Thats great, I hope she likes them!

After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Thanks for posting. Anyone else cringe at the cost of womens razor blade refills from the drugstore? Its also available in three colors. Old-school straight safety razors are making a major comeback. Harry's Razors for Men - Men's Razor Set with 5 Razor Blade Refills, Travel Blade Cover, 2 oz Shave Gel (Ember), FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Harry's Tropical Green Razor with x10 Cartridge Heads (5 Bladed Heads) for a Smooth and Comfortable Shave, Harry's Razors for Men - Shaving Razors for Men includes a Mens Razor and 3 Razor Blade Refills (Ocean Blue), Sponsored | Based on star rating and number of customer ratings, King C. Gillette Safety Razor with Chrome Plated Handle and 5 Platinum Coated Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Refills, ennva Eyebrow Razor for Women - Eyebrow Trimmer Dermaplaning Tool - Ergonomic Eyebrow Shaper and Facial Razor for Peach Fuzz - Exfoliating Face Razor for Eyebrows - Eye Brow Shaver Razors w/ 7 Blades- Rose Gold, Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Razors for Women, 1 Venus Razor, 4 Razor Blade Refills, Metal Handle with Anti-Slip Grip, Gillette Venus ComfortGlide Razors for Women, 1 Venus Razor, 4 Razor Blade Refills, White Tea Scented Gel Bars, Kinghood Double Edge Safety Razor for Men & Women, Eco Friendly Women Razor for Body & Face, Zero Waste and Plastic Free - Reusable Razor with 10 Blades (Mint Green), Flamingo 5-Blade Razors for Women - 1 Razor Handle + 4 5-Blade Refills + 1 Shower Holder - Rose, Harry's Men's Razor Set with 6 Razor Blades, Surf Blue (Sky Blue), Harry's Razor Blades Refills - Razors for Men - 12 count (Packaging May Vary), Harry's Razors for Men - Shaving Kit for Men includes a Mens Razor Handle, 3 Razor Blade Refills, Travel Blade Cover, and 4 Oz Shave Gel (Sage), Harry's New, Indigo Blue Razor with x10 Cartridge Heads (Each Head has 5 Blades), for a Close, Comfortable, and Smooth Shave, Harry's Razor 2X (5-blade Cartridges) - Bright Orange, Harrys Limited-Edition Shave with Pride Set - 3ct Blade Refills, Harry's Face Lotion - Face Moisturizer with SPF 15, 3.4 Fl Oz (2 count). Insider Reviews reporters Mara Leighton and Remi Rosmarin agreed, calling the cream "luxe." Shaving is pretty serious stuff. The timing worked out well with Fathers Day next weekend, because were talking about a brand of mens razors and why theyre equally good for women. Your razor is a toy, these are not. Privacy / That pricing is similar to that of both Flamingo and Harry's. Ive never understood why they are so expensive. Sensitive skin is a problem many have (men & women) though a close shave doesnt have to cause problems. Thanks for sharing, Monica! But no complaints :), Absolutely!!!! "It dates back to about 1915, and from then until 2017, when we launched, we looked at how women had been spoken to by these razor brands, and the one thing we didn't see was body hair." as well as other partner offers and accept our, Connie Chen is a former senior reporter on the, While at Insider, she specialized in all the things that enhance life at home, from the most comfortable, When she's not changing duvet covers or washing towels twice a day for articles, she loves talking about and trying the newest. "We have always strived to help open up the dialogue beyond hair removal, like how to soften the hair and skin, how to get rid of ingrowns, and how to treat pubic hair with the same respect as the hair on our heads," she says. "Fur is about a more inclusive definition of beauty, whether you think the bush is back or skin is in," says co-founder Laura Schubert. Another company that has made a name for itself by being female-first is Fur. Why not! Are women using the mens razor or is there a different one for women. The idea that women should be able to do whatever they want with their body hair is something Fur, Billie and Flamingo have in common. bump razors This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended. Flamingo, which appropriately gets its name from the one-leg-up shaving pose women use in the shower, is spearheaded by Allie Melnick and BrittaniaBoey, two longtime (female) Harrys employees. All Rights Reserved. The Flamingo product lineup. Sign up for the Fashionista daily newsletter. I have a pretty matter-of-fact attitude towards shaving. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Amazon Brand - Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere Razor for Men with Dual Lubrication and Precision Trimmer, Handle & 16 Cartridges (Cartridges fit Solimo Razor Handles only).

