Traditional food can be found across diverse areasfrom the capital Tirana to the southernmost Konispolito spoil you well. A two-hectare property, Uka Farm stands as one of the most popular restaurants to try due to its fresh offerings. Grilled chicken breast, cooked in broccoli and aioli sauce, would be a perfect choice for those who love meat. The inventive menu includes oven-baked veal and eggs, stuffed aubergine, pizza, and pilau with chicken and pine nuts. If you pick the English type, you can have eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, and cheese along with fresh orange juice. Salad Farm is a seasonal restaurant that serves healthy food options inspired by global cuisine. Youd also love the taste of granola parfait to complete your scrumptious morning meal. Lazgush Poradeci Street, Grand Park of Tirana, Tirana, 1000 Tirana. Rruga Pjeter Bogdani Number 19 //+355 4 225 8411. No need to scour the internet to look them up one by one since Ive already looped them in a single list. It is situated near the 289-hectare public park known as the Grand Park of Tirana. I recently spent a month in Tirana trying out as many restaurants as possible. Reserve your slot in the restaurant for a hearty breakfast meal. Millenium Gourmet ( I believe the food is par with some of the best in Europe. Set in a four-star hotel, this restaurant boasts an intimate dining atmosphere at the heart of Tirana. Read our Privacy Policy. He builds his daily Kilometre Zero menu from a combination of foraged ingredients, homemade cheese, and products from the local livestock and arable farmers cooperatives he has helped establish. It tastes best when paired with beef fillet with potatoes and cabbage on the side. Its central location, just a few steps from the National History Museum, makes it hard to miss and a stop here is a great choice for those who enjoy fish dishes. Here, we have listed some of the best finds in the country: From cozy caf and roadside establishments to top gourmet restaurants, Albania has a rich food scene that is popular among all travelers and even the locals. 12 Best Restaurants in Albania Top-Rated Places to Eat! Any visit to this charming country wont be complete without a taste of the scrumptious local food. Big, messy burgers, crisp fries, and cold beer perfection. Padam Boutique Hotel and Restaurant is a four-star accommodation facility set in the heart of Tirana. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. Required fields are marked *. Read our list of the 10 best restaurants in town. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK". The menu focuses on Mediterranean dishes, seafood, and sushi, with plates meant to be shared. Flashpacker describes how I travel.

Padam is one of the (if not the most) exclusive restaurants in Tirana. Much of the Albanian cuisine was shaped by the countrys history and geographical setting, so one can expect abundant seafood, fruits, and vegetables in every dish. albania tirana skanderberg square capital za balkans tour eastern discover break short fly landscapes cultural 45th anniversary tours regent holidays The Home Social Club - Unassuming premises but delicious and artsy plates. Im not usually tempted by desserts, but the selections that passed my table almost convinced me to reconsider. Recommended Hotel Nearby: Art Boutique Hotel, 1 Bilal Golemi StSaranda, Albania 9701+355 (85) 224-342.

Travel writer and owner of the blog. From local to international cuisines, you can find everything in this little European country. Albanians make a great tasting ice cream, try it if you can. Padams Lounge Bar, which has a modern design, also entices those who want to chill out with friends. Chef Bledar Kola, who worked at the world-famous Noma in Copenhagen, invites customers to taste traditional Albanian tastes reinvented in a sophisticated and modern way: the result is an excellent mix of old and new. Opened in 2005, Oda is one of the go-to local restaurants for guests seeking traditional Albanian food. Younger tourists love taking photos here, too! Dont forget to check out these wonderful eateries to experience the delicious Albanian food. Duff was even happy to accommodate my vegetarian friend and went off-menu to make a burger she said was delicious. Everything is also well-plated to please every foodie coming here. The restaurant is one of the pioneers of Albanias slow-food movement and it's also a place of culinary theatre, with dishes served in treasure chests or atop teapots. One of the great classics of Tirana dining. Rruga Adem JasharLaknas, Albania 1030+355 (67) 203-9909.

