So if you really want to Petr ech in your team, you must claim it within the first three weeks of the event. Also note that since the Vacation points it will only be applicable for the first three weeks of the event and so will the initial Tourist pass so many of our calculations are based on the first three weeks of the event and on speculation as we dont know what the Tourist Pass will replace and if we get a new currency for the holiday points or it will completely reset after three weeks. This is without a doubt the most important thing you can do each day. The Normal game of skill It gives you Vacation points and the Skill game for experts hands out Scouting tokens. Complaint Vacation points, scouting tokens, 95 and 98 OVR Summer players! There are also exchanges in the event. These are relatively simple goals like Score 500 goals that will unlock over time. Challenge mode resets at midnight UTC, which is different from daily reset at 19:00 UTC.

This is the tab where you will be trading your hard-earned cash Vacation points for gamers. This is where we have to get honest with you. At this time the players are recovering in two weeks, eg three in total throughout the event but not your tokens, they are carried forward. Lets go find some players in Summer Scouting! This is an interesting addition to the game and is a one week card and resets every week having a few PvE AI matches against all European countries unlocking every day. On the other hand, if you choose Scouting tokens then stick to Expert level of skill games mainly, keeping in mind the 20,000 vacation points goal that rewards 300 scouting tokens. And actually, this may be one of the best events to be free-to-play or pay-to-play in recent times. There are two tiers for the Star Pass: free and premium. Its a huge event and has a lot of things weve never seen before, i.e.

Remember that these two also reset every two weeks. The best way to start your journey is to navigate to the Main chapter and claiming yours Rewards Required Daily. Start with your first roll with a 20% chance of earning a player. After a boring Treasure Hunt: Camelot, Summer Vacation: Europe is a huge and exciting event in FIFA Mobile 22. Youll also get some Ultimate Exchange Tokens that youll be able to use later on when you pick up someone like him. Now tips for the event. In addition, there are milestones in flags as well Coins its a 99 OVR GK Event Icon Petr ech. Travel the course by completing matches and daily skill matches. We dont know who it will be at this point, but using all those tokens in the last week is what it takes to get there. Now that youve scoured the players, filled out your passport and crossed several flags, its time to challenge the national teams for Vacation Points and Scouting Tokens! So take note! Exchange summer players for rewards to help you on the journey. Just for logging in each day, youll get a few Reserves Tokens. You will immediately notice the probability of claiming a summer player. Complete all matches within one week to claim a 86 VR + Summer Holidays: Europa Player! FIFA Mobile 22 has entered the Team of the Season promo with a bang. Obviously, you cant pick the exact player you want, but it gives you some real star power that should boost most teams. The Pass seems worth it and will make the difference between what you can claim and what you cant. You can choose to play the national matches as soon as they open or play them all in one day; the world is your oyster. Speaking of Ultimate Exchange Tokens, that portion of the event opens on June 17. These passes will then be reset twice during the event and the Paid Pass requires 1500 FIFA points. On the main board, you will play a series of three Skill games And Matches earn Vacation Points and Scouting Tokens everyday. Travel the continent as you play Map Matches, find new stars in Scouting, and advance along the Flag Path to the best players and rewards! You can earn even more currency while doing these challenges by paying attention to the different quests you have available. Show your chance to get a Summer player on your claim. Therefore they arrive at a total of three times during the event. This is the tab where you will be trading your hard-earned cash Summer Scouting Token a chance for the players. New national matches unlock every day from From Thursday to Sunday and will be available to play until the following Thursday. All of these earn you currency which can be used to purchase rewards from whichever league currently has the spotlight. The fact though, if we look at Summer Scouting and its odds, the odds of earning players that you really have to take into consideration, is that the whole thing is based on luck and, in the end, it makes a big difference. With everything in mind, heres our strategy on how to maximize your earnings. You can only play one of the Normal or Expert skill games each day, so choose wisely! But, but, but there is a slight twist. Its just a basic path and its pretty straightforward and straightforward to the middle path. So yes yours Vacation points will also be restored or disappeared, will not be transferred. The event has a lot of changes from the last few events and as the European seasons kick off, its finally time to get excited! jQuery(document).ready(function($){if($(".trail-sb").length&&!$('.stc-notice').length){var classStr=$(".trail-sb").attr("class"),lastClass=classStr.substr(classStr.lastIndexOf(" ")+1);var classStr1=$(".trail-sbegin").attr("class"),lastClass1=classStr1.substr(classStr1.lastIndexOf(" ")+1);var curpostcat=$('.sbnewsletter input[name="stc_categories[]"][value="'+lastClass+'"]');curpostcat.attr("checked","checked");var curpostcat2=$('.sbnewsletter input[name="stc_categories[]"][value="'+lastClass+'"]');curpostcat2.attr("checked","checked");var curpostcattext=curpostcat.parent().text();var curpostparentcat=$('.sbnewsletter input[name="stc_categories[]"][value="'+lastClass1+'"]');var curpostparentcattext=curpostparentcat.parent().text();$(".listpref").text(curpostcattext+" ("+curpostparentcattext+" )");$(".curpref").insertAfter(".sbnewsletter .stc-email-field");}else{var classStr=$(".trail-sbegin").attr("class"),lastClass=classStr.substr(classStr.lastIndexOf(" ")+1);var curpostcat=$('.sbnewsletter input[name="stc_categories[]"][value="'+lastClass+'"]');curpostcat.attr("checked","checked");var curpostcattext=curpostcat.parent().text();$(".listpref").text(curpostcattext);$(".curpref").insertAfter(".sbnewsletter .stc-email-field");}$(".advancednewsletter").click(function(){$(".curpref").hide();$(".sbnewsletter .stc-categories").show();});}); Let's talk about "FIFA Mobile 22 Summer Vacation: Europe Guide" with our community! With the rewards it offers, it can be a bargain, like yes to 95 and 99 OVR Event Icon is up for grabs.

