Lets take a few seconds to download and try the card on your sites immediately to see the differences. One of the most interesting parts is that when you click on each layout, the whole blog will come out to help visitors find out more about what they can read inside. But the real good stuff comes in the form of the overall elegance of the design.

We use the Google Analytics cookies to track visitor behavior and measure our website performance. As you can see, a background or featured picture is located to the left of your blogs, while news like the title, authors name and description are set to the right. Unlike other blog-cards, Blog Cards by Brett has an impressive design that greatly draws your visitors attention. Typography and whitespace are also important elements to consider for individual blog posts. Whenever you click on that picture, there will be a short description coming out which amazes all of the visitors. Responsive Blog Card Slider, written by VECTOR.cool helps you present your three blogs and group them into a slider. Where you can find programming resources for web development such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Programming Resources, Web Design. Instead of showing the featured image, Blog Card by Scottie displays the image of the author of the blog which is located on the top left of the demo cards corner. Like other blog-cards, Blog Post Item takes your blog images as a highlighter and sets it your blogs background image. The blog card is good at making use of different hover effects to make your sites become unique and stylish for any electronic devices. Blog Card Fun by IMarty is an example. By using our website, you give consent to the use of cookies. Like Blog Card With Hover Animation by Josh Mathis, Blog Card by Dwayne Franco has common features in the layout arrangement. If you are looking for an amazing blog card, then Blog Card with Transparent Text Animation by Daiquiri.io is what exactly you are seeking for your websites. It puts the focus squarely on typography and spacing. Start Your Online Business with Shopify 12 Day Free Trial + Pay Only 1$ For Your First Month. Now, it is time to download and try this card on your sites immediately. You are able to do it for free without being required any coding skills. Blog Card is a component that displays your posts on your blog page.

We can do so not only through words, but design as well. Cookies allow us to better serve you. This helps brighten your blogs and gets them remembered by lots of people. If you are ready, lets take a few seconds to download and apply this card on your sites without wasting any fees. I hope that the article will provide you with useful blog tags for web development, if you have any questions, just send me an email and I will respond as soon as possible. Featured photos are large and draw attention to each post in the index. Enjoy! Special thanks to all vendors which contributed the best 21 CSS Blog Cards examples. There will be a background picture; followed by a title and description located on that. Card Grid Tutorial by John is here to make your whole page look like a professional front-page in any article or magazine that you usually see. This trendy design helps you draw more visitors attention and bring them a great experience as working on your sites. There is also a green `Read More` link which is located under the description. Every information is perfectly arranged to help visitors feel less boring when they spend time browsing on your sites. A new tech publication by Start it up (https://medium.com/swlh). As you can see, there is a featured image being set above and the title as well as a short description going under the picture. Essential cookies are necessary for the functioning and development of our website. Theres something to be said for simplicity and this snippet makes great use of it. Each of them is covered with a rectangle shape. At the same time, the layouts arrangement is also a highlighter to create an open space for your sites. It only takes a few minutes to set up, download, and install the card into your sites. Just imagine the hacks youd have to resort to otherwise. Oh, and great content certainly helps as well. Blog Card With Hover Shadow is loaded with a white background; followed by a demo blog-card. Fun With Blog Cards by Jade Fisher shows you the different categories for your blogs and their designs are something that you should not miss out. Blog Posts Card Layout assists you in paving the way for another article. The best CSS Blog Cards css collection is ranked and result in July 13, 2022. Whenever you click on that demo, a short description will come out with the hover animation. And if youre looking for even more creative ideas, check out our CodePen collection. Additionally, you are able to trade the position of featured imaged and texts to make your whole websites less boring.

