask you to stop Savathns ritual. Overshields are fantastic for absorbing a few hits, and detonators are simply absurd for killing adds. Don't push up; stick to the rock just beyond the Scorn Pikes. Afterward, head down deeper into the cavernous area below. The exception to the standard exploration with occasional fighting routine occurs when you meet the Imperial Deserter, a boss that teaches you this mission's main mechanic. The Last Chance is the second to last mission in The Witch Queen Campaign of Destiny 2. This environment is quite dark by design, but you can illuminate the path by shooting the Hive Membranes you see attached to the walls and ceiling as you go. Once a third ofBrutiks, Lightbane's health is gone, the mechanics change slightly but are similar to your previous encounter. After taking Sagiras Shell, a strange voice is heard which speaks about The Witness, while Fynch gets excited about earning everyones trust. Note that her health bar is sectioned off at about the 90 percent mark.

Use the following links to jump to the relevant mission in The Witch Queen campaign: This is the first campaign mission for The Witch Queen. You must take note of these symbols as you'll need to remember them in a few minutes. so this is my first time coming to reddit but honestly i'm 100% out of options lol. You will not be able to change your equipment after this activity starts. Head along the narrow bridge to the now open portal and jump through. I don't want to post too much as to not spill the beans and ruin the expierence of figuring it out for everyone else. You'll then have to defend yourself against a decent Hive onslaught, but it's nothing you can't handle. Both Standard and Legendary difficulties have a recommended Power level of 1370, although Legendary offers better rewards. When the dome pops up, quickly walk through it and blast the exposed glowing area near the Scorn Walker's head to deal critical damage. Thankfully, the path is rather narrow, so as long as you use cover wisely the enemy should always be in front of you and easily managed. Once they are defeated you'll be given an updated objective. Keep an eye on your objective marker, and keep moving. Once you have it in your hands, walk forward and Activate the Launcher. They are easily defeated if you hit them with a Super or two and some Heavy Weapons, at which point you can Reveal the path using your Deepsight. You can collect any loot you have and then make your way across the long bridge. Make your way inside the building when ready. It's ammo efficient, kills adds with ease, and it can chip away at boss health while you're running to safety. I was able to knock the boss out of each room with a couple of rounds from everyone's favorite Rocket Launcher and made good use of my Shadowshot Super to take care of the minions that can overwhelm you. Take care of the Chieftain once the adds are dealt with. This Lightbearer is a Wizard, utilizing the Stormtrance Super, Lightning Grenades, and Healing Rifts. You will once again find yourself traveling in a dark cave and will need to follow the waypoint which leads you to a psychic presence. Once enough crystals have been destroyed, you will be able to deal damage to Brutiks and after a health bar has been depleted, you will have to repeat the same steps. This will serve as a full campaign walkthrough for The Witch Queen. Most of the encounters in this mission involve dozens of enemies and lots of moving. At this point, his shield will come back up and three Hive sigils will spawn around the edges of the arena. This objective will dominate most of the mission, and the mechanics remain the same throughout. It will lead you to a group of Scorn and will quickly update your objective when you begin to tussle with them. There will be a little objective marker on a small anomaly. It's protected by some sort of magic, so you'll need to break the spell. Will MultiVersus release on Nintendo Switch? Defeat the Lucent Acolytes and Scorn inside the Temple of the Wrathful. Around the arena are strange Hive runes, similar to the Pit of Heresy dungeon. They also blind nearby enemies when destroyed. Well done, Guardian. You can cheese the DPS phase by standing atop orange sacks scattered across the arena. Time to smash some more crystals. The Ghosts is one of the hardest missions in the Witch Queen campaign for Destiny 2. The Scorn Walker works the same as its Fallen counterpart. Nothing really changes here, so just keep moving along until you reach the portal that Ikora is speaking about. This can be a tricky fight on Legend difficulty, and Guardians will need to be aware that they have limited Revive Tokens. Pushing these enemies is tough on Legendary and suicide on Master, so take your time here.

