After makinga purchase she leaves the store and has an accident later with Grant andgets covered in orange juice.

Well worth it. The film, decently funny and somewhat romantic, falters when RichardCurtis tries to add in way too much plot. The parts that Grant andRoberts are attempting in Notting Hill are familiar, both to the viewersand to the two actors. ),they've managed to make a film that unfolds with a leisurely pace andtreats its characters with remarkable decency. You come away feelingsure that Spike is a complete and utter idiot and has still just played youfor a fool. It'shard to remember the last time a romantic comedy worked this well, thisconsistently. Studio interiors (such as the book shop and Williams flat) are smoothly integrated with location work. And whatif that movie star, presumably of the opposite sex, comes up and plantsa big wet kiss on you?

Othertimes they are witty and engaging. "Surreal, but nice.". View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place. Grant plays William Thacker, a slightlyimpoverished bookstore owner and member of the "my best friend owns afast Peugeot wagon" set. HughGrant once again perfects his charming loser act, and Julia Robertswas born to play this role; a role that isn't much different than herreal life. The film opens with a non-verbal cue to Anna's stardom as the titlecredits appear over a montage of slow motion sequences featuring theactress's appearances in films and at premieres - coming out oflimousines, walking the red carpets and such.

At any rate, theirmeeting is less than perfect as Scott, dressed in a business suit andtie, apologizes for "that kissing thing.". Roberts, with the most difficult role in the picture, starts slowly but builds through small increments to the powerful ending, in which shes simply radiant. "Notting Hill" isn't that kind of film, but it's a charming,funny romantic-comedy. Almost as ludicrous, as, say, a prostitute fallingin love with her client. Williams unspectacular life changes one day when Anna Scott (Roberts), the planets most famous film actress, walks in alone and buys a book. Though theres still plenty of Curtis signature humor, especially in his comic observation of the spaces between words, this is very much a kinder, gentler movie less manic in keeping its audience hooked, more confident in the longer lines of the storys emotional arc, and less reliant on barbed one-liners and eccentric characters per se. And two, Anna knows that their budding romance might very well lead to life-changing consequences for William and herself, particularly when the media inevitably catches on to the story. Together, Grant and Roberts are dynamite, and perhaps they could go on to become the next Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan romantic duo. Iwonder if I could have used some of his questions?] An arrogant Hollywood big name himself, how can William compete with that?

As their juice stains dry intowhat appears to be mustard (British special effects technicians mightpossibly have something to learn from "The Phantom Menace"), shegraciously accepts his offer to duck into his apartment to changeclothes. Our students continue to have many opportunities to grow and learn in a caring andinspiring environment. I'd like to see a film that(a la "ThePlayer") looks at celebrity life with sardonic wit and a cynical pointof view. There is one intimate little night time date that William and Annaembark on where they trespass on to private property and enjoy the pleasuresof a garden ladled setting to further their romance.

