Religious Community, Building Photograph There is a good family and a beautiful home and they are they grandparents of the unborn child. - 26 February 1927, B&W group photo of the Staff from the Portland While Shield Home and Hospital, 1938. Soc. Hist. The Salvation Army purchased the center in 1920. At present, residents are referred to The Salvation Army White Shield Center by the State of Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) and Oregon Youth Authority (OYA). White Shield Center provides a trauma-informed, gender-specific, and culturally competent approach to services that are individualized to meet the differing needs of each girl and child. The other half are girls and young women who are not pregnant but whose behavior and emotional reactions to their traumatic histories necessitate a safe, structured and nurturing environment. White Shield Center Director Diane Brandsma recalled what is was like for these young women in the 20th century. I am the great grandmother to both these babies and I will not stop at any means to bring this to the attention of the people. Anna chose to keep her sondefying the odds, Brandsma said. Organizations & Clubs Officers We want to help you to find that special someone who is the right choice for you. Empowering adolescent girls to lead healthy and productive lives within their families and communities. ", "Thank you Shadimate for making me meet my soulmate. Its message is based on the Bible. Clara Neilson and Miss Esther Berglund. Hospital Find help near you. Thank you.. The Salvation Army in Portland, Ore., has helped marginalized young women for almost a century at the White Shield. portland scarves thorns scarf fc timbers ruffneck split team People Half of his estate went to "found and maintain a large home for wayword girls. In addition, The Salvation Army is committed to helping the 53 staff find another position that maximizes their experience in another Salvation Army program in the Portland Metro area. The kettle tradition spread to other corps across the country, including Portland, and has become a major symbol of the organization. Religious Community, Building In addition, serving the children of resident teen moms, ages 0-3, is an essential component of the program. Thousands of untold stories exist, bearing myriad memories and emotions, Brandsma said. correction to my comment fighting for anyone that is being held there when there is a better place for them to be Officer Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1994. Photograph The region is now comprised of the Salvation Army's Cascade and Northwest Divisions, which include Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and parts of Montana. 8495 SE Monterey Ave., Portland, Oregon 97086 | 1-800-SAL-ARMY | Privacy Policy | The Salvation Army Western Territory, The Salvation Army Veterans and Family Center, The Salvation Army West Womens and Childrens Shelter, The Salvation Army Female Emergency Shelter, The Salvation Army Gresham Corps and Community Center, The Salvation Army Moore Street Corps and Community Center in North Portland, The Salvation Army Portland Tabernacle in NE Portland, The Salvation Army Tualatin Valley Service Center in Hillsboro. Taiz, Lillian. Research Lib., OrHi 009828.jpg, Salvation Army, Portland, May 1982 Courtesy Oreg. The group of social service workers and club women, who greeted Brig. babies Standing: Adjt. The Salvation Army White Shield Center has a long history and presence in Portland, Oregon. These prominent Portland women took an active part in the Open House of the Portland, Oregon White Shield Women's Home and Hospital. The location is the White Shield Home & Hospital, Portland, Oregon. Brandsma continued painting a picture of that era, when the womans relatives often would invent a cover story to explain her absence from the community, such as an extended visit with a family member in another state, or attendance at a boarding school. They marched through the streets, played brass instruments, and prayed publicly while heckling crowds threw mud, stones, and rotten vegetables. A friend of mine was in there several years ago and it was dirty and smelled awful. This has necessitated layer of crushed rock and drain tile under basement slab. Twenty-two corps and ninety-four service centers provide aid and relief to areas throughout the division.

Donations often come with a message. During the 1890s, the Salvation Army expanded its services and corps throughout the city. In 1917, it purchased the White Shield Home in Northwest Portland, a maternity home and hospital originally opened by the E. Henry Wemme endowment fund in 1917. Research Lib., OrHi 76646, Salvation Army, Portland, Citadel Courtesy Oreg. The people there are refusing to let her go. After the maternity hospital closed in the early 1970s, the White Shield Center adapted to the change and continued its efforts, with a residential treatment approach, to meet the needs of girls and young women from 12-21those marginalized due to abuse, abandonment, neglect, addiction, poverty, and racism. Soc. November 9, 1889. Hospital

