Jesse's utter fear turns to comical confusion when he realizes that Skyler is reprimanding him for something else.

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Because, no crew should walk around.with a dark anus." Plus, his notes include not only meth formulas, but vegan s'more recipes, lists of the best recumbent bikes, indoor composting tips, a Ron Paul sticker, and a Far Side cartoon. I don't really remember Huell and Kuby all that well. Hal excusing his erection against Lois's back as the one who knocks.

Whos Jeff? Cranston provides earlier than your entire set erupts in laughter. Then what else should I not worry about, Saul, hm? In one hilarious outtake (by way of Bulk Fixion), Cranston mispronounces the phrase decontaminate. Jesse asking Walt to pass along his best wishes when Hank has been shot days after viciously beating up Jesse. congue enim in arcu maximus feugiat vitae ut quam finibus risus molestie viverra. Walt ends up with the fly on his head, and orders Jesse to take care of it. Afterwards, when Jesse insists that he killed the fly and even points to it on the floor, Walt crawls over and grabs it, then says Jesse then tries to argue that he got the fly anyway, only for the fly itself to show up again, completely unharmed. In the center of a kind of intense mirror scenes the place Walter typically leers at how far his bodily well being has deteriorated, Cranston launches right into a hysterical diatribe about anal bleaching. In the scene where Mike tells Walt that he'll never see Gus again before leaving the lab, instead of watching Mike's exit in silence, Bryan Cranston gets a bit creative and tells him how he's going to get a gun and shoot Gus, concluding by yelling ". Spooge's lady screaming when Jesse pistol-whips Spooge and demands his payment is weird and funny. Kirk is the first to lose, having "yorked" (puked). "How are you even alive? Because Dean Norris plays a cop in everything he's fucking in. Badger and Skinny Pete's conversation about, Jesse, Badger, and Skinny Pete discussing. Matthew Wilkinson is a Senior Writer with Screen Rant and has been part of the team since 2019. he probably was when he was creating said "script": high. Walt on Jesse's junk food intake. Cranston continues the charade for several seconds as he picks up several items on the table before him and describes them in Japanese, much to the delight of Paul across the room. Walter spins around, leers at her intensely in a pregnant pause, then crumbles into a laughing fit. Jesse Pinkman is a hilarious character that brings a lot of positivity throughout the series. Meanwhile, however, Chekov has Scotty use the transporter to beam the pies he eats into space (since he has a lot of quatloos riding on this). By the time that season 5 came around, Cranston and his cast were heavily leaning into the on-set pranks and charades. When Skyler finishes the story you can see Walt nod his head and basically go "sure let's go with that" without even saying a word. RELATED:Breaking Bad: The Main Characters' Homes, Ranked From Lamest To Coolest. A young Jesse Plemmons then begins to mockingly blow on Cranston's ear (see the blooper in the YouTube video from Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul). Mike has to put Walt in a restraining grip again to get him off Saul, who angrily tells him to pay for dirtying his suit. Take a good, long look at Hector as his nurse brings him back into the elevator; he. Walt uses Jesses suggestion to build a robot and makes a battery which gives them enough power.

Starts with the skeevy kid from the last season trying to get an automatic A for the year, moves on with the counselor telling a girl who asked why God would allow this kind of tragedy to "keep it secular," and finally ends with Walter giving a pathetic and unconsciously self-justifying monologue to the entire school in an effort to convince himself he's not at fault. Bryan Cranston was no stranger to pulling sensible pranks on the set of the superb AMC original series, however few are funnier than the newborn role-playing gag he pulled on Anna Gunn in season 4. He is quite the.

But if you do, call me!"

Walt retrieving his gun from the car wash. Jesse is an excellent character and he brings tons of humor throughout the show, which is why he ends up being so popular. Afterward, the 2 start improvising on the spot, with Skyler saying youre a good, good boy, and Walter saying Im a bad boy. As Walter leaves the room, Skyler provides youre a bad boy and slaps him on his diaper (by way of Bitching Bad). When Hank and Walt sneak out onto into the backyard for some air during the baby shower, Hank lights up a cigar leading to the following exchange. symbolic of Ted's compulsion to spend and live beyond his means, turns his head and glances at him running away, Hector struggles to get his nurse to understand. When Huell refuses to get up from it despite Kuby's urges, Kuby finally just shrugs and joins him. ", Mike in the very first scene has him feeding some bullying chickens and calmly but seriously saying "Wendell doesn't eat, nobody eats.

