94), Christian Fermin (four-star), David Shriver (10.7 PPG at Hartford), Zeb Jackson (3.3 PPG at Michigan), Brandon Johns Jr., (3.2 PPG at Michigan), Departed or expected to depart: Quan Jackson (11.9 PPG), Michael Ertel (10.4 PPG), Josh LeBlanc Sr. (4.6 PPG), Jamal Johnson (4.4 PPG), Tyreke Locure (4.0 PPG), Justin Brown (3.0 PPG), Elijah Tate (1.8 PPG) Expected to return: Dante Harris (11.9 PPG), Ryan Mutombo (5.1 PPG), Jordan Riley (3.2 PPG), Malcolm Wilson (2.5 PPG) 72), Umoja Gibson (13.3 PPG at Oklahoma), Caleb Murphy (11.4 PPG at South Florida), KT Raimey (JC), Da'Sean Nelson (JC), Departed or expected to depart: Aminu Mohammed (13.7 PPG), Donald Carey (13.5 PPG), Kaiden Rice (11.0 PPG), Collin Holloway (9.2 PPG), Tyler Beard (3.0 PPG), Timothy Ighoefe (2.8 PPG), Jalin Billingsley (2.1 PPG), Kobe Clark (0.2 PPG) Newcomers: Aidan Mahaney (four-star), Joshua Jefferson (NR), Departed or expected to depart: Jamaree Bouyea (17.3 PPG), Yauhen Massalski (13.5 PPG), Gabe Stefanini (9.5 PPG), Patrick Tape (5.1 PPG), Dzmitry Ryuny (1.7 PPG) Expected to return: Marcus Sasser (17.7 PPG), Tramon Mark (10.1 PPG), Jamal Shead (10.0 PPG), Ramon Walker Jr., (3.2 PPG), J'Wan Roberts (3.2 PPG), Reggie Chaney (3.2 PPG), Ja'Vier Francis (1.2 PPG), Kiyron Powell (redshirt) Edwards (redshirt) Expected to return: Jalen Wilson (11.0 PPG), Dajuan Harris Jr. (5.4 PPG), Joseph Yesufu (2.2 PPG), Zach Clemence (2.2 PPG), Bobby Pettiford (1.4 PPG), K.J. Walker (8.3 PPG), Darius Johnson (6.4 PPG), Tyem Freeman (5.0 PPG), P.J. Expected to return: Boo Buie (14.1 PPG), Chase Audige (9.8 PPG), Ty Berry (7.4 PPG), Robbie Beran (6.4 PPG), Julian Roper II (4.0 PPG), Matthew Nicholson (1.8 PPG), Brooks Barnhizer (1.7 PPG) 99), Wilguens Exacte Jr. (NR), Mike Saunders Jr. (7.3 PPG at Cincinnati), Gavin Baxter (6.6 PPG at BYU), Ben Carlson (1.6 PPG at Wisconsin), Departed or expected to depart: Terrell Brown Jr., (21.7 PPG), Emmitt Matthews Jr. (11.7 PPG), Jamal Bey (9.4 PPG), Daejon Davis (7.0 PPG), Nate Roberts (5.5 PPG), Dominiq Penn (1.0 PPG) Expected to return: Branden Carlson (13.6 PPG), Marco Anthony (9.1 PPG), Rollie Worster (7.5 PPG), Lazar Stefanovic (7.5 PPG), Gabe Madsen (6.7 PPG), Jaxon Brenchley (2.6 PPG) Expected to return: Kevin Obanor (10.0 PPG), Clarence Nadolny (3.5 PPG), Daniel Batcho (2.2 PPG), KJ Allen (1.9 PPG)

Newcomers: Jarace Walker (No. 27), Chance Westry (No. Expected to return: Tristan da Silva (9.4 PPG), KJ Simpson (7.4 PPG), Nique Clifford (6.7 PPG), Julian Hammond III (2.9 PPG), Luke O'Brien (2.6 PPG), Lawson Lovering (1.9 PPG), Quincy Allen (redshirt), Javon Ruffin (redshirt) 92), Favour Aire (four-star), Danilo Jovanovich (four-star), Norchad Omier (17.9 PPG at Arkansas State), Nijel Pack (17.4 PPG at Kansas State), Departed or expected to depart: Brady Manek (15.2 PPG), Dawson Garcia (9.0 PPG), Kerwin Walton (3.4 PPG), Anthony Harris (2.6 PPG) It might be busier than the actual