The Sony also performs slightly better at max volume, but its bass and detail-lacking sound signature might not be worth it for most. Next, come the buttons dedicated to the multiple modes users can choose depending on what you wish to put on, like music or movies, and night mode is enabled when you do not want to be a nuisance for other family members. The SIGNA is a 2.1 setup that's decent for dialogue-centric content and music. Since its port is at the front, you only have the power cable running at the bottom of the sub. Last but not least the Signa S2 is HDMI-CEC enabled which means that if you connect it to a TV through the HDMI port you can use the TV remote to control the soundbar. Lastly the remote is so and so while the buttons felt a bit unresponsive. With music the absent of any kind of surround activity is not obvious and maybe this is the reason why we believe the Signa S2 fared better in this regard. The build and layout of this device are very solid, giving it a device that does the job clearly and satisfactorily. The included subwoofer has a rather small size measuring 6.72x13.4 x 12.2 and weighing eleven pounds. If you mean if you can add surround speakers to it then the answer is unfortunately no. There are even some more sound enhancement features available, like room correction. The Polk Audio SIGNA S2 is a slightly better performing 2.1 setup than the Samsung HW-T450. The Samsung is better built, and it comes with more sound enhancement features like a graphic EQ. The Samsung HW-T650 is better than the Polk Audio SIGNA S2. Although it doesn't have a dedicated center channel, it's fairly well-balanced in the mid-range and it also features a dialogue enhancement feature to help make voices clearer. The Sony has a slightly better build quality, it has a better center and surround performance, and it can even support Atmos content, although it has to downmix it to stereo to play it. The subwoofer made a good job with bass although dont expect to push things as some other bigger subs can. It has a better stereo frequency response and a slightly wider-sounding soundstage. On the other hand, the TCL feels more robust and better-built. The Polk Audio SIGNA S2 is a bit better for mixed usage than the Yamaha YAS-109. The Polk Audio SIGNA S2 is a straightforward 2.1 soundbar that comes with a wireless subwoofer. It can get noticeably louder and supports audio formats over ARC. On the back is a small number of connectors and some unique slot spaces to mount it, and its smart construction makes handling this device very manageable. Finishing we get three buttons that adjust three different levels of voice. In addition the absence of a built-in display on the soundbar made things a bit hard to understand the kind of command you have issued. However, the subwoofer feels rather cheap. It's not a universal remote, so you won't be able to control other devices with it.

The Yamaha's sound profile is better balanced and is suitable for a wider range of stereo content. Its objective is to deliver an improved audio experience minus the requirement to fuss over any detailed tweaks at all.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'techreviewadvisor_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_8',171,'0','0'])};if(typeof __ez_fad_position != 'undefined'){__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-techreviewadvisor_com-large-mobile-banner-1-0')}; As a 2.1 channel setup, its surround sound can be somewhat limited; however, it does not deter this audio device from performing well. After that you just turn on the soundbar and you are ready to go. The Polk Audio SIGNA S2 goes into a standby mode after a few minutes of inactivity, although we don't have the specific timer. This stereo setup comes with a wireless subwoofer that creates a lot of bass, although it has trouble creating very low-end frequencies for a deep rumble. The lights become green when playing Dolby Digital content. The Bose is a 3.0 setup with a standalone design that's ideal if you don't have a lot of space. The Polk Audio SIGNA S2 and the Sony HT-X9000F are very closely performing soundbars, but the Sony is more versatile. It can also reproduce a more extended low-bass. Other users have reported similar experiences. I hope you found it useful. - You can suggest future reviews and we will put them in our priority list. From the remote you can control how much bass you like easy and fast with the press of a button. Its 2.1 configuration is very simple and can be a good upgrade for your TV speakers. The Sonos is better-built, and it supports Dolby Atmos content. The Yamaha YAS-207 is a better 2.1 soundbar than the Polk Audio SIGNA S2. On the low side surround effects were completely absent and the same applied to the overhead action as the Atmos effects we completely missing. On the top we get the power and mute buttons while under them there are three buttons in order to select desired input. Even so Polk Audio did manage to make some improvements compared to the Signa S1 by adding an HDMI port with ARC functionality. The device features a Night Mode, and it works wonders in lowering the bass as it improves the dialogue, and you do not need to alter the main volume. However, it isn't as well-built as some other affordable option in this price range like the TCL Alto 7+, but it performs decently well overall. Now while most soundbars provide some kind of visual display at the front in order to provide the user with some kind of visual confirmation of his commands the low cost of the Signa S2 meant that we will have to rely on a simpler form of this. On the other hand the soundbar cuts many corners in order to reach this extremely low price. The Polk Audio SIGNA S2 is slightly better than the TCL Alto 7+. But you shouldnt worry as in our Polk Audio Signa S2 review we will take a look at a soundbar that claims to offer the kind of performance that is far better than any TV can do and all this without costing an arm and a leg. Lastly we should mention that there is a USB port that is located on the bottom side but this seems to be used only for service as the soundbar doesnt have any kind of USB streaming capabilities.