Design by Shadimate. Chapel In 1905, a new Salvation Army province was created, with headquarters in Portland. The picture for this article can be found in Photo Catalog as Object 2013.5.1000. Building Secretary; Capt. Johanna Sande, Mrs. Lt. Col. Baynton, wife of D.C. - Ensign Elsie Alleman, Superintendent; Lt. Col. Harris, W.S.S. Trabajando con otros, con generosidad y respeto mutuo, queremos construir un mundo donde todas las personas puedan vivir libre y dignamente. Home The Salvation Army continued to open corps in the Portland metropolitan area. It was a long search. Over the years, thousands of young women have walked the halls at White Shield Center, the choices different for each one. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2001. Note the spongy condition of ground. Clara Flack and Ensign Margaret Baxter. Hospital During World War II, Portland Salvationists participated in Salvation Army service units.

The common thread is their remarkable resilience, despite the odds. . A project of the Oregon Historical Society, 2020 Portland State University and the Oregon Historical Society, The Oregon Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. He is a small business owner in Eugene, Oregon, and successful. So I have contacted Senator Ron Widen and will be calling the TV stations regarding the injustice and refusal to help this young woman. Ethel Hunter. From the early 1900s past mid-century, it was not uncommon for an unmarried, pregnant, young woman to be sent away from her home and community to White Shield to deliver her baby, Brandsma said. Organizations & Clubs Harris at a White Shield tea during her visit to Portland, February 26, 1927. Ida Neustel, Adjut. People B&W photo of the White Shield Home & Hospital in Portland, Oregon, formerely known as Wemme Mememorial Hospital. Winston, Diane H. Red-Hot and Righteous: The Urban Religion of the Salvation Army. Picture appears to have been taken from wooded area which is located on the grounds of the hospital. Florence Terpening, Capt. Salvationists often violated the ordinances, leading to heavy fines and arrests. People I know about this place and I am sure that it has helped many young teen moms, The problem with this place is that it is a poor environment for moms and their children.

Salvation Army, Portland, Thanksgiving 1962 Courtesy Oreg Hist. Officer Officer - 1938, B&W photo of a doctor delivery a baby at the White Shield Home and Hospital, Portland, Oregon - 1947 - 1947, B&W photo of a doctor scrubbing his hands either before surgery or after at the White Shield Home & Hospital, Portland, Oregon, B&W photo of a woman from the Soroptimist Club pointing to the Nursery Placque to one of the Officer's from the White Shield Home and Hospital, Portland, Oregon, 147 - 1947, B&W photo of excavation for the Wemme Memorial Hospital, 7/26/50, later became the White Shield Home & Hospital. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. As a provider of compassionate care, we never want to close a program that serves people in need, but we can no longer operate a program in a financial deficit. Religious Community, Home Salvation Army, Portland, band, ca 1890 Courtesy Oreg. When East Portland and Albina merged with Portland in 1891, the strict eastside ordinances were no longer in effect, and Salvationists were able to practice more freely. - 26 July 1950. By 1880, the Salvation Army had expanded to the United States. The organization had set up canteens along the American front, but rations were limited, and Stufflebeam and Ensign Helen Purviance suggested they make doughnuts. Religious Community, Building Ethel Hunter. The territory had previously been attached to the California province, but the new arrangement included Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana. Organizations & Clubs Home The goal has always been to teach each resident the skills they need for positive long-term outcomes. People Hist.

Home Soc. - 1939. Soc. Photo was used in the West War Cry, March 26, 1949. With limited funding, we have to realign our priorities in order to keep all of our programs financially healthy, said Major Robert Lloyd, The Salvation Army Portland Metro Coordinator. Religious Community, Home The 1920s marked a significant decade for the organization, as the Salvation Army began extending its presence in Portland and Oregon. Research Lib., OrHi 98386. The tradition started in 1891, when Salvationist Joseph McFee of San Francisco stationed a large pot near the riverfront and collected donations to provide free Christmastime meals to the city's poor. Hist. Hospital I was one of those girls who kept her baby. During World War I, the Salvation Army garnered international recognition for its relief efforts for American soldiers stationed in Europe. The James and Lila Miller Early Intervention Center, Parent-teacher support from day-care staff for teen moms, Health and wellness education and support through collaboration with community partners, Mental health, substance abuse and psychiatric support through Lifeworks Northwest, Transition support and follow-up (Aftercare), On-site school and academic support by Portland Public School DART (Day and Residential Treatment). 30840 Hawthorne Blvd, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 | 1-800-SAL-ARMY |, New park aims to bring community, outdoors to Medfords Hope House, Riley witnesses frontlines of Oregon wildfires, Salvation Army adds drive-through food pantry on Oregon coast, Linking social services and corps ministry in Orange County. B&W photo of three (3) women from the Women's Guild at the White Shield Home and Hospital, Portland, Oregon, 1939. My Mother was an unwed teen. Home "I am very happy to have Adeeba as life partner. Photograph

