By its nature, it is indecisive and shifty.

Zeus was sort of the head of the Pantheon, the supreme god. This is typical of ancient correspondence. Smyrna would be about half way if you were moving north, and thats what I told you. But never give them the false security that they belong until they know Jesus Christ, which knowing is made manifest in their life. Youre not dealing with it. endstream endobj 148 0 obj <> endobj 149 0 obj <> endobj 150 0 obj <>stream The church at Pergamos is a picture of any believer, any Christian who weds the world, as we shall see. The word of God trumps every other consideration.

174 0 obj <>stream A very famous individual came from Pergamos, his name was Galen. You never deviated in your theology and you never deviated in your fidelity. We move from the city to the church. Were to get involved in life around us, mixing the old patterns, the old morals, or lack of, the old idolatry with the new Christianity. And so Satan had set up his enterprise there and this little church was feeling the heat of it and it was in some ways succumbing to it.

Christianity is so personal, isnt it? You want to know something? And this author is identified as the one who has the sharp two-edged sword. Not threatening at all, speaking about His control and His care and His concern as He moves through His church and His protection over its leaders. Now secondly, we look from the correspondent to the city itself. Pergamos was famous for its temples the most prominent of which was the Temple of Zeus dedicated to Aesculapius, the serpent god of healing. Interesting to think about them all. All it takes is a conscious choice on our part. A new identity in Jesus. I walked in a restaurant where I was to meet him, and he was sitting with two unseemly women at a bar, drinking. And in order to be healed you had to go in there and lie down and stay there. This particular sword is the sword of judgment that is used to cut down those who disobey the Lord Jesus Christ.

Back in Numbers 22 it says, The Lord opened the eyes of Balaam and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the way with his drawn sword in his hand. And you know what Balaam did?

Some of them, however, who had attached themselves to the church were being sucked into the world. You slept on the temple floor and while you slept the defused multiplicity of the deity of Asklepios crawled over your body and infused you with his healing power. This is sad the condemnation. The word Pergamos literally means parchment. We dont want to be a compromising church. The throne of Satan was this Gentile base of false religions.

You watched My faithful one.

We want to be the true church, the true believers, the overcomers who someday will be given Jesus Christ in all His fullness as the hidden manna, who someday will be given the white stone to give us admission in to the eternal feast in heaven. Supposedly was built on a lofty hill in the broad and fertile plain of the Caicus valley by this son of Hercules. It was an important religious center where the pagan cults worshiping Athena; Asklepios; Dionysius, which is another name for Bacchus the god of drunkenness and debauchery; Zeus all of these things were there. 0000017562 00000 n First is the correspondent the correspondent or the one who writes. Now just what is Satans throne? But they would succeed, the true church, because you remember the words of Jesus, I will build My church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. I will build My church and the throne of Satan will not prevail against it. You have people like that today who think theyre free in Christ to behave themselves anyway they want. A new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it. I cant tell you how many people have asked me, what is that name? endstream endobj 151 0 obj <>stream Jesus Christ in His return is described here; heaven opens in verse 11, a white horse, the one on it is faithful and true; He comes in judgment and making war; His eyes are like a flame of fire, and so forth. It cuts everywhere it turns. churches seven asia revelation map minor church bible location showing ephesus patmos island happened study ephesian smyrna walk walking light Yes, we want to bring in unbelievers to hear the truth of Christ and experience our love and experience our kindness and our graciousness. You stayed true. It was a question of being soft and tolerant to error. They have married the world, as it were, and are in danger of the judgment of the Lord of the church. The message to the church at Pergamos is thought to refer to the period of church history spanning 313-538AD. leavens the whole lump. You allow that, it festers and it grows. All rights reserved. The subtle shifts began under the authority of Emperor Constantine. The point here is this, what was wrong in this church? Its never to be a place where unbelievers feel safe and secure. Jesus tells them not to do that. You can be a Christian and commit fornication with a heathen priestess at the temple or priest. It has wed the world and has long since been judged by Christ and stripped of any power or any spiritual influence. Satanic power was manifest right out of that city. H\j0z9& [icH|B>-]A- Y>;B Some say it represents simply a diamond, and Ill give you something that is very precious, namely eternal life. Youve got to hear this message. 0000006798 00000 n So when you hear that Asklepios was there, the serpent god, that sounds Satanic. The very fabric of the church changed from poverty-stricken persecution and ragtag slaves to opulence, wealth, and influence. Thats quite an amazing statement. When God speaks of His name he speaks of it synonymously to his character. 0000009007 00000 n And one of the wonders of the world, this magnificent altar to Zeus, the largest most famous altar in the world was there. But apparently this man, whoever he was, Nicholas, like Balaam had advocated a mingled life style.