After Jesse comes back home, his parents discuss the matter and firmly resolve to 'lay down the law' with him. Jesse's meth lab shenanigans. look Walt gives him afterward sells it. YO YO YO 1-4-8 3 TO THE 3 TO THE 6 TO THE 9, REPRESENTIN' THE ABQ, WADDUP, BI-ATCH?! He was responsible for the Death Star. However, when the soda machine rejects his greenback twice, Cranston conjures the proper retort. RELATED: 10 Breaking Bad Characters Who Deserve Their Own Prequels. Having shaving cream smeared over his bald pate does not damage (due to Bitching Bad by way of YouTube). RELATED:Breaking Bad: 9 Funniest Running Gags, Ranked. All the lawyers in Albuquerque and it just, The fact that Badger manages to almost completely botch the stakeout arranged by Saul to catch the fake "Heisenberg" by, There's also the irony of the situation: The DEA is dead-set on finally catching this mysterious "Heisenberg", and unwittingly get the man himself to barge, Saul's commercial, full of bad acting and cheesy effects. And, of course, some talented fan made an animation of Badgers story which truly brings it to life. 40 Of The Funniest Christmas Gifts People Received, These 34 Illustrations Of Pop Culture Characters On Walls And Sidewalks Reestablish The City Into A Paradise, 15 Marvel Memes & Tweets That Will Put a Smile on Your Face, Here's What Famous Characters Would Look If Someone Removes Their Signature Feature, 24 Realistic Versions of Cartoon Characters That Will Warp Your Mind, 18 Comics That Illustrate What Depression Feels Like, 15 Pop-Culture Realizations That Will Blow Your Mind, 12 Film Fans Share The Most "Surprisingly Dark" Movies From Their Childhood. And the whole scene has the most hilariously obnoxious use of dubstep since, Walt secretly plants a bug in Hank's office, under the guise of needing to. RELATED: Breaking Bad 10 Saddest Quotes. Hes pretty damn funny. Cranston leads the way as the chief prankster, but others like Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Anna Gunn, and more let their playful personalities show as well. In the episode Caballo Sin Nombre, karma finally gets its chance to wail on Walter White for once. Even funnier is that he crawls out through the hole he just made instead of just opening the door now that he's inside, Before the blackmail, Francesca gives Walt a major tongue-lashing calling him insane for breaking into the office. He also speaks his first words in the episode "trust us" when Mike asks if it will work. The funniest part is he continues the scene as if nothing is out of the ordinary, already aware that Jesse forgot to light his cigarette in the scene.

To mark the tenth anniversary, Aaron announces a contest in which the winner will get a chance to cook breakfast in the RV with him for charity only to find Bryan squatting in the RV. If we're going to quote Mike, we might as well mention some of his other funny gems: Mike instructing Lydia about how he'll kill her if she botches a DEA phone call and explaining to her the difference between "pistol" and "gun". In addition to his work as Screen Rant, Matthew is also a writer of pieces at The Sportster.

He became popular with fans because of this, with nobody wanting to see him die. After keeping up the nude charade for several seconds, the crew bursts into laughter and Paul finally realizes what Cranston is up to (via Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul). To quote Jesse (regarding the lab) "It's all shiny up in here". Cranston adds before the entire set erupts in laughter. Just before Walter gives one of his most iconic monologues of all time in which he declares "I am the danger!" "Who works naked with a light meter?" Jimmy Kimmel helps Bryan Cranston celebrate his "super sweet 60", sloppily-written posts and a single voice actor that. Walt catches the bill before it hits the ground, tries again, and the same thing happens. A very amusing blooper happens in a shot through which Walter is supposed to buy a can of soda from a merchandising machine exterior the carwash. Walter shrugs off Saul's comments about Mike: To elaborate: Walt goes out and buys a Chrysler 300 SRT8 for Jr. Jr. looks impressed, but gestures that Walt can do betterso Walt keeps the Chrysler for himself and buys Jr. a Dodge Challenger SRT8. It's the way he sounds like he's gleefully anticipating it that sells the joke. Now how long before Gus decides that he's too big of a risk? Breaking Bad didn't exactly leave audiences in stitches, but characters like Skinny Pete and Saul Goodman knew how to bring the comic relief. In the middle of one of those intense mirror scenes where Walter often leers at how far his physical health has deteriorated, Cranston launches into a hysterical diatribe about anal bleaching. Walt inserts Bogdan's first dollar into a vending machineonly for it to slide right back out. Hank Schrader might be quite a serious character when it comes to his work or catching the infamous Heisenberg, but that doesn't mean he's not funny.

