Your article is insanely helpful. A creative Ukrainian soul living in Lisbon, Portugal.

The short stature and androgenic shape of the body undoubtedly qualify Vanessa as Flamboyant Gamine. When my twenty something son or colleagues compliment its a keeper!

Either way works. Another way to look at these style profiles is to remove the celebrities from them. I never meant long over lean is the default for old ladies. cropped short on the sides and back but left long on the front. Aside from breaking up your lines to create an animated and electric visual statement, opt for an abundance of angular details. The figure is balanced due to rounded hips, broad shoulders, and a noticeable chest.

The interview was illustrated with a photo of her in her then London home in a green chiffon dress ! You said youre straight in body type, so thats again a yang frame, so look at all the Dramatics and Naturals. The term classic reminds me so much of styles predating the 60s twinset and pearls and todays lifestyles appear to be much more relaxed and informal. Maybe in her younger years but she definitely skewed Classic in her later years. Looking tall is better than looking short.

Broken silhouette (dominant vertical/diagonal, but not to the floor like a pure dramatist open the ankles, or add contrasts or something very unusual emphasised shoulders, angular elements that are larger in drama, shine, dynamics ( according to the dominant calmer not in small, but in large blocks, diagonals). Jewelry and Accessories: they suggested smaller post earrings for daytime, which Im beginning to incorporate. Perhaps overly enthusiastic about having a chance to write about style in a blog that always features the most interesting women and their comments. The larger issue for me is finding the right silhouette, for lack of a better word, and making choices about how to pair things.

Meaning, your answers to theKibbe body type test is nearly an equal mixture of A & E with a few B.

Przechowywanie lub dostp techniczny jest niezbdny do uzasadnionego celu przechowywania preferencji, o ktre nie prosi subskrybent lub uytkownik. I am for sure curvy but also tall and look best in structured clothes but I can pull off longer length sweaters. Being a subcategory of Gamine, shes a mixture of extreme opposites: Romantic (answers E) and Dramatic (answers A). I agree with Robyn that the new silhouette is very flattering, though I also liked your dramatic dusters. Also, have enjoyed the replies. I take issue with the terminology used here.

The more attention-getting your accessories are, the better. Thisarticle will show you with pictures and examples. I guess my emphasis is much more on getting the colours right rather than a style mantra. Wear your top and bottom in contrast with each other. Susan, after your Red Leopard visit I was inspired to make my own.

Everything that happens close to the face should be tailored to the individual beauty features. The silhouette should be cut horizontally and diagonally, asymmetrically. This is but a futile advice for a Flamboyant Gamine. Even if the hair is of medium thickness, a smooth hairstyle without bangs does not suit the beauty of Flamboyant Gamine (see Gwen Stefani below).

Womens faces in the photo above look much better in hairstyles based on longer hair. So for clothing other than my own, I need to rely on retailers images.

I dont know where I belong bc I feel like a very tall gamine, but that doesnt exist. They are guidelines to help one visualise what it means to be a Gamine , Classic, Princess etc.

is always stunning as long as it is asymmetric and not overly fussy or flouncy. I love that book! But youre definitely quirky in a good way, and colorful, but you wear mostly classic, traditional lines.

This doesnt mean you should avoid wearing long outfits.

as long as it is bold, not delicate. The part of your post that resonates with me is the jacket length.

Huntswoman/Natural Classic seems closest for me except for the word sporty. Yangs vital energy builds the image of a spontaneous, temperamental woman with a wild sense of humor.

Delighted, because in general its a style Ive always loved and been drawn to. To dress a Flamboyant Gamine, your goal is to follow your own Yin-Yang balance which isGamine with extra Yang. Thanks , Katrinka ! I believe I now have validation & a bit of a blueprint going forward. Hi Gilad, the way I understand it, Gypsy is more dramatic/flamboyant and Bohemian is more earthy, but Ill see if I can get the Red Leopard team to chime in. Such detail can definitely be oversized as long as the shapes are crisp and tailored (and even somewhat chunky). After identifying your Kibbe body type, chances are, youll experience resistance.

She represents all the qualities assigned to this type. I cannot carry it off but many can.

The combination of male and female features enriched with Ingenue created a woman of unparalleled beauty.

Mary, Im reading a book called The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees.

