TopFlightsNow tip: Always ask the rental company what kind of fuel your car uses. Lets take a look at all the basic information you might need about driving on the island. defroster demister 150w cigarette defogger In towns, its much harder to find parking spots, and even if you find one they might have a maximum time limit for parking. Airport Near Goose Creek, SC Where to fly? You must activate Javascript support in your browser settings. | About us | Contact us | Advertise on | Terms and Conditions |. Whenever driving around Malta you will definitely feel like the local drivers are crazy at times. was created to promote the Island of Malta. Many people still drive manual in Europe and its the same in Malta. So, if the Maltese traffic doesnt look like something to put up with during your vacation, go car-less! When you arrive during the day there will be someone to assist with filling up your car. Quite a large number of local drivers do not observe the rules, so be careful. If caught using one, it'll be confiscated and you'll get a ticket. is powered by a private technical solution - Contact us for more information. Roundabouts can create hairy situations. Granted it was several years ago, but how bad could it have gotten since then? Guided tours on Malta are great to learn more about the island and its history. Join us as we will tell you everything that you need to know about driving in Malta so you can be prepared. The minimum rental age is 23 years and most companies ask that you have a license for at least 2 years. Always pay attention to the street signs to avoid speeding. Unless this is stated by your rental company, its perfectly fine to fill E10. Many of them will rent a car as soon as their airplane touches the ground. Sometimes you might feel like walking in a small Italian coastal town, the next moment you will feel like stepping into a district of Morocco.

If you follow the general rules of defensive driving you should be fine. The Drink Driving Limit in Malta is only 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. By law, all occupants of a car must wear a seatbelt whilst the car is moving. However in practice this would apply to most of the cars in the city centre. In Malta, they drive on the left-hand side. Don't risk parking on double yellows as you might at home - your badge will count for little there. Malta doesn't operate an on the spot fine system. In Malta, the blood alcohol limit when driving is 0.08%. Read More Rent a Boat on Malta Without a LicenseContinue, Malta is one of those places where it rarely rains. For our American friends, here are some of the more common English words you may not be used to: Careful on roundabouts. This means a child seat for children under three that should be rear facing. Malta really is in the silly Eu now isn't it !

This will help you be less nervous behind the wheel as you know you are covered. Exploring alone, you can discover a great blend of cultures and styles. Maltese law means that you have to be 23 to hire a car on the island. It's not expensive and at least you know your car is safe from the clampers. No problem. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Malta, the beautiful island country south of Italy. Throughout history, this little nation has been influenced by numerous different nations. Inside small towns, the streets can get extremely narrow, to the point that two cars cant pass next to each other. The general rule seems to be who ever drives fastest has right of way. In the back of the car, children should be sat in an appropriate seat/restraint system where available. If you are looking to rent a car for your Malta vacation then we suggest booking a hotel with dedicated parking. Affiliate links are displayed on the website. This means that when you have a car at your disposal you can cover a lot of ground each day. Children cannot travel in the front of a car without an appropriate seat or restraint system. In any case, you need to be able to prove you have insurance if stopped by the police. In theory Malta follows the Blue Badge scheme but it's always better to check before leaving your car anywhere. Now that driving tests have been standardized the quality of driving has improved drastically. These are usually free to use and you can leave the car in one of them for the night or while you are exploring. In these places, you always have to pay attention as someone has to yield if there is oncoming traffic. Just make sure you are using appropriate equipment and that other drivers are aware of your intentions. Don't park on double yellow lines anywhere - it's a surefire way to get clamped then towed. Copyright 2022 There are a number of public parking lots around Malta. This is about a glass of beer or glass of wine. It has a non standard V8 engine. For both you'll receive a ticket. Yes and no. These are zones where parking is limited to a one hour maximum time frame. But, are they really prepared for driving in Malta? Please note that the minimum age for, Please read the Maltese Highway Code to understand the rules and regulations in the traffic for a safer drive. You can use them whenever no staff is around. Its not a bad idea to rent a smaller car, especially when you dont need the extra seats. Parking can be a problem. This E10 fuel is not great for older cars, but new cars (such as the ones you are likely to rent) will run absolutely fine on them. If you are coming from the UK or other places when this is the norm then this fact will make you happy. Outside of cities, the speed limit is 80 km/h unless otherwise stated by road signs. However, sometimes, its worth taking on a guided tour. However, streets will usually have signs with even more restricting limits like 30 km/h. You have to force yourself mentally to pay attention at the beginning, but after 30 minutes or so it will come as second nature. Keep your following distance, get ready to break, and get ready to yield if the situation arises. If you need automatic then you must book way in advance. I can't find out from the various websites how much in import tax I will have to pay. All Rights Reserved. There are plenty of speed cameras all around the island. It is a restored and heavily modified Triumph TR6.