After trying to talk Ted into letting him into his office, Walt begins dragging a potted plant towards his window when Skyler appears on the stairs and asks him what he's doing. Gomez's face when he catches the lawyer paying off Mike's guys in the bank vault. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

When Badger and Skinny Pete question as to whether or not what they did was morally right, Walt gives them both a wad of cash and they promptly shut up. In an otherwise tense situation, some of Tuco's "conversations" with Hector come across as darkly amusing: Marie's recollection of this to Skyler included this golden line: After coming home, Walt plays up the incident for laughs when he tries to seduce Skyler, putting on his hat and disrobing in front of her: Jesse rehearsing his "Where's my money, bitch!" And then Walt goes a little overboard making sure they fry the laptop, turning up the magnet's power until the van is knocked over. WILL YOU SHUT THE DAMN DOOR? One of the most intense moments in the stellar AMC series comes when Walt confronts Hank in his garage, telling him to back off or pay the price. Plus, Walt launching the pizza onto the roof is the funniest moment in the entire show. He eventually gets it. Saul but I also laughed a lot with Mike & his subtle facial expressions / bluntness. But when Hank tries to close the storage door, it malfunctions thrice. Walt Jr. doesn't hold back and that opens him up to some great comedy throughout the show. This is what happens when they knock at the door: And later in the scene the show reaches the peak of its, As Kuby explains how it's going to go down, Huell begins absently flipping through one of Beneke's decorating magazines, When the bomb that kills Gustavo goes off, you can, The face that Hector makes right before he sets off the bomb is a hilarious mixture of anger and excitement. Jesse nails him in the head after Walt says 1. There's this joke: how do you get meth-heads out their house? Skinny Pete is an excellent character and one that is reliable and trustworthy when it comes to being friends with Jesse and helping him out with his drug empire. RELATED: 10 Best Episodes Of Breaking Bad, According To Ranker. Walt's reply is simply "I'm talking with Ted!" The beginning of the episode becomes this after a while. Walter White might not seem like one of the funniest characters in Breaking Bad, purely because he's often so serious. When Jesse is getting out of the hospital after being released following being beaten up by Hank. ", Whats even better is that he was so focused on getting the meth that he didnt even stop to consider, Hey, Jesse might have neighbors that MIGHT see me loudly breaking into his house.. From Jesse Pinkman's over-excited reactions to his own ideas to Hank Schrader's dad jokes, there are a lot of different elements of comedy in the show. Specifically his ringtone for Walt, since "Felina" shows that he uses a different one for Lydia Groucho Marx's "Lydia the Tattooed Lady". Walt emerges from the sheets covered in dust. He parks in the worst way possible, jumps out of the car and runs to the door and then stops to breathe before entering like everything is normal. "GET OFF THE TOILET!!". Should I not worry that Gus plans to murder me at the first chance he gets? Walt triumphantly getting the car to work after finding the keys with "El Paso" playing. Message received! Then accidentally hitting his head on the underside of the table when he moves to get up. That guy Mike, that grunting dead-eyed cretin, sucker-punching me in the face! "I ain't no skank." ", To elaborate: on a quiet day, the crew of the Enterprise holds a pie-eating contest that ultimately boils down to Kirk, Spock, and Chekov. While hiding from Tyrus' search of Hector's room, Walt's cover is almost blown by an old lady constantly saying hello to and laughing at the funny man standing right outside her window.

He's got some skills, yo. I can agree with that.

His pure displeasure about the people he has to spend time with is never not entertaining. When Hank and Marie have an argument about Marie trying to arrange dinner with the Whites instead of going see a therapist regarding her shoplifting, Marie exasperatedly drives off running over the remote control car of a neighborhood kid, who'd already run into Marie's foot, much to the boy's horror. please see the DMCA Information section. Upon this realization, Walt gets up close to Francesca's face seemingly about to launch a verbal attack only to mutter "I'll be right back" and hurriedly stumble through the broken door. Who is the one who knocks? Breaking Bad is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed dramatic television series of all time and the winner of multiple high profile awards. In addition to the accent and the joke itself, it is seeing a playfully raunchy aspect of the in any other case extraordinarily intense Walter White that makes the outtake so endearing. What Multiplayer Could Mean For The New Skate's Hall Of Meat? Their celebration shortly after realizing the thousands of cash they'll be making with their bulk.