Also, note the design pattern that reverses the image and text placement for each post. side Under the featured image, visitors can see the date of publication and the number of people reading this article. First, its purportedly written by actor Gary Busey (an adventurous pick in its own right). An orange `Read More` button is always ready to help visitors find out more about your blogs and direct traffic into your sites. The blog design is shaped in rectangle and there is a background picture covering all. Some are geared towards home pages, while others are laser-focused on single post templates. In case visitors want to discover more about what they are reading, the demo `Read More` button is always there to help gain more traffic into your blogs. The time of publishing your blogs and the comment icon are also displayed on the left down of the corner to help visitors check everything first before going further details. Blog Card by Scottie surely provides both users and visitors with a different look of blog-cards. More interestingly, there is a circle located on the right top of the corner to help you display the date of issuing. Subscribe to ourYoutube channelfor regular tutorial videos on WordPress, Elementor, Web Design & Development, Website & Social Media strategies, etc. Hope you continue to support the page so that I can write more good articles. At the same time, the hover effect also comes out to help visitors feel less boring when working on your sites. The number of likes and the date of issuing are also shown on the left down corner of the book. Blog Card With Hover State, developed by szpakoli, is an amazing blog-card that we are sure you might not want to miss out. Unlike other blog-cards, Large Blog Card by Daiquiri.io is a distinction. We collect information about the use of our website. Your whole page will be divided into two parts. The left is used to aim at showing your background picture, while the rest is loaded with your blogs title and descriptions. Lets take a closer look at downloading as well as trying it on your sites immediately at no cost. We are a team of skilled designers, developers, and analysts who know how to turn great ideas into even better end products that engage users and grow your business. This snippet goes all-in when it comes to color. The beauty of blogging is that it provides a way to express ourselves. The design includes a big background picture and when you click on that pic, the zoom-in and out effect also comes out. However, you need to ensure that everything is attractive enough to draw more visitors attention and make them click on it. That said, the monochromatic color scheme and complex layout are something to behold. See the Pen Responsive Minimal Blog layout by Arjun sreekumar. The image in rectangle shape is set as a background pic with the title and the slogan of your blogs being located on that. With that, weve put together a collection of beautiful blog layouts. All of the information on the review (including features, description, prices, and links) is collected from the vendors website or their own published page/ selling channels. For many kinds of your blog, A Simple Blog Cards developed by Rahul-pxl is a must-try blog card. Blog Card With Hover States design looks like the cover of the book. The list of the best 21 CSS Blog Cards examples is kept up-to-date on a regular basis by our team. Dont forget to share and let us know your comments if you find it helpful. Please feel free to reach us out if you have any questions related to this css review. In the rectangle layout, you can see that there is a date of issuing, the title of your blog, along with the category located right under. Responsive Blog Card Slider sets orange, white, and black as the main colors for your whole blogs, which can make your sites become stylish and clear in every detail. See the Pen CSS Grid Blog Layout by Kaustubh Menon. Also, more interestingly, users can combine their three articles in this layout and allow visitors to scroll up and down their mouse in order to find their favorite articles. As you move your mouse on this title, there will be a short description and `View Webinar` button so that visitors can read more about your blogs. Blog Card by Zamaal Azad should be in your list of top amazing blog-cards thanks to its impressive features. Lets imagine you are a visitor, Blog Card With Hover Animation will be able to give your visitors the best experience when they are browsing on your sites. The design is packed with a demo background picture standing on top. Its timeless look only adds to the overall intuitiveness. Blog Card written by Brett is an amazing blog-card that we think you will be excited to try it on your blogs. This can help you stimulate visitors action to click on your article and read more, making them feel fond of what they are reading. The category is just located on that pic with the title and subtitle going under the background image. See the Pen Responsive Blog Post by Gary Busey by Joshua Ward. In order to enjoy its great features, you are requested to download and try the card on your sites immediately. Parsers as a useful tool for your businessParsers, 14 Principles To Secure Your Data Pipelines, I Created a Responsive Registration Form using HTML and CSS, CSS Hover Card Effects For Web Development. Whether youre interested in something complex or minimalistic there are plenty of ways to accomplish a given layout. The examples above show that virtually any type of look is possible. There will be an arrow under those texts so that whenever visitors want to read more, they can click on that without manipulating so many steps. You can find free CSS Blog Cards examples or alternatives to CSS Blog Cards also. This layout assists you in space-opening and makes both users, as well as visitors, feel satisfied with what they are working with. The bellow reviews were picked manually by Avada Commerce experts, if your CSS Blog Cards does not include in the list, feel free to contact us.

Some interesting mini sidebars and images/quotes break through the otherwise narrow column width. Also, the name of the author will be displayed on the left corner. To enjoy this cards amazing features, you only need to download and apply it to your sites to see the differences. Blog Post Item should be in your list of top amazing blog-cards; therefore, you had better download and try it on your sites immediately. There are a couple of nice touches with this blog post layout. weihenstephan We honestly recommend you to give every css above a try if possible.