season. Newcomers: Jahmir Young (19.6 PPG at Charlotte), Donald Carey (13.5 PPG at Georgetown), Patrick Emilien (12.5 PPG at St. Francis NY), Jahari Long (0.8 PPG at Seton Hall), Caelum Swanton-Rodger (NR), Noah Batchelor (four-star), Departed or expected to depart: Eli Brooks (12.8 PPG), DeVante' Jones (10.3 PPG), Caleb Houstan (10.1 PPG), Moussa Diabate (9.0 PPG), Zeb Jackson (3.3 PPG), Brandon Johns Jr., (3.2 PPG), Frankie Collins (2.8 PPG) Newcomers: Prince Aligbe (four-star), Donald Hand Jr., (four-star), Chas Kelley (four-star), Armani Mighty (NR), Mason Madsen (3.9 PPG at Cincinnati), Departed or expected to depart: Al-Amir Dawes (11.3 PPG), David Collins (10.3 PPG), Nick Honor (7.7 PPG), Naz Bohannon (5.7 PPG) Calif. governor asks UCLA to explain Pac-12 exit, Report: NCAA tourney better on gender inequality, ACC boss: Everything on table amid realignment, NBA 1st-round prospect joins G League Ignite, Sources: Big 12, Pac-12 won't partner, talks end, Duke, Arizona agree to '23-24 home-and-home, Clemson's top scorer Hall to have knee surgery, Dick Vitale's speech accepting the Jimmy V Award for perseverance, Cooper Flagg's rise, D.J. Expected to return: Hunter Dickinson (18.6 PPG), Terrance Williams II (4.7 PPG), Kobe Bufkin (3.0 PPG), Jace Howard (1.1 PPG), Isaiah Barnes (redshirt), Will Tschetter (redshirt) Expected to return: DeAndre Williams (11.1 PPG), Malcolm Dandridge (4.4 PPG), Jayden Hardaway (2.9 PPG), Chandler Lawson (1.6 PPG), Johnathan Lawson (redshirt) 68), De'Ante Green (No. 26), Jaden Schutt (No. Newcomers: Zach Keller (four-star), Bobi Klintman (four-star), Jao Ituka (15.3 PPG at Marist), Tyree Appleby (10.9 PPG at Florida), Andrew Carr (10.0 PPG at Delaware), Davion Bradford (3.3 PPG at Kansas State), Departed or expected to depart: Aaron Thompson (8.1 PPG), Bo Hodges (10.0 PPG), Bryce Nze (8.7 PPG), Bryce Golden (8.8 PPG), Jair Bolden (6.7 PPG), Ty Groce (3.7 PPG), Christian David (1.2 PPG) Newcomers: Cameron Corhen (No. 47), Isaac McKneely (No. Expected to return: El Ellis (8.7 PPG), Sydney Curry (7.1 PPG), Jae'Lyn Withers (5.8 PPG), JJ Traynor (1.6 PPG), Roosevelt Wheeler (1.6 PPG), Mike James (redshirt) 91), Pete Nance (14.6 PPG at Northwestern), Departed or expected to depart: Dereon Seabron (17.3 PPG), Jericole Hellems (13.7 PPG), Cam Hayes (7.0 PPG), Thomas Allen (3.8 PPG), Jaylon Gibson (2.7 PPG), Manny Bates (9.8 PPG in 2020-21) Expected to return: Mike Miles (15.4 PPG), Damion Baugh (10.6 PPG), Emanuel Miller (10.3 PPG), Chuck O'Bannon Jr. (9.5 PPG), Eddie Lampkin (6.8 PPG), Micah Peavy (6.1 PPG), Xavier Cork (3.3 PPG), JaKobe Coles (2.7 PPG), Shahada Wells (1.9 PPG), Souleymane Doumbia (1.0 PPG) Expected to return: Clifford Omoruyi (11.9 PPG), Paul Mulcahy (9.0 PPG), Caleb McConnell (7.1 PPG), Aundre Hyatt (4.3 PPG), Dean Reiber (2.9 PPG), Mawot Mag (2.9 PPG), Jalen Miller (0.6 PPG) Newcomers: Josiah Harris (four-star), Josiah Davis (four-star), Jimmy