CAT can be purchased for a specific number of pages, or for a monthly fee. Her book, Content Strategy for the Web (New Riders, August 2009), has been called "the most important thing to happen to user experience design in years" (Peter Morville, co-author, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web). They are not UI/UX designers or visual designers but they have a solid grasp of visual design conventions. If the project is a site redesign, they might inventory and review the pages currently on the site. Content mapping is the process of identifying the types of content, while content modeling adds definition and structure.

management knowledge ecm system context practices records social intranet managing ecms digital Content strategists might have a technical background; they certainly know how to work with data how to define the most informative A/B tests, run them, analyze the results, and elucidate and apply learnings from them. The conference tends to attract a mix of DITA users and CMS users as well as some stray marketing folk. We proceed as content designers: people who design in words, concepts, systems and terminology, voice and tone, and who know how much these things matter in solving problems for the people who use our products around the world. We know that our work, along with the work of other companies, has helped shape a particular branch of the discipline, and we believe that its distinct enough to warrant a distinct name. It can also pull screenshots, analytics data, and page-level details. But a good content experience is one where the user has the information they need to progress and meet their goals- whatever those might be. There are so many content management systems, that it can be very difficult to choose the right one. Content strategy. Thats the beauty of it: search content strategy in your city on the Meetup interface, and youll find any number of networking groups, educational groups, and social groups. Read our, How to Fix Your Visual Content with These Pro Tips, Top 7 Recommended Books for Learning Content Design,, Your email address will not be published. Content Strategy at Work, by Margot Bloomstein Content strategists (sometimes in step with an information architect) may play a big role in defining structure, fields, and other requirements for a content management system. The book goes over how to do content strategy in general, and how to do it well. The content audit can then be repurposed as a report with prioritized pages to create, edit, retire, or migrate to a new CMS, all depending on the project. Sometimes in posts on Twitter or in blogs, I come across comments about content strategy like these: I do all this stuff already. That depends on the content strategy. As an added benefit, a deliverable of this sort helps stakeholders, clients, and project owners see the value that comes out of content strategy work. Governance describes the policies, standards, and guidelines that apply to content and its lifecycle, as well as how an organization will sustain and evolve its content strategy. Every content strategists version of a content strategy takes on a different form. A few tips on how to implement it in the design process. Brands are both visual, shown in logos and color palettes, and verbal, coming across in language and style of speech. about poor quality content on our website, intranet, or application. Content design has become almost interchangeable with content strategy and seems to be getting all of the credit for delivering well considered content as an enabler for commercial success . Do these two really belong together? Content audits can take on many forms, but they typically begin with the creation of an inventory in an excel doc. We stand with Ukraine and our team members from Ukraine. At Facebook, we strive to make our in-product writing simple, straightforward and human, and we believe this change brings our title more in line with these core principles. After analyzing the titles and role expectations at 27 tech companies, we found that content design is rapidly becoming the standard for how people talk about the type of product content work we do at Facebook. The work can be broken down into four areas, defined by the team at Brain Traffic as the content strategy components. There, she and a select group of professional partners help organizations create and better manage their communication products. As we matured, we saw we could better communicate our purpose if we modified content strategist to product content strategist, clarifying our product-specific function. And it only makes sense. Get to know the 10 web design ideas for beginners! Invite users to act., According to Mike Strickland, Content Design Director at Charter Communications, The best design isinvisible. If one writer uses Oxford commas and formal addresses, and another is more casual, the voice of the site or app will feel inconsistent and awkward. Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works, by Janice (Ginny) Redish If they simply complete the template, theres a good likelihood it will be used as expected. offers a description of her typical project activities. Her iconic 2008 article, Rachel Lovinger is the Experience Director and Content Strategist at Razorfish. Shes on a never-ending quest to understand how people make sense of information, and how to make it easier for them. It certainly isnt the only way to look at it, though; for an expanded discussion on the topic, visit the content strategy Google Knol. Its a long-term commitment to better content, a practice that beautifully complements the art and science of UX strategy. But its really only been in the last two years that the larger UX community has started paying closer attention to content strategy. UX writing is the copy youll see in a user interface: onboarding flows, modals, settings, forms, menus, error messages, empty states, notifications, and tooltips. It might also include landing pages and product-related emails. UXPA has chapters in nearly every major city across the United States, and many internationally. Content designers collaborate with multiple teams such as engineers, UX Writers, graphic designers, researchers, and more to create the best design in delivering the content that supports users needs. Its the future. The conference avoids taking on specific themes or forcing talks into tracks, preferring instead to focus on the state of content strategy and the most up-to-date topics at any given time. But substance, structure, workflow, and governance typically inform one another, which is where the content strategist can really make a difference. For some, the content strategy is the whole process.