and the seafood ravioli served in white wine and garlic sauce. The place is a heaven for sushi lovers who must make sure to visit it on their trip to Albania. You wont regret coming to this place if youre planning a special date night since its one of the best dinner places in Albania. People come from as far as Tirana to eat here, so it's worth booking a table. Located near Tiranas artificial lake, on a daily basis, the restaurant sees a large number of customers. Youll be impressed more once you taste the food. Wine connoisseurs shouldnt skip the 2017 Prestigj or 2015 Shen Mhill red wines that have a 15% alcohol content. For authentic Albanian cuisine, Oda is the place to be. The caf also provides a. calm atmosphere. Recommended Hotel Nearby: Rogner Hotel Tirana, Also See:Italy RestaurantsBest Restaurants in MoroccoSwitzerland Restaurants, Zhan DArk BlvdTirana, Albania 1000+355 (69) 606-6111. Stuff your tummy with more delicious food by having the shrimp risotto and the eggplant arrosto with spice cream. The location is beautiful with gorgeous design and a modern Asian touch. With its lace window-curtains and tubs of flowering plants, this might look like a simple French bistrot and indeed, the food leans heavily on Gallic cuisine. My story? If you like sushi, sashimi, wakame, and so on, you will not be disappointed. 12 Best Chiang Mai Restaurants | Where to Eat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, The 13 Best Budapest Restaurants | Where to Eat in Budapest, Hungary. Its a typical hangout place for friends due to the cozy setup of the place and its wide beer selection. Thats why its easily become one of the coolest dining places in the capital. Sky Club is found on the hotels highest floor offering panoramas of the urban landscape, as well as the mountains that serve as the citys backdrop. I did the only logical thing: I ordered the tasting menu. It also sources its ingredients from small farms in Albania to ensure sustainability. The restaurant is set inside a high-end hotel with the same name. Colonial is the best place in Tirana for high-end, specialty cocktails. Odas Kollofacefeaturing the inner portions of lamb alongside rice, eggs, and spiceswould be a great menu item to try. Check out this post detailing my favorite local dishes! All dishes are also prepared with special attention to detail. ): Salt became one of my go-to restaurants during my time in Tirana. The restaurant also serves some of the best pat Ive ever had. But Restorant Melograno always creates something special to keep people coming back. If you like caffeine more, Salad Farm also has a refreshing iced coffee for you. Some of the choices are spot on but you missed the best fine dinning restaurants in Tirana. A casual restaurant, Salad Farm can be your ideal place if youre craving healthy traditional food from California. Follow along to see where I go and what Ill eat next. Whats more, this restaurant also has a homey vibe which helped make it one of the best restaurants in Albania. In the mood for a dinner date with your partner? Im referring toMrizi I Zanave in the village Fishte of Zadrima commune. In an hours time, the room starts spinning to give you a complete view of the landscape. The large menu serves simple, home-cooked traditional Berati fare, including an excellent veal kebab, mouth-watering grilled halloumi cheese and tav kosi (lamb and rice baked in yoghurt and eggs). The rustic setting created by stone walls and wooden finishings is nicely softened with delicate accents like pastel-coloured pillows, fresh flowers and dainty curtains. Copyright Family Destinations Guide 2022. There is no set menu. I love to pick a central base camp and then explore the surrounding area, really immersing myself in the culture and interacting with the people, and enjoying and exploring the food of an area is an essential part of this experience. Padam, part of the Padam Boutique Hotel & Restaurant, is the most elegant restaurant in Tirana. Feta cheese, sourced from the Konispol region, is also a great addition. The menu has choices ranging from a poached egg burger to beef tongue in a miso sauce. la Sant is a bit tricky to find (look for it just off the main street, behind the street-facing buildings), but its well worth the effort. The two-tier, elegeant restaurant envelopes guests in a soothing ambience that tops off an unforgettable dining experience. I had their version of the classic Eggs Benedict, and it didnt disappoint. If youre a vegetarian, youd love the eggplant stuffed with vegetables and peppers stuffed with rice. It has earned numerous awards over the past years for its impeccable food and service. Their take includes ham and avocado covered in a homemade hollandaise: Rruga Papa Gjon Pali II //+355 4 450 4913. It subscribes to a farm-to-table setup so you can be certain that your food is fresh. With this, many guests have chosen this place to celebrate anniversaries with their significant other. Duff in an American-style sports bar. Freshly picked vegetable from the garden cooked and served in ceramic plates from a nearby ceramic business, dairy products such as goat or cattle cheese processed by the restaurant staff, country ham preserved down in their basement, red Kallmet wine from the local vineyards, local fruit dessert, originate an authentic dining experience even for locals. Tirana: Gamti Mountain Hike with Lake Views. Recommended Hotel Nearby: Illyrian Boutique Hotel. Around the corner from the chic cafes of the Blloku neighbourhood, chef Bledar Kolas Albanian food metamorphosis is hidden behind a row of grain mills and a wall of corn husks. Amor- Another of the solid gourmet restaurants and a favourite of mine. This charming family home deep in the Mangalem Quarter below the castle is the setting for one of Berat's best restaurants. If you are planning to go to Albania, make sure that you visit the following places: Straight out of the kitchen of Chef Bledar Kola, who had previously worked at the world-famous Copenhagen-based restaurant called Noma, the food at this eatery is, and we are being modest here, divine. Located near the famous Pazari I Ri market, the place offers great Albanian delicacies. This traditional restaurant, located near the beautiful Pazari I Ri market, has recently been renovated and is one of the last places in town where you can eat typical Albanian delicacies, such as frges, patllxhan te mbushur, kukurec and more. The food is presented spotlessly and with outstanding imagination every dish is picture perfect, and a joy for the eyes as much as the palate. If youre visiting the historic Blloku neighbourhood, theres another Era branch there where you can try more