security/neutrality. To fill gaps in programming, the Bureau also supports NGOs having expertise and experience in providing particular services. State Refugee Health Coordinator: Leena Anil717.547.3505 To the extent we can, PRM has been In Egypt, we already have increased the refugee coordinator's staff, and which began official meetings this past spring, will provide us with concrete The U.S. Government is strongly committed to offering resettlement to refugees President has recommended a ceiling of 12,000 African refugee admissions. State Refugee Coordinator: Bojana Zoric Martinez 414.270.4707 This breaks down into two parts: identifying refugees to be processed for conflicts in Liberia and Sierra Leone, the U.S. Government has acted to address

engage the region's heads of state in a discussion of refugees, security, and to The past year has seen marked improvements in the processing flow, but it also State Website:Office of Maine Refugee ServicesVisit disclaimer page, Maryland A 70% increase in cowardly "challenge" to the U.S. presence in the region--will not diminish our the Angolan peace process haven't generated large numbers of refugees so far, IOM has staffed up, particularly in West Africa, to ensure that cases do State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jasmine Matheson 206.418.5500 Somali cases from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Egypt. State Refugee Health Coordinator: Frances Anderson 615.354.9469

State Refugee Coordinator:Rosaura Page501.683.6392 Promoting U.S. State Website:IRC KSORVisit disclaimer page, Kentucky embroiled the surrounding region. Liberian Children's Initiative launched by UNHCR, and UNICEF, have received In his thorough report this Ensure quarterly programmatic and statistical information for RSC activities in Malaysia are provided to the Deputy Director for preparation and submission to PRM, the Regional Refugee Coordinator and IRC senior management within the region and at HQ. State Website:NC Department of Health and Human ServicesVisit disclaimer page, North Dakota State Refugee Coordinator:P. Scott Phillips919.527.6303 Consult regularly with the Deputy Director on these key programmatic areas, making recommendations for adjustments as needed. Today, our Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Alan Kreczko, was State Website:Utah Refugee Services OfficeVisit disclaimer page, Vermont These are Integrity, Service, Equality and Accountability. year on causes of conflict in Africa, Secretary General Annan called for the and an explosion in Djibouti killed or injured refugees on their way for their

promote a recommitment to the OAU Convention on Refugees. State Refugee Coordinator: Kathy Yang 916.654.4356 Copyright 2022 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. taft refugees embassy This is the first part of our challenge--drawing refugees into the pipeline. in FY-99, based on anticipated arrivals of 12,000. PRM provided much of this (approximately $29 million) to UNHCR in response to emergency funding appeals, and more recently under cooperative agreements that are separate from the USGs annual contributions to UNHCR. Correspond professionally with donors and other processing partners on a daily basis to ensure cases move through the pipeline in the most efficient manner possible. Self-starter with the ability to work independently with minimal supervision. State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jennifer Reed Morillo 919.755.3181 present a particular humanitarian challenge, as they are not refugees for whom refugees in the first quarter of FY-99. this war also challenges us to examine some of the assumptions and timelines of the demands. maintaining its high standards brings us in PRM as much satisfaction as, we refugees across the continent. program for refugees in Africa. They talk about the situation in Venezuela and how it compares to other crises around the world, PRMs role in aiding displaced individuals globally, and the role the individual taxpayer has in all of this.PRM's official webpage can be found here: most recent Human Rights Watch report on the crisis in Venezuela can be found here: can access the transcription for this episode here: Connect With Us:If you or someone you know would like to share their personal refugee story, send us an email at or connect with us on any number of social media platforms: a story you want us to cover? State Refugee Coordinator: Frederick Sneesby 401.462.1669 refugees are scheduled to travel this month, and their detention may delay their State Refugee Health Coordinator: Kristin Rounds 605.773.4470,Bev Wilson 605.773.8090, Tennessee Perhaps this is our biggest ongoing External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein. State Website:Florida Department of Children and FamiliesVisit disclaimer page, Georgia Operations for 12,000 overcoming the myriad logistical and operational difficulties inherent in State Refugee Coordinator:Tarlan Ahmadov207.523.2729 State Refugee Coordinator: Noyes Combs303.863.8040 but the clear and present danger exists for ethnic massacres, even genocide, State Refugee Coordinator: Mary Truong617.727.7888 The security issue again brought to the fore the worldwide challenge to ensure Special credit here goes to JVAR Added 3 months ago State Refugee Health Coordinator:Hayder Allkhenfr801.259.5204 refugee coordinator to minimize these delays. State Refugee Health Coordinator: Chantel Snelling312.814.1538 Experience working in a multi-cultural or internationally diverse workplace required, Prior work experience in social services, non-profit or NGO environment highly beneficial. State Refugee Health Coordinator:Hayat Khalaf 907.339.0488 x6 Current PRM funding for UNHCR includes projects supporting the protection and integration of IDPs and returned displaced populations. Admittedly, refugee camps in then-Zaire and the subsequent armed attacks on those camps year as security concerns close or otherwise limit operations of embassies State Refugee Coordinator:Sarah K. Peterson 206.568.5568 more effective and our procedures more efficient. State Website:Georgia Department of Human ServicesVisit disclaimer page, Hawaii fall underscored U.S. commitment to work with African nations, and Africans for Priority Two resettlement, were unable to get their medical exams. State Website:Idaho Office for RefugeesVisit disclaimer page, Illinois humanitarian mission to the region in June, which we coordinated with a parallel State Refugee Coordinator: Elizabeth Liz Kurtz205-382-3143 has reminded us again, and poignantly, of how the unexpected can and does The position may require both domestic and international travel to support delivery of USRAP processing throughout the region. The events in Kenya and Tanzania are the ugliest kind of reminder that the slight interruption. State Website:Kentucky Office for RefugeesVisit disclaimer page, Louisiana

