The uniforms worn in the USFL are indeed very desirable collectibles, even those donned by the league's "common" players. I will tell you that the Riddell VSR series did not yet exist during the time of the USFL, so if you find one that is a VSR-1, 2, 3 or 4, it is at best, a reproduction and at worst a faked gamer. Instead, they decided to have a look similar to the Alliance of American Football -- a combination of the Orlando Apollos uniforms with the colors of the Georgia Force. Hammered the details I would also recommend doing a Google search on the USFL to locate a host of websites that will chronicle the league's birth, its life, and its untimely demise. The road pants are a different shade of yellow than the home pants and the light blue stripe doesn't work well with the maroon and gold on the road uniforms.

The latest version of the USFL will have a 12-week schedule. Check out the USFL Video Library Preservation GoFundMe campaign. Both the red home jersey and white road jersey feature contrasting numbers with a black drop shadow, as well as the scarf-wearing bandit on the sleeves. There were a host of great players, some of which went on to NFL superstardom. Four will be in the North Division and four will be in the South Division: NORTH DIVISIONMichigan PanthersNew Jersey GeneralsPhiladelphia StarsPittsburgh Maulers, SOUTH DIVISIONBirmingham StallionsHouston GamblersNew Orleans BreakersTampa Bay Bandits. Check out the searchable USFL stats from the Stats Crew. The Michigan Panthers, the USFL's first champions, were absorbed by the Oakland Invaders. USFL uniforms: Ranking the best, worst jerseys for 2022 football relaunch, from Gamblers to Maulers, unveiled uniforms for its eight franchises, What to know about the USFL's return in 2022. The uniforms are also not a signifiant departure from what the teams wore during the USFLs original run. In addition to Sand-Knit jerseys, the Express also took the field in jerseys supplied by Champion and Goodman. UPDATE (July 14, 2022): I'm excited to unveil this opportunity to preserve the entire video library of the USFL. Pittsburgh is one of eight teams playing in the league, and will play in the North Division. Pocket aces WE ARE THE USFL, With a focus on energizing our fans, the uniform and helmet designs reflect a 21st-century look for the new USFL, president of football operations Brian Woods said in a statement. This site is maintained for research, educational, and historical purposes only, do not abuse it. The league updated the logos for the original teams, which included new uniforms that will make their debut come April. I will also say that most of these helmet models are no longer produced, making the job of a forger a bit more difficult. The company is called Ethx. It feels more like an AAF or XFL look with the orange trim on the shoulders. In those halcyon days of 1983-85, USFL footballs were flying from the hands of Greg Landry, Jim Kelly, Steve Young and Doug Flutie. In today's super-consistent, highly regulated world of NFL uniforms, these variations would never occur. We would like to see light blue jerseys, but the problem is that would look a little too much like the Carolina Panthers in the NFL. It's a brighter shade of old gold, and the two-toned stars on the helmet and shouler pop.

Which ones are close to the vintage looks?

The white road jerseys with the dark blue numbers and baby blue outline is a perfect look with the silver pants and a triple stripe of white, baby blue, and dark blue.