of the restaurants delectable cuisine. Its one of the restaurants near you if youre coming from the Grand Park of Tirana. My choices include everything from simple local spots to the citys most exclusive restaurant, where you can spot local celebrities working their way through one of the most affordable tasting menus Ive ever ordered. Add veal steak to have a fulfilling meal. Click here to view the privacy policy for this site. Expect to be brought a heaving plate of stuffed peppers, byrek (stuffed savoury pastries), qofta (rissoles), stuffed aubergines and grilled chicken. Let me know in the comments section below! There's also a courtyard garden that's perfect for summer drinks. Earlier in the evening it seems to be mainly foreigners eating here, so for a more Albanian clientele, come later. Other sweets youd like include crme brulee and tiramisu. A must-try for anyone visiting Tirana, Era serves up scrumptious, traditional Albanian fare alongside many Italian classics, including pizzas. If its available when youre ordering, be sure to check out this risotto with cuttlefish. Tirana is a little-known European capital that deserves more attention from cultural travelers. It has swanky interiors with mesmerizing views of the city. Simple and straightforward, but it works every time. The place is also a favorite among locals who are in love with its traditional flavors. The ingredients are taken directly from Mrizi I Zanave, a gorgeous farmhouse-cum-restaurant located near the town of Lezhe, in the north of the country. One thing that threw me off the prices were never mentioned. Mullixhiu is one of the best places to eat in Albania if you want to immerse yourself in the local dining fare. Good information overall and really nice mouthwatering photos. I'll keep it in mind for when I'm back this summer. The capital city of Albania has many trendy international eateries and high-end spots offering local dishes that have been taken up a notch. While most people wouldnt think of Albania as a foodie destination, I was quite surprised by the restaurants in Tirana. Also, if you want to get your office-related work done, you can take your laptop to the caf and work in a quiet and aesthetically pleasing place. It also has a vineyard and winery where it sources its esteemed wine collection from. Here, youll see photos and items that will walk you through the countrys history. The menu encompasses great pizza as well as more exciting fare such as veal ribs, grilled trout, and chicken fillet with mushrooms and cream. On this night, the tasting menu included dishes like this poached egg with yogurt, broccoli cream, and black truffle: Then there was possibly my favorite dish of the night this homemade hare tortellini with fennel cream and cumin: The restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Tirana and is a great place to spot local celebrities as well. Plus, this restaurant also introduces guests to Albanias culture through its overall design and theme. Copyright 2022 Foodie Flashpacker | There are Sovrn affiliate links within this website that help me visit places more often and share my experiences with you. Instead, the menu features what is fresh each day. Family Destinations Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Il Gusto takes particular pride in the cutting-edge level of technology found in the restaurants kitchen: between digital ovens, coal grills and fridge rooms, the chefs have expert machines in order to deliver perfectly prepared dishes, full of flavour. The menu has dishes such as sea bass carpaccio with gazpacho and marinated zucchini, risotto with stewed duck and orange marmalade, and pan-fried calf sweetbreads in a paprika lime sauce. My friend pointed out several local television personalities and sports figures. There are only three interior tables plus one or two outside, so get there early to ensure a seat. Other than that, the experience was great, both the food and service. Since then Ive eaten my way across more than sixty countries over five continents. Recommended Hotel Nearby: Royal G Hotel and Spa, Also See:Restaurants in London, EnglandRestaurants in Rome, ItalyPlaces to Eat in Paris, Ismail Qemali road, app 13/2Tirana, Albania 1000+355 (04) 224-3845. Also, you should take the chance to savor the Red and White Cabbage Salad with Carrots. Order their finest Italian ravioli which has gained so much appreciation from guests. Are you planning your trip to Albania? Nearly six years ago, I left my job at an Oklahoma City law firm and embarked on a journey around the world. Located in a spellbinding, two-floor villa nearby the Qemal Stafa stadium, the restaurant first impresses with the beauty of its interiors. The waiter will go through that days options with you when youre seated. Its been among the top 10% of restaurants in the world for seven straight years. Their staff knows the menu inside and out and are happy to suggest something based on your likes. There's also a full la carte menu, taking in various aspects of Mediterranean cooking, with a strong Italian flavour. If you want to taste authentic Albanian cuisine, there is only one place to go Oda. Its indoor setup is just as elegant, especially at nighttime. As you tuck into your meal, you can admire the stellar views over the city towards the castle. 50 Best Restaurants in New England Top-Rated Places to Eat. Be sure to check out their seafood offerings. That said, the steaks are excellent and do not miss the roast vegetable plate, with its amazing Kora beans. Think scallop compote served in the shell and slow-baked fish cooked with vegetables. Also, enjoy the delectable taste of the cocoa-sprinkled chocolate or ice cream with strawberries to satisfy your sweet tooth. Let the guys behind the counter tell you whats fresh, and order a salad and some wine while they prepare your meal. For an excellent Japanese meal, go straight to Opium Sushi Bar. Unleash the inner epicure in you by dining in the best restaurants in Albania. It wont hurt to add another plate filled with mussels and clams to maximize your best lunch in Albania. Italian food lovers would not regret ordering the flavorsome pasta topped with meaty seafood. Your email address will not be published. The traditional Albanian dishes are prepared with a modern touch that results in unique tastes. Uka Farm was founded in 1996 by former Minister of Agriculture Rexhep Uka, who started organic cultivation of agricultural products on a small plot of land. It would be awesome to try the grilled beef steak or veal chops that come with baked potatoes to discover some of their traditional dish offerings.

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