Bell Jr. (JC), Mohamed Wague (JC), Emmitt Matthews Jr. (11.7 PPG at Washington), Erik Stevenson (11.6 PPG at South Carolina), Tre Mitchell (8.7 PPG at Texas), Joe Toussaint (4.3 PPG at Iowa), Departed or expected to depart: Bennedict Mathurin (17.7 PPG), Christian Koloko (12.6 PPG), Dalen Terry (8.0 PPG), Justin Kier (6.8 PPG), Kim Aiken Jr. (5.0 PPG) Expected to return: Isaiah Wong (15.3 PPG), Jordan Miller (10.0 PPG), Anthony Walker (4.9 PPG), Wooga Poplar (2.3 PPG), Bensley Joseph (2.3 PPG), Harlond Beverly (redshirt), Jakai Robinson (redshirt) Newcomers: Keba Keita (No. Expected to return: Tolu Smith (14.2 PPG), D.J. Reeves (9.9 PPG), Justin Minaya (6.5 PPG), Brycen Goodine (1.9 PPG) Newcomers: Cameron Whitmore (No. 82), D'Ante Bass (three-star), Bryson Mozone (15.8 PPG at USC Upstate), Amir Spears (12.7 PPG at Duquesne), Jay Heath (10.6 PPG at Arizona State), Brandon Murray (10.0 PPG at LSU), Wayne Bristol Jr. (12.5 PPG at Howard in 2019-20), Qudus Wahab (7.7 PPG at Maryland), Akok Akok (3.4 PPG at UConn), Bradley Ezewiro (1.6 PPG at LSU), Departed or expected to depart: Justin Lewis (16.8 PPG), Darryl Morsell (13.4 PPG), Greg Elliott (7.0 PPG), Kur Kuath (5.6 PPG) Newcomers: Taylor Hendricks (No. Gunn (four-star), Departed or expected to depart: Keegan Murray (23.5 PPG), Jordan Bohannon (11.0 PPG), Joe Toussaint (4.3 PPG), Austin Ash (2.9 PPG), Josh Ogundele (2.5 PPG) Newcomers: Reed Bailey (four-star), Sean Logan (NR), Connor Kochera (10.9 PPG at William & Mary), Departed or expected to depart: Elijah Weaver (6.6 PPG), Lynn Greer III (2.7 PPG), Moulaye Sissoko (2.4 PPG) Expected to return: Spencer Jones (12.0 PPG), Harrison Ingram (10.5 PPG), Brandon Angel (7.7 PPG), Michael O'Connell (7.1 PPG), James Keefe (5.3 PPG), Maxime Raynaud (4.5 PPG), Isa Silva (3.5 PPG), Max Murrell (2.4 PPG), Sam Beskind (0.4 PPG), Jarvis Moss Edwards (four-star), D.J. Expected to return: Derrick Walker (9.5 PPG), C.J. 74), Joseph Pinion (No. Newcomers: Sadraque Nganga (four-star), Jace Whiting (NR), Chibuzo Agbo (1.5 PPG at Texas Tech), Departed or expected to depart: David Roddy (19.2 PPG), Kendle Moore (6.5 PPG), Dischon Thomas (5.7 PPG), Chandler Jacobs (5.7 PPG), Adam Thistlewood (2.4 PPG), Jalen Scott (redshirt) 96), Malachi Smith (19.9 PPG at Chattanooga), Efton Reid (6.3 PPG at LSU), Departed or expected to depart: Matthias Tass (12.6 PPG), Tommy Kuhse (12.2 PPG), Dan Fotu (6.3 PPG), Jabe Mullins (2.9 PPG), Judah Brown (1.7 PPG) Expected to return: Kario Oquendo (15.2 PPG), Braelen Bridges (12.9 PPG), Jailyn Ingram (10.7 PPG), Jabri Abdur-Rahim (6.9 PPG) Expected to return: Justyn Mutts (10.1 PPG), Hunter Cattoor (10.0 PPG), Darius Maddox (6.4 PPG), Sean Pedulla (5.4 PPG), Lynn Kidd (0.7 PPG) But keeping track is necessary. Newcomers: Fletcher Loyer (No. Newcomers: Dylan Anderson (four-star), Filip Borovicanin (NR), Henri Veesaar (NR), Cedric Henderson Jr., (14.0 PPG at Campbell), Courtney