Nest cant tell temperature accurately. Theres no occupancy sensing. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I wish the monitor werent inside the thermostat, though. Is Charging an EV Cheaper Than Getting Gas? The ac part works bit not the heat. Thats the downside of the air quality monitor. Ive written detailed instructions on how to do ithere so you should be able to do it in about 15 minutes. Nest has improved its data feedback but lacks the charts and detail of ecobee. But beyond that, installing the ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium is as easy as any other smart thermostat. Enough said. So Im trying out the Ecobee Smart. He has worked in IT for nearly a decade, including four years spent repairing and servicing computers for Microsoft. Nest has released sensors of their own. Every time the thermostat takes any kind of smart action, it gets recorded. Great article! If the temperature bumps up to much while we are gone, it takes to long to get back down. Heavy use of plastic will do that, though. Its so much better than Nest. It just shows a visual of the times your system turned on and off during those 10 days. But thats pretty much all that I can say thats nice because using the ecobee thermostat was a pain. I had my HVAC unit replaced last year. I question the temperature accuracy of the nest. Advice? Nest has closed the gap some, but ecobee remains the superior option here. The price difference is only $60, and the Enhanced model doesnt come with smart sensors. Usually, thats after Ive been cooking something that creates smoke, as my HUD isnt the best. You will freeze in the winter or is there some sort of a backup system that would continue to run your heating in the house? Starting with the Ecboee Smart Thermostat Premium (and rolling out to other models later this year), that changes, and its so much better. Two and a half years ago we purchased a new home and went all in with Nest. Very important for us in the northern states, like Minnesota! I want to see some details. What happens if the power goes out? Ive had a nest 2nd gen for 9 years but lately felt the inside temps were off. I couldnt really use the learning feature too much because people at home would mess with temp and throw things off.