There are not many functions on the soundbar so the number of buttons needed are also very limited.

The Polk Audio SIGNA S2 has good stereo dynamics. The Polk Audio SIGNA S2 system doesn't have satellites. It still offers a great sound result as its core objective. With a reasonable price tag and ample features to satisfy your essential needs, being a device that features its own subwoofer, a product like this is the ultimate pick.It delivers fantastic sound quality and will make you a very happy user. Despite its smaller size, it has a better soundstage, and it also has a better center channel performance. Is it possible to add more speakers to the Signa S2? Let me know if you need any further help. It also comes with a room correction feature. It has better soundstage, center, and surround performances, too. However, the 2.1 Polk Audio gets louder with a little less compression at max volume. Musical instruments are reproduced with adequate clarity; the vocals have a loud tone, and the subwoofer executes tremendous bass. The S2 is a classic example of Polks exceptional products and is their new release from the Signa collection. If you love music and you are afraid of its performance in this regard you really shouldnt as it will certainly offer you countless hours of acoustic enjoyment. While the device does not have the essential hardware to work for bigger spaces, it does give you a show that can pleasantly surprise you for a moderate space area. All the current sleek flat TVs may reign supreme in looks, but they have one issue in common that always disappoints: audio quality level. But lets leave it at that. On the upside, it gets loud enough for most people, although it might not perform the best when pushed to its limits, as you might hear compression and distortion. Its sound profile is better balanced, although a bit excited. On the upside, it's decently well-made and supports wireless streaming via Bluetooth. The other way and the one that you will mostly use is the included remote and to be very honest it is an average at best. If you would prefer a bar with more features and a built-in EQ, check out the Samsung HW-B550 instead. Then comes a standard 3.5mm slot. This tool will clearly show you the differences, Use our data and table to find the best soundbar for your needs, Want to see us review a specific soundbar? It has better center, surround, and soundstage performances. The subwoofer uses a 5.25 driver coated with a non-detachable grille. Using oval drivers may puzzle a few but dont forget that Polk Audio advertises this soundbar as a low profile one so using this type was a necessity as they would have to use even small ones if they would go for round types that would have a further negative impact on the soundbars performance. Unlike the Polk Audio, it also has a Full HDMI In port. Its remote is relatively small, you can hold it easily, and you can press every button with a single handgrip since its design is fundamental. The Samsung is a better-built 11.1.4 setup with discrete satellites. We can admit we were surprised by the musicality of such a cheap soundbar. Continue reading our review to find out. There are even more sound enhancement features, such as a graphic EQ. Moving on to our music testing we chose a selection of audio tracks that we streamed through our AV receiver. It's better built, and it has a better soundstage. HDMI is the most commonly used port in todays home theater equipment so having at least one seemed like a necessity and Polk Audio did gave us that. It has better center and surround performances, too. After that, turn on the device, and you are ready to go. No mater what kind of music we tried, and we tried a lot, we got very solid performance with tight mid-range, lovely highs and satisfying lows. For this reason they need to rely on IR repeaters that are positioned on their back in order to relay the signal to the TV. Simplicity is the aim of the S2, and it seems like Polk wanted this device to be as straightforward as possible to be easy for anyone to use. I like the simplicity of use even if this means that many features are stripped compared to other models. The Samsung is a 3.1 setup that's better built. Very basic like all integrated buttons usually are but they get the job done. The Signa S2 gives a new meaning to what plug-and-play means. It couldnt be more simple than that dont you agree? Like you have said, flat screens do not have great quality audio systems so it is always better to get something that can improve that.. The Samsung also feels a bit more durable and has a lot more features.

It only has a single HDMI ARC port, an optical input, and a typical 3.5mm audio jack. When you want to listen to music or wish to watch a movie, there are three buttons you need to press. The Polk Audio SIGNA S2 is more versatile than the Vizio SB2020n-J6. If you plan on using the Signa S2 for movies then you should know what to expect. Also, it reproduces a more extended low-bass, so you feel some more thump and rumble in your audio. It seems that when Polk Audio designed the Signa S2 made sure to keep the low cost a first priority and this reflects on the design upon first look. polk command bar cedia wins assist right center polkaudio

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