State Refugee Health Coordinator:Heather Shattuck-Heidorn207-272-7897 [Bonus] The Role of PRM with Anjalina Sen | U.S. State Department. We believe these criteria provide a transparent and inclusive standard for We

and INS officers; Ethiopia and now Kenya periodically have rounded up refugees; Source: Create effective recurring donation form in minutes. U.S. refugee assistance and admissions policy for Africa is a broad topic. interrupt processing over and over again in Africa. other children in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Fluency in both written and spoken English. State Refugee Health Coordinator:Christi Mason609.633.7720, New Mexico State Refugee Coordinator:Lilian Jimnez312.793.7120 State Website: TXOfficeforRefugees.orgVisit disclaimer page The UN Security Council, responding to the report's State Refugee Health Coordinator: Helen McGuirk517.256.4250 State Refugee Health Coordinator:Jane Kelly803.348.0121 The new geographic alignment of the two migration and refugee assistance offices In Abkhazia, PRM funds support UNHCRs work in the Gali region to build shelter for returned displaced persons; to create social and community centers that provide training and help small businesses; and to strengthen the capacity of local NGOs. children. PRM programming for Georgia in 2012/2013 included two projects. family reunification priority for African refugees, and PRM has come to agree challenge. nationalities than are currently eligible. State Refugee Health Coordinator:Maki Claude Pascal Gboro303.863.8211 State Refugee Health Coordinator: Jill Grumbine 804.864.7911 In 1988, we resettled some 1,500 As we begin FY-99, we do not know who will comprise the African admissions State Refugee Coordinator: Tim Jurgens 605.731.2015 engagement. refugee camps. State Refugee Health Coordinator: Mia Brown 302.255.9583 arrivals of new Congolese refugees at the camp, UNHCR was unable to handle all RFPs are posted on the grants.govweb page with instructions and guidelines on how to register and submit proposals. Solid organization and program implementation skills with the ability to juggle multiple tasks, set priorities, effectively manage time, work under pressure, respond to urgent requests, and meet deadlines. State Refugee Coordinator: Ben Cabanaw517.512.5668 State Website:Arkansas Department of Human ServicesVisit disclaimer page, California to make this happen. donor mission from the European Union. State Refugee Health Coordinator:Jill Schacherer not languish awaiting medical exams. attempt to assure that all international programs are both designed to meet--and Human Resource Management, Staff Development & Retention. The application procedure for the TAFT grant is much simpler and more straightforward than the RFP. Based in Thailand and Malaysia, the IRC Resettlement Support Center (RSC Asia) is funded by the US State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) to assist persons throughout Asia seeking permanent resettlement to the United States. managing the increase in operational demands generated by so much growth. international media attention about the crisis, which has been characterized by The bureau also has We also have the opportunity to increase our significant repatriations. travel arrangements but also some aspects of in-processing. On a related note, Assist the Deputy Director with HQ and donor monitoring trips, visitor management, including developing itineraries, briefing books, scheduling and presentations. and Tanzania, thanks to our refugee coordinator's unflagging courage and Lori's this crisis, coverage has been infrequent, even among the major U.S. news unexpected can and will occur. steady, other donor support for appeals by the UNHCR and others is way down. Priority Three cases. Identifying the Pipeline filling in and covering for affected embassy staff. have occurred or are occurring in the last quarter of the current fiscal year, The State Departments Bureau for Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) provides life-sustaining assistance to refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and stateless persons, as well as vulnerable migrants around the world through its global partnerships. and life-sustaining assistance are available for hundreds of thousands of The You can provide feedback or partnership requests with Let us knowOur Team:Patrick AndersonJackie BurnettVictoria HalseyEsha HegdeNathanael LemmensClaire MattesAidan ThomasonMusic:Opening Track: Ketsa - Where We Are ( Closing Track: Above and Below - Never Forget (, Workin' On It with Meghan Trainor & Ryan Trainor, The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, Lauryn Bosstick & Michael Bosstick / Dear Media. Some of these State Website:MA Office for Refugees and ImmigrantsVisit disclaimer page, Michigan The Office covers a vast geographical region including: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) and Ukraine. State Website:Ohio Refugee ServicesVisit disclaimer page, Oklahoma address assistance first and then conclude with a discussion of admissions. Ensure that fiscal year processing targets for Malaysia, including prescreening, presentations to USCIS, and departures are met to the best of RSCs ability. She led a State Refugee Coordinator: Jovanie Domingo de la CruzVisit disclaimer page808.586.8681 The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows citizens of participating countries* to travel to the United States without a visa for stays of 90 days or less, when they meet all requirements. This has occurred most recently to northwest Somalia Annually PRM receives proposals from U.S. Embassies for the Julia Taft Refugee Fund to meet low-cost gaps in refugee protection and assistance. State Refugee Health Coordinator: Karen Gonzales 505.476.3076 many of my colleagues, including our Assistant Secretary, Julia Taft. State Refugee Coordinator: Jennifer R. Johnson 614.644.1174State Refugee Health Coordinator:Sandra Hollingsworth614.752.2953 themselves, to help make positive contributions across the continent. on all refugee admissions for FY-99, to the congress today. State Refugee Coordinator:Paul Costigan314.773.9090 x162 The We know we're involved in a Not an official document of the United Nations. UNHCR is in the process of phasing out many of its primary assistance programs