Im looking for a womans razor, that isnt so expensive. Its also kind of one of my only beauty secrets. Gillette Fusion5 Razors for Men, 1 Gillette Razor, 4 Razor Blade Refills, Lubrastrip for a More Comfortable Shave. I spend so much money on razors that its ridiculous. Tired of irritation, razor burns, and ingrown hairs? I definitely use each blade them more times than I should, but probably average replacing a blade every six to eight weeks. My Dad is still thanking me, he LOVES his. ", Launching a sister brand took a lot more than turning a Harrys razor millennial pink (though it does come in Instagram-friendly lavender, mint and coral). A Billie starter kit, which comes with a razor handle, two five-blade cartridges and magnetic holder, is $9, the same as the cost of four replacement blade cartridges. "The topic of women's body hair has been a societal taboo in Western culture for as long as anyone can remember, and with all the barriers being broken down lately mostly as backlash against our heavily patriarchal political climate it's no surprise that the time is feeling right for women to steer the hair narrative in a direction that isn't being controlled by the stereotypical status quo.". Even though Gooley says she never expected #ProjectBodyHair to take off the way it has, she has always hoped that Billie could be a leader and start to affect change in the industry. Have use the razor for over two weeks and its the best Ive used.

Two years later, it's been cool to watch other brands follow in our footsteps. At 73 years old thats saying a lot!! Admittedly, it was exciting to try a new razor, and unlike with my past razors, the excitement didn't die down with each subsequent use, because my Flamingo razor continued to do a pain-free, efficient job through multiple shaving sessions. "It's great to see that the industry is responding to the fact that women want more choices in their routines," she says. "We couldn't figure out why women were being underserved in the shaving category," says Gooley. Theyre easy giftsespecially for the guys. She has represented the team at CES and moderated panels on media business and the future of retail. I am interested in Harrys for Women. Theres a women-specific one now called Flamingo! What do you guys think about Harrys for women? "I personally was using men's razors prior to founding Billie because I was so offended by the concept that women were paying more for personal care products than men. Hope you like it! Photo: Courtesy of Flamingo, Flamingo is the latest addition to a small but growing number of body hair-care brands aimed at women and finding a market for their wares. Harrys is a good razor. Read more: I tried the buzzy new Billie razor for women and now I actually look forward to shaving my legs. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I have 2 teenagers who are shaving and would like to try the product. This option has guards on all blades to minimize friction and prevent irritation, and a moisturizing strip packed with pro-vitamin B5 and aloe to hydrate the skin. "It didn't make sense because just as many women were shaving as men and just as frequently, but all of the companies being founded were for men, to give them a better or more affordable or more convenient shave experience." sharp, durable razors and soothing skin care, I shaved my 4-day beard with a Harry's razor to see if it's worth buying now I get why they're so hyped up, I tried the buzzy new Billie razor for women and now I actually look forward to shaving my legs, Shop all shaving products at Flamingo here, The 5 best wine openers and corkscrews we tested in 2021, The 5 best cordless vacuums we tested in 2021, 12 direct-to-consumer kitchen startups that are changing the way we shop for cookware and knives, 8 tableware startups changing the way we shop for dishes, Even chefs experience cooking burnout here's how they get re-inspired in the kitchen, How businesses create successful virtual experiences, 50 cookbooks from famous restaurants across the US that will help you recreate their best dishes at home, Learn more about how our team of experts tests and reviews products at Insider here, Learn more about how we test kitchen products, Like Harry's, Flamingo sells simple, affordable, and effective shaving products, including a. Tell us how often you shave, which products you would like and well take care of the rest. Right?! I looked at all the pin and purple razors for women and just thought they all looked cheap though they were very expensive. I am waiting for my order.made a mistake I meant to order only one and it shows. "That meant spending years interviewing women about their routines, testing and iterating products, and designing a range of options and solutions we're really proud of. Email us at [emailprotected]. Trial package with shave lotion. What Women of Color Should Know About Laser Hair Removal, From Someone Who's Tried It, The Surprising Connection Between IUDs and Unwanted Facial Hair No One Talks About, The Best Ways to Get Hairless at Home (If That's a Thing You Want to Do). Hello You Designs. Let me know so my wife can experience the same smooth and comforting shave that I do. The first time I saw a Harrys razor is back when J was getting Birchbox Man and a the Trumanrazor. We launched in 2013, and since then, weve been tried over 20 million times. Harrys provided this particular set to me for this post, but all opinions are my ownIm happy to have discovered the brand over two years ago :). My Flamingo razor felt gentle enough on my skin that at times I wondered if it was actually doing anything, before I pulled it away and confirmed it was doing a lot. My husband is a Harrys subscriber. We frequently receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. Our razors, for example, have the same blade technology as Harry's with five German-engineered blades but are ergonomically designed for all the unique areas that women shave, with rounded edges, a weighted handle and extra grip. It contains aloe vera and conditioning emollients, plus it's dermatologist-tested and free from parabens, sulfates, and mineral oil. At the time of this writing, we weren't able to test the wax products since our hair wasn't long enough, but we plan on writing about the experience when we can. Dorco Pace 6 Pro - Six Blade Razor System with Trimmer - 10 Pack (1 Handle + 10 Cartridges). Our German factory ensures we produce great-quality razor blades, every time. I love it, and I dont seem to get the little nicks I used to get. We operate independently from our advertising sales team. If you're already subscribed to Harry's, you can actually use its blade cartridges on your Flamingo razor handle. Thanks for taking the time to drop a line, Steve! Like many of us, our founders were frustrated that the big razor brands were taking advantage of us with high prices that seemed to go up every year. Still, those within the company knew it could create products better catered towards women's needs and no, the answer was not to make the razor handle pink. While I still can't say the process of shaving is enjoyable, using Flamingo's tools made it more enjoyable than usual.