The leading graphic symbol of the Flamboyant Gamine type is a diamond. How about a FN?FN can have yin face too like Gigi Hadid and others. Przechowywanie lub dostp techniczny jest wymagany do tworzenia profili uytkownikw w celu wysyania reklam lub ledzenia uytkownika na stronie internetowej lub na kilku stronach internetowych w podobnych celach marketingowych. Dresses with middle-calf length will have a disastrous effect on the figure. Yes, yes, yes! Your explanation of all of the styles was very helpful, too.

The tiny, very feminine Audrey in the movies suddenly turned out to be unexpectedly long and angular. You should also beware of retro-style footwear, which, instead of elevating the outfit, will reduce it to a theatrical costume. I can see now, the fashion du jour can have a lasting effect on our views of ourselves, no wonder we new help! The only thing that has stayed the same is my colouring which is winter maybe a dash of summer.

Because Im very short (51) I need to wear Petite sizes (which arent often carried in brick and mortar stores) or have regular sizes altered.

Hence the following guidelines: In short, avoid anything that is not fitted or sharp, or that is all Yin or all Yang. Again, one of your goals is to emphasize the innate animation in your look.

Would the jackets sharp lapels, tie, and boyish asymmetrical hairstyle add to the beauty of Audrey Hepburn or Vanessa Paradis? truth beauty type dramatic ethereal visual guide identity Sign up to be notified of new posts and updates from une femme d'un certain ge. This article will show you a pure Gamine shopping guide from casual to formal outfits, accessories, makeup, and coloring.

For scarves, again its about staying away from too much volume or texture which swamps me. People describe me as petite, pretty, delicate, feminine, animated ( as I like to dance), a surprise to me! It will probably be a combination of a few of these style profiles. However, their faces reveal that Flamboyant Gamine is quite diverse and challenging to define precisely.

Note: Confused about which aspects are Yin and which are Yang? When an outfit is in harmony with your Yin-Yang balance, only then will you be able to create a flattering ensemble.

You still could as long as you break up your lines by wearing different colors for your top and bottom or by simply using the color blocking technique. Highly original and unique prints are good, as are avant-garde prints.

Lips the upper one is wider than the lower one and has more angles dramatic, and the lower one is more gamine from the rosebud. In this case, the bangs are obviously not recommended. I am a blend of gamine, natural and classic.

Hence, color blocking is something you should explore. Une Femme dun Certain Age is so helpful!! As a result, I left with a very detailed notebook of which shapes, fabrics, accessories, and design details will work best for me. You may have noticed that unlike pure Gamines, Flamboyant Gamines can wear boxy pieces. The most important thing is, first of all, very fitting or tight-fitting cuts of clothes. It was a blast. Never hesitate to break your lines as its the most flattering look for you.

Ive stopped thinking that losing weight is going to completely change what I can wear. I look forward to your post every day. (I still have a few in my wardrobe; will avoid buying any more.).

Thanks Susan for all your work in trying to help us understand the style types. I may not be alone in appreciating your use of the personalities as examples. The eyes are narrow and almond-shaped. I love to create and re-create looks showcasing the life of European Bohemia in Portugal, researching Dos' and Donts' of the beauty realm, throwing my philosophy like confetti. Ethereal and Ingenue paint female faces, while the body shapes still exhibit features that dominate a given type of beauty.

The Queen herself apparently often wears trousers (other than for riding) but has never been photographed in them . Many of you have been asking about the particulars of my Style Analysis with Red Leopard, and specifically about the Gamine style personality. The look plays with opposites and the unexpected, where proportion, textures and colours meet in new ways. It seems dated and sexist. Classic, symmetrical hairstyles and smooth hairstyles should be avoided.

When composing outfits for Flamboyant Gamine, one should reject all stereotypes about creating a style for short women.

Meaning, dont be scared to explore and experiment. My body is all yang and my face is all yin with prominent bone structure, but Im 6.

Do you miss it?

Here are the other Style Personality Profiles that Red Leopard uses. You might be one or a combination of more than one.

Inverted triangle body shape Capsule Wardrobe, 13Kibbe Body Types Wardrobe And Discussion. However, we should remember that short stature and the mentioned facial features do not describe every Flamboyant Gamine woman. Like all dramatic gamines, it will withstand some unusual details in the image bare parts of the body, or, conversely, dark tights under a white dress, incongruous textures, prints, accessories, knock-out elements, the presence of a certain peppercorn there is always a particular challenge and courage. You have a good eye. When I wear longer cardigans like the jcrew coatigans they look horrible on me.

Dont worry too much about the face as I believe even Kibbe says you can ignore that if need be. Nothing too frou-frou for you. Model faces of Flamboyant Gamine (e.g., Gwen Stefani, Lea Michele, or Daniella Monet) can pull off a strong eyeliner line and false eyelashes. While I appreciate the notion that there are certain commonalities that create one of these style categories, I dont care for the narrowness of the definitions.