And, of course, its much more expensive than the 99 OVR Summer Vacation Player. new Vacation Points. Finally after a boredom Treasure Hunt: Camelot EA has introduced a brand new and long-running event titled Summer holidays: Europe in FIFA Mobile 22. Remember that summer player exchanges are only available for a limited time, with some taking place two or three times a week. You probably wont earn enough currency to get the top-end players from each league just by playing the game. Challenge Mode is back and its better than before! Hope you find this FIFA Mobile 22 Summer Vacation: Europe event guide useful. Not only will you get a daily gift each day, but youll also have several skill challenges and VS Attack matches to complete. For now we only know about half of the event, no one knows what will happen after the first three weeks, what the new chapter Flags look and how will the Vacation Points Reset. Earn progress for the Tourist Pass by completing the Daily missions and claiming the Tourist Credits. Each day of the Challenge mode will include 3 PvE AI matches of increasing difficulty. Earning Star Pass Credits will unlock more rewards along the Star Pass path. You can get a maximum of 112,000 vacation points And 13235 Scouting tokens free-to-play based on initial calculations. Go to phase 2 by claiming 7 Summer Scouting players. Scouting players start at phase 1. Then, after 21 days, the the existing path will disappear completely, and a new one or a completely different chapter will appear with a new one Vacation points. The Tourist Pass contains rewards to help you on your journey through the event, eg Vacation points And Scouting tokens. That said, you can still get some top-tier players from each of the major leagues without spending a dime as long as you know what to do. He plays all possible games of skill, matches and missions. Thats the Summer holidays: Europe event in a nutshell. Be thrilled that there is no more event energy or stamina involved in the new season. How to level up Evil Within as The Shape in Dead by Daylight. Instead, you need to look at your team and target players who can help you and are affordable. The requirements for these matches are quite simple and can be found in the Conditions. There is a choice at the end of the path where you choose to play one of two skill games: a normal skill game and an expert skill game. So dont forget your daily missions to progress through the Star Pass! So plan your stuff and ultimately make smart decisions. You can claim 101 OVR Prime Icon Player in one of the following ways: 101 OVR main icon player is available from Summer Scouting Chapter with the Stellar passage And both Tourist Passes. Team of the Season continues in FIFA Mobile 22 until July 1.