Of course, the off-season is a bit better as there are fewer rental cars on the road. Climbing and Abseiling Tours with Gozo Adventures, Kayak Tours in Gozo with Rugged Coast Adventures. In case you are visiting when this happens, its always good to recount all the best, Read More 15 Best things to do in Malta when it rainsContinue, 2022 Cheap Flights, Hotels, Rentals & Travel Guides | TopFlightsNow. Taxi drivers in Malta are always in a hurry and will try to get ahead of you no matter what. Bearing in mind the strict laws, we'd recommend that you DON'T drink at all if driving. We hope that you have found this article helpful in figuring out if driving in Malta is for you or you will stick to public transportation. Make sure the AC works before you take the car. Roundabouts: whoever is coming from the right has right of way, simple as that. Thanks to Maltas historical attachment with Great Britain, the. Can you assist ? Favourite country to visit: Spain. English is widely spoken in Malta so you should have no trouble being understood. Driving without AC in the summer in Malta is not fun. Cost me in the region of GBP 45,000. Actually, defensive driving is always advised no matter where you are, but when on vacation its a must. This is the same as that of the UK. Expect cars to randomly turn without any blinker. If you have had enough of the roads make sure to check out our guide on how to rent a boat without a license in Malta. There are no highways in Malta. Whatever you do, do not park anywhere where there are double yellow lines. No, its not easy, you will need some experience if you want to drive in Malta. Public transport is 100% viable but you will be much more flexible if you rent a car. Given the safety record of Maltese drivers, it could save your life. Luckily the small size of the island means that its practically impossible to run out of fuel. With major influx of tourism from the Nordic countries over the last few years there have also been a lot of occasions when they've driven on the wrong side of the rod coming out from the corner. Thanks, blimey ! Watch out for lorries aproacing from your left. One of the best ways to stay safe while driving in Malta is to practice defensive driving. It will give you a total sense of freedom to see whatever you want whenever you want it. As such it is generally advised to rent a car in Malta. The first lesson you should remember is the lack of use for their indicators. The island of Malta is ever so inviting for tourists from all over the world. As the island is small you can expect the rush hour to be a nightmare. Whether its a risky overtake or not giving the right of way just be careful when you see a taxi coming up. Read on to learn the ins and outs of Malta driving to stay safe during your rental. I would say in the last 20 years of me driving in Malta the 2 times I've come closest to having a terrible collision is in that situation. Traffic congestions can build up in certain part of Malta during rush hours especially around, A comprehensive insurance is advisable when driving in Malta and a national or international driving license is accepted. Instead, you'll receive a ticket which must be paid before you leave the island. The Travelers Guide to Carovigno, Puglia, White lines mean parking is allowed. The island is small and there are a lot of cars. Airports near Airlie Beach: How to get to Airlie Beach? It is highly recommended. Otherwise, it might scare you a little bit. We travel to Malta at ;east twice a year and have done for years, driving there is no worse than driving in most UK cities, while there is something of a culture of who get's there first has right of way it's not difficult to get around, all the road signs are easy to read and very abundant, just remember that despite driving on the left you're in Kph and you'll be fine, Drive Smart St Vincent and the Grenadines. If over that limit when stopped by the police you'll get a big fine at court and confiscation of your licence. You will have easier time parking and navigating the sometimes narrow roads. As you can go anywhere in the car its time to get off the beaten path! Be careful when driving as the roads have plenty of potholes, numerous people do not follow traffic rules and the traffic is very heavy. Copyright 2011 - 2019 All rights reserved in all formats known and unknown. You may encounter very bad road conditions which get worse the smaller the road gets. Many petrol stations also offer 24-hour automatic pumps. Whenever you decide to take on a, Read More Best Guided Tours on MaltaContinue.