Also, no USFL helmets were produced by Schutt, even though that company has absorbed Bike, who did supply many helmets to the league. Aside from Kelly, Young, Flutie, and Walker, Hall of Fame defensive end Reggie White, as well as longtime Detroit Lions star receiver Anthony Carter, began their professional careers in this erstwhile spring football enterprise. It's a solid uniform. New Jersey gives off a very strong Rutgers vibe with a red helmet that features a white facemask, a partial primary logo on both sides and interestingly no back bumper. Some of these moves were engineered in anticipation of playing in the fall starting with the 1986 season, the season that never was. The white pants with a dark and baby blue stripe complete the home uniform. The Gamblers didn't have to change much, and the simplicity is beautiful. Where is Lattimer? The described types of variations were not what I would consider to be anomalies back in the era of the USFL. The rebooted Pittsburgh Maulers have their updated, modern-style fashion uniforms. The inaugural USFL Playoffs and Championship Game are coming to Canton, Ohio The white pants, meanwhile, have a thick red stripe contained within two thin blue stripes, matching the contrasting collar and cuffs. The Bandits have a gray helmet with a red facemask, a red stripe contained within a black stripe down the middle, their partial primary logo on the side and a Tampa Bay wordmark on the back bumper. I have seen a home/red Herschel Walker New Jersey Generals jersey where the font style used for Walker's name was a wide letter style-the letters placed tightly together. Halboth for supplying the original uniform graphic we modified for our use. Here's the issue -- the original uniforms weren't that great to begin with. Order the book, The United States Football League, 19821986. Both jerseys have the same logo as the helmet on the sleeves, as well as white pants with a solid purple stripe down the side and purple socks. The videotapes won't last indefinitely, however, and the footage must be converted to a digital format to be preserved and accessed. Sporting Kansas City Upgrades Sleeve Sponsor to Front of Shirt for 2022 MLS Season, PSG, Jordan Brand Join Forces Once Again for White Fourth Kit. Nailed these home and away threads Learn how your comment data is processed. Another wave can be seen on the sleeves of both the home blue and white road jerseys, which include contrasting numbers with a light blue outline. The red, gold and white combination might feel like the 49ers are Boston College, but to us it looks like the ESU Wolves from "The Program." Former Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson is the head coach of the Maulers. Last but not least, Philadelphia ditched its old gold helmets for athletic gold (or yellow) helmets with a red facemask and drop shadow-like star logo on both sides. An Oakland Invaders blue Anthony Carter jersey crossed my path that was shade too light in color, had Carter's name sewn directly to the jersey back, and was a bit too beat up in my opinion for a wide receiver's jersey. me. I have handled three variations of the 1984 Chicago Blitz home/red jersey: one with tackle-twill numbers, one with a white collar and white letters on the nameplate, which is the most common, and one with a blue collar with white player's name trimmed with blue. Header photo courtesy of @USFL on Twitter. The Panthers have arguably the best helmet in the league. Ready to ride Both of the uniform styles the USFL revealed had white pants with purple striping down the outside of each leg, with purple socks. When we think Maulers, we think of Mike Rozier rocking that plain deep purple look. TribLIVE's Daily and Weekly email newsletters deliver the news you want and information you need, right to your inbox. Its player draft is scheduled for next week. Real, game-worn USFL helmets are very coveted and rare collectibles.