Just earlier than Walter provides one in all his most iconic monologues of all time through which he declares I am the danger! to his spouse, a hilarious outtake (by way of Bulk Fixion) reveals Bryan Cranston forgetting his strains and bursting into delicate laughter. Its without a doubt Jesses funniest use of btch in the history of Breaking Bad. Over time, the trustworthy flubs and onscreen errors have given approach to outright pranks on-set that always happen in the course of a filmed take. What's The Meaning Of Eddie's Black Handkerchief In Stranger Things? Anytime Michael Bowen seems on the present as Uncle Jack, humor is already on the fore. "Whatever happened to truth in advertising?". Jesse's exasperated "not again" face as he pulls out some acid to destroy Victor's body, and Mike's amusement at their attempts to get it into the container. It's unclear if this mistake was intentional or not. It ranges from pushing a swivel chair to filling his hazmat suit with air as he jumps around like a kid in a toy store. The strippers running off with silverware and goods after the cartel bosses keel over in ". Jesse attempting to get Walt and Mike's attention for his magnet idea, followed by his mimed explanation of it. However, he's not the smartest tool in the shed, and that often brings plenty of comedic moments to the show. The funny part is that the girl who questions why God would allow the tragedy to happen is being played by. Jesse urges Walt to high-five him, and Walt, They try to start the RV's generator up, only for it to burst into flames.

It's like he immediately thinks, "Oh, fuck, I've got to deal with Saul Goodman again. have some hilarious moments here or there. The look on Hank's face at the end of "Gliding Over All". RHONJ: Dolores' BF Paul Undergoes Heart Surgery To Save His Life, 10 Popular Shows Produced By Famous Celebrities, Nightwing's New Tactics Totally Flip How Batman Is Defined by Darkness, Ms. Marvel: 10 Potential Storylines That The Finale Sets Up, 10 Things Only Marvel Comics Fans Know About The Karla Sofen Ms.Marvel, Thor: 9 Best Jane Foster Quotes From The MCU, Loki Season 2 Casts First Major New Marvel Character, Kim Kardashian Is Called 'Entitled' After New Interview, Gremlins 2: The New Batch: The 10 Most Hilarious Quotes From The 1990 Sequel, Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai Clip Shows First Look At Animated Series, Gremlins 2 & 9 Other Surprisingly Great Horror Movie Sequels, Joe & Anthony Russo Interview: The Gray Man. Gale Boetticher doesn't belong in the drug empire, as his sunny disposition just doesn't work with that cutthroat environment. Bryan Cranston mispronouncing the word 'decontaminate' and switching to what appears to be an attempt at Japanese, all while pulling a couple of items out of the shopping bags in front of him and with Aaron Paul staying in character anyway. To add to the funny, after being recognized by Walt Jr., the director frames nearly every shot with Walt Sr. and Saul outside to catch either his bus ad or billboard in the background. He is just a grumpy man who wants to do his job, collect his money, and leave. Hector is trying to explain that Walt and Jesse are actively trying to kill his nephew. Perhaps the funniest of all comes after Jesse delivers a dramatic monologue in a camper after he and Walter cook up. As well as the fact that he words it in such a way as to imply that those who were personally killed in the disaster can sue (likely a nod to the terrible phrasing used in actual legal commercials, e.g. This little pig is the one! Walt angrily throws the pizza on the roof. Considering all the stuff Gus did to interfere in Hector's hospital treatment as revealed in. One of the most overlooked and hilarious moments is when the usually high and haggard Skinny Pete shows off his talent and absolutely shreds on the piano. Walk up to one and, When explaining she wants to buy this specific car wash for money laundering, Skyler manages to manipulate Walt (who was initially against buying it) into doing an. still peels the crusts off his sandwich before eating. He also completely forgets that Hank asked for a soda. Hank enters damage control mode and runs over to the kid: Walt and Jesse are sitting around Tuco's home with only his seemingly dementia-ridden Tio (uncle) for company. By the time that season 5 got here round, Cranston and his forged had been closely leaning into the on-set pranks and charades. What she finds is his. Walt's skepticism is understandable. due to being distracted when Uhura walks in with "her big pointies". However, in a single open desert scene in season 5, a hysterical outtake happens when Jack quietly ambles as much as Walter and simply stares at him for a number of moments of awkward silence. While Skinny Pete provides a lot of comedy in his appearances, out of the pair it is Badger who is funnier.