Malta is one of the most unique holiday destinations you can find. is held by an independent commercial company, not related to any civic or official institution. You need to have your licence with you and a valid certificate of insurance. A minimum of third party insurance cover is compulsory and it's useful to have a green card to prove it. There are no toll roads in Malta but you have to pay a congestion charge/toll on entering the capital Valletta. There are fixed cameras in many places on Malta as well as an increasing number of mobile speed traps. There are a total of around 80-100 rainy days each year in Malta. There is a filling station always in reach. Travel writer, customer service guru, Kellie knows the ins and outs of car rental and always happy to share her knowledge on our blog. You will always have random people getting drunk and putting other people's lives at risk, or an overly aggressive driver, or the driver that goes in a 5kph and just causes a traffic jam. Its surprisingly easy, especially for experienced drivers. Speaking about the right of way, its not just roundabouts where its not taken into consideration. This will make life easier as you wont have to worry about finding a free spot each night. When visiting certain localities in Malta and its neighbouring islands of Gozo and Comino watch out for Time Parking Zones. I want to import my 30yr old car. This means congestion, impatient drivers, and narrow roads. It's usually done by police although clamping firms often tour the streets looking for victims. Economy and Micro class come in pretty cheap when it comes to renting in Malta but premium cars will maintain the premium price point. If you can rent in the city and not at the airport thats even better. Make sure to visit all the hidden gems. The island's government has taken steps to ensure that travellers comply with this including notification of fines against your passport number so pay up! Wow, this is so outdated. Always take the highest insurance. The use of radar detection equipment in Malta is forbidden. must have a reflective coat if wmtwapdaj down, that would feel nice when it's 95 degrees outside ! Third party insurance is standard by law since January 1996. If you are stopped by the police make sure that you find a nice place to park and wait until the policemen come up to your window. The use of mobile phones without a hands free kit whilst driving is forbidden by law in Malta. Being south of Europe the sunny island enjoys plenty of clear skies and nice beach weather. As a rule of thumb, you should be ready to stop any time in a roundabout, because some people will not honor the right of way. Due to this, the architecture of Malta is truly unique. Drivers are assertive but not crazy, and speeds on the streets are low enough that you don't feel like you're taking your life into your hands, If you were in a roundabout and there was some doubt as to who would go first, the key was making eye contact with the other driver so you'd each know the other was there, and then one of you would go. Inexperienced drivers might find driving very stressful. Extra fees will apply under 25. Malta isn't as scary to drive in as this article implies it is. In case you decide to rent a car then remember our tips, practice defensive driving, and have tons of fun. You will find some nice, wide roads with multiple lanes, but for the most part, roads are maximum of two lanes. It is best to not speed at all otherwise you might end up with a fine if you are not careful. Drivers that have bigger cars like SUVs or Vans will at times automatically assume that they have the right of way in all situations. The speed limits are 50 km/h inside the city limits.

It is wise to have a good road map since road signs can be rather confusing and at times lacking. We can recommend driving in Malta if you have at least 3 to 5 years of experience. Although to stay totally safe we highly recommend that you dont drive after drinking any small amount. For fixed camera fines, the ticket will be sent to your hire car company who will forward it on or you'll have it sent to the address where the vehicle is registered.

Small roads are usually hassle-free all time during the year. In case you decide to use public transport for your vacation you should check out our guide for the best guided tours in Malta. The island of Malta maintains a left-hand driving side for its road system. They wil always pullout in front of you no matter how close the margin, I am COMING TO MALTA to live. We provide information about Malta, Gozo and Comino - Malta guide, Attraction, Event, Museum, Beaches, Hotels, Apartments and Farmhouses. Generally speaking, its tricky.

All you have to do is tell them which fuel you prefer and they will fill the tank. They love to use these to overtake. The more the better. If driving your own car, it's wise to get a green card from your insurers. If your blood alcohol limit is above 80mg then you could also face imprisonment. Driving in Malta: Everything You Need to Know, 15 Best things to do in Malta when it rains. Most paid parking is a dusty parking lot on waste ground but there are surfaced lots in the main towns. Then there are backroads and small towns. 10 Beaches near Clermont, FL Where to enjoy some sun? We must note that the Malta public transport system is also pretty good. Paid parking is a good idea and isn't expensive, except in Valletta where demand pushes up the prices. Rented cars all have a Q in the license plate so they are easily spotted. Weve had one encounter on a petrol station where the worker wanted to push for the more expensive E5 fuel claiming the E10 is not good enough. It is illegal to go through an amber traffic light in Malta so when approaching lights, do so with caution. See Fuel Price in Malta for enhanced data on petrol and diesel prices. must have a warning triangle, I remember the island before all of this garbage, I don't ever visit there now, the European union destroyed st for me. There are no specific laws for towing another car, trailer or caravan except that towing a car must be done with a bar, not a rope. Of course there will always be problems. Although, you will have way less flexibility, a carefully put-together itinerary can work well with public transport only. Similarly, the timeslot between 4 pm to 6 pm is when most people head home and create massive traffic spikes. With our Drive Smart guide you're fully prepared to hire a car in Malta and stay safe on unfamiliar roads. You can rent automatic but there are fewer cars available. There are sometimes routine police checks on the roads but these happen rarely. Watch out for the Time Parking Zones found in many of the town, not always clear, you'll get towed or clamped if you overstay the time. You dont know the roads, you dont know the locals, and you might be in a car thats not familiar to you.

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