Really it was a wonderful experience to find most suitable,lovely life partner for me as I wanted. It began as a maternity hospital and home for marginalized girls and young women; many were pregnant and unwed.. Portland resident Margaret Sheldon Stufflebeam was sent to France in 1917 as an ensign in the Salvation Army.

Home Officer - 26 March 1949. Jule Metzger and Mrs. Eva Meyer (who started the fund), are at the White Shield Home & Hospital, Portland, Oregon. Religious Community, Building The writer of the note, Anna, was a young woman in The Salvation Army White Shield Center, in Portland, Ore., which has helped vulnerable girls and young women since its inception in 1899. The newest, the Tualatin Valley Citadel, opened in 1991 to serve Washington County. After careful analysis, The Salvation Army has decided to close the White Shield Center because of inadequate funding from the state at the level required to provide specialized care.

Others identified: Capt. A series of partnerships and mergers brought the work, passion and dedication of Charles Crittenton, the Women's Temperance Union and E. Henry Wemme through the early 1900s with The Salvation Army (1920) as the agency that carried forth the collective mission and vision to serve vulnerable girls, women and children through services at the White Shield Center. Photograph I believe a very young girl had a baby there in 1934 or 1935. He first used the Christian Missions new name, a salvation army, in 1878. When the city of Vanport flooded on May 30, 1948, the Salvation Army led disaster relief efforts, providing food, clothing, and shelter to thousands of victims. Banner. - 1938, B&W group photo of the Staff from the Portland White Shield Home and Hospital, 1938. Religious Community, Building Religious Community, Building Religious Community, Building B&W photo of the White Shield Home & Hospital, Portland, Oregon. Hist. B&W photo of the White Shield Home & Hospital, Portland, Oregon. Most popular member base are Hindu matrimonial - Muslim matrimonial - Sikh matrimonial - Christian matrimonial and Divorce matrimonial. Several programs were established during the 1920s, such as the Red Shield Boys Club and Camp Trestle Glen in Boring, the first Salvation Army summer camp west of the Mississippi River. The Salvation Army worked closely with the Oregon Department of Human Services and Oregon Youth Authority to transition each of the 21 girls living at the White Shield Center. It established a soup kitchen and shelter in 1894, and an industrial home for the rehabilitation of men opened the next year. Evidence-based curricula and practices are utilized to teach the skills needed for positive long-term outcomes for residents.

My mother, aunt, and uncle were born here.

The take over by The Salvation Army over operation of the Wemme Home was at the specific request of the Henry Wemme estate.

I stayed, while pregnant at White Shield between Sept and November 1969. Fifty-seven years ago, you took me in at 17 years old, pregnant and frightened. Hospital Hospital I was born there June 25th, 1943 Home Ruth Stoler and Adjt. B&W photo of the White Shield Home & Hospital, Portland, Oregon.

Born to Mildred Seaberg. Any help in finding her would be wonderful. Photograph Research Lib., OrHist 023187, Mary Stillwell established the first Salvation Army corps in Portland i.

