Wuh kahan rehta hay? Tum kiya parhtey ho> main mazahiya kitabien parhta ho, Tumhra naam kiya hai> mera naam tariq hai, Tumhey konsa colour ziyda pasand hai > kala. Tum hamesha uskay baray main q sochatay hu? A book containing the words of a language, arranged alphabetically, with explanations of their meanings; a lexicon; a vocabulary; a wordbook. Wuh safar kartaaa hay. Boys do not fight. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to create your free lifetime account on UrduPod101.com today to explore the easiest and most effective ways to learn the Urdu language. To express habits, general truths, repeated actions or unchanging situations, emotions and wishes: To give instructions or directions: :present and future, simple present tense formula or Structure of present simple, Form: Subject + verb 1st form + Object./extra word, Our Prophet (allallhu alayhi wa sallam) said, The pleasure of Allh is found in pleasing the parents, and the anger of Allh is found in making the parents angry., For habits / habitual actions / Daily Routine /repeated actions, Salman And Tariq smoke fag after taking tea, Mr Tariq and Mrs Tariq Only eat Biryani hahaha, Master Muzammil Watches television regularly, Master Suleman walks daily in the morning, Garmi k mosam mein har dopher ko barish hoti hai. Do They eat meal? Positive:The School bus leaves every morning at 8 AM. Academic life may get easier by learning English but when it is the matter of tenses which many students do not bother to learn although they make the English learning and other subjects easier to understand. These examples are used generally in our speaking and writing practice. kiya Prinda hawa main ortaa hay? Does he charge more than other photographers? if you want to be strong learn to enjoy being alone. Wuh city main nheee rehtaaa.. He dooes not live in the city. As an Urdu learner, you should be glad to know that learning just three basic Urdu tenses can empower you to deal with any real-life situation in an Urdu-speaking society. Important point:If the subject is third person( He, She, It) or any singular name, you need to add -s or -es with the base form of a verb.

Keep practicing; you will learn more and more uses of present simple tense. Wuh kaahan rehtay hain? Wuh imtihan main kamyabi hasil kartaa hay.

Do we go to sleep early? Foji apnay mulk kalye qurbaniyan daitay hain. (This means: you and the others. Do we read a book? > With no sugar. kiya tum paisay kamtay hu? We exercise on regular basis. Write your sad times in sand, write your good times in stone. Kiyaaa wuh khanaaa khati hay? Ham phone pay baaat kkarty hain. Dont hesitate to reach out to us in the comments; well get back to you at the earliest! You do not open the door. Wuh lecture attend kartaaa hay. Main kam kartaaa hu. Interrogative:Does the taxi leave at 10:00 PM? Do you make money? Tum apney doston sey kaha milty ho> main un sey school mein milo ga. Where do I get a newspaper? ), She likes her grandmother. Success depends on how much effort you make. There can be many uses of present simple tense. All other persons: subject + dont + infinitive. Wuh mehnat nheee kartaa . kiaaaa wuh gali daitaaa hay? In the Urdu language, every noun has a gender. You want to learn Urdu but you dont want to spend a cent. marathi tense present continuous You should now have a better idea of how to conjugate Urdu verbs for each tense and gender. Thirdly the condition is interrogative in which we use Do and Does at the starting of a sentence He, She or It and singular while I, We, They, You and plural. He gets success in the exams.
, English Sentences In Urdu For Daily Use Day 63, Free Spoken English Course Online In 100 Days Day 64. She takes bath every day. Does The driver drive the vehicle? (not present simple). Boss secretary ko call kartaaa hay. (zamana-e-maazi) past tense He travels. Tumhy khaney mein bohat ziyda kiya pasand hai>. worksheet liveworksheets tense fichas intermediate affirmative rieck ingls tenses interactivas verb gogogo letterman englische grammatik interactiva hamienet genealogy deberes semana Does He sing well? kidding tense Wuh meri baaat ghor say suntaaa hay. 2)Part Two habitual actions and repeated action, Tariq and Solomon wake up early in the morning, She performs wudu and offers Namaz-e-Fajr, Tariq performs wudu and offers Namaz-e-Fajr, Muzammil and Tariq perform wudu and offer Namaz-e-Fajr. What does he do? The following present indefinite tense in Urdu to English exercise is providing you with better practice to learn simple present tense, interrogative present tenses, and negative present tenses for beginners. Faqeer bheeg nhee mangtaaa. And. Wuh har roz nahati hay. Wuh khana khatay hain They eat meal. Does The bird fly in the air?

