It is removed from the simulator and display if have it. Really only makes sense if Spread Action is Apply or Execute Spell.

This must match in addition to whichever AoE mode is chosen. pvp The code names of the specific pets to which this effect applies. Amount of the stat to add. This is special in that you must meet the other requirements OR this requirement. Some cooldowns have more than one charge that cool down serially. If true and the application AoE mode relies on distance, will be distance from self rather than current target. If true, if this buff is refreshed, its duration is not extended, but its stack can go up. If true, will only trigger from damage or periodic damage effects that are not flagged as off hand. True if this spell triggers a global cooldown. If no secondary target is available, the action is skipped. Most pets follow the master's target.

If true, delay this spell if using it now would put it on cooldown for the entire execute phase. TriggerSpell will be set to the name of the spell that is cast, if you want to vary based on spell. This is rare: set to true if the maximum number of charges can change over the course of a fight. Give a hint to the simulator which trinkets are a higher priority than others. If true, do a tick immediately when the timer or periodic effect starts. someone at 19% or 20% health. If this damage or heal effect shoots a missile, the missile speed in yards per second. Get our in-game addon for quickly loading your character, managing gear, and more. Used only for items. If none found, will use Apply (refresh) mode on the best target with the DoT.

Only trigger from effects initiated by the specified units. a unique code name for this switch that you can reference with the IsSwitchOn and IsSwitchOff functions. By default all spells can trigger an effect. It is common that a damage effect will have a different spell ID than actual spell that you cast to do that damage. The spell's cast and/or channel to begin. The number of stacks consumed each time a Consume Buff effect occurs. If empty, all pets will change target. Each target is checked with this filter, the first match becomes the current target. Chance to trigger using the Real PPM system, value should be number of procs per minute. 'On Demand' action lists must be called by another action list. Some effects can only trigger every so often, used in conjunction with Chance. the formula contains TotalMastery, or any other TotalXXX or stat function), recalculate the value of this buff whenever the other stat(s) change, even mid-buff. The type of event that will trigger the associated effect. IDs of the required items to activate this entity.

Type of power used by this pet (e.g. Of all the spells matched by the filter, only consume the HoT with the least healing remaining. New Pages The name of the spell being checked is accessible via TriggerSpell. You see the evasion right below the 20% quality? This is rare. If the spell itself has Required Conduit set, this is not necessary. If specified, only allies of these types are tried as potential targets. Once an interrupt condition is met, the mode adjusts the timing (e.g. 7. If a tooltip override is provided, this is the base spell to use as the context. This condition can delay that until later in the buff, but it will not delay if doing so would reduce trinket overlap with the buff. Oldest will find the oldest (where 'oldest' means the ones that will expire the soonest) N instances and dismiss them. Leave blank for better performance if there is no channel time. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. For Periodic effects, each tick will fire a missile with this travel time. Only necessary if a spell has a special, spell-specific critical healing multiplier. 'Extend' will extend the duration from the time of refresh without doing anything else special. Only used if Cooldown is specified. The game has two different kinds of crit healing modifiers that combine differently, these are the more confusing ones because the tooltip generally shows half of the actual value. gideon planeswalker planeswalkers expditif jugement origines wizards TriggerSpell is the name of the trinket being tried, can be used to customize logic per-trinket. This is used to deal with trinket use lockouts in cases where they would delay each other, and favor the better trinket. If specified, this effect triggers from these game events (e.g. The condition for turning this switch on. In general, any action with a condition that has two or more operands should be commented for clarity, and any call to another action list should be commented. Spell suppression does not affect ongoing spells already in effect or spells brought into the area (such as enchantments on characters or objects). | PF2 SRD By default, racials, consumables, and auto attacks are not affected by CDR. Used only for items. For Save Value effects, the formula for the value to queue when this effect is executed. Why not? Note that for a ramping buff, the stacks will be set to this when refreshed also, since ramping buffs don't really support refreshing. For classes with passive power regeneration, a threshold of power at which to turn this switch on. Check out our other SRD sites! A condition is recommended for better performance. If true, becomes a priority queue where the smallest value is always at the head of the queue. It is removed from the simulator and display if don't have it. Draxran 2021. If true, will not match spells associated to an equipped item, enchant or a consumable. the 2497. It is rare that this would be different than the regular interval. A passive spell is not actively cast and usually provides a persistent bonus. The maximum number of units to which this effect can be applied. When choosing a rotation in the simulator, can also choose a 'level' for that rotation. Stephens, Joshua Stevens, Christina Stiles, Matt Stinson, Stefen Styrsky, Dan Voyce, and Mike Welham. If the effective caster level has been reduced below the minimum required to cast the spell, the affected caster may attempt a caster level check (DC 5 + your caster level) at his unmodified caster level. This is rare, and bad for performance. Most classes have one or more longer cooldown powerful buffs. How many times to execute the triggered effect(s). | d20PFSRD The UpThenDown pattern will create a symmetrical pattern that goes from Min Stacks to Max Stacks and back. Suppression was rumored to be a mastery coupled with the Stifle summoner spell, but, like the summoner spell it modifies, was never implemented into the actual game. ONLY these spells or effects will pass the filter if this is the only filter. Only necessary if the value of this buff at a given stack is not always the same, and not a function of another stat like Mastery that is explicitly referenced in the buff stat's formula. Must be CamelCase, no special characters, start with a letter. How long to suspend the repeater when one of the above spells is cast. If none found, will add one stack to the current target. Virtual self-damage won't trigger procs, eat up absorbs, etc.