Good article. No backup. The result is something that looks a bit like an oversized smartwatch. Best Z Wave Thermostat: The Most Complete List Youll Find, Honeywell RTH9580WF Review: Tried And True, Nest Thermostat: Convenience, Comfort, And Style For Your Smart Home, Honeywell Lyric Round Review: Its Cheaper For A Reason. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, articles, and more. My system has non-standard wiring and lacks a Common wire, but the ecobee CAN run with it. Were not on a set schedule. ecobee decided to take the rectangular look from the programmable thermostats of the past 30 years and round the corners. I struggle to find complaints between the solid app and the new revamped interface. 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I dont have a C wire but I have 2 thermostats one downstairs one upstairs how would the nest work without AC wire together and how would the ecobee work? Nest also sends out a monthly home report via email. geox humidity globalindustrial All it does is turn the boiler and pumps off and on per the temperature I select. ecobee sensors record temperature and motion. Good article. Thats an additional benefit as the screen is quicker to wake up and will catch you approaching from farther away. Put one of these thermostats on your wall and impress your friends. A setting of 67 on the thermostat is about a 74 in our bedroom during the summer days, and sometimes my wife works nights/sleeps days. The other obvious difference is the look. You could also consider the lower-cost Google Nest E, which I mention below. If you prefer to just install and let it do its thing, then go with Nest. It used to work but google may have disabled it now. We are retired so we arent on a daily schedule. The ecobee and Nest are widely considered the best two smart thermostats available. The easiest way to add a c-wire is to use an add-a-wire kit, which you will have to buy separately. All Rights Reserved. Its a vast improvement over the old models. Id set the thermostat where I wanted; the Nest would change itself back to some unbearable temperature. Does that give me some added capability? However, no matter what thermostat I have hooked up, if I lose power my heat wont run. If you dont like the way Nest learns, you can always shut the feature off. It records and analyzes HVAC data for a full 18 months. I was always ticked that Google purchased Nest and there would be no home kit features available for nest. This is called geofencing. Using that, you can compare total usage between certain times of the day and different days. So read on and Ill fill you in on what Ive learned. But, if your wires dont include a c wire, you may have to jump through a few extra hoops to get your smart thermostat working correctly. Every time you manually change the setpoint, it gets recorded. Ive been testing this ecobee for weeks, long enough to give the monitor a chance to get to know my home. the ecobee allows users to set notifications for warnings. If the system is overshooting, it may be due to the fixed 1 degree swing default on the Nest that is not adjustable (last time I checked) whereas a swing feature on the ecobee can be adjusted to be more or less sensitive to temperature change. After a week or two of adjustments, Nest will learn your schedule and the temperature settings you prefer. Shop Now: Google Nest | ecobee SmartThermostat. The ecobee3Lite could be a good money saving choice if you dont need to control any accessory devices. I will soon order two Ecobee thermostats. And on a few occasions, it sent a warning, and I had no obvious clue about the cause. Both Nest and ecobee use past performance and weather data to try to predict future heating needs. How will this function when my heat on temperature is really low (62 degrees) and we manually bump up the thermostat when it is time to clean the ash out of the stove. Advantage Nest, right? However, it doesnt directly support Apple HomeKit and itsunlikely that it ever will. Your email address will not be published. I cant say whether the ecobee would be more accurate, but were talking only fractions of a degree. Once the times and temperatures are set, they dont change unless you change them. Dehumidifier support? The face lights up with blue light when your system is cooling and orange light when its heating. Or, is it just another gimmick that seems to be all too common in the smart home universe? That means Nests sensor driven features are at a disadvantage (relative to ecobee) from the start. Most of the time, it tells me the local air quality is clean. The best way is the geofencing feature. He recomended the ecobee. With all the people in your house, theres probably too much chaos to make use of Nests learning feature or get much use out of home/away. Nest Thermostat E has all the same features of Nest but it lacks support for an accessory. Now its a simple plus or minus button your tap, and thats how it should have always been. Other than that, they function basically the same as the more expensive models. Ventilation and circulation? Ive used a nest before. You can still scroll the temperature, but I default to the plus and minus buttons. I have loved my Nests, but now wish I had gone Ecobee. ecobee thermostat ems si commercial wireless eb smart press wifi pack Some people will be content to just slap it on the wall and let it do its thing. And, Ecobees system reports can be used to detect when a system is not performing well. Sure, theres some A.I. It will show extended run-times. Im not saying the older ecobee models are ugly, but theyre nothing special to look at. Instead, ecobee includes an extra set of wires they call the PEK (power extender kit). The look was terrible enough, but the cheap feeling display degraded the experience whenever I used my smart thermostat. Theres one other change to the hardware that deserves its own section. If your current thermostat wiring doesnt have a c-wire, you could eliminate some wiring by going with the Nest. Nest sensors sense temperature only (lacks motion). They send temperature and motion data back to the ecobee (more info). Which Music Streaming Service Is the Best? How do smart thermostats work together when I have a basement furnace for the first floor and a second furnace upstairs heating the bedrooms and loft? The fact the they purchased a company with a large user base expecting a feature that they quickly abandoned with no statement of intent or reason tells me all I need to know about their customer concern. I have a nest e controlling my basement in-floor radiant heat. We select and review products independently. Its not difficult, but it did take me about an hour to get everything set up. All of them going out after about 6-7 months and in the winter months due to there not being enough power for the Wifi Chip. The interface, which matched the app perfectly, was hard to use. If you cross the geofence leaving your home, the thermostat can switch to away mode. I am returning the Nest thermostat because of the wide, non-adjustable maintenance band. Nest supports Google assistant and Alexa but not Apple HomeKit. If you dont already have a smart speaker near your thermostat, it could be useful. I thought this was quite informative. Hardware That's Vastly Improved And Easy InstallationA Vastly Improved Interface TooThe New Air Quality Monitor Is a Nice BonusBuy This Smart Thermostat. It includes a summary of your energy usage and compares it with past months and other Nest users. Which of these 2 smart thermostats would be best? And I want to be clear, I called the standard customer line and didnt identify myself as a journalistall this happened when I installed the first ecobee I purchased. Is it a magic, mind-reading thermostat? I have a wood burning stove so I do not use my furnace a lot during the late fall, winter and early spring. totaline p374 Unfortunately, it requires the use of a couple third party apps (IFTTT and Life360). The solid construction is obvious when you handle the thermostat. You choose your desired times and temperatures for when you are home, away, and sleeping. It feels very sturdy, although Im not much of a fan for the white faceplate that comes with the thermostat to cover any holes left by my old one. Then, if something turns on when its supposed to be off (or vice versa), I know something is wrong. Yes, the sensor is in the thermostat. Previous versions did have a plastic face. Nest has a beautiful, modern design and sturdy metal construction. We use a heat pump. My wife and I just find the house comfortable all the time with the preset schedules. If your system doesnt have a c-wire, youll be instructed to install the PEK. The ecobee uses a more conventional schedule. My wife and I are retired and, so, do not have a regular schedule. Geofencing is one way I save money with my smart thermostat. In order to power their big screens and maintain their WiFi connections, smart thermostats need a constant source of power. This is the smart thermostat to beat. Its accessible via the web console and its provided free of charge by ecobee for as long as you own the thermostat. Sooner or later, youll feel too warm or too cold and youll use either the app or the thermostat to adjust the temperature up or down. It will also mark the times when the thermostat set point was changed. Ecobee for the win. The one good thought behind the old ecobee interface is that it matched the ecobee app (for iOS and Android). Included with purchase of ecobee SmartThermostat. They serve mostly the same purpose as the ecobee sensors save for one notable exception: Nest sensors only include temperature sensing. ecobees sensors have motion sensing and Nests do not. ecobee requires a c-wire, but comes with a c-wire adapter called the Power Extender Kit (PEK). All temperature and motion data from both the thermostat and the remote sensors is recorded. The outside is a zinc body and a glass touchscreen. ecobee has the ecobee3 Lite and Nest has the Nest Thermostat E. The ecobee3 Lite looks almost exactly the same as the ecobee SmartThermostat and it functions nearly the same, too. ecobee3 Lite has the same features as the ecobee but doesnt come with a sensor, Alexa speaker, or support for an accessory. The new ecobee Smart Thermostat fixes every complaint I have about the hardware. The Rivian Problem No One Is Talking About.