There are certain models of Riddell and Bike helmets that the teams used for its players, however I will not include them here in this article being that as crazy as it may seem, I don't want to tip off forgers as to what to use for their nefarious creations. Why Did The Super Bowl Switch To Using the Same Logo Every Year? Houston's road uniforms rival among the best in the league, with the red more prevalent on the silver pants. All Rights Reserved. Perhaps the Breakers could add some light blue pants to this otherwise solid look. In the end, the USFL offered football fanatics a product that arguably was on par with the NFL. The Breakers clearly put a lot of effort into looking fresh. Wherever you have big-name players, you have the potential for fraudulent uniforms being created. The away uniform would be better with black pants. It's an homage to the league that competed with the NFL from 1982-86, and the nostalgia factor will be high given the eight franchises in the league. The league chose eight franchises that were also in the original USFL, which ran from 1983 to 1986, and retained rights to key original team names. The league kicks off April 16 when the New Jersey Generals take on the Birmingham Stallions. Regardless, blue socks complete the look. Now that all eight teams unveiled their Sporting News graded those new looks. Copyright 2022 Sporting News Holdings Limited. The Breakers also played in Boston and Portland in the original USFL, and they come with two shades of blue. Thanks also to Lew, Pittsburgh Maulers (@USFLMaulers) February 17, 2022. Maulers hire former Steelers running backs coach to lead team, Pat McAfee calls out opponents of LIV Golf for being 'hypocritical', PGA Tour lobbying Biden, Congress about 'Saudi Golf League', Jonathan Papelbon has a theory on why All-Star Games are usually low-scoring: 'It's easier to pitch hungover', Fan fight breaks out at Dodgers Stadium during Home Run Derby. 1:11 pm ET, Browns signing Josh Rosen as more QB insurance, Training camp PUP tracker: Michael Thomas heads list, Judge, Patricia get official titles for 2022 Patriots, Quarterbacks next in line to receive massive deals, Insider notes: Murray's new deal shouldn't impact Lamar, Why ex-Steeler 'Slash' should be in Hall of Honor, Ranking USFL uniforms for inaugural season, Insider: Kyler's new deal shouldn't impact Lamar, Cardinals, Murray agree to huge 5-year extension. The Pittsburgh Maulers displayed their 2022 uniforms on Feb. 17, 2022. When we think Maulers, we think of Mike Rozier rocking that plain deep purple look. Featuring the same color scheme as the original 1984 uniforms, the updated home uniforms are purple and orange and away unis are white and purple with orange trim. Some Birmingham Stallions and Tampa Bay Bandits jerseys sported tackle-twill letters on the nameplates. The Stars kept the legendary red jerseys and gold pants, but eliminated the stripe on the sleeves in favor of a unique stripe design on the side and pants. An 18 game regular season that began in late February and culminated with a Championship game in early July would see a variety of weather conditions, resulting in USFL equipment managers needing a wide array of protective gear in their arsenals. The ode to the past with the stripe design on the side works well on the road white uniforms, and is a modern twist on the classic red stripe on the gold pants. If you'd like to use any of the research from this site, please properly credit this site and provide a link back. Keeping the same pants for the road uniforms was a nice touch. The black home jersey notably has a dark gray side panel to match the dark gray pants with a thick black stripe down the side, while the white road jersey has a black side panel that is oddly worn with same style of pants as what Tampa Bay unveiled. The Breakers have the most unique uniforms in the league, and the best looking. The red home jersey includes athletic gold numbers with a white outline, while the white road jersey features red numbers and an athletic gold outline. Despite title game, USFL already focusing on next season. Blue Wave incoming 1 uniform in the USFL. United States Football League Official Colors (1983 through 1985), American Basketball Association (68-76), International Basketball Association (96-01), National Basketball Association: Franchise Records, National Basketball Association: Additional Records, National Football League: Franchise Records, National Football League: Additional Records, National Hockey League: Additional Colors, National Professional Soccer League (91-01). That is because of the white horse logo that pops more. ACTIVE: All 8 USFL home jerseys, Away game drip These look like the San Francisco 49ers throwback uniforms they wore from the 1994 season with the gold helmet, red jersey and white pants with one stripe. USFL teams wore mesh and fishnet jerseys. 2022 Active Interest Media All rights reserved. Pocket aces Support Local Journalism Though it is now just a memory, and a fond one for me, the USFL left behind a lasting legacy. The uniform is complete with gray pants featuring the same stripe as the helmet (albeit truncated toward the bottom) and a red socks. They utilized gray pants. Ready for the hunt The South Division features the Birmingham Stallions, Houston Gamblers, New Orleans Breakers and Tampa Bay Bandits. Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page - SportsLogos.Net is your virtual museum dedicated to education of the history of sports logos and sports uniforms. The Generals have solid threads for the USFL, modernizing the 1980s look with a black outline on the number and outside of the red stripe of the pants. Please contact me, Paul Reeths, with any questions. Home and aways are out of this world The Breakers will have a white helmet with a white facemask and the wave from wrapped all the way around the sides and back of the helmet.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Maulers went 3-15 in the Atlantic Division that season. NOTE: A number of USFL franchises used custom colors in the place of standard Pantone values. As in 1984, the logo adorns both sides of the helmet. In some cases, the colors were defined as custom Pantone ink mixes (Houston Gamblers Red, Jacksonville Bulls Burnt Orange) and others used custom inks outside of the Pantone spectrum to create these colors (Birmingham Stallions Red and Gold). For the 1984 campaign, the Houston Gamblers, Pittsburgh Maulers, Jacksonville Bulls, Memphis Showboats, Oklahoma Outlaws and San Antonio Gunslingers were added as expansion franchises. The look is complete with solid red socks. Thanks to Kevin Beller for nearly all of the below Both the red home jersey and white road jersey have contrasting numbers with a gold outline and a classic striping pattern on the sleeves, while the white pants include another thick red stripe. The uniforms which were designed by Joe Bosack & Co. and Studio Simon are manufactured by Ripon Athletic while the helmets were made by Riddell, who actually hand-painted the designs for both the Panthers and Breakers. The North Division features the Michigan Panthers, New Jersey Generals, Philadelphia Stars and Pittsburgh Maulers. Ultimately, the USFL spent itself out of existence, but did manage to prevail in a lawsuit against the NFL. designs. All images, logos, graphics, color palettes, etc. The 2022 Maulers unis are officially here ???? The 2022 Maulers logo was modernized to appear more sleek but shares its basic tenets with the 1980s version: a silhouette of a steelworker yielding a mallet hammer. Modernizing a USFL classic uniform always works, and the Stars have done that with the rebrand of these classics. Numbers for both are outlined in orange the digits are white on the road jerseys and purple for the home uniforms. Most of the bogus material centers around the coveted game-used helmets, but jerseys have not escaped the touch of the crafty hands of scofflaws seeking some dirty money. indicates NEW records for the current season* indicates estimated values+ indicates derived values. USFL Video Library Preservation GoFundMe campaign, The United States Football League, 19821986. Birmingham has a gold helmet with a red facemask, thick red stripe down the middle, partial version of its primary logo on both sides and a Stallions wordmark on the back bumper. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: nfl | pageType: stories | Having black numbers instead of red numbers on the road uniforms would put the Bandits much higher on the list. 2022 Trib Total Media | All Rights Reserved. The Maulers, like all eight USFL teams in this inaugural redux of the spring league, will play their entire regular-season schedule in Birmingham, Ala. The Panthers deserve credit for bringing back the classic look Bobby Hebert donned in the 1980s. are the property of their respective owners. 6-keys: media/spln/nfl/reg/free/stories, at The Breakers have the clear No. All team and league information, sports logos, sports uniforms and names contained within this site are properties of their respective leagues, teams, ownership groups and/or organizations. The Stars were the most-successful franchise in the original USFL, and the new look is good. Nailed these home and away threads The finished product is a collaborative effort by a remarkable group of professionals from across the United States. This is a departure from that. The logo remains a classic, but you might feel like you are watching a rerun of "Blue Mountain State." Estimated colors are indicated with asterisks (*). And, there are some great uniforms to be collected. These uniforms will look nice on the field. From my viewpoint as a professional seller of game-used uniforms, USFL uniforms and equipment pieces are maintaining, and in some cases, gaining value 21 years after the game clock ticked down to all zeros in the 1985 championship game held at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. USFL jerseys were supplied primarily by Champion, Russell Athletic and Sand-Knit. Sports cards, rock posters, music memorabilia, collectable card games, Hollywood, pop culture, historical, autographs, publications, art, and much more! While the fancies of some young men turned to love, others were simply ready for some more football. I have also been a professional musician for 40+ years as well, and received a Bachelor's degree in Music (jazz studies - performance and arranging emphasis) from North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas) in 1985. The Stars had one of the best uniforms in the original USFL -- and will continue the tradition in the new one. Hammered the details The jerseys worn by USFL players featured screened or painted-on numbers and player's names. Let's not forget the excellent white helmets with the Breakers logo and the logo on the sleeves of the jerseys. The USFL is back and will restart April 16. For these custom values, I have provided estimates that approximate the intended colors. All rights reserved. Does it look too much like UNLV? Please note: SportsLogos.Net does not own any of the team, league or event logos/uniforms depicted within this site, we do not have the power to grant usage rights to anyone. The full story, from soup to nuts, can be read in the book The $1 League, written by the league's former director of communications, Jim Byrne. How can you help? 2004-2022 CBS Interactive. We went full steed ahead with these home and away jerseys The inaugural 1983 season lineup of teams was as follows: Philadelphia Stars, New Jersey Generals, Washington Federals, Boston Breakers, Michigan Panthers, Chicago Blitz, Tampa Bay Bandits, Birmingham Stallions, Oakland Invaders, L.A. Express, Denver Gold and Arizona Wranglers. All eight of our teams will sport a fresh, distinctive style when they take the field starting April 16.. The home uniforms released Thursday feature purple as the dominant color with orange across the top. Blue Wave incoming The home uniforms could have done without the gray stripe on the jerseys, which would have been a cleaner look. As Dave Winfield and Don Baylor were cracking home runs in Yankee Stadium, Herschel Walker and Brian Sipe engineered touchdown drives for the New Jersey Generals in The Meadowlands. The league's final season of 1985 saw significant change within its ranks. The stripe pattern on the helmet and pants works, too. There wasn't much the Stallions could do with these, as the 1980s versions were very generic. There was a lot of stellar football played. PANTONE is a registered trademark of Pantone LLC, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite, Inc. As well as being the founder of TruColor (formerly ColorWerx and The Society for Sports Uniforms Research), I am also a database developer and run a software development and consulting business with my wife Amy. Which ones do we like the most? A historical record of official team colors for all professional sports franchises in the United States Football League (1983-1985). Like those worn in other defunct sports leagues, these uniforms and equipment pieces become increasingly rare with each passing calendar. The Breakers were supplied by Sand-Knit and Champion concurrently. Both the red home jersey and white road jersey including contrasting numbers with a blue outline on the front, back and sleeves, as well as a five gold stars on the shoulders. Nailed these home and away threads These videotapes were the league's archive until being turned over to Halcyon Days Productions in 1985. The playoffs and championship game, meanwhile, will be held at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio. All site design is Copyright 1997-2021 Chris Creamer. But the new look fits in more with contemporary football, with a color strip over the shoulders differing from the chest and back on the home and road versions of the jersey.