Plain and simple: theyre so, so good. We make it super easy to delay, modify, or cancel your Shave Plan through your online account, or by contacting our dedicated customer care team. Hope you all had a good weekendif yours was anything like DCs, like it or not summer is here to stay! "We wanted to acknowledge that body hair exists, which sounds very simple, but it hadn't been done in 100 years," Gooley says. Learn more. Our aloe-enriched gel quickly lathers into a rich, cushioning foam which allows the blades to effortlessly glide over your skin. This really would make a lovely gift! Harry's first off-shoot, a female-focused body hair-care brand called Flamingo launched Tuesday morning with a selection of razors, waxing kits, shave gels and body lotions. My beard is so much softer and day two I dont really need to shave. Thanks so much! Part of Gooley's mission has been addressing the inequality of pricing of women's shaving products. Shaving isn't fun, and it never will be, but Flamingo's easy-to-use and affordable tools get us one step closer to a seamless shave. The wrong razor can leave you looking sloppy and disheveled. Harrys for my husband and me from not until the day we stop shaving! We've got you covered with five of our favorite razors for men, chosen for their ergonomic designs, precise blades, and superior efficiency. Basically, Harrys manufactures their own, high quality products and sells them directly on their website (and through select retailers),which allows them to keep costs low and be completely transparent about their manufacturing process and product construction. My wife uses Schick Intuition for sensitive skin. After years and enough bad experiences, Ive stopped going for waxes and gone back to shaving.

The two-year-old brand loved by Emma Watson offers a range of chic scrubs, oils, creams and concentrates designed to soften pubic hair, soothe skin and prevent ingrown hairs, whether you choose to shave, wax, laser or go au naturale. 2022 Breaking Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Although our razors were originally designed with guys in mind, weve heard time and time again from happy female customers who tell us that theyve fallen in love with our razors after using them. "Brittania and I were part of the team that launched Harrys," says Melnick, who serves as the new brand's general manager. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. "The category had been stagnant for over a century, and just a few months after #ProjectBodyHair launched, were seeing some of the biggest players in this category actually show body hair. "With Flamingo, we wanted to give people a range of options to support the ways they choose to remove hair (from our razor to our soft-gel wax strips)," says Boey. So, we created a Trial Set of Harrys products, which includes a five-blade razor (with your choice of handle color), foaming shave gel, and a travel cover.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Insider Reviews team. A set of four replacement blade cartridges is $9 for both the men's and women's versions. I like my husbands razors, but I want my own. Have you tried using it for the bikini area? That was thatI ordered my own the next day and have used it exclusively since! Schick Hydro Sensitive Razor for Men Razor for Men Sensitive Skin with 5 Razor Blades. Let me know in a comment below! Billie, a fellow direct-to-consumer razor company, launched almost a year ago and resonated so much with its female audience that it met its 12-month business goals in just four-and-half months, and has been so popular that it's completely sold out of its handles and cartridges multiple times. While Im not sure Id give a girlfriend a nice razor set as a gift (maybe a really good girlfriend whos reluctant to spend $ on herself), Harrys is a great gifting item for the men in your life. Someone is looking extra sharp today! What can you recommend from a womans perspective for her to use from Harrys?

We want to always provide honest value, which is why we sell our razor blades for as little as $2 eachby owning our factory, we cut out the middle [wo]man so we can offer high-quality products at a fair price. The successful men's shaving brand dips its (possibly shaved) toe in the growing women's razor market. Harrys razors looked sturdy, no nonsense and easy. I use the most basic version dailybuy it solo here, or spend $5 more and get the intro set with a couple of replacement blades.

The Winstonset is pictured in this post (or get the handle with one blade here). I would like to gat a Harrys razor or the equivalent for my wife. Today. We tried and loved its shaving tools, which were optimized for the body's natural curves and contours. Shave metal. I don't shave that consistently, which means that when I do, there's usually a lot of hair to get through. A bit of a random topic here today, but one Ive been wanting to share for awhile. I get Harrys on a regular basis, being part of your shave club. Connie graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in media studies and business administration, which help inform her perspective on and coverage of industry trends, as well as the competitive e-commerce landscape at large. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2022,, Inc. or its affiliates. It was such a pleasant surprise when I discovered how good they were. "We also designed the experience from end-to-end, from exfoliating body lotion to keep skin smooth, and post-wax cloths and calming serum. ", And Schubert sees the increasing discussion and visibility around body hair as a win. This expertise has allowed Flamingo to hit the ground running with a focused, thoughtful product line and distinctive brand look. I personally have really sensitive skin and am very prone to ingrowns but this has been better for me than any other brand!

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