The plot of NOTTING HILL is simple enough. Another form of humor Irather appreciated were the industry in-jokes (Harrison Ford, MelGibson, Demi Moore). For Grant, acting's master of awkwardness, playing Thacker would seem asnatural as it is for Roberts to play Scott. So now that the summer season hasarrived, can things get better or worse? Notting Hill is the latest of these low grade Hollywood romances thatonly teenagers find romantic, this one setting us in a bizarre universe ofsorts (Notting Hill, London, England) where somewhere along the line JuliaRoberts plays an actress (Anna Scott) who wins an Oscar. 21 Best Easter Movies to Watch for the Holiday, 45 Funny Christmas Movies to Keep You Laughing All the Way, 17 Christmas Horror Movies That Will Chill You to the Bone, Where to Find Bollywood Movies With English Subtitles, 10 Places With Free Kids' Movies to Watch or Download, 25+ Christmas Movie Trivia Questions to Get in the Holiday Spirit, 50 Horror Movie Trivia Questions That Are Frighteningly Difficult, 17 Disney Halloween Movies That Bring On Mystery and Magic, 21 Kids' Halloween Movies That Are More Fun Than Frightening. Without words, thissequence gives us a background to her character. Fromthe moment they arrive at the gate, this sequence had me laughing. If you experience difficulty with the accessibility of any If you experience difficulty with the accessibility of any Six District Educational Compact Learn more about the career-technical education program offered to students in Woodridge, Tallmadge, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson, Kent and Stow-Monroe Falls. But, hey, what does anyone care? From that moment on, their relationship has its ups and downs, asWilliam learns that dating a celebrity is tough work. Julia Roberts, whose last romantic comedy was the equallywonderful My Best Friend's Wedding, is terrific; althoughunderstandably, the role isn't much of a stretch for her, she has theailing superstar feel down cold. Before long, it's full-fledged love affair, with Anna coming toWilliam's sister's birthday (complete with exclamations of "Holy F*ck! She's got a pushy entourage and a packed schedule. These are the kinds of stories 'that can onlyhappen in the movies.' While not far from his Four Weddings persona, Grant is fine as the emotional dweeb, downplaying his physical shtick and showing surprising iron in Williams character when necessary. Greatstuff. Cute meeting. Hisanswer to Anna's persistent bullying is, "Can I get you more tea, dear? He offers to let her come to his flat and getcleaned up and the two of them later strike up a romantic relationship. And poor Anna has to pursue again! Woodridge School District 68 is committed to ensuring that all material on its web site is accessible to students, faculty, staff, and the general public. We continue to be a student-focused district that is highly regarded for thecompetence and character of our students and the excellence of our staff, programs,and learning environment. The whole thing seems like a surreal dream. A standout is Thackers grossly (and Imean that literally) inapproriate roommate spike, whose idiosyncraciesbring comic relief in a bold way (read my lips: butt cheeks) that notmany romantic comedies of this sort dare do. Silver-Screen List Administrator and PVPHS Class of '99 Bravo to director Michell for attempting something so fresh and stylish, and performing it to perfection. Anna is rotten atrelationships and carries a lot of petty emotional baggage. If Roberts had fluffed the line, the rest of the film might never have worked. 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An American in London, she chances into the comfortably shabby travel bookstore of William Thacker (Hugh Grant). Thacker humbly "understands" when Annasleeps around with other men. It also shows how down-to-earth celebrities canbe. Grant is at his stammering hesitant best as William tries to interest Anna in a travel book, disparages and then praises the one she eventually chooses, and later in a second meeting manages to spill orange juice on her. We arethe common folk who go to work every day to make an honest living, notat all well-informed about happenings beyond our personal borders. Roberts American is a fully-drawn character rather than a one-dimensional bolt-on, like Andie MacDowells. With its sunnydisposition, weepy ballad-filled soundtrack, and nice touches ofcomedy, everyone can live happily ever after. My Best Friends Wedding is stillmy favourite film of Roberts, but, Notting Hill comes up a close second. Rating: 5 (0 to 10), high 0 (-4 to +4). Its easy to sit back and analyze faults in the pics construction: As Anna keeps coming and going out of Williams tiny universe, you sit there waiting for scripter Curtis to come up with another unlikely reason for the two to cross paths; some characters (Honey, and restaurateur Tony) have clearly suffered from scenes eliminated during post-production; and despite the scripts insistence that William has never had much success with women, Grant never really convinces in that respect. Hugh Grant, of course, really is the ultimate poster boy for youraverage silver-screen nice guy. "But fortunately, never too quickly. Notting Hill Is there a more likable actress in Hollywood? As a technical package, the movie is slick in all departments, without being glossy. While she waxes philosophic about the costs associatedwith fame (I find this extremely amusing when famous people in thereal-world do this) the worlds they live in are very different. This slyness also leads to the heavy dose of humor the film has going for it, and I can't even remember when I've laughed so hard at a romantic comedy before. It shows thesometimes inhumane treatment most celebrities have to endure. Also effective in minor roles are Tim McInnerny, as William's brother, and Gina McKee, as his crippled wife, who share a few nice scenes together, and whose relationship is believable and touching as a married couple who love each other with all their hearts, no matter what. Which is to say, you shouldn't,as it's that well done. My son Jeffrey, aged 10, who saw the film back in California, said hereally enjoyed it and gave it ***. While I am proud of our achievements, I understand thatwe must remain laser focused in our goal to prepare students for the 21 st century whoare college and career ready, and who have the chance to surpass their dreams. Let me be clear: the screenplayhas no 3rd act. Which my ever-twitchy Thumbs!