Ramey (9.4 PPG at Texas), Departed or expected to depart: Jay Heath (10.6 PPG), Marreon Jackson (10.4 PPG), Kimani Lawrence (10.1 PPG), Jalen Graham (9.9 PPG), Will Felton, Demari Williams, Justin Rochelin, Jeff Grace Newcomers: ND Okafor (NR), Grant Newell (NR), DeJuan Clayton (14.9 PPG at Coppin State), Devin Askew (2.1 PPG at Texas), Departed or expected to depart: Jabari Walker (14.6 PPG), Evan Battey (12.4 PPG), Keeshawn Barthelemy (11.1 PPG), Elijah Parquet (6.9 PPG) Expected to return: Trayce Jackson-Davis (18.3 PPG), Xavier Johnson (12.1 PPG), Race Thompson (11.1 PPG), Miller Kopp (6.0 PPG), Trey Galloway (5.5 PPG), Jordan Geronimo (4.4 PPG), Tamar Bates (3.9 PPG), Anthony Leal (1.9 PPG), Logan Duncomb (0.7 PPG) 3), Jordan Walsh (No. 72), Milos Uzan (No. Newcomers: Tyler Bilodeau (NR), Michael Rataj (NR), Jayden Stevens (NR), Jordan Pope (four-star), Nick Krass (four-star), Justin Rochelin (redshirted at Arizona State), Departed or expected to depart: Jaiden Delaire (10.1 PPG), Noah Taitz (4.5 PPG), Lukas Kisunas (2.4 PPG), Keenan Fitzmorris Expected to return: Jack Nunge (13.4 PPG), Colby Jones (11.6 PPG), Zach Freemantle (10.4 PPG), Adam Kunkel (8.8 PPG), Jerome Hunter (4.1 PPG), Cesare Edwards (2.1 PPG), Dieonte Miles (1.6 PPG), KyKy Tandy (0.6 PPG), Elijah Tucker (redshirt) Newcomers: Keyonte George (No. Newcomers: Kimani Hamilton (No. 20), Adou Thiero (four-star), Antonio Reeves (20.1 PPG at Illinois State), Departed or expected to depart: Tari Eason (16.9 PPG), Darius Days (13.7 PPG), Brandon Murray (10.0 PPG), Xavier Pinson (9.8 PPG), Eric Gaines (9.0 PPG), Efton Reid (6.3 PPG), Alex Fudge (3.3 PPG), Shareef O'Neal (2.9 PPG), Bradley Ezewiro (1.6 PPG), Jerrell Colbert (0.5 PPG) 6), Joshua Ojianwuna (four-star), Jalen Bridges (8.4 PPG at West Virginia), Caleb Lohner (7.0 PPG at BYU), Dantwan Grimes (JC), Departed or expected to depart: Izaiah Brockington (16.9 PPG), Tyrese Hunter (11.0 PPG), George Conditt IV (4.9 PPG), Tristan Enaruna (4.3 PPG), Tre Jackson (3.7 PPG), Jaden Walker (2.1 PPG) Newcomers: Brandon Miller (No. Newcomers: Braden Huff (No. Expected to return: Justin Moore (14.8 PPG), Caleb Daniels (10.2 PPG), Eric Dixon (9.1 PPG), Brandon Slater (8.3 PPG), Jordan Longino (1.8 PPG), Chris Arcidiacono (1.6 PPG), Nnanna Njoku (0.8 PPG), Trey Patterson (0.6 PPG), Angelo Brizzi (redshirt) Newcomers: Dior Johnson (No. Newcomers: Rodney Rice (No. Newcomers: Malique Ewin (No. Expected to return: Donta Scott (12.6 PPG), Hakim Hart (9.9 PPG), Julian Reese (5.7 PPG), Ian Martinez (2.8 PPG), Ike Cornish, Pavlo Dziuba, Arnaud Revaz Newcomers: Gradey Dick (No. Wilcher (8.1 PPG), Trey McGowens (6.8 PPG),Keisei Tominaga (5.7 PPG), Wilhelm Breidenbach (3.7 PPG) 40), Tre Holloman (No. Expected to return: Jeremy Roach (8.6 PPG), Jaylen Blakes (1.0 PPG) Newcomers: Lance Terry (14.3 PPG at Gardner-Webb), Javon Franklin (12.2 PPG at South Alabama), Departed or expected to