Youll remove the old thermostat while making notes of the wire colors and connections, then do a like to like match on your new unitY1 to Y1, C to C, and so on. Ive been having a lot of problems getting nest to start my ac compressor when its needed. warnings this is a HUGE one. The screen is also a touchscreen which gives you access to many control settings from the base unit if you desire. It just doesnt have the same cool factor as the Nest. Thanks! Fortunately, there is a way to set up geofencing with multiple phones on the ecobee. (See my ecobee review for more details on Home IQ). Plus, its remote sensors give it some unique abilities. Doesnt seem worth it. I live in a rural area of Texas. So if you need it, youll have it. So what does that even mean? Restroom fan override compatible? Over time it will continue to respond to your adjustments. It didnt help that the app was easier to use, despite the interfaces matching, but more on that later. The old ecobee Smart Thermostats do the job, but they do look and feel cheap. How does the Nest react or know when we arent there? Will have two zones and thinking ecob we had better security unit. As I type this, our heat pump system is being replaced. For people that are really hands off, I can see a definite benefit to Nests way of doing things. If you have a Nest and you like the learning feature, you can use it. On the other hand, ecobee includes their add-a-wire kit (PEK) with your purchase. Nest doesnt support HomeKit directly, so if youre a HomeKit user, the ecobee would be a better choice. The ecobee doesnt have that problem because it doesnt learn. I have a nest and like it for the most part. Great article! Its heavy and feels sturdy. If I happen to leave the house for a few hours, my phone always goes with me. I will not buy anything that doesnt support HomeKit out of the box, even if it might mean giving up a little in terms of style or features (depending, of course). Using that data, the thermostat can keep the areas you use the most at the temperature you prefer. It also takes cues from other Google Nest products that have motion detection capabilities. Schedule learning is only useful when household members follow a strict schedule. Yes, they are battery powered so you can place them anywhere you like. Whatever the reason we are delighted to no longer constantly trying to tweak the thermostat. I like the fact that the Ecobee provides the PEK and for you and makes it easy to install at the power board and provides you with how to install it back on the wall without running a chord through it. The retail ecobee SmartThermostat comes with one remote sensor. Dont buy based on promises. If youre someone that likes control and DIY, go with ecobee. Why Are Philips Hue Smart Lights so Expensive? Their analysis tool is called Home IQ. These features help monitor your total usage, how much the local weather influences your usage, and how your home efficiency compares to other users in your area. ecobee seems like theyre really dedicated to voice control. Both Nest and ecobee have sensors but ecobees are better. Therefore, even if I had the Nest, I would recommend installing a c-wire anyway. Not to mention having to call and go through all of their customer service questions when you know exactly what the issue is. Which Smart TV Should You Buy: Vizio, Samsung, or LG WebOS, 2022 LifeSavvy Media. I did disable the learn feature which drove me crazy. The ecobee gives you nearly as much smarts as the Nest and backs that up with superior customization and data feedback. ecobee natively supports geofencing for 1 phone. If you read just about any smart thermostat review, youll see these two almost always come out on top. I mostly use Alexa for my smart home, but Google Assistant and HomeKit can work just as well. I have an open floor plan so first floor heat tends to rise and mix up into the second floor area and the second floor cool air tends to drop to the first floor when cooling in the summer. Its 3 degrees off. Nest can be programmed to run on a conventional schedule if you shut off the learning feature. Fair play, ecobee. Its extra work and it just seems like a hack job. However, since Google bought out Nest, they have been mucking with the API making it harder to interface with it. Do you want a thermostat that looks great and just works with barely any thought from you? The temperature where your thermostat is installed might be different than the temperature where you spend most of your time. There is the main floor which currently has the thermostat then a sensor on the other 2 floors.

Personally, I prefer knowing the heat/AC is set to come on at a specific time. Sometimes were both home all day, sometimes nobody is home. Therefore, the thermostat goes into away mode. Either way, Nests learning feature is an extra option that ecobee doesnt have. Bottom line:If youre looking for energy reports and analysis, ecobee with Home IQ is the way to go. How do you know if your smart thermostat is working the way it should?

In short, its the new best smart thermostat you can buy. I ordered a pretty comprehensive Abode system last night. Therefore, it knows someone is home so it will ignore the geofence trigger to switch to away mode. And now, with better materials, it feels premium, just as the name promised. Swing is an important feature, sadly lacking on the Nest and Honeywell thermostats, that is useful to balance room temperature fluctuation with system cycle frequency.

Want to keep the kids from changing it lol. i have used the ecobee3, ecobee4 and the nest gen 3. reminders the ecobee allows users to set reminders for filter, maintenance and humidifier and allows you to set the # of months. Sure the twist motion of the Nest is still better, but this works very well. Does the Ecobee Smart have the feature that continues to run the fan after the compressor turns off?

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