By default, ally casts only check injured allies. Kudos to you sir! required for a pet to use this ability. An active spell is an action that a player can take in the game. If the spell itself has Required Set Bonus set, this is not necessary. If the custom condition is passed on the first check, then this action will repeat indefinitely on cooldown. If this damage or heal effect shoots a missile, the travel time for the missile before it will hit and do its effect and trigger any associated procs. Any value 100 or less go before triggers with no order specified. Display name for the pet summoned by this spell. | Starjammer SRD When instant or casted spells are used back-to-back, the game lets you chain them perfectly via a queueing mechanism. The type of resource (rage, energy, etc.) Minimum global cooldown, only necessary if GCD is set. A special behavior useful for e.g. List of spell or effect Code Names. If true, snapshot the interval on application/refresh, don't dynamically calculate the next interval after each tick. Cooldown of this spell (in seconds). The code name of the target to which this effect applies. A friendly display name for this action list, used on the UI in various places. If you have N, will pick the target with the least time remaining. Some spells can have multiple charges that cool down serially. If the check is successful, the spell is cast at the minimum level required to cast the spell; otherwise it is lost. For classes with passive power regeneration, a threshold of power at which to turn this switch off. True if this is a debuff applied to the current target rather than a buff applied to the player. The current actor will immediately check the rotation again after the small simultaneous action delay. The game sometimes counts the spell cast as one spell ID and the damage as another, but they are really the same spell. 5:44:36 , My builds on the forum : The Nightblade Assassin | The Pestilent Viper Occultist | The Infused Trickster | The White Wind Raider | The Energy Blade "Jedi" Hierophant, Hey there, I just wanted to mention that in the cluster jewels section it mentions that the small cluster jewel for Enduring Composure should be Life, but Enduring Composure only roles on small %armor cluster jewels, rahsaan 2021. For example, if they naturally have any Evasion Rating, or if you bench craft flat Evasion Rating (bench crafting %increased won't give it any Evasion Rating if it doesn't already have any, however). At the moment this is only evaluated once at the start of the simulation. The minimum caster level required is 11th, and it costs 7,500 gp. show AoE actions as inactive when using a single-target script. Suspend this repeater whenever one of the named spells is cast. This is rare now, but can greatly improve performance with minimal impact in some cases. The category is used mainly for UI organization and prevent cluttering the normal ability list with things like racials or consumables. Leave blank for specs that don't dual wield. This makes sure that the simulator is responsive to continuous power gains without polling. I understand you view but I just find it weird how you are supposed to stack spell suppress nodes and spell suppress on gear and not be able to use the spell suppress mastery nodes.

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