There is no run-up to it, just a right turn and start climbing. There was also a good amount of beer, food trucks, and raffle prizes waiting for us at the finish. There were times I was just about laying on my stem to keep the front end down while I did my best to keep my absoluteBLACK oval 4236 gear spinning up the hill. Its something that Ive continued to use often on rides since the event. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright 2022 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes. We made the choice around mile 34 to skip the middle 4 sectors for the sake of time. It's a good thing too. My legs gave out on some of the fast, flat and rolling terrain after sector 7 and they cramped up pretty hard. Asking them to handle another 2000 feet of elevation in 15 miles would have been a death sentence. As it was, we spent 4 hours on the bike, tallied 55 miles and 5000 feet of elevation. It was a solid day even if we only hit 3 of the 7 sectors on the route. I was hoping against hope that this wouldn't be a repeat. I was also hoping that my legs would hold out for what would be a truly epic day of suffering. My only hope was to sit in the draft wherever I could and stick to my pacing plan. I was determined to reach the top, and was greeted by friends as Bonnie Taylors Turn Around was ironically playing at the top. Another 150 left soon after for the Baboon (50-mile) and Marmot (30-mile) routes. Its not a race. We changed out of our kits and grabbed our beer glasses to recover and refuel after a great ride. Shortly afterward, the 150 riders tackling the Gorilla route rolled out behind the mayor of Emmaus, PA, and started their 75-mile journey through the hills and gravel roads around the Lehigh Valley. I think we repeated that about 10 times during the riders meeting. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. We both chose cyclocross bikes with 700x35mm tires. My MOST popular posts and training tools! Located at a church parking lot, the rest stop was stocked with plenty of yummy treats and much-needed fuel and hydration. Stages Power Meters The Original Crank Arm Based Power Meter, Power Meter City Your Power Meter Specialist, Strength and Mobility Exercise Video Library, Motivation Monday: Monkey Knife Fight 9 Recap, Keys to Effective Cycling Interval Training, New Zwift Workout: The Early Base Grab Bag, Gravel Grinder and Battenkill Training Plan. Since we were all a bunch of monkeys, we were given a banana. Frustrated, I realized that if I could apply all my physiology, chemistry, nutrition and training knowledge, I could build a better mousetrap not just for my own training, but for other athletes. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. If conditions would have been wet, something like the G-One All-round would have been a better choice. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Registration opened on Saturday at 7AM for March 28ths Monkey Knife Fight. It was one of many challenging climbs along the course. In this edition of Motivation Monday I'll recap Monkey Knife Fight 9, tell you what went wrong and what went right.

Ideally pairing with SRAM's Force 22 groupset, the PG-1170 cassette features a 16T cog for extra cadence control and delightfully smooth shifting when you're hovering around the middle block of Deal of the Day Suncloud Cutback Polarized Sunglasses Price: $39.73 50% Off Regular Price: $79.99 Buy Now. To get an idea of how I proceeded to tackle a beast like this, check out my previous posts about thetraining theory behind a ride like this. Yeah, it was lots of muscular endurance and plenty of VO2 max work. No, it wasn't glamorous at all, but it (sort of) got the job done. It was relatively tame by my standards. To take the edge off, I went with the 3.2mm thick bar tape from LizardSkins. The Funk Brewing Company and Weyerbacher beer was flowing and the food trucks were churning bowl after bowl of delicious nachos and ice cream. Some riders did ride that year, but they agreed it wasnt the wisest choice. Gravel has peaked my interest, because it combines the mixed terrain of cyclocross with the challenge of endurance distance events. The Schwalbe G-One Speed tires we definitely up to the task, even on the steep dirt and gravel climbs. Since the aide station was a central hub, I only used the Backcountry top tube and saddle packs from Apidura, leaving the frame pack at home. Ill be at the top of the hill to discuss your life choices with you, said Monkey Knife Fight organizer Dave Pryor at the riders meeting at the 2019 event. As the course meandered through the countryside, it was well planned that there was a central hub that acted as a rest stop and command center for the event. The hard-packed dirt mixed with some larger rocks was relatively smooth due to regular automobile traffic. And while I may not be a ex-ProTour rider, an Olympic Coach or even a prolific race winner, I am something that most coaches are not: a regular guy just like you who has a job, a family and a desire to be a stronger cyclist. Bike choice was simple. Ride what ya got. My teammate, Ben, and I rolled out with the rest of the baboons and quickly settled in with a group of riders from the area. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The highlight of the ride for me was Goat Hill. There were many gravel sections throughout the course, but also a significant amount of road. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. For gearing, I relented and swapped my regular 12-25 for a 12-27. But I still kept the standard 53/39 crank gearing. Surprisingly, I didn't find myself overgeared or uncomfortable: I tend to like a lower climbing cadence, so I was in heaven most of the day. Copyright Tailwind Coaching 2012-2017 | All Rights Reserved | Tailwind Coaching is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I race cyclocross, and have ridden the JAM Fund Grand Fondo, which has a few little gravel sections in it, but Monkey Knife Fight, the Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo and unPAved PA are the first proper gravel events Ive done. Review Oakley Sutro Line Options To Define Your Look, Review Smith Ruckus Lightweight Shield That Pivots With Your Ride, Largest ever U.S. delegation for 2022 UCI Cyclocross World Championships, Walmart becomes Title Partner of the 2022 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships, Fayetteville, Arkansas receives more cycling accolades, Registration opens for 2022 Gdrun Bike Festival in Hot Springs, Windrock Bike Park to host opening round of 2022 USA Cycling National Downhill Series, World Bicycle Relief teams up with SCOTT-SRAM, Cincinnati #4 in the nation for beer drinkers, Your National Public Lands Day can be Action Packd. Register now andjoin us for another year of monkeying around. Start Here Resources/Most Popular Posts. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Now, considering Monkey Knife Fight is truly a fundraiser event, I'm going to put this out there. You. Should. Do. IT! Two days post knife fight and I'm beaten up and sore, but so utterly happy that I did it. What a great group of people and a great organization. If you have any inkling that gravel riding is cool, this one will confirm your feelings. Ben and I both agreed that we couldnt wait for the 2020 event. My wife rode her Ridley Fenix with some Hutchinson 28s and a (revised) 34/28 low gearing. For each categorized climb completed along the route, you get a raffle ticket. Tifosi Launches New Sizzle Active Lifestyle Sunglasses, Tifosi Rail Excellent Coverage, Light On The Wallet, DK Bicycles brings stem manufacturing back to Ohio, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), Whisky Parts Co. UD Carbon Headset Spacers, Whisky Parts Co. No.7 Carbon Seatpost - 27.2 mm, Whisky Parts Co. No.9 Carbon Tubeless 700c Road Rim, Whisky Parts Co. No.7 Carbon Seatpost - 31.6 mm. For days like ours, you could get away with a road bike with 28mm tires. With this goal in mind, I started Tailwind Coaching, to help cyclists [with busy lives and limited training time] become stronger, faster, fitter and healthier. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. If you read my previous Motivation Monday posts, you'll know I was somehow suckered into riding the Monkey Knife Fight on April 14th. I'd suggest you read those posts to get an idea of what I've spent the winter and early spring training for. I described it asa spring classic, Pennsylvania style. That means dirt roads, gravel, steep climbs, shitty weather and lots and lots of fun. And beer. There's a beer sponsor. I think it's Funk Brewing, actually.. Heckling Editor, Image Taker, Crash Test Dummy, and Beard Master at, Current Testing Rigs 2019 Van Dessel Full Tilt Boogie, 2018 Van Dessel Motivus Maximus LTD, 2016 Van Dessel Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, 2015 Bianchi Sempre Pro, 1978 Trek TX900, Dream Bike Ill tell you when they make it, Discipline Cyclocross, gravel, road and duathlons (ride/run). It was an oasis at the top of the hill, with cheerful volunteers ready to launch you off on your next adventure. Favorite Rides Quiet country roads of Amish Country, some of the best roads around. Some of them I know from the cyclocross scene, while other ranged from local racers to more casual riders looking to challenge themselves to something new. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Review Tifosi Swank XL RX Stylish, Functional, and I Can See! After a short climb up to the staging area, we grouped up under sunny skies. Now, remember earlier where I mentioned my description wasalmostentirely correct? This is where I fucked it up: it wasn't shitty weather as generally predicted for mid-April. It was sunny and warm. No, it wasn't. It was sunny and HOT as hell. Like, 85 degrees hot as hellin the shade. So we prepared to sweat for the first time in 6 months before we rolled off with 300 other knuckleheads. At registration, you get one of the coolest things I ever got from a race. There are still spots left, less than 100 for the Gorilla, but they wont last. Beer of Choice Unibroue Grand Reserve 17, aged four years. In years past, the ride supported the fight against cancer through the Pennsylvania Perimeter Ride Against Cancer. As always, one of the biggest ways to get yourself thrown into a tailspin is to be rushing on race day. (Before anyone gets mad at me,yes, I know this is not a race. But for preparation sake, you should treat any major event as a race scenario in terms of preparation.). With the ride coming to an end, Monkey Knife Fight is picking up where the PPRAC left off in supporting theDream Come True charities. The week leading up to Monkey Knife Fight was an epic one. We went from cold and snow to legit summer in the space of 4 days. FOUR DAYS! To say that I have previous experience with sudden warm temperatures on race day is an understatement. Last time that happened, I spent a week recovering on the couch. At the time,I wished so much for the cramping to stop that I may have made a pact for my first born to go live with someone in a very warm place. All along the hill, I could see marks in the dirt from spinning tires and cleats as people decided to walk. In 0.22 miles, you climb 128ft, and hit a maximum of about a 24 percent grade according to Strava. It wasnt long until we hit our first section of gravel, which is what I was looking forward to. Monkey Knife Fight started back in 2008 as a training ride organized by Mark Bowman of South Mountain Cycles as preparation for the Tour of Battenkill. Subscribe for FREE workout advice, discount codes, coaching tips, blog updates and more. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Suncloud Cutback Polarized Sunglasses - 50% Off! Some people looped it around their bars or seat post, others stuffed it in their jersey pocket. Me? Well, given the choice between my Look 585 and my Scott Foil 10, I opted for the Foil. Why? Sadly, I can only mount 25s on it, and it's stiff as hell, but it has one big advantage: electronic shifting. Now, this isn't one of those it's faster or more precise kind of arguments. Nope, far from it. The biggest factor is the Foil has bar top mounted satellite shifters and sprint shifters on it. That means I can shift from multiple hand positions. In an event with 25+ miles of dirt sectors, varying my hand position would be critical to staying comfortable throughout. As we rode on, we found many of the gravel sections to be like this, though many also featured some challenging climbs. Over the 11 years of the event, 10 editions have been held, with one year being snowed out. Well, the beer sponsor was indeed Funk Brewing (who makes a wicked IPA I might add. It was a zippered pouch to collect raffle tickets with. We began the loop back to the finish, and reflected on the day we spent in the saddle. Others were long grinders, but Goat Hill was steep, dirt, and relentless. At the time, I was following some of the principles of traditional coaching and getting mediocre results. These cookies do not store any personal information. Instead of riding around in circles at the local crits, it offers a new challenge that many riders are looking for these days. ) I'll also add that I was completely correct about the description with one notable,important exception, which I'll get to. The morning of Monkey Knife Fight we split up the various prep in order to get everything set up and get out on time. I was tasked with packing up the team car, er, Outback and getting us there. We got the bikes on the roof and rolled out only a couple minutes behind schedule. After a fast rollout, we hit some of the uncategorized sections that would later prove to be deadly. These bumps in the road suck the life out of your legs and leave you gasping for air, which is decidedly poor when you have 7 categorized segments coming up. On the plus side, the terrain around Emmaus is some of the prettiest I've ridden anywhere in the northeast. And did I mention dirt? The dirt came thick and fast right out of the gate: There was more than one occasion where the dirt roads were merely the icing on a climbing cake: Because it was billed as a hard ride the segments were also unpaved, at least partially anyway: But even though it was incredibly hard, it was also incredibly rewarding: Nobody can plan for 85 degrees when the highest temperature all year has been around the mid-60s. I stuck to the pacing plan by spending as little energy as possible in the first third of the ride. I actually felt pretty good going through the first sector and into the second one. Shortly after the second sector, I started to feel the twinges a bit. It didn't help that the folks I was riding with were having major issues with the heat and the pace dropped considerably.

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