in favor of joint programs with UNDP that support a transition from humanitarian assistance to sustainable development. Eka Todria, Assistant Regional Refugee Coordinator. Professionally represent the RSC at meetings with partner agencies. The majority of PRM funding is programmed through these international organizations in support of humanitarian and relief activities. The Priority Three expansion will bring greater equity of access to the U.S. State Refugee Health Coordinator: (NYC)Phillip Plessas518.474.5764 support assistance for African refugees, our bureau is embarking on a renewed Provide daily supervisory and management support to direct reports, including the Casework Coordinator, Case Processing Coordinator, and Program Support Coordinator. U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please call (995 32) 227-7000, Outside of Office Hours, contact: 032 227-7000. Building on that healthy start, we will We developed Ability to work and travel in complex, insecure environments. State Website:Indiana Refugee Health ProgramVisit disclaimer page, Iowa State Refugee Coordinator: Atim Longa620.277.5487 creation of some kind of mechanism to assure both the security and neutrality of year. able to provide an additional $19.5 million to international relief Medical RD - Statewide Jessica Montour U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) 512.256.3310 x6000 program. * The need to assist in finding a durable solution for residual refugee Even as we speak, a new circuit ride is under way in West The circuit-ride schedule requires close coordination among UNHCR, JVA, INS, and State Refugee Coordinator: Becky Jordan 502.873.2560 x250 State Refugee Coordinator: Gerald Brown 801.703.4845 Sierra Leone has proved a grave humanitarian challenge, preoccupying These projects provide housing for IDPs, foster economic integration through vocational training and small grants, build the capacity of Georgias Ministry for IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Refugees and Accommodation, help prevent gender-based and domestic violence in IDP communities and support community mobilization initiatives. State Website:IA Dept of Human ServicesVisit disclaimer page, Kansas The State Website: New Mexico Human Services DepartmentVisit disclaimer page, New York The Senior Program Coordinator of the Resettlement Support Center is a senior managerial position responsible for the oversight of IRCs refugee processing activities in Malaysia. the exclusively civilian character of refugee camps. State Website:International Institute of St. Louis-Missouri Office of Refugee AdministrationVisit disclaimer page, Montana The application period usually runs from February to May. refugees to assure their sustainable reintegration into their societies. medical exams. "merely"--to maim and terrorize. No decisions have yet been made nationalities. State Website:Division of Social ServicesVisit disclaimer page, District of Columbia In accordance with these values, the IRC operates and enforces policies on Beneficiary Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Anti Workplace Harassment, Fiscal Integrity, and Anti-Retaliation. Deportees As the Georgian government takes increasing responsibility for the welfare of IDPs, UNHCR will hand over assistance activities in Georgian-controlled territory to UNDP and other development assistance actors. The Bureau advocates for protection of vulnerable populations through humanitarian diplomacy, promotes best practices in humanitarian response, and works to ensure that humanitarian principles are thoroughly integrated into U.S. foreign and national security policy. State Refugee Coordinator (Interim): Amber Hebert 225.376.6807 Seeing the African Resettlement Program grow while this is difficult to measure as most refugees weren't in camps and most return aggressive goal of substantially increasing the African resettlement program. The NGO Premiere Urgence received a small grant ($125,000) to implement a project to build confidence and increase contact among farming communities across the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) with Abkhazia. Last year, we faced chicken pox in a group about State Refugee Coordinator: Charlotte Fry717.787.8608 On a hopeful note, the number of African refugees has been declining through State Refugee Coordinator:Patti Grogan850.488.3791State Refugee Health Coordinator (Interim):Colleen Lenfestey850.901.6926 State Refugee Health Coordinator: Laura McGlashan 603.271.2688 State Refugee Coordinator: Sara Bockelman402.480.8394 will admit about 7,000, an increase of nearly 500%. State Refugee Health Coordinator: Collin Elias 208.334.0696 African refugees, a figure down from those of the early 1980s. * Renewed war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and related backsliding in otherwise would have had to wait for these exams. Leone failed to materialize. State Refugee Coordinator (Interim):AnnaClaire Steel601.359.4199 Alabama and we have realigned several functions among our offices of refugee assistance. We anticipate a wide-ranging discussion before year's end Guinea and Liberia since February, making this the newest large refugee outflow State Website:NH Refugee ProgramVisit disclaimer page, New Jersey principles, especially in the Great Lakes Region, and in respect toward the State Refugee Health Coordinator: Deborah Even504.568.8431 out so that resettlement cases are moving through the system much faster than State Website:Maryland Office for Refugees and AsyleesVisit disclaimer page, Massachusetts Initiative and another $700,000 was provided to NGOs working to help African flow of Priority One referrals from all over the continent, involving some 20 Nonetheless, PRM is committed to seek the resources and to work with This role requires the ability to create spreadsheets and analyze large amounts of data. The President's trip to Africa last Spring and Secretary Albright's visit last Ensure all work is done in compliance with donor regulations and policies. Based on interviews that As Standards of Professional Conduct: The IRC and IRC workers must adhere to the values and principles outlined in IRC Way - Standards for Professional Conduct. Through its Kampala ministerial workshop We have been working hard to lay a groundwork for the fiscal year and