I also found in my last 2 sessions that he teleported to me to insta-kill, but it was probably bugged. This isn't too hard, but you'll quickly realize that this Knight can revive itself. When the boss falls, crush their Ghost and collect your loot. Collect your loot and retrieve Sagira to end the mission. Despite having a short-range Super, Lucent Wizards won't chase you. Defend that position from the onslaught of Cabal. It's a fairly easy fight if you keep moving and use your Heavy and Super to crush the stronger enemies.

Once you go up a final lift, collect your loot and enjoy the end of the mission. If you are ever unsure of the next path forward, simply bring up your Ghost to see your current objective and display a waypoint on your screen.

This Scorn foe can mess you up fast, and the area you're fighting in seems short on places to hide. When you return to reality, you can place a Campaign Banner/Raid Banner and should note that you now have Revive Tokens if you are on Legend difficulty. We shoot ourselves out of space guns. This fight isn't overly tough, which should be a sign that this may be another trick. Take note of the symbols above the door, then go through the door, which will transport you to the upper level. While his shield is up, he's slow as fuck - take your time to clear adds, and don't break the last crystal until you are absolutely lined up with him. Enjoy the views and deal with the small pockets of Hive that you run into. Make sure you have your hardest hitting weapons for boss damage, because you're going to need a lot of it. Instead of going all-in on aggression, we recommend a more reserved approach with Chaos Accelerant. You'll be shooting quite a few of these during this mission, so get used to it. Stats: max out recovery, discipline, and mobility in that order. You're back to finding Savathun now that you're on her ship.

You'll want to focus on the Scorn Walker off to the right as it can deal large burst damage and there's not much cover in this area aside from some rocks. This boss has the same moveset as the Hangman Baron from Forsaken and. Rocket Launchers are fantastic for this mission. Once you revive any fireteam member once, you're out of tokens. Spec for long-range weapons, and bring a Void weapon. This time, however, you'll need to disable three devices. In fact, use your Super and Heavy ammunition to take out any ads that spawn, and chip away at the Ahamkara with whatever weapons you have left. He is known for his guide writing and, unsettlingly enough, enjoys grindingout in-depth collectible articles. Stay back and don't die. Take increased damage from melee. Pick one of the activated doors and go through, then kill the Threadweaver Wizard. Once the initial damage window is gone, you're going to want to move around the area in a counterclockwise direction. There will be a giant bell above you, so be careful not to jump as you're going up the stairs. Shoot one of its six legs until it breaks, at which point it'll expose its weak point near the front. With the Scorn Walker down, continue with your objective to find Sagira. You will need to run around the room especially in the third phase as more ads spawn in and the boss seems to walk faster. They will retreat, at which point you can hop down yet another hole for the final boss fight of the mission. Brutiks deals immense melee damage, so keep your distance. At first, you will have a very small window to do damage. Head through the doorway on the right, popping more Hive Membranes to illuminate the various ledges you can use to platform through the cavern. Pick up the Void Charge, drop down to the main level, and deposit the Void Charge to unshield one of the Crystals shielding the Lightbearer Wizard in the main room. There won't be any additional fighting in this mission, so just head forward and keep bringing up your Ghost for directions if you get lost.

Destroy the Scorn Walker and accompanying enemies. Then, break the final crystal and drop down into the well. Regeneration is greatly impaired. Staying alive is essential on Legend. Once you Confront Savathn, have your team split off to the two rooms to the left and right of where you entered the area. The Chieftain is always at the backend of the room. Sagira was the ghost of Osiris and it turned out Xivu Arath was able to steal her shell, which makes it necessary to get the ghost back.

The Guardian makes their way to a Hive temple which needs to be infiltrated as they attempt to search for a ghost called Sagira. Head up the ramp and you can Open Fuel Line by placing the wrench in its designated spot. This walker is a powerhouse, capable of launching a swarm of projectiles your way that can kill you on Master difficulty. Once this is done you can push forward, bringing up your Ghost any time you're not certain of which direction you must travel. Rinse and repeat to defeat Brutiks. Once you take out the Scorn in the first area, you can shoot the Spike to destroy it. Each crystal is guarded by a Scorn Chieftain major, upgraded to an Overload Chieftain on Master difficulty. Once you've killed both Lightbearers, a swarm of Scorn will spawn directly across from you. Smash open Hive "locks" once you have the Relic Sword. even if just this one mission please. This fight is very tough if its not managed correctly. Once you've defeated enough Cabal and moved forward, your objective will change and ask you to Find the Darkness Statue.