Notting Hill is blessed with the British comic wit of Richard Curtis(Four Weddings and a Funeral), who churns out a screenplay that is decentlyfunny, somewhat romantic, and has enough twist on the norm to keep me awake.It has a plot that is formulaic to no end, but keeps an ironic twist on itas it seems to be on some level a take off of Henry James' "Wings of theDove", of which a film version has just wrapped at the end of the movie. Roberts has always been a romantic-comedy typeactress. 2 beds. Center Cass School District 66; Community High School District 99; Lemont-Bromberek Combined School District 113A; Lemont Township High School District 210; Naperville Community Unit School District No. For example, thereare a couple of instances in this film where large amounts of timepass. Learn what you don't. Obviously, it'll never work. William goes to the location to see her, but overhearing her describe him as someone she once knew, nothing important (because she's talking to an incorrigible gossip, but he doesn't know that), he leaves. Welcome to IXL! True, these misty-eyed excursions into Bob Seger-land oftensend me on a search-and-destroy mission to the kitchen in order tolocate appropriate utensils for my ritual gagging ceremony. William pines. Pointing out how similar this real life experience was to the scene inthe movie, I asked where Julia Roberts was. What's amazing is how likable and vulnerable shemakes this poor little rich girl. Together he and Robertsgenerate more than enough of that mythical chemistry to make thisflick work. This is a perfect example of how good "mainstream" movies can be. One day, American movie superstar Anna Scott (JuliaRoberts) walks in to purchase a book on Turkey. But in theworld of fairy tales, there's always a wonderful chance that theimpossible might happen. That's what Notting Hill is about. Here, he stars as William Thacker, astruggling travel bookshop owner in a section of London called NottingHill. As the movie opens, Thacker commutes his 1,000 yards to the office. But she's just a normal girlwho wants to accompany William to his little sister's birthday party,who gets her feelings noticeably hurt at a restaurant when an adjacenttable makes derisive comments about her, and who wants to steal kissesin the middle of a darkened park. When he takes her into his world, it's to his sister's birthday party, where his star-struck sister follows Anna into the bathroom. It's a dream many peoplehave. Think about it. Of course he accidentally spills a drink on her, and it's love atfirst sight. But we canfantasize in NOTTING HILL, can't we? Because these are stories that you'd always like to see happen inreal life but probably never will. One of the most charming neighborhoods in London, it reminds me of San Francisco's neighborhoods, only with a British endurance. But most of all, she says, "I'm justa girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.". At least this film has some pretty good music that for themost part remains relevant and appropriate. Also in the film you have WilliamThacker (Hugh Grant), a humble bookkeeper. He has a loutish roommate who forgets phone messages. Grants William Thacker is a bookseller in Notting Hill, and his circle in the north London district includes a mad, unwashed Welshman, Spike (Rhys Ifans, from Twin Town), with whom he shares a house; Martin (James Dreyfus), his assistant at the tiny travel book shop on Portobello Road; younger sister Honey (Emma Chambers), a complete ditz; best friends, couple Max and Bella (Tim McInnerny, Gina McKee); and Bernie (Hugh Bonneville), whos a boring something in the City. And then Anna is back in England, filming a new movie. Grant is called upon to play an awkward guy who'sshocked at his good fortune in having a movie star take an interest inhim. This introduces the problem of where to take her for their firstdate. "Right, no one," he responds with sad seriousness. That is where the big wet kiss is planted. Director Roger Michell, whose only other major motion picture was theJane Austen adaptation Persuasion, stages this movie free of anysuspense or particularly pressing conflict; it's a whimsical, airyproduction that is part crowd-pleaing and part profound and thoughtful.Even though William's degenerate roommate (Rhys Ifans) is a bit toomuch, the comedy rarely gets in the way of the plot, nor does it spoilthe movie's mood. When she leaves for what he assumes will be forever, he doesn'tknow quite what to say. Notting Hill asks whether fame is a goal or an obstacle; whether one whois a household name can