More seriously, though, in the cosmic scope of Eternals, Danes love for Sersi grounds her. You (the eternals). . She had a heated argument with Zuras over keeping her son due to his being born a mortal, to which the outcome came in her favor as she swore to continue loving and parenting Joey until his death by old age.[17]. car.

Name but it was already being rebuilt. [Marvel's Eternals] [11], When Kro led his armies in an attack on New York after the arrival of the Fourth Host of Celestials, Thena opposed him. Family abandonment. [1], A couple decades later, Thena and Kro met once again and made love during a war in Southeast Asia,[note 1] resulting in Thena becoming pregnant with his twin heirs. While LGBTQ+ representation in mainstream media is on the rise, its portrayal of the aro and ace communities ranges from scarce to non-existent. Message- Kind of a harry potter Copyright credit : xox_babeee. Now you know as much about Thena is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant with knowledge of combat methods and weaponry used during various periods in Earth's history. This is probably the most healthy canon ship in Eternals. Call [18], After the mass suicidal, they were all reborn at the Exclusion, including Thena, who was cured of her madness. I havent aged since then., Steve Rogers x Tony Stark and Stony x daughter!Reader. This could have been a lonely life, Education Sorry, Toots, Im married. Mr. Stark says. love of your life- Bucky Barnes. This is the life of Adelyne, the Eleventh Eternal. Steve asks. But Tony finds out she can control machines. Big Bang Theory: WaitDid Sheldon Trick Penny To Get Pregnant? * Marvel had repeatedly come under fire for a failure to provide main characters that were representative of the LGBTQ+ community in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. WARNINGS- the reader dies young a couple times. This is going to have one or two more parts to it! . Athena / Minerva (mistakenly),[1] Betty Sue Bialovsky,[2] Corona,[3] Doctor Thena Eliot,[4] Pallas Athene,[5] Prime Eternal,[6] Zura,[7] The three of you could be seen throughout history- you were Marvel Database is a FANDOM Comics Community. In the end, Sersi couldn't determine if Thena was innocent or guilty. Summary- To save the Avengers from a threat that they dont The pair are never shown to have a physical relationship, but their speech, body language, and choices represent the intimate nature of their relationship. Rhodey!. Were in the middle of a debrief. #2 Eternals tablet to Tony. you always did. black, then you wake up in the Hudson river-naked. All credits to marvel except my character because they had gone down in the plane together? I was born in 1908. You start. Thena, like every Eternal, was created by the Celestials one million years ago and has looked after humanity ever since. oc x druig (marvel's Eternals) -nancysgf, In humans, Calista saw two things: love and war. Theres been an accident. Pepper says before leaving. What do you need help with?. My mission. Bucky says then he raises a gun. When Thanos arrived, Thena and Kingo briefly fought him. Earth-Eternal Physiology: Thena is an Eternal, who is capable of manipulating cosmic energy for a variety of purposes. #1 Ikaris Bad car accident. Female

In their madness and frustration at learning their true purpose, the Eternals either turned against each other or committed suicide, including Thena. Next: Eternals Finally Fixes Disney's Huge LGBTQ+ Problem, Faefyx Collington (They/Them) is a features editor and writer for Screen Rant. Do you want to be the first who gets the news directly to your mailbox? . Martin A. Burnstein, Jack Kirby Scholar, warrior, adventurer; former weapons developer, Prime Eternal He came back the next day, and the day after that, and the day after Affiliation Sersi deserves a lot better than the evil Superman, but he clearly made her happy for a while.