They do not store information that could immediately identify you. Blog Card With Hover Animation by Josh Mathis provides you with an amazing design to help visitors know how to discover more about your blogs. Bonus points for utilizing scrollbars to help with responsiveness. The demo picture is still set as a background picture with its topic in accordance with your blogs title. We use cookies to provide you with up-to-date and interesting content. If you want to save your blogs space and make them become neat and stylish, do not miss out Blog Posts Card Layout Code The Web by Booligoosh. You will see the title of your blog is located under the picture. The animated quote in the hero area, the lazy-loaded text, and the full-width breakout sections bring a unique style. If you have not been heard of Article Card by Olsi Odobashi, you should not miss out this review. And thanks to modern CSS layout techniques such as CSS Grid and Flexbox, weve never had more design possibilities. As you can see, the background picture only occupies one-fourth in total. This will bring a great experience to the visitors and make them find hard to leave your blogs. blog card design using html and css, pure css blog card design, css blog card tutorial for beginners, animated slider blog card using html, css & js, responsive blog card slider codepen, blog post cards, responsive blog card codepen, blog card ui design html css, pure css blog card design, responsive blog card using flexbox, how to design blog card with css, how to develop blog card using html and css, css card hover effects html css, css card hover, blog card animation using html and css, css card hover effects html css, how to develop blog card using html and css, css responsive card hover effects html & css, blog card design using html and css, blog post card html and css, how to make card view blog section in html css, responsive blog card codepen, how to make card view blog section in html css, pure css blog card design, animated blog card css, blog card design using html and css, blog card animation using html and css, css responsive card hover effects, blog card animation using html, css & js, css, how to develop blog card using html and css. While the title and description of your blogs are located to the left of the picture in the white frame, texts are likely to be carved into the pic to create a strange and unique title for your blog. Thats complemented further by bold headlines and a contrasting color scheme. Contact us. Hence, you had better download and try the card on your sites immediately to see the difference. Hence, lets take a few seconds to download and install this card into your sites. Meanwhile, the description of the background picture, the title of the blog, the category, and the number of days your blogs are published are located under relatively. As you place on the text, the whole page will come out so that your visitors can follow what they are reading. The title and a few lines of the content will be displayed vertically and under the background picture. If you make sure that your title and description are attractive enough, then the Read More button is worth being there to aid you in gaining more traffic to your blog. You can change your preference here. Now, it is time for you to download and install this card into your website without causing any mess-up. This is a nice solution for those looking to feature several posts in a limited amount of screen real estate. As you can see, the card displays the featured image on the left, meanwhile, the other information is set on the right side. Have a nice day. We hope these snippets have inspired you to build something that reflects who you are and the message you want to share. It includes many components such as creation date and time, title, content, illustrations, article type To create a beautiful blog card, we need to rely on many factors such as: It is a clear layout, easy to understand, reasonable division of components So in todays article we will see examples of beautiful blog cards in the year of website design. Hover Blog Cards by CJ-RD is another impressive blog-card that should not be ignored by many users. Updated on March 2022. Titles, descriptions, and dates of issuing blogs appear in front of the background picture. It would be a mistake if Blog Cards by Chyno Deluxe was not mentioned in the top list of amazing blog-cards. Basics on testing an embedded system on the automotive industry. This not only brings visitors a great experience but also makes them place the interest in your websites. Hence, you had better download and try this card on your blogs immediately before it is too late. The layout is still in a rectangle shape with a featured image occupying a half-space of the design. With any kind of your articles, Blog Post Item can be easily applied thanks to its simple and cool design. Blog Post Item by Nodws should not be ignored by any users who are still looking for beautiful blog-cards. This makes visitors feel convenient and feel like your blogs are also updated and are willing to be integrated with many social media channels. As you see, the demo background picture is set between the title of your blog and its description. Now, it is your turn to download and install this card into your sites. Now, it is time for you to sit down and spend a few minutes to make all the things done. Developed by Davy, Blog Card With Hover Shadow is known as one of the most widely used blog-cards for your websites. The combination of the layout and different fonts of texts aims at creating a great experience for your visitors when they are browsing on your websites. As being installed, the card can make visitors feel interested in your sites and find hard to take their eyes off the screen. Article Card, created by Olsi Odobashi is a funny blog-card. Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! 21+ Best CSS Blog Cards Examples from hundreds of the CSS Blog Cards reviews in the market (Codepen.io) as derived from Avada Commerce Ranking which is using Avada Commerce scores, rating reviews, search results, social metrics. Subscribe to our RSS newsletter and receive all of our articles directly in your email inbox daily. Unlike other blog-cards, Blog Card Teknolojidesin.online is an extremely impressive blog-card. The most important thing is when you click on that picture, the hover shadow effect will come out to blur your featured images as well as highlight your content in black. As you can see, Fun With Blog Cards divides the whole page into many categories ranging from fashion, cooking to adventures. Other information, including the title, the name of the author, the date, the category of the blogs, and even the number of like and comments are also displayed and arranged wisely in the front of visitors eyes.

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