Similar to the Player 99 OVR, the Event Icon is also accessible only by purchasing the Tourist Pass as it contains the Vacation Points and not the Star Pass. Play Division Rivals matches and complete daily / weekly missions to progress. Complete missions during the event to earn Star Pass progress, which includes rewards such as Scouting tokens, training transfer items, Skill Upgrades its a new stadium. Were not dealing with the constant fear of energy being wasted and full, and there hasnt been a single announcement since the game was released. Whereas there are better rewards with Vacation points and the Scouting Wheel is entirely gambling based and all players are available for purchase on the market. no more cut and paste events! Lets take a look at all of the ways to earn new players and keep yourself from breaking the bank. All the calculations are at your fingertips, do what you want and plan carefully. One of the 97 players of the OVR summer holidays is available for free-to-play from the Chapter Flags. You can claim 99 OVR Event Icon Player in one of the following ways: 99 Player OVR event icon is available from Chapter Flags in the way above possible. Therefore in the last two weeks, i.e. If you are a person who is considering investing money in the game and looking to purchase the Star Pass, then Summer Scouting may be your way to request the advanced basic icons and even the main icon! Every nine rounds, you are guaranteed a different player. We'll only send you interesting news about this topic: Join over a million users from all around the world and discuss about anything you like! According to our calculations, the following summarizes the possibilities for F2P players. This is because you can spend 350 Tokens to get yourself a player rated 99 OVR or higher. Its time for a European vacation! Each of the games distributes Vacation Points and Scouting Tokens, for a total of 1500 Vacation points And 50 scouting tokens for Challenge mode and up to 4500 Vacation points And 150 scouting tokens from per week! It all sounds. So focusing on scouting tokens if you are just a free-to-play player may not be the best way to participate in this event, as the odds of earning a 97, 98 or 99 players it really is extremely low.

The Summer players, milestones, player probabilities and scouting phase updates every two weeks, but your scouting tokens will remain throughout the event. Now, whichever path you choose, it changes things in the long run. Add some of the best players of the year into your club. Fill yours Summer passport by completing the weekly missions. A new Pass will be added for the last 3 weeks. The whole total will add up to approx 22570 Scouting tokens which is barely enough if you rack up to the last week to claim whatever 101 Prime is released in the third round. During the event we will have a variety of exchanges available, lets keep seeing whats on offer! The likelihood of signing a summer player increases each time you claim a base player and the likelihood zeroes when you claim a summer player. So yeah, have fun while you can. You can claim 99 OVR Summer Vacation Player in one of the following ways: 99 OVR Summer Vacation Player is available from Chapter Flags with the Tourist pass for a fee or one of the previous ways. Start by going to the Summer Vacation: Europe campaign through live events.