If your product exists to help someone do something, then there should be as few barriers as possible between them and what they need to do. So today, were changing the name of our Content Strategy team to the Content Design team. The distance between print and the web, when it comes to a publication process, isnt all that vast. Required fields are marked *. The audit, then, is the qualitative analysis of the inventory. In addition, a subset of marketing is editorial and publication planning. Before writing a word, content strategists outline the brands message, and the organizations goals. Each strategist explains a different content strategy term, leaving the reader with a wealth of information that (at a pace of 1 per week) could easily take a year to explore. Content strategy is just a trend. No way will my clients pay for any of this. The Ego and two things that are inherently wrong with working with the ego: When you invent a desired ego in an attempt to hide your mistakes. What does this mean to you? The only apparent commonality is that all content strategy deals with content; that said, the methodologies that make up the work vary widely. Today, content strategy is the process that ensures content is published, edited, republished, repurposed, and archived at the right times. So, while the list below is indicative of the tools that a strategist might use, theyre by no means prescriptive. For content strategists, cross-functional collaboration usually means working with teams in marketing, communication, SEO, and legal to create and clarify messaging across the board. Her 2007 article, Gerry McGovern is on a mission to make large organizations more customer-centric. GatherContent is a content collaboration software designed by, and for, content strategists. In Erin Kissanes short-but-sweet book, she digs into content strategys roots. A content audit can be compared to competitor sites for a competitor audit, or it can be turned into a content evaluation, where the strategist rates each page according to specific goals. The field of content strategy has blossomed in the past few years, and associations and conferences exist for every type of content strategist. For the most part, these words are unobtrusive, and you might not even notice them. Content is increasingly moving to the forefront of corporate and commercial activity but in a fragmented world, understanding how content fits into a key business process is difficult. For example, a team without a developer will need a CMS that can be managed with little to no additional code, and an organization that relies heavily on user surveys will want a CMS that integrates forms easily. Start your subscription today for free. The title helped explain that our team focused on serving the UX needs of people using our products and supporting business goals. But whats the point of it all? The Content Strategy Alliance (CSA) formed in 2014 to define a vision and an organizational model for content strategists. Voice and tone guidelines can be as simple as outlining the general feel of the language, or as specific as identifying key vocabulary terms and branded language. There are a few different ways to look at this. Over six months, we scoured job postings and interviewed people in various content and design roles both inside and outside of our company. Of course, its clear that content strategy is more than just copy (otherwise wed call it copy strategy), but in this book Ginny Redish gives insights into how to use other content types to best communicate with end users. They work closely with Marketing to ensure a consistent voice across the entire user journey, while constantly adjusting that voice as the user base grows and changes. Substance identifies what content is required to successfully execute implement your core strategy, including characteristics such as messaging architecture, intended audience(s), and voice and tone. To help avoid confusion about the differences between content strategists and designers, below are some of the most important differences between these job descriptions. This is a great conference for beginner content strategists as well as experienced ones, since it focuses on staying small (about 650 people) and welcoming. Also, as anyone who has attended will tell, theres always cake. In 2008, not a single UX conference had a session or workshop devoted to content strategy; In 2010, nearly all of them did, including the IA Summit, UX Week, UX London, User Interface Conference, and even SXSW. More information available at: Mentor Beatrix Holland, a Content Strategist at Indeed in Japan, favorite definition comes from Sarah Winters: Content Design means using data and evidence to give the audience what they need, at the time they need it and in a way they expect. In 2009, Kristina curated the first Content Strategy Consortium to facilitate a national dialogue about this emerging discipline. With the market