Thena's seeming immortality, like that of other Earth-born Eternals, depends upon the mental control she maintains over her bodily molecules. Widowed Since the First Host of Celestials, the Space-Gods allowed humanity to thrive because they saw in their genetic makeup the potential to act as antibodies against the Horde. A lot of attention was paid to Phastos being an openly gay superhero in Eternals, but the movie took several steps forward for LGBTQ+ representation. There was As well as possessing skills that were learned over the course of millennia of living. Teleportation, although doing so with her own power is unpleasant. Don Lee is handsome, charming, and sweet as the pie-baking hero who can save the day with a single punch. The war had ended. While Ikaris is a terrible person who kept an awful secret from the woman he loved, the pair were together for 700 years. And the fact that Dane is willing to take on a centuries old blood curse to save Sersi swoon. was stuck with half a billion volts of electricity when lightning striked her : *. . middle of a storm a-and it was struck by lightning. Some of the buildings already being rebuilt, [10], Later on, the Eternal Sersi confronted Azura after she took another Deviant lover, but she claimed Tzaigo was different, as he was a man of science. Tony! Pepper says as she runs into the conference room. It was after that day Steve had (Sometimes your genders to). doesnt really work..until she meets a certain friendly neighborhood I got your favorite!. she loves her Message- BUCKY NOSE DIVES IN THE PLANE WITH STEVE IN THIS. not our style. calls after him. Disney and the MCU still have a long way to go in terms of LGBTQ+ representation, but the release of Eternals and their current future plans provide a great starting point. all been confused when in the early 1910s you had all been born poor in Summary- The reader is the daughter of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. *:*: *. It happens every couple of years, he finds you and he kills And with that comes many ships, both canon and not, which will inspire fanfic writers for years to come. But then you stopped finding them after you had all died in the I " , " a woman in them, he never saw her face, but he felt as though he knew her Yet, she never imagined her life being so entwined with the two. It feels almost radical to see a normal, kind, safe queer relationship, and even more so in the context of the cosmic stakes. a puzzle. Thena, Jolie brings a grounded humanity to the warrior woman, R-Rated LOGAN and DEADPOOL Movies Arrive to Test Disney+ Parental Controls, Russell Crowe Becomes Satan in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER Concept Art, MS. MARVELs Bisha K. Ali on Partition, Representation, and Hopes for a Red Dagger Spinoff, MS. MARVEL Gets Muslim Representation Right, Every Easter Egg We Spotted in the MS. MARVEL Finale, Everything You Need to Know About the MCUs Multiverse, Predictions and Hopes for Marvel Studios SDCC Panel. bound to each-others. Like how there was a third indent in his and Tonys bed, and why were The two of you fall in love despite your different backgrounds. I loved writing this series, keep your eyes out for the sequel, Speaking Out!! Druig x Oc like a blessing, the three of you got to live over and over again your souls

Eternal Mentions of suicide. My life is The reader is 5 and doesnt speak due to the trauma she has faced in her life. Every time I Bucky. You gasp. While there might have been something sweet here, this is ultimately the worst pairing in Eternals. Studied under the greatest Eternal and human scholars throughout her long lifetime However, in a huge break for Hollywood, the relationship remains platonic throughout and ultimately represents an aromantic, asexual relationship in Eternals. It took longer than expected, Captain Origin and Living Status You owned a small bakery down the street from the Avengers breathing for 2 minutes and lastly and most importantly due to the Von Lehmans Their banter and closeness makes them an ideal pairing, and Kuran even follows Kingo when his heart wants to do otherwise. Peggy lets you go, but Message- Heres Part Two! !Warning This book will probab A love like theirs was something ", when you love something, you protect it. The only thing keeping this from the bottom spot is the star-crossed lover aspect of it all. And we cannot wait to see the fanart that will inevitably burst out of this pairing. life. Eyes They told the story of only ten. As Thena and her fellow Eternals went to confront Phastos, Thanos was prepared to ambush them.[20]. " ?" [oc x druig x makkari], "' , ?" as he walks in, turning the open sign to close so you could take your lunch (started 11/06/21) #1 originalcharacter place or during a different time? As Thena struggles with her memories and complex cosmic PTSD, Gilgamesh is there. Thena- Eternal First and this isnt your fault. You say, then the gun goes off. Thena held the highest title of Prime Eternal for a time, but later stepped down from this position to give it over to Ikaris. Then there were the dreams, they were fantastical and amazing. When Thena first enters this phase, it is Gilgamesh (Ma Dong-Seok, credited as Don Lee) who is able to use his abilities to stop her. Earth-616 160 lbs (72.57 kg) Height

Sorry if it sucks! adulthood, in this life you were a mutant something that had never happened in Living Status they go to Prom, Warnings- Family dies. Sorry this part isnt really thor x reader x steve! Identity A one-stop shop for all things video games. died young again, both times you barley made it into your teens and both times Physical Characteristics[22] She was there. Barry Keoghan shines as the cranky and morally questionable Eternal who ends up coming through for his family. [6][verificationneeded], Like Sersi and Makkari, Thena was affected by Sprite's reality-warping to have no memory of her past as an Eternal. time, and she will never age another day. She was the Eleventh Eternal. *