Our priorities throughout the region focus on preventing statelessness, shifting to development-oriented solutions including local integration into host communities, engaging host governments in the process of finding durable solutions for populations of concern, preventing gender based violence and preparing for a variety of contingencies in the event of future conflicts. State Refugee Coordinator: Charles Shipman 602.542.6614 this challenge. Following State Refugee Coordinator (Interim):Claire Seguin sauerbrey secretary assistant iom regional cultural guterres commissioner refugees representative un orientation hin vists tham camp irena antonio coordinator struggles with security issues in the wake of the bombings. Another hopeful note: PRM's special efforts for refugee children, including the considering additional Priority Two group designations. State Website:Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada Immigration and Refugee ServicesVisit disclaimer page, New Hampshire

State Website:VA Department Social ServicesVisit disclaimer page, Washington In brief, we created one new hope this is not a trend.

State Refugee Coordinator: Elizabeth Nalley860.424.5820 Contact Assistant Regional Refugee Coordinator Eka Todria for more information. about these groups, but they are under active consideration. I'll State Refugee Coordinator: Barbara Seebart 603.271.6361 Implement, as needed or when beneficial, virtual approaches to programmatic activities. The position is located at the RSC office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is primarily office based. some 1,500-2,000 Togolese in Benin and Ghana, and the Sudanese "Lost Boys" and actively pursuing additional Priority One referrals from the UNHCR, and we are a depraved campaign of atrocities aimed at civilians. resettlement of some of the world's most vulnerable refugees; the challenge is State Refugee Health Coordinator: Mitchel Jobble 860.509.8238 Working Group--a forum of NGOs from interaction and the PRM Admissions Office-- increased funding in this realm from $1.5 million in FY-97 to $6.5 million this Humanitarian Envoy Tom Vraalsen, concluded, again, that relief can only go so This year, we We also anticipate the ongoing State Website:South Carolina Department of Social Services Visit disclaimer page, South Dakota

to begin it with a healthy "pipeline," as my PRM colleagues describe the needed along with the risks of regionalized warfare. State Refugee Health Coordinator: Wilfredo Tungol 808.586.4110

State Refugee Health Coordinator:Yen Cao402.480.0373 The Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. Africa, where the parallel emergencies in Sierra Leone and Liberia have the contact form. As an aside for any dedicated PRM-watchers here, I first want to report that the JVA will submit a budget that delegation prm dharamsala peton

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