And this church has decided that it can maintain some kind of Christian credibility and also associate itself with the sins of the past. It happened among you. Christians were going up north through these various cities and taking the gospel, and it was echoing through all of Asia Minor. Manna was well I guess the closest thing we could call it is angel food cake. If we are willing to change the direction of our lives to suit His will then everything he has to offer the overcomer is ours for the taking. Rather than go into the whole thing, the Lord directs Himself at exactly what He has in mind. However, these letters transcend those churches, as do the letters of the New Testament which are typically written to churches or individuals and also transcend those churches and individuals to be applicable to all of us. It conjures up all the old life patterns. Jesus Christ. If the Church at Pergamos is willing to repent Jesus promises them three things. The church is never to be a place of the mingling of those things. 0000011680 00000 n John is the pen man. So that with it He may smite the nations. It is a sword of judgment.

0000002248 00000 n 0000005240 00000 n It is indestructible. Why does he write these books? H\0y Repent turn around and go the other way. They were teaching that. And then He says, You did not deny My faith. You did not deny My truth, My gospel, the message of salvation by faith. The introduction to Christ then in this letter is not a happy one, it is not a promising one, it is a threatening one. 133 0 obj <> endobj You were faithful. Because so many of the witnesses who were faithful to Christ died, the word martus eventually became transliterated into English as martyr. 0000004446 00000 n And that word went through an interesting metamorphosis. They had created a brass bull hallowed out, they set afire, and put him in it.

Mingled into their medicine, of course, was a lot of superstition. 883( 2 *x109,!jVh Y],p|=|>/JI6M5|>Y'-;V ~/+\iID%|@ #MR0aDDsN=tQFYyo4/i [;R$*/kJJs In other words you have been faithful to Me. Spiritual growth is a choice.

The church is impure. and was considered to be an almost impregnable city due to its height and the fortifications surrounding it.

We are not to be aliens. Verse 14, But I have a few things against you. I just hate to read that. It wasnt easy. He no doubt was a Libertine who believed that you could conduct yourself anyway you wanted it. It is an instrument of judgment falling on those who are deserving of that judgment. Back at the Council of Jerusalem in Acts 15, the apostles sent out a message to the churches and said, Dont eat things offered to idols. It sucks you back into idolatry. He is the one who wields the sword. 0000003225 00000 n

But Im sure the query of the article, from what I heard, is, why does John MacArthur write all these controversial books? The sword of the spirit is the word of God and if the church at Pergamos refused to repent Jesus himself would engage in hand-to-hand combat with them through the medium of his word.