depart: Noah Locke (9.6 PPG), Malik Williams (9.5 PPG), Dre Davis (7.4 PPG), Jarrod West (6.1 PPG), Matt Cross (5.8 PPG), Samuell Williamson (5.6 PPG), Mason Faulkner (4.6 PPG), Gabe Wiznitzer (0.4 PPG) Expected to return: Jamison Battle (17.5 PPG), Treyton Thompson (1.9 PPG), Will Ramberg (0.4 PPG) Newcomers: Kam Craft (No. 46), Tyler Nickel (No. Expected to return: Jaime Jaquez Jr., (13.9 PPG), Tyger Campbell (11.9 PPG), Jaylen Clark (6.7 PPG), David Singleton (4.8 PPG), Kenneth Nwuba (1.2 PPG), Mac Etienne (redshirt), Will McClendon (redshirt) 48), Roddy Gayle (No. busey Expected to return: Boogie Ellis (12.5 PPG), Drew Peterson (12.4 PPG), Reese Dixon-Waters (4.8 PPG), Joshua Morgan (3.2 PPG), Harrison Hornery (1.6), Kobe Johnson (1.2 PPG), Malik Thomas (0.3 PPG) 4), Arterio Morris (No. Expected to return: Chico Carter Jr., (4.2 PPG), Jacobi Wright (3.4 PPG), Ja'Von Benson (3.3 PPG), Josh Gray (2.9 PPG), Tre-Vaughn Minott (2.0 PPG) Newcomers: Malik Reneau (No. 23), M.J. Rice (No. 25), Ty Rodgers (No. Newcomers: J.J. Starling (No. Newcomers: Aidan Shaw (No. Newcomers: Duke Brennan (four-star), Austin Nunez (four-star), Devan Cambridge (5.3 PPG at Auburn), Desmond Cambridge Jr. (16.2 PPG at Nevada), Warren Washington (10.5 PPG at Nevada), Frankie Collins (2.8 PPG at Michigan), Departed or expected to depart: Jordan Shepherd (14.6 PPG), Andre Kelly (13.4 PPG), Grant Anticevich (9.7 PPG), Makale Foreman (4.1 PPG), Dimitrios Klonaras (1.5 PPG) Expected to return: John Hugley (14.8 PPG), Jamarius Burton (12.4 PPG), Nike Sibande (6.9 PPG in 2020-21), William Jeffress (3.4 PPG), Nate Santos (2.8 PPG) Newcomers: Tre White (No.

Expected to return: Santiago Vescovi (13.3 PPG), Josiah-Jordan James (10.3 PPG), Zakai Zeigler (8.8 PPG), Olivier Nkamhoua (8.6 PPG), Uros Plavsic (4.2 PPG), Jonas Aidoo (2.1 PPG), Jahmai Mashack (0.7 PPG) 54), Tyler Hendricks (three-star), Brandon Suggs (10.1 PPG at East Carolina), Ithiel Horton (9.8 PPG at Pittsburgh), Lahat Thioune (3.8 PPG at Utah), Michael Durr (1.5 PPG at Indiana), Jayhlon Young (JC), Departed or expected to depart: Hyunjung Lee (15.8 PPG), Luka Brajkovic (14.4 PPG), Michael Jones (11.8 PPG), Nelson Boachie-Yiadom (2.2 PPG) sportsrecruits Expected to return: DaRon Holmes II (12.8 PPG), Toumani Camara (10.9 PPG), Malachi Smith (9.3 PPG), Kobe Elvis (8.9 PPG), Koby Brea (8.1 PPG), R.J. Blakney (6.5 PPG), Mustapha Amzil (5.6 PPG), Kaleb Washington (1.4 PPG), Zimi Nwokeji (0.9 PPG) 67), Leon Bond (No. Expected to return: Timmy Allen (12.1 PPG), Marcus Carr (11.4 PPG), Christian Bishop (7.0 PPG), Dylan Disu (3.7 PPG), Brock Cunningham (2.3 PPG) Expected to return: Gabe Kalscheur (9.6 PPG), Caleb Grill (6.4 PPG), Alijaz Kunc (6.0 PPG), Robert Jones (2.9 PPG) Newcomers: Julian Phillips (No. Expected to return: Fousseyni Traore (9.5 PPG), Gideon George (8.8 PPG), Trevin Knell (6.4 PPG), Spencer Johnson (5.8 PPG), Atiki Ally Atiki (3.0 PPG), Trey Stewart (0.4 PPG) 83), Sencire Harris (four-star), Terrence Shannon Jr. (10.4 PPG at Texas Tech), Matthew Mayer (9.8 PPG at Baylor), Dain Dainja (2.0 PPG at Baylor), Departed or expected to depart: Parker Stewart (6.2 PPG), Rob Phinisee (4.5 PPG), Khristian Lander (2.9 PPG), Michael Durr (1.5 PPG) 1 in Way-Too-Early Top 25 college basketball rankings for 2022-23, NCAA Bracketology: Projecting the 2023 March Madness men's field. Newcomers: Yohan Traore (No. Newcomers: A.J. 88), Jamarques Lawrence (three-star), Denim Dawson (three-star), Blaise Keita (JC), Emmanuel Bandoumel (10.6 PPG at SMU), Juwan Gary (6.5 PPG at Alabama), Sam Griesel (14.3 PPG at North Dakota State), Departed or expected to depart: Pete Nance (14.6 PPG), Ryan Young (9.0 PPG), Ryan Greer (3.9 PPG), Elyjah Williams (3.3 PPG), Casey Simmons (2.5 PPG), 21), Mark Armstrong (No. Expected to return: Zach Nutall (6.8 PPG), Zhuric Phelps (3.8 PPG), Stefan Todorovic (2.9 PPG), Jahmar Young Jr., (2.0 PPG), Jalen Smith (2.0 PPG), Franklin Agunanne (1.1 PPG) Newcomers: Otega Oweh (No. Expected to return: Javonte Perkins (17.1 PPG), Gibson Jimerson (16.1 PPG), Yuri Collins (11.1 PPG), Francis Okoro (10.8 PPG), Fred Thatch Jr., (9.3 PPG), Terrence Hargrove Jr., (6.7 PPG) Expected to return: Jamal Bey (9.4 PPG), PJ Fuller (7.4 PPG), Cole Bajema (5.4 PPG), Langston Wilson (2.6 PPG), Riley Sorn (2.1 PPG), Jackson Grant (1.1 PPG), Samuel Ariyibi NBA draft decisions, a few transfers here and there, the final turns of the coaching carousel. Expected to return: Davonte Davis (8.3 PPG), Kamani Johnson (2.3 PPG) As recently as a decade ago, the first few weeks of the college basketball offseason were mostly quiet. Expected to return: Kobe Brown (12.5 PPG), Ronnie DeGray III (8.3 PPG), Kaleb Brown (0.9 PPG) Expected to return: Khalil Shabazz (13.7 PPG), Julian Rishwain (7.4 PPG), Zane Meeks (5.0 PPG), Josh Kunen (4.3 PPG), Volodymyr Markovetskyy (1.8 PPG) Newcomers: Zion Cruz (No. 57), Bowen Hardman (three-star), Tanner Holden (20.1 PPG at Wright State), Sean McNeil (12.2 PPG at West Virginia), Isaac Likekele (7.1 PPG at Oklahoma State), Departed or expected to depart: Sam Sessoms (11.6 PPG), John Harrar (10.6 PPG), Greg Lee (6.1 PPG), Jaheam Cornwall (2.4 PPG), Jalanni White (2.3 PPG) 32), Kijani Wright (No. 100), Jameel Brown (four-star), Kanye Clary (four-star), Demetrius Lilley (three-star), Evan Mahaffey (three-star), Camren Wynter (15.8 PPG at Drexel), Andrew Funk (17.6 PPG at Bucknell), Michael Henn (8.8 PPG at Denver), Departed or expected to depart: Jaden Ivey (17.3 PPG), Trevion Williams (12.0 PPG), Sasha Stefanovic (10.4 PPG), Eric Hunter Jr. (6.2 PPG), Isaiah Thompson (4.2 PPG) 77), Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (3.9 PPG at Tennessee), Departed or expected to depart: Kameron McGusty (17.8 PPG), Charlie Moore (12.4 PPG), Sam Waardenburg (8.5 PPG), Rodney Miller Jr. (1.5 PPG), Deng Gak (0.9 PPG) Newcomers: Mouhamadou Cisse (NR), Ricardo Wright (13.6 PPG at Marist), Efe Odigie (11.5 PPG at Troy), Mo Njie (6.6 PPG at Eastern Michigan), Samuell Williamson (5.6 PPG at Louisville), Jefferson Koulibaly (2.6 PPG at Washington State), Keon Ambrose-Hylton (1.0 PPG at Alabama), Departed or expected to depart: Darin Green Jr., (13.3 PPG), Darius Perry (11.8 PPG), Brandon Mahan (10.2 PPG), Cheikh Mbacke Diong (6.9 PPG), Isaiah Adams (4.1 PPG), Dre Fuller Jr., (4.0 PPG), Tony Johnson Jr., (3.0 PPG), Jamille Reynolds (3.4 PPG) Newcomers: Luke Hunger (four-star), Nick Martinelli (NR), Tydus Verhoeven (6.6 PPG at UTEP), Departed or expected to depart: E.J. Newcomers: Jalen Quinn (NR), Treyvon Lewis (NR), Jayden Dawson (NR), Sheldon Edwards (11.4 PPG at Valparaiso), Jeameril Wilson (11.2 PPG at Lehigh), Bryce Golden (8.8 PPG at Butler), Philip Alston (21.0 PPG at California University of Pennsylvania), Departed or expected to depart: Jordan Nesbitt (8.2 PPG), Marten Linssen (7.0 PPG), DeAndre Jones (4.0 PPG), Markhi Strickland (2.6 PPG), Rashad Williams (2.2 PPG), Andre Lorentsson (1.5 PPG), Lassina Traore (2.4 PPG) "Expected to return" includes freshmen, sophomores and juniors who have either confirmed they'll be back or have not otherwise made plans known. Newcomers: Dan Skillings (four-star), Sage Tolentino (four-star), Josh Reed (three-star), Landers Nolley II (9.8 PPG at Memphis), Rob Phinisee (4.5 PPG at Indiana), Kalu Ezikpe (11.3 PPG at Old Dominion), Departed or expected to depart: Kyler Edwards (13.8 PPG), Fabian White Jr. (12.5 PPG), Josh Carlton (11.6 PPG), Taze Moore (10.4 PPG), Robbie Armbrester (1.2 PPG) 1 in ESPN 100), Dariq Whitehead (No. Expected to return: Adama Sanogo (14.8 PPG), Andre Jackson (6.8 PPG), Jordan Hawkins (5.8 PPG), Samson Johnson (1.7 PPG) Adams (1.1 PPG) 35), Guillermo Diaz Graham (NR), Jorge Diaz Graham (NR), Blake Hinson (9.1 PPG at Iowa State in 2019-20), Nelly Cummings (14.7 PPG at Colgate), Greg Elliott (7.0 PPG at Marquette), Cashius McNeilly (JC), Fede Federiko (JC), Departed or expected to depart: Buddy Boeheim (19.2 PPG), Cole Swider (13.9 PPG), Jimmy Boeheim (13.7 PPG), Bourama Sidibe (3.0 PPG), Frank Anselem (2.6 PPG) Storr (No. Expected to return: TJ Bamba (7.7 PPG), Mouhamed Gueye (7.4 PPG), Dishon Jackson (6.0 PPG), Andrej Jakimovski (5.4 PPG), DJ Rodman (4.2 PPG) 89), Ricky Council IV (12.0 PPG at Wichita State), Makhel Mitchell (10.7 PPG at Rhode Island), Makhi Mitchell (9.9 PPG at Rhode Island), Jalen Graham (9.9 PPG at Arizona State), Trevon Brazile (6.6 PPG at Missouri), Departed or expected to depart: Jabari Smith (16.9 PPG), Walker Kessler (11.4 PPG), Devan Cambridge (5.3 PPG) Newcomer rankings are according to ESPN's database. 