It has a bit of a fatigue, with daily skill games and plenty of event currencies. Missions range from skill games to Division Rivals matches and scouting and player token rewards. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below, Ill make sure to answer all of them. Go to the Summer Passport to claim your rewards after completing them! If nothing else, they let you more easily earn the rewards you want, which is always a good thing in a game so highly-geared toward making you spend money. There are further milestones with Scouting including a 95 OVR enhanced base icon its a 101 OVR Prime Icon. There is a series of three skill games and an AI match to play every day. The chapter and points are not carried over and cannot claim anything after three weeks. After that, the Flag Path will be replaced by a new path with a new currency, i.e. While Reserve TOTS players arent going to make as big of an impact as the starters unless youre just starting out, you can use them in various exchanges to earn either players or Ultimate Exchange Tokens. This card means nothing more than rewards for players for missions until last week, when they are 96 CB Dayot Upamecano up for grabs. From the table above it is clearly seen that you can go straight down the path up to Flag 15 and easily take at least one of the 97 OVR summer vacation players. And when all is said and done, you will only have enough to do for everything in this event. It took a while to get these answers and calculate everything, so lets explain it here. Play during the event, just remember to log in and play everything. That gives you room to get as many of those possible whether its through buying players on a league reward pass or completing different exchange events. If you spend the 1500 FIFA Points on the Tourist Pass then you have enough vacation points. Remember, that the Tourist Pass will be available for the first 3 weeks of the summer event. That said, its worth giving them a look before hopping in each day to make sure youre working toward the reward you want. So dont try to accumulate vacation points because time is limited and if you want the big shots, which is 99 OVR, you have to spend the vacation points within the first three weeks! This is important to remember, unlike scouting tokens, your vacation points will not carry over after the first three weeks of the event, Vacation points are not carried over after the first three weeks of the event as the Flags chapter disappears. Well only send you interesting news about this topic: FIFA Mobile 22 Summer Vacation: Europe Guide, Free Fire Maxim Guide: Skills, Character Combinations, and More, TEPPEN Guide: How to Transfer Your Game Data to All Devices, Immortal Summoners Awaken free codes and how to redeem them (April 2022), Gods Summoner Free Codes and How to Redeem Them (April 2022), Pokmon Unite Glaceon Guide: Best Builds, Held Items, Move Sets, and Game Tips, Google Pixel 6a and Pixel Buds Pro are available for pre-order in India, the sale will start on July 28th, Fishing Clash: How to Successfully Fish in This Android Game, WhatsApp now officially supports cross-platform chat transfers between iOS and Android, The best games to care for and walk dogs on Android, 95 OVR (CB Hintergregger / LM Szoboszlai), 95 OVR Enhanced Base Icon (reset every 14 days). The The Summer Passport tab is just the rewards path tab for completing weekly missions. Thats all! By completing the Normal Skill Game rewards you with Vacation Points and completing the Expert Skill Games rewards you with scouting tokens plus a 70+ OVR base summer player. Once you win a player, they are ticked and, of course, your odds reset to zero. Remember this will be a trade-off as you are actually going for scouting tokens instead of vacation points and so they will be losing the players of the Flags chapter. There are a lot of trades going on and you will want to do them all to get a total of them 4000 vacation points And 300 scouting tokens weekly. jQuery(document).ready(function($){if($(".trail-sb").length&&!$('.stc-notice').length){var classStr3=$(".trail-sb").attr("class"),lastClass3=classStr3.substr(classStr3.lastIndexOf(" ")+1);var classStr4=$(".trail-sbegin").attr("class"),lastClass4=classStr4.substr(classStr4.lastIndexOf(" ")+1);var curpostcat3=$('aside input[name="stc_categories[]"][value="'+lastClass3+'"]');curpostcat3.attr("checked","checked");var curpostcattext3=curpostcat3.parent().text();var curpostparentcat3=$('aside input[name="stc_categories[]"][value="'+lastClass4+'"]');var curpostparentcattext3=curpostparentcat3.parent().text();$(".listpref2").text(curpostcattext3+" ("+curpostparentcattext3+" )");$(".curpref2").insertAfter("aside .stc-email-field");}else{var classStr3=$(".trail-sbegin").attr("class"),lastClass3=classStr3.substr(classStr3.lastIndexOf(" ")+1);var curpostcat3=$('aside input[name="stc_categories[]"][value="'+lastClass3+'"]');curpostcat3.attr("checked","checked");var curpostcattext3=curpostcat3.parent().text();$(".listpref2").text(curpostcattext3);$(".curpref2").insertAfter("aside .stc-email-field");}$(".advancednewsletter2").click(function(){$(".curpref2").hide();$(".stc-categories").show();});}); If you like this topic, subscribe to your personal newsletter, based on your preferences! Both the Improved base icon and the Prime Icon Players reset every two weeks ie 14 days. Someone like Kylian Mbappe is realistically only available to players who spend real-world money on the game or can afford him on the open market. There are a total of 19 total matches and OVRs arent really that difficult. Now, the last thing we have is the Challenge mode. You can also spend 225 Tokens to get a 98 OVR Reserves player, which is a great option if youre not planning to play a ton during the event. Since the Flag path resets exactly in the last three weeks, so on each of the resets, you can choose something important, for example 97.

Heres what things can get really weird, your saved vacation points can be used here, but Please note that the Flag Path is only available for the first three weeks of the event, final closing on August 4th UTC. Whatever you do, always keep in mind that the entire Flags chapter is reset 21 days or three weeks. If you give priority to vacation points over scouting tokens during the event you will have enough points to pick up the player with 97 votes in the first three weeks. There is currently no weekend and you have to play games from Monday to Wednesday earn Vacation points And Scouting tokens. There are several other ways to earn Reserve Tokens (most notably different daily quests), so we highly recommend keeping an eye on ways to accumulate more.

You will be trading for 150 summer scouting tokens for your chance in three different levels of player sets.

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