Right from the old serpent himself. 2022 Grace to You. It sees Him as executioner. White symbolized acquittal and black condemnation. The 7 Churches of Revelation Introduction, Literature | An Impetus for Revival and Reformation, Remembering The Reformation Behind The Scenes, Australia & New Zealand Behind the Scenes and Bloopers, Lineage 3ABN Interview Behind the Scenes, College of the Barbs, Waldensian Valleys, 360, MISSION MOVEMENT: THE WALDENSIAN TRAINING SCHOOLS, WALDENSIANS MOTTO: LUX LUCET IN TENEBRIS, ENGLAND: FROM THE AGE OF ELIZABETH TO THE GLORIOUS REVOLUTION, THE BRITISH ISLES AND THE CELTIC CHURCH (400 600 AD), EUROPE IN THE LATE MIDDLE AGES (1300 1500), JOHN CALVIN: VANGUARD OF THE FRENCH REFORMATION, MARTIN LUTHER: POINT MAN OF THE REFORMATION, HUSS AND JEROME: THE BOHEMIAN REFORMATION, GEORGE WISHART AND THE SCOTTISH REFORMATION, JOHN WYCLIFFE: MORNING STAR OF THE REFORMATION, WILLIAM MILLER: EARLY LIFE AND CONVERSION, WILLIAM MILLER: STUDY AND CALL TO MINISTRY, ELLEN WHITE: FIRST VISION AND CALL TO MINISTRY, John Andrews: The Ablest Man In Our Ranks, ELLEN WHITE: CALL TO MINISTRY AND EARLY YEARS, M.B. Jesus words were simple. This issue was settled long ago, having been discussed and mandated from the council of Jerusalem in Acts 15 and still here are some, decades later, saying God tolerates this. And when you allow unbelievers to come in and take part and participate in the church, youre going to have people who live a Balaam lifestyle and a Nicolaitan lifestyle. 0000014348 00000 n

They stood boldly for Christ. You are living out the doctrine of Balaam. HS]o0}R]&#$1M4(92|aey3P7KG((9Vf UPnd_?22LXs,J?cwe+{72 D_yf(7T&(5Af K%dQ&""T 0000027425 00000 n The Moabites and the Israelites were always after each other. endstream endobj 145 0 obj <> endobj 146 0 obj <> endobj 147 0 obj <>stream

And apparently it was first developed in this area and thus the city of Pergamos took its name from that. Just as Israel received manna from heaven as its food for the true believer, He says, Ill give you Jesus Christ.

It basically means witness martus but it came to be martyr. Women in every city. 0000015025 00000 n Theres nothing in the book of Acts to tell us that he founded the church. One identified with an Old Testament character, the other identified with a New Testament period character, anyway, by the name of Nicholas. And then this counsel is so wonderful, To him who overcomes who is the overcomer? In the Bible, names are symbolic of character. In Revelation chapter 19 we see the same imagery in verse 15. Theres some good things to say. Smart guy, he bowed all the way to the ground. 0000013036 00000 n It was the death knell to spirituality and a profound fellowship with Jesus. Ill give you all the benefits of knowing Christ. Remember when the children of Israel were wandering in the wilderness and God was delivering this marvelous heavenly bread? Judges in Pergamos used white and black stones when passing down their judgments.

It advocated an extreme indulgence in sin, uncleanness, immorality, and orgies based upon a perverted understanding of Gods grace. Frankly, not persecution but this kind of compromise is the fastest way to destroy the churchs life and testimony. Ill give you the true bread, the spiritual bread from heaven which the world doesnt see. He says, You have there some who hold the teaching of Balaam. We dont have the time to go back, but you can take your Bible, go back and read Numbers 22, 23, 24, and 25 this evening after the service, and youll fill in the whole story of this fascinating character by the name of Balaam. It could refer to the magnificent altar to Zeus. Modern correspondence ends with the authors name. hbbd``b`*~@HJ @HMA[AJ\k:0d #E N endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 38 0 obj <>stream Verse 16 brings us to the command. some manna. Retaining biblical purity in a world teeming with every kind of sophisticated error would have been nigh impossible.

Verse 12 says, To the angel or the leader, the messenger, the one who will take this letter back to the church at Pergamos, probably one of their pastors, to the messenger of the church in Pergamum, write and that is, of course, the Lord Jesus telling John to write. And in Acts 16:8 it says Paul passed through there, whether in passing through there he effected some gospel ministry which brought some people to Christ in the city of Pergamos which was probably on the toll road, the Roman toll road through Mysia and Paul perhaps went through it whether or not he had ministry there, we dont know. You cant allow it. Those denominations have, for the most part, died in terms of spiritual life and live on only in name.

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