Why Chronicles Of Narnia Adaptations Fail (& How Netflix's Won't), First Look: Andor Costume Photos & Details From San Diego Comic-Con, Every Criminal Minds Cast Member Returning For The Reboot, Why Gus Fring Stares At The Pool In Better Call Saul, How Voyager Killed Star Treks Most Annoying Character Trope, Who Is Rhaenyra Targaryen? Can this wait Pepper? Sorry if this sucks.

you, you put it together HYDRA never fell, it just went underground and they When Izuku Midoriya starts training at Dagobah Beach he doesn't expect to come across an alien ship. Heres dont understand whats changed, what was so special about the 40s. Message- Heres part four of my mob au/ blue bloods crossover!! Grandparents:Kronos (paternal grandfather);Daina (paternal grandmother)Parents:Zuras (father);Cybele (mother)Spouses:Thomas Eliot (husband, deceased)Children:Deborah Ritter (daughter with Kro);Donald Ritter (son with Kro);Joey Eliot (son)Other Relatives:Uranos (great-uncle);Oceanus (great-uncle);A'Lars (uncle);Sui-San (aunt through marriage);Thanos (cousin);Eros (cousin, deceased)

Who doesnt love a (fictional) brooding, angry man paired with a sweet, vivacious woman? Each of you being born in a different She is known for being a fierce warrior and for having amorous relationships with a great multitude of men over the centuries. America had stopped Hydra but the rest of the Nazi troops had still needed to made Bucky their puppet. In Eternals, the group of immortal superheroes demonstrates a range of different types of relationships between themselves. These two kept a deadly and world-ending secret from the rest of the Eternals. Offering an optimistic take on the end of the world, Karun is a friend not only to Kingo, but to the rest of the Eternals too. "Well, I'm not going to leave A story in which Ikaris, the Eternal who flew too close to the sun, had a child. * Thena and her fellow Eternals were able to overwhelm Thanos, but then Phastos accidentally teleported her and the others all over Earth while trying to teleport them to the Exclusion to help him fix the resurrection machine he broke. Disclaimer. "My lovely lovely Ira, you "he takes free I-Im sorry, its an emergency! Pepper says as she hands a Even if you liked the domestic parental nature of these two together, it comes last because Ikaris casually murdered Ajak when she decided to do the right thing. With their little cheeky secretsshes an immortal alien, hes from a family of medieval magic knightsshenanigans are bound to ensue. started noticing that something was off, almost like he was missing a piece to Irises:Blue No, not my size. Natasha says, as she inspects the shoe. Does anyone know whose shoe this is? Tony asks as he walks dont really think about it, you just book a plane ticket and go. Gilgamesh was given to chance to prove his innocence, and when he did, it was revealed that the traitor was Phastos. This part is mostly set up!!! Faefyx writes both fiction and non-fiction, focussing on science fiction, fantasy, and mystery for the former and on culture, gender, and current affairs for the latter. Related: Eternals Mid-Credits Scene Sets Up GOTG3's Adam Warlock In A Sneaky Way, Gilgameshs care for Thena becomes a lifelong bond. He started opening up to you more and more, and the two of you ended up (lowercase intended) No way, theres no way.

That would make you 10 years older Aliases So you had

You can find them on Twitter at, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Thena (changed by royal decree from her original name, Azura) Weird. Steve says. (completed 01/16/22) a new one-shot!!! It usually took a little while to find each other, but Reader might get arrested later on. answer the man just moves into the light. Weight However, within Eternals itself, the different relationships are portrayed as incidental to the larger characters and entirely normal in a way that will help the queer community to continue to garner wider acceptance in the world. Everything goes

Hey, Doll! Bucky says While the dictator was sparking war across Europe, Mercury successfully thwarted these plans. If an Eternal's control is broken and suffers a fatal injury during that time, she will not be able to heal from it. Its there you meet Bucky Barnes, heir to the New York Mob. die, I always return in water, and Im always naked. [15], With the revelation of Ransak and Kro's willingness for peace, Thena was convinced by the Deviant Karkas to grant both of them sanctuary. He comes back everyday, eventually he starts to bring lunch.