The first example of this is right after your first loot chest. You still have Revive Tokens here on Legend Difficulty, so you can't simply die repeatedly. Destiny 2 How to Get Dark Fragments in 2022, Destiny 2 How to Get Jotunn in 2022 (Perks & Intrinsic Traits), Destiny 2 How To Get Cryosthesia 77K & Its Catalyst in 2022, Destiny 2 EDZ Trostland Ascendant Anchors Map With Locations, Destiny 2 How to Get Sturm & Its Catalyst in 2022, Destiny 2: Forsaken The Machinist Mission Walkthrough, Destiny 2 Nightmare Hunt: Isolation Mission, Destiny 2 Cosmodrome Lost Sector Locations & Map, Destiny 2 How To Get Ruinous Effigy & Its Catalyst in 2022, Destiny 2: Forsaken High Plains Blues Mission Walkthrough, Destiny 2 How to Get Enhancement Cores in 2022, Destiny 2: Born In Darkness Part 4 Quest Steps, Destiny 2: Born In Darkness Part 3 Quest Steps, Destiny 2: Born in Darkness Part 2 Quest Steps, Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted Weekly Challenges. Dawnblade well warlock here, here was my loadout for a 5 try legendary solo: Primary: Sorrows Verse (arc auto rifle) for the arc shielded orange bars, Special: Agers Scepter w/ Catalyst (add clear, add CC, and long distance boss dmg), Heavy: The void linear fusion rifle from the Season of the Chosen campaign (void shield breaking and boss dmg). Stand on one, deal some damage, then reposition to another sack. Blood, Language, Violence, Users Interact, In-Game Purchases. Below you'll find help with every objective along the path. The game tells you this is a fresh objective, but Reveal the Path is pretty much just the time between fights. Required fields are marked *, quest, making this the first mission that, Also read our other missions & quest guides of The Witch Queen DLC. You can now claim your reward, which is going to be a debuff called Threadbound. Your goal is to enter each room, kill a Chieftain, then break a crystal. I'll leave the story details for you to discover upon completion but will help you with objectives along the way. These will provide cover, but enemies can get their attacks inside, including Savathn when she uses her Super. Graduating from Pikes Peak Community College in 2018 with an Associate of Science, Charles has spent his time dissecting popular video games, movies, and technology. You'll then step into the launcher because that's what we do as Guardians. Last updated: February 25, 2022, at 2:07 p.m. EST.

On Master, these Chieftains are Overload Chieftains, so have your Anti-Overload weapon ready.

Press forward until you see a whole bunch of Scorn waiting for you at the end of the Quagmire. Overcharge your Vortex Grenades, use the Contraverse Hold Exotic, and melt any enemy that gets caught in the AoE. Clear the adds, break another leg, and finish off the walker. Until they get patched next season, consider using a long-range weapon or an ability to kill them from safety. There's a platform not too far away that you need to clear. If you need some help taking on Savathun, here's a full campaign walkthrough for The Witch Queen in Destiny 2. Head up the stairs and note that you can place a Campaign Banner/Raid Banner to refresh your abilities and ammunition. If the Wizard pops their Super, immediately find cover; do not fight them. Prep your Overload counter whenever you enter a room, and clear the adds as fast as you can. Head back into each room, defeat the Shimmering Chieftan, and destroy the Crystal in that very same room. There are so many fodder enemies in close range that you can easily get a kill, allowing you to turn invisible and reposition. When defeated, Acolytes spawn fire pools that cause damage over time. Throw grenades their way, use your Heavy or Super, and pick at their HP from a safe distance. Its definitely not easy and no room to cheese.