Boatnecks are good and shallow v-necks. Which of the style profiles (or combination of) do you think best suits you? No that is not me. Flapper Style was a symbol of a modern and liberated woman, fitting the image of Flamboyant Gamine both ideologically and practically.

I do get tired of the general belief that the goal of clothing is to make us look tall and slim.

An androgenic figure combined with a specific ethereal or girlish quality is a unique but nevertheless existing element of beauty.

below the ear on one side, cropped up above the ear on the other, sweeping back in tiered bevel-cut with the fullness above the nape of the neck, all unbroken silhouettes and vertical lines, watercolor-blended edges (too aging on you), delicate and intricate lines, shapes, and details, wide, unconstructed, oversized detail and styles, overly ornate or glittery face (too unsophisticated on you), blending your stockings/ hemline/ shoe color together (Break your lines! Most of the descriptions of Soft Dramatic suit me, but I dont have a defined waist or collect weight on my hips or chest. (Manina, for example.). The owners of natural curls have it easy.

Im an analytical learner though, whereas some people are more intuitive/visual. I do wish you would show more pictures of you or other non models wearing the clothes .

An outfit that goes harmoniously with your frame. Ive become much more discriminating about what I purchase, and what I do have works well together.

Both of these elements can be found in any type of beauty. The limbs are extended, and the head is proportionally slightly larger than 1/8 of the body. My mother was more Romantic when young but I couldnt do that either never having been seen as very feminine , which she was . I am very interested in your color experience and hope to one day go to the Red Leopard myself!

It works for my feeling of slightly more dressy skinny woman ( over certain age 53 ) living in Bay area , California. Lea Michele has beautiful long hair and absolutely shouldnt change her hairstyle. I can wear longer coats if they are structured. A lush, curly hairstyle (shorter or longer) is the perfect hairstyle for the Flamboyant Gamine. Asymmetric detail is best. I look best if there is a bit of edge in some aspect of what Im wearing; usually an accessory, but I do love a slightly period-looking or in some other way slightly dramatic/costumey jacket.

It is recommended that short people keep vertical lines as long as possible to lengthen the figure optically.

Are there elements you are going to keep? For women with more delicate beauty, a smokey eye will be a better choice. They may be very high and sculpted (Mandarin, Nehru, turtleneck) or low and plunging. ethereal

Aslightdeviation from these descriptions is always possible and should not be worried over as long as the overall outline meets the Yin and Yang balance of a Flamboyant Gamine (a nearly equal mixture of extreme Yin and extreme Yang with some extra soft Yang). Different body types call for different outfits, so why follow a one-size-fits-all advice?

I aspire to be well-groomed , pulled together in the sense of no bits falling off or getting in the way and love the unusual . Thank you, Elizabeth, for your understanding. Women with a strong, defined beauty: Kelly Osbourne (158 cm, or 52) and Lea Michele (159 cm, or 52-53), present Yin and Yang styles. ), very defined musculature (unless overweight), straight lines, flat bustline, and hips (unless overweight), cheeks tend to be taut (unless overweight), slightly sharp or broad facial contours (nose, jawline, cheekbones), usually have a broad or long facial shape (may be very round or slightly oblong), be symmetrical in body type or facial features (, have a real hourglass figure: waspish waist, curvy bustline, and hips (. See my complete disclosure policy. For what its worth, your post did not strike me in any way as demeaning anyone.

Same for chunky boucl fabrics .

Another less typical representative of the Flamboyant Gamine type is the lovely Vanessa Paradis. Are you wondering what Dramatic Gamine Body type is? I appreciate that you explained it so well. Nothing could be more disastrous for a Flamboyant Gamine than an ensemble meant to elongate your silhouette.

One of the young men even said that although grandmeres sac was not for me, my grand-peres shoes were fabulous! Instead, Vanessas face seems to come from a completely different, unidentified type of beauty. Necklines are best when neat. I can even wear shirts buttoned all the way up, depending on what Im wearing them with. Not sure how a pure Natural looks like? I have always been a gamine style even before I knew what it was called. Not anywhere as good as an in-person evaluation but definitely helpful.

Here I will show you how fashion manifestation looks like as well as I want it to be an inspiring space for women of all religions and heritage.