News and blog on new sports logos and uniforms, rumours, concepts, and history in baseball, basketball, hockey, football, soccer and NCAA at Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page SportsLogos.Net. The five-star logo on the helmet is bold, and that logo looks it even better on the shoulder pads. The designated road jerseys are white with purple over the shoulders. The 1984 Washington Federals jersey numbers and player's names were a heavy vinyl, similar to what the NFL Rams wore for years. The original Maulers were founded in April 1983 and only played in the USFL for one season before folding in 1984. The 1984 Maulers that played at Three Rivers Stadium had purple jerseys with white numbers when playing at home and white jerseys with purple numbers on the road. The impact of the United States Football League is still being felt nearly 21 years after the Baltimore Stars defeated the Oakland Invaders, 28-24, in the league's third and final championship game. This version is better than the original, but the plain look works for Birmingham. USFL, Maulers reportedly returning in 2023 could they start playing in Pittsburgh? Michigan's home uniforms should be used on a permanent basis, as the look is one of the cleanest in the league. Battle ready One consistent theme throughout the uniforms is the placement of the USFL logo on the front bumper and above the numbers on the chest. Unlike the contractual arrangements utilized by the NFL today, the USFL was flexible in it's sourcing of game uniforms. Two secondary suppliers were Goodman and Speedline Sand-Knit jerseys supplied to the Breakers featured Exclusive tagging (see photo). That effect is carried over to the helmet stripe and panels down the side of the red home, white road jerseys and athletic gold pants. I have been interested in logos and uniforms since the early '70s, and am especially interested in team colors, including color science. 2022 Audacy, Inc. All rights reserved. Blue Wave incoming We now have all the You can contact Chris by email at or via Twitter . The original look remains unique and fits the franchise well. Ready to ride Maybe a little, but we like the Bandits clean look here. Pittsburgh could have done much better with its unique color design. The United States Football League is set to begin its inaugural season in April, using the same names as the original version in the 1980s. Houstons black helmet is rather straightforward with a black facemask, partial primary logo on both sides and a Gamblers wordmark on the back bumper. Sometimes less is more -- and the Generals made it work. The home uniform is perfect. Battle ready have clear pictures that show the differences, please contact Tampa Bay should have stayed with the plain red jerseys and gray pants template from the 1980s, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going pewter in 1997 may have forced the Bandits to create a fresh look. The silver helmet goes well with the silver pants, and the red jersey with the black stripes is a good look for the home uniform.