The interference is really just two Spikes that are found in Savathun's Throne World. Once all three are down, keep going with the damage to Savathn until your objective updates. Tweet him @RumpoPlays if you have a question or comment about one of his guides. Hunters should use Nightstalker for this mission. After a third of health has been removed, its shields will return and you'll once again have to disable the three devices. It appears that the Hangman Baron has been resurrected somehow. It challenges Guardians with boarding a Pyramid ship and fighting through some Rogue Cabal to get answers. Be mindful that you can only take one-third of the boss' damage in the first phase, so don't go crazy trying to burn this enemy in seconds. There's only one path to take to complete your objective, which truthfully could have been rolled into the next objective. Consider using this is you're struggling to stay alive. After destroying the crystal I just ran around the ring hall. Once you're around the gate, Investigate the Statue by approaching it and choosing the option to Pick Up Fragment. Newer players may want to go Classic, but experienced players will get greater rewards from choosing Legend. This will take you on a bit of a jumping puzzle as you sneak out of that room using an opening to your left when you're facing the blocked door. Once they fall, destroy their Ghost. When you approach it will give you the option to Disable Jammer, which you should do. A large portion of this mission will be your exploration, with a few pockets of Cabal along the way. The Ritual is the final mission of the The Witch Queen campaign and will be quite the challenge for Guardians who opt for Legend mode. Once your foe is down, destroy their Ghost and collect your rewards from the nearby chests. This objective is all about capturing the plate while surviving an onslaught of enemies. Defeat a Scorn Walker, multiple Light-wielding Hive, and a resurrected Scorn Baron with this in-depth walkthrough. There aren't many objectives in this mission, but they do take several minutes to complete. Bring up your Ghost to find the location of the second Spike, then head that way and destroy that one too. Deathbringer and Gjallarhorn are tough to beat. You'll kill more Lucent Swordbearers, Reveal more paths, and fight your way to the final boss. Once you are on the other side of the blocked door, continue forward with the same objective. When you get to an area with a bunch of Scorn and you are given a mini objective for Crystals Destroyed, seek out the Shimmering Chieftan. Or, if you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, just grab a gun and head out. I've been getting easy clapped for 2 days straight. Do not be afraid to hop off the Pike as you take damage, as death is almost certain if the Pike explodes with you on it. One rune has Screebs that will charge you, so it's best to keep your distance. They are the same thing. The only noteworthy thing about these rooms is the sheer number of enemies in them. There is absolutely a cheese, the statue in the middle of the room while perched will not aggro the boss and you're too high up if he does his slam from medium to long distance it cannot hurt you. Each door leads to a tower off in the distance. Note that the Ahamkara illusion has a sliver of health sectioned off on its health bar, and be ready to deal damage during its last stand. The kicker is this boss is great at shielding itself, so you'll need to destroy the elemental anchors it tosses around the room.

Move forward and defeat any Cabal that block your path, listening for a transmission that explains why you're still fighting Cabal in the first place. Fight your way forward and through the narrow halls of the Apothecary, looking for Savathun's angry Wizard friend. There will be pockets of enemies here and there, but nothing too crazy that you can't handle them with some patience.

Enhanced radar. This requires the Lucent Finisher mod. You'll need to use the Reveal option multiple times in this mission to gain the Deepsight buff, showing you a path that is otherwise hidden. After defeating each Shimmering Chieftan and the corresponding crystal, the Hive sigil will temporarily disappear, making it easy to figure out which areas you have to clear out if you get lost. Linear Fusion Rifles and Rocket Launchers work great for quickly damaging him. This enemy does have Ghosts, so you'll need to defeat them, then approach their Ghosts and crush them with your hand. This is the second mission in The Witch Queen campaign and will task Guardians with traveling back to Savathun's Throne World and meeting up with a mysterious contact. Consider a Sniper Rifle for boss damage, Gjallarhorn for cleaning up a Lightbearer Wizard, Lightbearer Acolyte, and Lightbearer Knight, and a third weapon of your choice. You're back to trying to meet up with the contact. Players should head along the path and listen to some story details from Eris. You'll start by gaining the Deepsight buff in the main room, then taking one of the paths to find and destroy a Spike. The first objective will dominate most of this mission, asking Guardians to navigate the Hive halls leading to Savathun's (Sathona's) temple.

