Unlike your typical zoo, this wildlife park provides animals with more than just a home. We should appreciate them for their role as a top predator and their key position in the Arctic ecosystem. Siku has also been a great part of our education about climate change. At the moment you can watch the very playful Siku, Nuno and Nanu.

When you work with polar bears, no days are the same. Without question, climate change is directly affecting the polar bears ability to survive. Hes castrated and hes the oldest male. Our polar bears live in a 2.5 hectar enclosure, with lakes, hills, grass, logs, big boulders and a lot of other exciting polar bear stuff. We do keeper talks every day (April-October) for up to 1,000 people at a time. She is currently studying Journalism at the London College of Communication (University of the Arts London). I think it should! We have an amphitheater overlooking the polar bear park and we talk about polar bears, their biology and climate change, while we feed the bears. His name means sea ice and ever since he was a tiny cub, his image has been used to promote awareness about climate change. The privately owned park opened its doors to the public in 1994 and is home to 19 different animal species. And not just in cold countries. Aurore is the Deputy Environment Editor of the IPF. credit change where university effect present human magnitude climate sweden atlas land area facts sq miles km findfunfacts appspot country Its been set up with help from our partners at Polar Bears International and Explore.org and it was done because of the growing interest around Siku. The IPF spoke to the biologist of the park, Janne Tofte, who earned herself a degree in animal physiology and behaviour. Her role also entails training the animals, overseeing guides and social media. Shes a persistent lady and even though shes the smallest of the adults, the males certainly have respect for her. The only camera we have in the park is the polar bear cam. Its not just an old clich that young people are the future. Its being in the moment and just enjoying where you are right now. The animals have the opportunity to move around freely and the polar bears have a space covering 2.5 hectares, making it one of the worlds largest of its kinds. So swimming and especially playing in the water is their favorite pass time on a warm day. puzzlewood perucica bosnia herzegovina gloucestershire pineyes coleford krajolici prelijepi bih nase peruica They always find something new to do. Hes a big goofball and always curious about everything around him and hes smart. They are the ones who are going to continue to take care of the planet, and all of its inhabitants, for many years to come..

Its difficult to say what a typical day looks like but it definitely involves a lot of swimming, climbing, sliding down hills, napping, playing with each other, and whatever they feel like doing. The park manager, director and a biologist are responsible for taking care of the whole park. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Its the end of the IPF but youth journalism has only scratched the surface, A story of fostering an unaccompanied refugee minor in Europe, Five Years!

I always hope that International Polar Bear Day day will bring even more awareness and hopefully convince a few more people to start taking action.. Polar bears have a very insulating fur and are prone to overheating. Afterwards we go out on the huge boardwalk winding through the polar bear park and the polar bears swim and we answer questions. Hes calm, but none of the other polar bears can push him around. As well as writing, Aurores interest in photography has enable her to highlight environment and social issues. Young people should view themselves as essential to solving the climate change crisis. The park gained worldwide attention when its staff raised Siku, a polar bear cub that was in danger after his mother was unable to produce enough milk for him. For four hours each day volunteers at Explore.org follow the bears in the big polar bear park. Polar bears are fascinating animals but I think we should care about them for more reasons than them being beautiful and cute. It has the potential to engage more people and hopefully get them inspired, to take action against climate change. As well as taking care of all the different animal species, they also educate visitors of the park by organising talks every day between April to October. Nanu, the male, is a bit of a mommas boy and always hungry. Our breeding male, Nanok, is just a sweetheart. With a warmer climate the sea ice is disappearing and polar bears need the sea ice to hunt, mate and raise their cubs. Hes the biggest of the bunch but he always just hangs around our other adult male, Nuuk. Watch Siku and his polar bear family through the live camera from the park. In Denmark its not as much of a movement as it is a way of life. After a month-long trip in India, her concerns regarding the environment issues were confirmed so she decided to take action and joined the IPF team in the hope to make a difference.

Hopefully the young minds of the world will continue to take action and inspire everyone around them to do the same..

Shes a wonderful mother and shes the mother of Siku, Nanu and Nuno. In this busy life, its good to be able to slow down and just enjoy life. However, if they have access to relatively cool water, they can easily keep themselves cool as well. In her spare time she enjoys reading, cycling and cooking. Its eating a nice dinner, hanging out on the couch, sitting somewhere talking with someone you care about or maybe reading a good book. Jannes spoke to us about the impact of climate change on polar bears and highlighted the importance of getting young people involved in the matter. Hes a bit picky about what he eats and he can really send us the look if we present something to him that he doesnt want that day. Instead of doing new enrichment items every day, we have given them an environment that holds all the enrichment they need. Polar bears sparring in the lake. Its not only about cozy fires and blankets, but its about the feeling of calm well-being either alone or with close friends or family. I think everyone has experienced Hygge, but most languages dont have a proper name for it. He has a Facebook page with 63,000 fans and in collaboration with Polar Bears International we use this page to inform and inspire his fans. Siku was hand-reared because Ilka had trouble producing milk but today he has no more contact with people than the other polar bears. Nuno is the female and shes quick to discover new things and playful. Nuuk is the twin brother of Ilka, our breeding female. We have six polar bears at the moment. By saving polar bears, were also saving a whole ecosystem and the myriad of animals living in it. Nuno and Nanu are twins they are born the year after Siku and this time we managed to stimulate Ilkas milk production so they have been raised by her. So we dont manage their day they do. [Image credit: Scandinavian Wildlife Park]. Heres how we see the world now, Chennai Coastal Cleanup: Empowering citizens to take control of waste reduction, Khaled Akil: Depicting Syria, sex slaves and Pokemon through art, Design for Difference: Fashion student designs clothes to help the lives of refugees, Prakriti Project: Environmentalism in India, Four young LGBTQ Arabs break the silence about their everyday struggles, Uncovering the culture of shame surrounding disability in Japan, Refugee crisis: One kitchen struggles to feed Calais growing Jungle camp residents, Talking Through Art: Empowering Rwandans with disabilities, Smita Sharma: Why I take pictures of rape survivors in India, I have a life, let me live it: Young disabled Londoners talk accessible transport, EXCLUSIVE Interview: Matthew Barzun, United States Ambassador to the UK, Solving the overpopulation problem by empowering women through TV dramas, Human Trafficking Clinic: The importance of education in eradicating modern-day slavery, Youth leader PJ Cole explains how climate change is affecting his home in Sierra Leone. The Scandinavian Wildlife Park is situated in Kolind, in the north-east of Denmark and covers 45 hectares of land (110 acres).

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