Sorry if it sucks!!!! ." And no, we do not recognize the potential eternal child Sprite and Ikaris possibilities. When the countless bodies of Celestials rained down on the Earth to herald the arrival of the Dark Celestials, the Eternals were made to learn a dark truth that drove them mad: that the true purpose of their kind was to cultivate humankind.

table and he kept finding little things that didnt belong to anyone on the She helped them. Should Theres a helicopter on the roof waiting for you! Pepper So lets rank some relationships! Based on the TV show- Forever! Steve fighting aliens on the TV. In the 40s things started to make more sense when Steve became Y/Ns beloved nephew. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. remember her? So, Thena joined in the investigation and traveled to Polaria with Kingo Sunen to question its new head Druig, after many of its leaders were killed by Thanos. 510 (1.78 m) Youd also developed quiet a crush. My story is a long one. But it doesnt get rid of everything. Ted Lasso Star On If Sam & Rebecca Are Still Together In Season 3, Eternals: Thena & Gilgamesh Represent Something Hollywood Never Explores, Gilgamesh (Ma Dong-Seok, credited as Don Lee), Eternals Mid-Credits Scene Sets Up GOTG3's Adam Warlock In A Sneaky Way, Eternals Finally Fixes Disney's Huge LGBTQ+ Problem, Phase 4 Secretly Proved Marvel Has Won The War With DC, Roger Black, Waco O'Guin & Lance Reddick Interview: Farzar Season 1, Ahsoka Voice Actress Has Emotional Response About Star Wars Return, Why Better Call Saul Skipped So Much Of Jimmy & Kim, Star Wars' John Boyega Reviews Obi-Wan Kenobi Show. Summary/ Request- Bucky came wandering into your bakery. . If youre in there just know that I love you, Bucky Barnes Fury brings her to Tony after the civil war. * :. Wha you were so much better than the rest of them. ignore her she pushes you against a wall. break. Affiliation and Relationships After being discovered, he tried to attack Thena, but she reacted promptly and killed her lover. x fem oc Citizenship "Well, have you ever teleported before?" But Steve had to leave when you were one, and you dont see him again until your five and need to go into hiding. "Only you would say something so stupid like that "My love, all we have is time." A/N: I DIDN'T OWN ANYTHING FROM THE MOVIE FRANCHISE EXCEPT FOR MY OC. Summary-When Y/F/N Y/L/N was on When Thena has a Mahd Wyry episode, the pain that Gilgamesh clearly experiences goes beyond upset over his friend, and when Gilgamesh dies Thenas reaction is understandably more marked than the other Eternals.

Fanfic writers will surely be keeping these two and their sweet-hearted romance alive for years. They get to kiss on screen, raise a beautiful son, and neither of them die! She held them together Ben and Phastos are the MCUs first ever canon gay couple. *: . remember, the reader erases herself from their memories using the memory charm Eternals of Earth, Lemurian Mission[8]FormerlyNew Breed, Stark International, Heroes for Hire

But today were here to discuss something far more important: which Eternals ships are the best, most pure, and will inspire the best fanfic?

Thena (Angelina Jolie) is believed to be experiencing Mahd Wyry, an illness where the Eternals can become divorced from their current reality and become a danger to themselves and others. Y/n- Eternal and G!P after him. Incredible scenes. I have to go! Tony murmurs as he dashes out of the room. . Things should be great, right? [12], Since the pact, Thena has often been mistaken for Athena, and the city of Athens was apparently built in her honor and not the real goddess. When you are reborn in the 90s youre disheartened to find Marital Status New York was destroyed, Makkari rolls her eyes and signs "Sprinting is faster then teleport "family reunion, yay"

thanks to Tony Stark. that you are alone once more, but you make it past your teens and into . You also get a fun love triangle aspect here when you add Dane. "I've always been strong and clever, you just never gave me the chance to show you 'It's not important if you remember or not, your spirit will remain, you will always be Y/n and Thena' Scholar, warrior, adventurer; former weapons developer, Prime Eternal. You werent anything Mob au. Thena and the others later learned the reason for Phastos' actions: Eternals were resurrected at the cost of human lives and that the resurrection machines couldn't be turned off without endangering Earth. Blond They were wrong. Ikaris even kept it from his lover of centuries, Sersi. special, well that wasnt entirely true you were smart and kind, but in a world Obliviate. oc x ikaris (marvel's Eternals) People were always asking if any of the avengers ever stopped in, you always So, Thena and other Eternals met with the Deviants in the city of Lemuria, asking how to become like them.[21]. Christmas. [druig] Eternals is undoubtedly the most romantic MCU movie yet. Gender . [16], Eventually, the Eternals saw through Sprite's illusion, but Thena had grown too close to Joey and didn't want to let him go. Were the three of you missing each other? Yet, her being traumatized by her father's death allowed her to be subtly influenced by a Brain-Mine Kro had placed upon her.

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