), Jackets: my best lengths are either top of thigh or knee length (so my long navy blazer is ). I hope I can help and advise you about your fashion preferences. Thanks also for the comment from Brenda Kinsel. Or is it? Quirky, funky elements.

I too love black, although it love me less and less as time goes on. Kibbe-verified Flamboyant Gamine celebrities, Flamboyant Gamine Style Guide: How to Dress. Note: The following descriptions are merely general outlines and not meant to 100% describe a Flamboyant Gamine down to her very last detail. Heres how to dress a Flamboyant Gamine Kibbe body type. However, due to the widespread deficit of perfect clothes, it is worth having one with dominating symmetry. Bez wezwania do sdu, dobrowolnego podporzdkowania si dostawcy usug internetowych lub dodatkowych zapisw od strony trzeciej, informacje przechowywane lub pobierane wycznie w tym celu zwykle nie mog by wykorzystywane do identyfikacji uytkownika. I just know when I put on something if its me. Too romantic hairdos are also not the best options.

The physicality of these two women fits into the discussed beauty type. And I can see I thought I was bigger than petite because of how clothes fit me, boots too tight in calves, my bottom pulled the pants funny, and tops hung, because of a small bust , but grabbed my forearms tight. This goes even more strongly for the Royals here in the UK . Susan, after your Red Leopard visit I wax inspired to make my own. Pleats are rarely effective and should be kept low and stitched down. This article will show you a pure Dramatic Kibbe shopping guide from casual to formal outfits, accessories, makeup, and coloring. I have always thought you look great, even before your style redo. Im really looking forward to the next steps of my own style journey, as well as following along for yours. Having the qualities of Romantic and Dramatic with some Natural, you definitely want to read: I feel the same!

One can get the impression that David Kibbe, when establishing the image and wardrobe of Flamboyant Gamine, only considered extravagant Liza and women very similar to her.

The eyes can be of medium size, the lips less full, and the height limit set by David Kibbe is as high as 170 cm (57). Sorry this is so long but I have been inspired to think about all this by your most interesting posts about your developing style directions . And these are mysteriously sounding Ethereal (angelic) and Ingenue (youthful innocence).

Despite the diminutiveness, the figure is more feminine than youthful. Im 55 with similar shape and like to do long shirts/cardigans over slim jeans, skirts and shorts.

I would tend to the Bohemian/ natural romantic by preference. What ruins this outfit for a Flamboyant Gamine are the following: Looking for an exclusive shopping guide for Flamboyant Gamine? Main principles for Dramatic Gamine Body Type Clothes, Dramatic Gamine Body Type: Sarah Jessica Parker Style Analysis, Dwyn Larson System: + 20 Body Types for Kibbe Admirers, Gamine Romantic Body Type Style: Natalie Portman Wardrobe, Makeup, Hair. What a great post to start the week with!

Contrasting trim is excellent (collars, cuffs, piping, buttons, etc.) A big yuck to the Fall/spring colours for me:( I recall many years ago when Joan Collins was still in Dynasty that she said she was always expected to look super glam like her character but that her personal style was much more casual .

A Flamboyant Gamine who wants to emphasize large, beautiful eyes should opt for layered and asymmetrical bangs. Of course, this concerns evening and cocktail creations, although some Flapper Style elements can be easily smuggled into everyday clothes.

The method of highlighting them depends on the facial features and the color type.

The exceptions to this rule are: Flapper Style (which will be discussed later), loose-fitting (blouson waist) blouses or dresses, and long, slightly flowing skirts worn with a short, narrow top.

And, of course, adapting to this middle-aged body, which means things that used to look good no longer do! The Starlet is a sort of young romantic or a curvy princess. However Id like not to be in one category of style maybe because Im still figuring it out or maybe because I feel it a bit limiting for me.

Incidentally, it is worth mentioning that the 7/8 pants length looks great on almost any, even larger, figure. My best prints are smaller and evenly spaced, not too much contrast. I had an initial exchange with the Red Leopard Ladies and didnt resonate with their suggestion of classic.

This is the theoretical analysis by the system of Dwyn Larson, and here we can see the features of Dramatic to the left and the Gamine to the right.

But the biggest revelation is that I could go ahead and wear tops that are a bit more fitted and not too long. If you think youre a Flamboyant Gamine, this article will help.

One can of course be a mix of two and sometimes more. Smaller hoops are good too. Excess weight usually collects from the waist down, rarely above.

To do this, ensure that your shoulders are always defined. We all need to use what works for us and disregard the rest. The description of the proper Flamboyant Gamine wardrobe and styling draws a highly eccentric and playful image.


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