use of the title continuing to broaden, we did what any good content strategist would do: we conducted an audit. Essentially, once the iPhone came into being, publishers suddenly needed to publish content for desktop and mobile at the same timeand sometimes in different formats. These interdependencies and commonalities demand that we work together to deliver the high quality content our users want and deserve. UX writers have word nerd backgrounds in writing, editing, publishing, linguistics, or similar fields. Content strategy has been around for a long time. Because its focused on collaboration, its helpful for content strategists who need to share sample content with designers or developers during the design process. Content is everywhere. Google Analytics gives you insight into your websites effectiveness through a variety of metrics; including bounce rate, keyword frequency, etc. So instead of just filling in the blank, I take a step back and engage content strategy principles to suggest that the narrative arc of the experience is flawed and needs to be re-examined., Adds Ryan Bigge, Regardless of job title, its very difficult to enact meaning improvements if content isnt involved early and often. UX writers and content strategists both work closely with many different teams. This list isnt meant to (and cant) be exhaustive. She is the co-producer of, Margot Bloomstein is the founder and sole proprietor of, Jonathon Colman is a UX content strategist at Facebook, merging the worlds of data and creativity. Systems thinking can be used in many ways depending on the problem to be solved or the point of view you are seeking to support, influence or change. The CAT crawls a public site, pulls the pages into an excel document, and delivers it in a usable form to the strategist. The Language of Content Strategy, by Scott Abel and Rahel Ann Bailie However, Beatrix highlighted that she would encourage people looking for a writing or information architecture-based role within UX to really pay attention to the tasks and not the job titles. We are now a team of nearly 500. Content strategy is a huge piece of creating a user experience, and to that end content strategists play a large role in UXPA. Comment * document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ae826791c6e396a27627b86e6572b1e0" );document.getElementById("i250eb618b").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For many teams, it also refers to the words in conversational and voice interfaces. Since then, she has been a keynote or featured speaker at Webstock, Web 2.0 Expo, SXSW Interactive, An Event Apart, User Interface Conference, Future of Web Design, MarketingProfs, and the Online Marketing Summit. Though it originated in Hawaii (hence the name), LavaCon moves each year to a new location, and each year it seems to be growing, offering more tracks, more speakers, and more opportunities to learn. Content management systems are everywhere. Here is how to use them in order to helpusers make better long-term decisions. Content strategists use editorial and publication planning tools as well; we call them editorial calendars, and use them to plan for content creation. Be sure to continue with our Beginners Guide to Information Architecture, and our Beginners Guide to Interaction Design. Content strategy consultant Noz Urbina explains omni-channel publishing and how it differs from multichannel: Multichannel (or cross-channel) refers to delivering content and considering consumer experience on more than one channel. Adaptive content, responsive designits tricky stuff. Editorial elements including voice and tone, target audiences, and brand guidelines represent the quadrant to the left, while experience elements including user needs, customer journeys, and content format makes up the right. Information architecture is a field of its own, and weve written a Complete Beginners Guide to explain its many intricacies. For some projects, the content is listed as pages. Their list of best practices, tools, and templates definitely accomplishes their goal to be useful, and membership in the alliance is open to all. As it happens, Meetups interface also makes it easy to start a new group. While workflow and governance have direct impact on the end content product, they dont (and cant) live exclusively within the domain of UX. Content Strategy: Connecting the Dots Between Business, Brand, and Benefits, Content Strategy at Work: Real-World Stories to Strengthen Every Interactive Project, The Content Strategy Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right, Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose, Clout The Art & Science of Influential Web Content, The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web, Killer Web Content: Make the Sale, Deliver the Service, Build the Brand, Content Strategy 101: Transform Technical Content into a Business Asset, Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, Content