You need to do this twice in order to progress. Enter the room and you'll get a mini objective for Override Codes Acquired. Fight through the wave of Hive and kill the Lucent Knight. Once you disable all three, the boss will spawn and you'll be able to remove one-third of its health during a damage phase. This will lower a barrier and allow you to progress forward to Witch's Echo. Once you have Threadcutter x 3, you can head to the center of the platform, beneath the Traveler, and show Savathn the memory. This debuff holds you in place and then boots you from Savathun's Throne World.

Kill the Shrieker first, then work on the Acolytes while keeping your distance from the Light-wielding Hive. Approach the center of the room and Brutiks, Lightbane will spawn in. If you have multiple Guardians, it's fine for one to stand in the circle and the others to fight around the room. They will drop a Fusion Cell, which you can then pick up to Activate Generator. I'll just be running strikes till then. Get a roll with Successful Warm-Up. Approaching it will give you the option to Reveal an alternate path. Use Anti-Barrier Rounds with either Bow; they bypass the Scorn Tank's energy field when its core is exposed, making that section far easier. These fools can take quite a bit of damage, but it's nothing a couple of Supers and rockets can't fix. Do this, then get ready for quite a bit of fighting and little puzzle solving. Use the nearby platforms on the left to ascend the exterior of the tower. This will take you through a small detour that requires Deepsight and a little climbing. Defeat the Scorn Baron by destroying nearby crystals. At the base of the well, there's another Rally Banner circle if you want to refill your ammo and abilities before heading into the next room. Look for the floating Hive runes to find which rooms you need to clear. You will need to shoot the orange sacks on the wall to generate light to navigate through the area better or else it will be very dark. When the path is clear, hop over to the platform and grab the Worm Familiar. Rat King is actually a good pick here. You'll need to locate Osiris' Ghost, which involves more traversal through Savathun's Throne World and an encounter with a Scorn Walker. Ensure that you're bringing up your Ghost if you don't know which way to go. This will lower the boss' shield for a damage phase. the AR is for hitting the yellow lights which acts as blinding grenades to anything around it when it pops. Once the fight is over, collect your rewards and get back on the path to meet your contact. You may need to do this a couple of times if you're not quick enough, but eventually it will fall. You can pick up new Pikes along the path, so no big deal if you lose one. In each phase, Guardians can take a third of their health away, but must then clear the room and defeat a Lucent Swordbearer to open the path to the next phase. These enemies don't have Ghosts so you can just nuke them. Before you enter, try to pick off the Scorn snipers from a distance with your Bow or any long-range weapons. You will be teleported back to reality to face off against Savathn once again, although you don't need to deal a lot of damage. For those on Master, now is a great opportunity to deal with the Overload Champion. Like destiny freezes and licks me outta the game booting. Combatants have more health and are more difficult to stun. You'll now see a platform with six doors, three of which are activated and three that are not. (Legendary Only) Go invisible after each kill, making it much easier to reposition on non-Void subclasses.

However, beware of the second Lightbearer at the back of the room, supported by a small group of Knights and Acolytes. When you reach the top, you'll encounter a wave of Scorn enemies around a circular well in the center. You'll need to deal with an Abomination and Chieftain here, so use your Super. Stay safe at the top of the room, clean up all the ads when they spawn, and deal damage when things have calmed down. Jump down the hole to reach an arena below where Sagira is being held captive. I used auto-reload AR primary, Hard hitting fusion rifle and a Gjally to finish this one. (There will be a loot chest afterward). Your email address will not be published. Speaking to Ikora later on will reward you with the Empirical Evidence Legendary Sidearm. Keep in mind that enemies labeled at Lightbearer have Ghosts which will need to be crushed after their Hive host is defeated. When his bubble comes back, pop well in middle of room and clear all center adds. Defeating the boss requires completing this process three times. You will continue to move through Savathun's Throne World, revealing more paths to gain the Deepsight buff as you go. Releasing Summer 2023. You do this by killing yellow-bar Cabal called Imperial Technicians. When the walker is on the last third of its total HP, an additional wave of Scorn will spawn. Interact with this orb to gain another 30 seconds of Deepsight and continue platforming further down until you reach another hole in the ground surrounded by four statues. My wife and I finished it by using every tactic in our arsenal, including using bright colored shaders to identify each other in dark areas and coordinating abilities.

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