We are highly committed to provide secure and genuine relationship. Officer They want her to come and live with them and the father of the baby. A corps opened in East Portland in 1887, where opposition to the Salvation Army was strong. 30840 Hawthorne Blvd, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 | 1-800-SAL-ARMY | Privacy Policy | 2021 The Salvation Army Western Territory. He has been a blessing since the day he was born. William and Catherine Booth first established the Salvation Army in 1865 as the Christian Mission in Londons East End. B&W aerial photo of the White Shield Home & Hospital, Portland,Oregon. Donate Clothing, Furniture & Household Items. Religious Community, Building Murdoch, Norman H. Origins of the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army White Shield Center has a long history and presence in Portland. Front row: Mrs. Capt. A womens rescue home opened in 1897. The Oregon History Wayfinder is an interactive map that identifies significant places, people, and events in Oregon history. Please enter your name, email and zip code below to sign up! Donors support The Salvation Army for various reasons; for many, its because the organization helped them or someone they know. - 1988, Article in Newpaper, no date or name of newspaper, about the Wemme Home for Women Comes Under the S.A. Booth toured North America on several occasions, visiting Portland in 1894. Officer The Salvation Armys womens rescue home relocated to the White Shield building in 1920. The Salvation Army targeted the Pacific Northwest for its missionary work in the United States, regarding the region as one of extreme godlessness, with Portland especially having a reputation as a town full of vices. About half of the girls and young women referred to and placed at White Shield Center are pregnant or parenting a child under the age of 4. Home Officers Mertle Currer. Photograph He is now 45yo and my best friend. Soc. By the early twentieth century, the iconic Salvation Army red kettle and accompanying bell ringers made their first appearances in Portland. It is now known as the Salvation Army White Shield Home. Portland is the headquarters of the Cascade Division, which encompasses Oregon and southern Idaho. Photograph Research Lib., OrHist 007670, Salvation Army, Portland, musicians Courtesy Oreg. ", " team searched Saba for me, their efforts to find my soul mate was really marvelous. Ruth Stoler, and Adjt.

Mertle Curer, R.N. You sheltered me, fed me, and delivered my son. As soon as her profile came up on the search results, it was love at first site. It was the Soroptomist Birthday Memorial (Nursery) and Mrs. Meyer was placing a plaque on the door. . - 1949, B&W photo of Pres. In the late 1870s, William Booth developed a new form of evangelism, using a military structure for his group of believers and adopting ranks, uniforms, and brass bands. Officers

Captain Mary Stillwell led the open-air worship service and soon after established the first corps in the Pacific Northwest. The nursery is sponsored by the Soroptomist Club - Officer Helen Smeetong is the Superintendent at the White Shield Home & Hospital. The center provides intensive residential behavioral rehabilitation services with evidence-based curricula and practices in partnership with Portland Public Schools. Nursery Portland, OR (June 22, 2020) -The Salvation Army White Shield Center has a long history and presence in Portland, OR. The Salvation Army Portland Metro Now there is a young mother who is 18 yrs old has a 15 month old boy and is expecting another child this September. Occasionally, some families created space for the unexpected child to return, and young mothers like Anna would raise their babies against the odds. I know they have the authority to do this but are refusing. ", About Shadimate: one of India's best matrimonial webiste which provide limited free service for different communities, was developed with a simple objective - bring peoples together. Hist. Mrs. Arthur Dibble, Vice President of the White Shield Guild; Mrs. E. Parris Zerhntbauer, General Chairman (Open House), and Mrs. W. W. Gabriel, President of the Guild. Hospital Maurine Irby, Sergents Lockhard, Vernon, Adams and Traeger, Capt. According to Brandsma, all White Shield Center residents receive life skills training, mentoring, education and mental health or addictions counseling, and pregnant teens and young moms receive access to prenatal care, parenting skills training and day care. Organizations & Clubs Jane.

Photograph Seated: Maj. Rosa Morsch, Superintendent; Lt. Zeta Gill, Capt. The city had strict ordinances forbidding religious meetings in the street, the public playing of instruments, and parades without special permits. I was 19yo at the time and the best thing (for me) was to keep and raise my son. Florence Terpening, Capt. Provincial headquarters relocated to Seattle in 1906. The Salvationists Again. The Oregonian. Thanks to for providing best platform as here i have found most of profile verified and personalized support. - 1947, B&W photo of the Chapel at the White Shield Home & Hospital, Portland, Oregon, B&W photo of the excavation and construction of the Wemme Memorial Hospital, which later became the White Shield Home & Hospital, Portland, Oregon. Hospital Photograph My name is Jane and I never give up fighting for anyone that is being help when there is a better place for them to be. People The Salvation Army worked in the Portland community throughout the twentieth century. The Salvation Army continues to operate four shelters and four food pantries in the Portland Metro area: The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Initially a maternity home and hospital, today White Shield Center provides a safe, secure, nurturing learning environment for adolescent girls between the ages of 12 and 18, many who are pregnant or parenting; residents are referred by the State of Oregon's Department of Human Services or Oregon Youth Authority. Hospital The organization also purchased a lot at Southwest Sixth Avenue and Ankeny Street for the construction of a new building. Marine Irby, Capt. I met my better half through Giving wings to fly!

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