achieve the happiness that so many "ordinarypeople" can arrive at. I suppose what struck me as most whimsical about 'Notting Hill' is the factthat those involved make the film work with straight, no-nonsense dialogue.The film has very little music score and relies on romance to make it allsing. Of course, the conflict in the film is that William is nobody and Annais somebody. Anna leaves. Although somewhat starstruck, he sees her assurprisingly down-to-earth, much like the proverbial girl next door. All too often today sparkling, witty dialogueand blatant over-reaction are mistaken as hallmarks of truly inspiredwriting. Most notable is Rhys Ifans as Spike,William's eccentric roommate, who is in the film for no other purposethan to make us laugh. To sum it all up, I think it's fair to say since I only spent two outof roughly 120 minutes biting my critic's lip on account"questionable" moments, I think "Notting Hill's" a pretty solid value.Now, if I could just sell my thumbs! Speaking of self-deprecation, we come to the master himself, HughGrant, most known for Four Weddings and a Funeral, ElizabethHurley, and the Divine Brown scandal. In all those respects, pic says a lot about the greater self-assurance in the Brit film industry since the time of Four Weddings, when the movie stood out with its confidence and optimism. ("I once saw Ringo Starr. One day, he and his store are visited by famous actress Anna Scott(Julia Roberts). With "Notting Hill," she wouldn't let go of me for at least five minutes after the closing credits. He said he laughed a lot. Complications ensue. Theres no better way to spend a Friday evening. Notting made me laugh *and* cry; itentertained me but it didnt try too hard to be sweet andcute. Odd in the sense that in Notting Hill the typicalmovie gender roles are reversed. Thisand their other subsequent chance encounter brings out their attractionfor one another. He remains human even when later that same day hebumps into Anna on the street and spills some coffee on her. One day while at work, William finds his life suddenly change before his eyes when Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), the world's most famous movie star, walks in to do some book-shopping. The sheer accuracy of the interview procedure is one of the reasons the scene is so successful, and is only aided by William's utterly benign questions, such as when he asks Anna, "do you wish that you had added more horses into your film?" Should celebrities recieve differenttreatment than "regular" people? It's a scenemost of us will probably think would play out in our own living roomswere we faced with a similar situation. Or take an instance where Anna kisses William and askshim never to tell anyone for fear of the incident hurting her image.William assures her he wouldn't say a word, then adds, "Well, I'llprobably tell myself now and then, but I'd never believe it." And of course at the center of the film are the star attractions, Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. But really asis often the case, many of the background characters are of greaterinterest than those in the foreground. Seconds later, however, while William is still recovering from the experience , she returns to collect her shopping bag and give him an unexpected kiss of thanks, just before the nerdy Spike enters and brings them crashing back to reality. The downside to spending so much time with William is that we don'tget to see enough of Anna to make their relationship whole andplausible. William's sisterHoney (Emma Chambers), works in a record store and is rather goofy aroundher own kind, let alone meeting a rich and famous movie star. Living in Los Angeles, I have had many celebrity encounters, and myexperiences have usually been somehwat similar. Scott's boyfriend (an uncredited Alec Baldwin) unexpectedly shows up, ruining what could have been an intimate encounter. Two Woodridge 68 Educators Receive National Board Certification. After the requisite shaky start, Anne andWilliam begin to date and go through some predictable comedicsituations. It's kind of a mixed bag, butstill fares better than many of today's lighthearted movies which areso influenced by the MTV fare that the film becomes one long musicvideo. Without overdoing the gawkiness or dressing-down, thesp manages to convince she has another side to her personality while also remaining a Hollywood star especially in one scene in which, cornered by the British tabloid press, she abruptly switches into cold, professional mode.

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