33), Justin Taylor (four-star), Quadir Copeland (four-star), Chris Bunch (four-star), Maliq Brown (three-star), Peter Carey (three-star), Mounir Hima (1.9 PPG at Duquesne), Departed or expected to depart: Kody Stattmann (3.3 PPG), Igor Milicic Jr. (2.1 PPG), Carson McCorkle (1.3 PPG), Malachi Poindexter (1.0 PPG) Newcomers: Ben Shtolzberg (three-star), Jasen Green (four-star), Fredrick King (NR), Baylor Scheierman (16.2 PPG at South Dakota State), Francisco Farabello (4.7 PPG at TCU), Departed or expected to depart: Javon Freeman-Liberty (21.7 PPG), David Jones (14.5 PPG), Brandon Johnson (10.5 PPG), Courvoisier McCauley (5.7 PPG) Expected to return: Jared Bynum (12.2 PPG), Ed Croswell (5.3 PPG), Alyn Breed (3.2 PPG), Rafael Castro (redshirt) 10), Terrance Arceneaux (No. Expected to return: David DeJulius (14.5 PPG), Jeremiah Davenport (13.4 PPG), Mika Adams-Woods (8.6 PPG), John Newman III (6.9 PPG), Viktor Lakhin (4.2 PPG), Ody Oguama (4.2 PPG), Jarrett Hensley (1.5 PPG), CJ Anthony (0.6 PPG) Newcomers: Jack Payne (NR), Patrick Cartier (22.0 PPG at Hillsdale), Josiah Strong (11.5 PPG at Illinois State), Tavi Jackson (NR), Departed or expected to depart: Trey Pulliam (8.7 PPG), Joshua Tomaic (2.9 PPG), Keith Dinwiddie (2.8 PPG), Tahirou Diabate (2.0 PPG) Newcomers: Dillon Mitchell (No. Wagner's struggles and other takeaways from FIBA U17s, Six top college basketball recruits to watch at Peach Jam 2022, How LSU's Matt McMahon assembled a roster from scratch in 47 days, Duke, Kansas rise in updated Way-Too-Early Top 25 men's rankings, Thank you from Dick Vitale for a special night at the ESPYS, The next generation of cancer fighters have Dick Vitale as inspiration, Jackson 1st UNC recruit to decommit since 2003, McClelland to chair NCAA men's hoops committee, Duke men, UConn women among Jimmy V field, Big 12: 'Horns Down' taunt can still be a penalty. 97), Amaree Abram (No. 39), Devin Ree (No. Expected to return:Jalen Celestine (7.5 PPG), Kuany Kuany (4.8 PPG), Joel Brown (4.8 PPG), Lars Thiemann (4.7 PPG), Sam Alajiki (3.1 PPG), Jarred Hyder (1.3 PPG), Obinna Anyanwu (0.9 PPG) Expected to return: Kam Jones (7.4 PPG), Tyler Kolek (6.7 PPG), Olivier-Maxence Prosper (6.6 PPG), Oso Ighodaro (5.5 PPG), David Joplin (2.8 PPG), Stevie Mitchell (2.8 PPG), Keeyan Itejere (redshirt) Expected to return: Graham Ike (19.5 PPG), Hunter Maldonado (18.5 PPG), Jeremiah Oden (7.8 PPG), Xavier DuSell (7.5 PPG), Brendan Wenzel (5.2 PPG), Noah Reynolds (2.9 PPG), Hunter Thompson (2.7 PPG), Kenny Foster (1.8 PPG) 28), Vincent Iwuchukwu (No. 14), Ernest Udeh (No. Expected to return: Dane Goodwin (13.6 PPG), Nate Laszewski (9.3 PPG), Cormac Ryan (9.2 PPG), Trey Wertz (4.0 PPG) Expected to return: Matt Bradley (16.9 PPG), Lamont Butler (7.3 PPG), Keshad Johnson (7.2 PPG), Nathan Mensah (7.0 PPG), Chad Baker-Mazara (6.4 PPG), Adam Seiko (5.3 PPG), Aguek Arop (3.5 PPG), Noland (3.9 PPG), Bijan Cortes (2.0 PPG) Expected to return: Colin Castleton (16.2 PPG), Myreon Jones (8.5 PPG), Kowacie Reeves (5.5 PPG), Jason Jitoboh (4.1 PPG), CJ Felder (3.5 PPG), Niels Lane (3.0 PPG)

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