Check out the website for the hottest fashion & more. When Badger gets high, he ends up going off on long tangents about different topics, showcasing his hidden intelligence which is something nobody expects. The child taking part in along with his distant management automotive out of focus within the background solely makes the outtake funnier.

In addition to the accent and the joke itself, it's seeing a playfully raunchy side of the otherwise extremely intense Walter White that makes the outtake so endearing. Jesse all but confirming what part of the fandom already thinks: Extremely dark humor, but: Marie's conversation with her therapist about untraceable poisons. The scene is very funny and shows that good ideas can come from anyone at any time, even Jesse. While there's murder and drugs spliced in between, the humor works well in breaking things up. *grabs crotch* "Restrain this!". Leave it at the tone. Hank mocks the idea that drug dealers pray to Jess Malverde: Badger's hilariously awkward phone message on Jesse's answering machine when Walt is by his apartment, right after Jesse reminds Walt about how the latter said Jesse couldn't competently operate a meth-selling ring. Walter Jr. coming up with a better lie than Walt to explain the house being covered in gasoline, completely by accident. The two are a duo that are rarely serious and give a much-needed sense of levity throughout the series. He wakes up and asks Walt for water. Walt finally breaks the silence, and right as hes about to launch into a spiel about how any pursuit of him will devastate the family we hear: Welcome to Garduos! Pellentesquees Leo sed mi ullamcorper tristique mauris varius. Yucks and laughs were had by all as father and son enjoy their new toys and rev up their engines. However, when the soda machine rejects his dollar twice, Cranston conjures the perfect retort. The kid playing with his remote control car out of focus in the background only makes the outtake funnier. Watching Jesses hilarious attempts to break the tension are just another great reason to love his character. My granddaughter loves this pig. Man, youre smartmake some kind of robot to get us help, or a homing device, or build a new battery, or This spurs Walt to realize that what Jesse says is not really as far-fetched as it might seem. While his character also gets put through a lot from an emotional standpoint, he delivers plenty of comedy as well. Walt walking into the carwash with Holly to find Saul Goodman chatting with his wife and son, and immediately turning back around and leaving. He provides a lot of dad jokes in the show, and he seems to think that he is hilarious, especially when it comes to joking around with his friends. He gets pepper-sprayed by a cop, he cant see his kids, and he has twins trying to kill him. On a side note, I found the tail can be hung on a door and the pig will make a faint knocking sound. He tries to briefly appropriate himself earlier than randomly breaking right into a prolonged Japanese monologue. "The only thing that made sense in the dream is that I still walked around in my underwear! The rage and craziness that Walt shows in this scene is hilarious and his utterance of Fck you and your eyebrows! is possibly the best thing to ever come out of Walter Whites mouth. When the nurse returns Hector to his room at the nursing home, she chides him in the same way that a parent might scold a small child for breaking something valuable. Jesse then says, Come on! To his credit, Cranston says "I liked it, I could feel his breath on my earlobe." Ill be taking care of you today. Try it again, he urges Hank. Walt is actually the funniest one. However, he gets wrapped up with so many crazy characters, from Walt to Saul, that he ends up becoming frustrated constantly. a song about how a gringo boss named "Heisenberg" has cornered the drug market in the American southwest with his blue meth and how the Mexican cartel are rather cheesed about his product taking away their customers. Rubina Dilaik Accuses Kanika Mann Of, From onion bhajis to jogging within the rain: TV stars rejoice, Bigg Boss 11 contestant and desi Queen, Sapna Choudhary performs on, 10 Great Breaking Bad Cliffhangers Nobody Talks About, 10 Best Episodes Of Breaking Bad, According To Ranker, 10 Breaking Bad Characters Who Deserve Their Own Prequels, Breaking Bad 10 Best Unnamed Characters, FTR Vs Briscoes Is The Must-See Match At Death Before Dishonor, Sarah Michelle Gellar Joins Wolf Pack at Paramount+, Modern Family: 10 Times Jay Loved Stella More Than Gloria, First have a look at latest Star Wars drone from upcoming present andor, Exclusive: Paget Brewster Gives an Update on Birdgirl and Criminal Minds, I Am Groot screenings verify one other Guardians of the Galaxy stars return.

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