Bill Bender is a national college football writer for The Sporting News. According to Major League Baseball, they were officially the Washington, Why do you have the Washington Senators from 1905-55, the, Please change the alternate nickname to none I have, I have to notice that some logo colors I have. Home and aways are out of this world The black, gray and "gambler red" uniforms are an instant throwback to the Jim Kelly heyday, and Houston teams typically nail a football uniform anyway. section: | slug: ranking-the-usfl-uniforms-for-inaugural-season-new-orleans-breakers-philadelphia-stars-come-out-huge-winners | sport: football | route: | TruColor. Ready for the hunt The uniform is finished off with red socks and the partial primary logo on the left chest, something no other USFL team has on its uniform. regular uniforms as well as the major variations. Our team uniforms and helmets confirm that the USFL is going to be an exciting brand of football, Woods said. The SportsLogos.Net "Leaf-Star" Logo is trademarked and property of this site. We went full steed ahead with these home and away jerseys However, as you would guess, there are exceptions to those rules. Conversely, some early season games in the northern cities were played in cold, snow, sleet and rain. Part of Audacy. I have handled a Boston Breakers jersey worn by Louie Giammona with his name sewn to the plate as opposed to being screened or heat transferred. One of eight teams in the United States Football Leagues return this spring, the Maulers share a name and purple-and-orange color scheme with their forerunners who played one season as part of the original USFL in 1984. Chris Adamski is a Tribune-Review staff writer. The uniforms for the revived Pittsburgh Maulers have been revealed. 1 pick, Safety Bryce Torneden is lone Maulers player to make all-USFL team in inaugural season, Mistakes costly as Pittsburgh Maulers fall to Philadelphia Stars, Western Pennsylvania's trusted news source, Hey, Steelers Nation, get the latest news about the Pittsburgh Steelers here. If you know of other versions and

The vintage Generals uniforms conjure up memories of Herschel Walker and Doug Flutie, but the new versions are a slight upgrade. The Breakers moved yet again, from New Orleans to Portland, Ore.

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