Everywhere: Strategy and Structure for Future-Ready Content, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Best Email Marketing Metrics For Tracking. Content Strategy at Work uses a mix of case studies and practical advice to help any organization benefit from content strategy. Content strategists come from all over. Content strategy plans for valuable, findable, meaningful content. The answer is pretty simple: its inherently impossible to design a great user experience for bad content. Thats still a primary concernintervening at the right stage of the project, and co-designing solutions with the entire UX team.. What they know:Content designers, not surprisingly, know a thing or two about design. While content strategy focuses on the content that creates an experience, rather than how to market that experience, there is a lot that we have learned from the field of marketing. According to Beatrix, good content design has shared outcomes more than shared principles because there are lots of methods and processes that you can take to get there. Content strategy plans for the creation, publication, and governance of useful, usable content. Content strategists are likely to be creating the style guides that the entire team adheres to. As weve shown, content strategy can impact many aspects of user experience. For others, it might get as granular as content elements, such as text paragraphs, images, videos, and PDFs. UX writing and content strategy both need to take into account a broad view of the entire experience with their product, no matter if the product is software/SaaS, ecommerce/retail, or a media site. Depending on the size of the writing team at a company, UX writers also sometimes work on editorial strategy, style guides, marketing copy, training materials, help center content, or other projects related to content strategy. Structure (or content engineering) represents the left side and answers questions such as how content is organized for browse-and-find, how tags and categories are used, and requirements for elements like personalization and AI. While many content strategists will specialize in only one quadrant, such as Messaging or CMS implementation, its important for anyone getting started in the field to understand how the four fit together. After over a decade of pushing to make our product experiences simple, straightforward and human, our Facebook Product Content Strategy team has realized that its time to apply those important principles to our own title. Earlier, we defined governance as the hierarchy of decision makers as well as the communication structure within the team. The Elements of Content Strategy, by Erin Kissane Content is consistently a huge problem in most project work, but we often dont have the time or tools to figure out exactly where our process is broken. There are aspects of substance and structure that have traditionally been the domain of information architects, and that still holds true. There are several other books out there that would be helpful for content strategists, such as Steve KrugsDont Make Me Think, Peter Morville & Lou RosenfeldsInformation Architecture for the World Wide Web, and Jesse James GarrettsThe Elements of User Experienceamong many,manyothers. What they do:Content strategists do all the tactical work that UX writers do while also taking on more strategic projects. Apart from writing and editing, content designers hold more responsibility for the design of the content, planning the strategy to deliver the content in a specific context, handling, and managing the content on digital platforms. Constraints are crucial and important for good product design. Since the content strategist has the big picture view of the publishing process, editorial guidelines, and omnichannel needs, they are in the best position to recommend a governance model that will maintain the quality of the experience. Melissa Rach, Vice President of Content Strategy at Brain Traffic, developed this framework for content strategy: Core strategy defines how your content will help you meet business objectives.

Youll recognize several activities that are often included in UX projects, as well as several that arent: Taking a closer look at project roles, Richard Ingram of Ingserv created this illustration to show ways in which a UX team might collaborate with a content strategist: For a practical look at how content strategists contribute to a UX project, Erin Kissanes article, What Do Content Strategists Do? A content management system (CMS) is an application designed to house all the content that appears on a site or series of sites and applications. A content strategist may be responsible for gathering these varying requirements and narrowing the field of viable CMSes. But an IA is rarely responsible for editorial, workflow, or governance components of content planning and development.

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