Coffee kaisi paisand karey gai > baghair cheeni ka, Relationships. Ali uski madad qqq nhee kartaaa? We love our homeland. Tum dost k tor per kis ko sub ziyda pasand hai>muzzmil ko ziyda pasand karta ho. So, Present indefinite is a term that is used for an action happening right now or when it happens regularly. Wuh college main parhataa hay. Not only beginners can benefit from these examples, but also kids who have just started to learn English can also get much to learn from These easy examples. Do You make fun of him? Kiyaaaa ham jaldi so jatay hain? Ham har roz subuh ko sair karty hain. There are three tenses in English grammar; present, past, and future. kiya Wuh college main parhataa hay.?

(=adjective + noun), use that as your motivation to push harder, take the child with you right now/at once, zarror /yaqeenan/lazman test ki tayari karna, dont go outdoors after the sunset/sundown, magrib ka bad/ suraj dhalne k baad bahar mat jaya karo, jhaaro lagao apne kaprey ka aur phir poca bhi karo, Bahar ja kar sham mein khana mat khaya karo. How to Say Hello in Urdu: Make the Perfect First Impression, How to Say I Love You in Urdu Romantic Word List, Sound Like a Native with These Advanced Urdu Phrases, The Most Useful Urdu Phrases for the Intermediate Level, The Best Urdu Podcasts for Language Learners, How to Celebrate April Fools Day in Urdu. He sings well. https://www.facebook.com/thejasolangiofficial Wait until Monday when hes in a better mood. if you want to describe your daily actions then you must learn these 150 examples that will help you express all the activities that you perform the whole day. 3. Like you, many Urdu learners are hesitant to enter the intricate maze of Urdu-language tenses and their numerous conjugations for the present, past, and future. After them, we use auxiary verb and subject. You make fun of him.

We dream every nigh. Wuh students ko parhati hay. Important point:If the subject is third person (He, She, It) or any singular name, DOES will be added as an auxiliary verb at the start of the sentence. Present indefinite Examples of Sentences used in Daily Life for English Speaking and writing practice. The identification of a present Indefinite tense in Urdu to English is that Any Sentence which is ending by S or ES or a sentence formed by using the root form or by adding S- or ES- to the end of the sentence is known as simple present indefinite tense. Subject+ do not / does not +1st form of verb +object, Do / Does+Subject+ 1st form of verb +object. They dance at the party. But you are responsible for what you give them to think about you. 150 Present Indefinite Tense Sentences with Urdu and Hindi Translation For Daily Use. He uses mobile. Boss calls his secretary. Tum hamesha uskay baray main q sochatay hu? They often shout in the street. Present simple/ Indefinite tense is a tense that has several uses. He writes a letter. Nurse mareez ki daikh bahl karti hay. Imperatives For Suggestion by tariq aziz. ), chalo apni kitabain khulte hai or sabak no 1 karte hai, Lets go to the cinema tonight. We walk every day in the morning. Main cricket khilata hu. Pain Makes People Change Sometimes, you just cant tell anybody how you really feel. Kiyaa wuh khana pakati hay?

With some practice and real-world experience, youll be able to handle nearly any conversation topic using what youve learned today! If the subject is, I, We, You, They, or any plural noun, DO NOT as an auxiliary verb is used. Usey mat batana tum job chor rahe ho abi!intizar karo peer tak jab woh achey mood mein ho batana. kaya ham rozana exercise kaarty hain. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. Wuh ghreebu kii malyati tor par madad kartaaa hay. if you want to revise these easy examples afterward, you can do it easily by getting a PDF Of Present indefinite tense Examples from the link given below.

Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. 150 Future Perfect Continuous Tense Examples with Urdu 150 Future Perfect Tense Examples with Urdu Translation. 11) Part Eleven List of Stative or state Verbs in in Urdu, Lets talk about Thought, Opinions, Possession, Senses, Qualities and Emotion in Urdu, Stative verbs of opinion / perception: khayal / rayee, know, believe, understand, recognize, prefer, agree/disagree, approve/disapprove, suppose, suspect, kiya tumhey yaqeen hai who kiya kahta hai har waqt, I know your hometown. Does she help? You will learn more than 150 Examples of Simple Present Tense that will be more helpful towards learning English. Dont Lose Hope. Word Present means current time or activity we are presenting right now, while the word Indefinite means no definite or without fixed or specified time limit. Wuh pani peetaaa hay. Where is the Javid Nehari, please? Do we exercise on regular basis? Does he abuse? Here, you can simply use the same sentence for both genders. I am also interested in programming, innovation, and education. Also keep in mind that each conjugation will be for the first person singular. The verb be is irregular in the Simple Present. Comprehension of any text depends on the level of Tenses knowledge that you have. Ali tells his lesson to his teacher. Kiyaa wuh us say baaat karti hay? This is a key factor in the conjugation of Urdu verbs, but we wont go into too much detail here. Copyright 2022 UrduPure. kiaya tum apany usatd par hansatay hu? Heres a list of common adverbs: She takes these tablets three times a day. Its short for Let us. > She lives in Karachi. It rains heavily. What does her father do? Wuh achiii English Boltaaa hay. Dont speak ill of others behind their back, Aik saeb khana kafi better hai aik bisut kahne sey. it is quite important to learn all tenses because without tenses not only speaking but also writing gets affected a lot. It is used to state the action which takes place on a cyclic basis. He attends the lecture. Golden Words and shairy written by Tariq Aziz, Na haya hai Na sharam Hai Yeh kaisey mere musliman bhai or behan hai Naa ankhoon mein sharam hai, Naa baaton mein lehaz hai Na nazar jhuki hai, Na parday ka ehtamam hai Yeh kaisey mere muslman behan bhai hai, Sorry if you get hurt but true always sour, (is/am/are) (i) noun (=is the name of person, thing, place. kiya Wuh har roz School jataaa hay? Do we play the tournament? Wuh achaaa ganaa nheee gataaa He does not sing well. It also has different question forms and negative forms. (zamana-e-haal) present tense Asim studies in foreign country. Wuh imtihan main kamyabi hasil kartaa hay. The cinema is on your left, opposite the castle. Present Indefinite tense in Urdu to English PDF exercise example is also known as a simple tense that does not have any past or future or interference of forms or time. 1. The third person he, she, it adds the letter s. Questions third person: does + subject + infinitive. Ustad kursi pay bethta hay. Now for continuing the learn English online course in Urdu, you can click the following link for more tenses in Urdu to English. The fan moves fast. We have discussed all present indefinite tense in Urdu to English PDF exercise examples to learn in the easiest way for beginners who are currently in matric or inter. Wooh sub kuch kahtey kyon nehi> wooh udass hai kyon ka un ka abu ki death ho gayi. Negative:The Earth does not rotate around the sun. Wuh ayk dosray say piyar karty hain. Would you mind giving me some directions, please? Wuh aksar gali main chillaty hain. Where does your father work? The mother cooks delicious meal. In this part of the article, youll learn a few constructions that are widely used in formulating the Urdu past tense. Does she eat meal. ~ They do nothing. > I dont know anybody. kiyaa main gana suntaa hu? Ham dewaaar pay nhee charhtay. You can use the imperative to warn someone of danger. > At the shop. Who do you like most as a friend? Doesnt he charge more than other photographers? (NOT She is liking her grandmother. We do not climb the wall. Kiyaa ham kitaaab parhatay hain? We work in the fields .. Kiyaaa tum bohat boltay hu? Main us say har Sunday mulaqat karta hu.. Wuh ghreebu kii malyati tor par madad kartaaa hay. The murder confesses his crime. You cant expect to master any language without giving due consideration to the past tense forms of its verbs. Do we pay the fee? He jumps. He does not play games. Wuh hotel main khana khatay hain. Tum uska mazak ortay hu. Dies he teach in the college? If youre a smart learner with some linguistic common sense, youll find ways to formulate Urdu sentences for everyday usageeven if you only have a rudimentary knowledge of tenses. Tum yaha kisko jantey ho> main yaha kisi ko nehi janta. maa mazedaar khana banate hay. ), I am an experienced teacher. Important point:If the subject of a sentence is the third person (He, She, It) or any singular name, the auxiliary verb DOES NOT is used. English Tenses has a major role in the English learning field.

Do we enjoy the party? Interrogative:Does the concert start at midnight? Positive:The concert starts at midnight. Do you play cricket? The Simple present tense is used to express repeated actions such as habits and hobbies. Ali teacher ko apnaaa sabaq sonata hay. If the subject is I, we, you, they or any plural noun DOwill be used as an auxiliary verb. Do I play cricket?

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