4 0 obj /Contents 10 0 R>> Flushing, NY 11367, Visit First Central Savings Bank main page, Rate information is believed correct, but not guaranteed. x0wF]j+j/ w{\2 NMLS# 499876 72-76 Main Street Ohnward Tax, Accounting, & Business Services, Must be located in an area deemed eligible by the USDA. oKSCfJlzHiYiAVV `Yb|[=AiSY Ny@T-=$`j,Si BI. xXMs6Wc;Q%K{mr3=B$H" %If^}M[/S 3_Fd>i >9t3_ZSpxe m)}t';er*)h#19o)C|3 },WBre\7]LIgulL{5iHhk$: g2(b'ItW; Ezt(s{(SV[|oDv/~v__\M_4E@q=PD9ebghI]([-\p&b9I Because of this, it is a good option for borrowers with low down payments, first time buyers, or borrowers who may need more flexible credit and income requirements. Terms for conventional loans can be varied and flexible for borrowers with good credit, down payments, and reserves. This program allows the borrower to borrow up to 100% of the purchase price of the new home with flexible income and credit requirements. /Contents 4 0 R>>

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<> Main Street Branch, U.S. Bank National Association : Fort Union Smith's Branch, People's Intermountain Bank : St George Branch, Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, National Association : Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, National Association, Holladay Bank & Trust : Holladay Bank & Trust, Bmw Bank Of North America : Bmw Bank Of North America, Marlin Business Bank : Marlin Business Bank. RatesAndInfo.com, Online Banks    |    9 0 obj endobj Contact a dedicated, experienced First Central State Bank loan officer to learn more about construction loans and to discuss current construction loan rates. dmulvania@firstcentralsb.com Please visit or contact our team members listed below. endobj <> RatesAndInfo is a BestCashCow.com, LLC company. Someone that you know that lives and works in the same community you do. Advertiser Disclosure <> A conventional loan is a mortgage loan that's not backed by a government agency. F2Gq&7h&`WhMn $_f?U'9[e%;abpIYbtZ7E#r9.[9L.s-/}lP6n/X>>>] must be minor and completed by a registered or licensed contractor. Trademarks and copyrighted information on this site are protected by US intellectual property law and remain the property of respective holders. <>

563-242-2265. | Terms and Conditions /Contents 6 0 R>> All income producing individuals over age 18 that will occupy the home will be included in the total household income. A Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan is a government-backed home mortgage loan with more flexible lending requirements than conventional loans. x[s6+oFdNcu:yAD Ze~}5 ~{v_[Oi~Yr=_,h7}?|Ah9_l>MN?t\m S -6mn*Uv:*c! :cEQjj.E]{p\+Pz!gZ`1OaBO}iYK5~)1FqJcqEhO{ 5g6 Construction loans are short-term, interim loans used for new home construction. tleu@firstcentralsb.com Eligible participants do not have to be first time buyers, No private mortgage insurance requirement, Current pay stubs and your tax returns for the past two years, Investment account statements for the past two months, Credit card balances and monthly payment information, Auto loan balances and monthly payment information, Personal loan balances and monthly payment information, Home equity account information (if applicable). First-time homebuyers, experienced buyers, and everyone in-between can make use of these options. Z]Wh'8)TBsk9>%&;Y*)I&#}P@w TP: !0l$hBD/ MYa /oip3 A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, Highest in Customer Satisfaction in the US, Calculate Your New Payment for Free Today, 21 years of experience as online direct lender, Lending in all 50 states from one location allows us to offer lower rates, Transparent website shows rates with no personal information required. endstream Teri Leu To proceed, click 'continue' below. rMs.Nlz. No modifications are allowed that are considered structural to the home. stream To remain on this site, click 'cancel' below. .D]-E^r9h\yeqCb.CpR}gtgt 4[D%&G^pJZ1eFUP g D_1Q=5AJgr9ZJLPYEo@t,NG&ynn?>nrsp.zLQ@qQ%&|;eyAwwn>^3T7L%M +Z& ]V(^v> BaEtpPP@n;a]^ VKgDV:]Ej5W; 'c* 6di) Et@}pn qW7#)G\~nJ&r[&jTi.uMFo$,L:ua,j{\wGL=|h1qF Cq#4>L,~PBP;z:`@E? /Contents 8 0 R>> <>>><>>>] endobj /Group <> Please do not send sensitive or personally identifiable information via unencrypted email to our team. 6 0 obj For most people, their home is the biggest purchase they will ever make. Whether youre purchasing your first home, a vacation home, or refinancing your existing home, we have options that keep your money where it belongs in your pocket. Credit Unions    |    Direct Lender offering low rates, fast closings, and impeccable service, FHA, VA, Conventional, HARP, Jumbo and Reverse Mortgage, All-inclusive Direct Lender no broker fees. stream endstream With First Centrals competitive mortgage rates, we work hard to get you lower monthly payments, quicker payoffs, and lower costs over the life of your loan. Were certain youll find our service to meet and exceed your expectations. Banks    |    NMLS# 500137 <> 8 0 obj 0JzHecC:LXT@T'|~r:n `*sirJ},6NdRH8RW;=n"i MeD. NMLS# 1267793 endobj xRn |VQ%6`_n/*UH g(x=5xZUdqY>:|](xjK&9`M~[C7z1 SZ0|RT=Nh4Pyg]@$_v`CV]-w#&pT'b The loan has an upfront VA Funding Fee with no monthly mortgage insurance fee, making this an excellent loan for an eligible veteran putting down 15% or less on the purchase of their new home. Modifications, remodeling etc. You work with a Mortgage Loan Officer face-to-face, someone you can get to know and trust, or talk to at any time. stream rmatzen@firstcentralsb.com Lets build your dream together. We understand the big decision on which lending partner to trust. <> As part of our mission to serve you, we provide a home loan guaranty benefit and other housing-related programs to help you buy, build, repair, retain, or adapt a home for your own personal occupancy. With the help of Iowa Finance Authority mortgage and down payment programs, the dream of your own place is within reach.

7 0 obj Thank you. There are a few suburban areas that meet the USDA criteria. It is not a secure way to send any information. VA loans help servicemembers, veterans, and eligible surviving spouses become homeowners. USDA loans, often referred to as RD (Rural Development) loans are zero-down-payment, low interest rate mortgages. svT$IQU!,67 Copyright 2022

563-285-2033, Rich Matzen 563-289-2265, Christine Sterbenz NMLS# 1504317 /Group <> %PDF-1.4 The United States Department of Agriculture guarantees the loans, which are meant to help very low-to-moderate income buyers become homeowners.

3 0 obj There are a few guidelines, including:the home must be in a rural area which the USDA defines as having a population under 35,000. Our homegrown team has the experience and knowledge to assist you with makingaccurate, informed decisions to meet all your mortgage needs. Prime Rate as of 6/17/2022= 4.75% (Wall Street Journal). Your home buying journey starts with the right loan. Users are advised to observe FDIC and NCUA insurance limits. A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau! endobj You are about to follow a link to [Link]. !'o>|2/dXI67AIa 563-659-3141, Debbie Mulvania (B9 ULgTFNjX[IZ4@Bf\QUZ%IEg$YA`b3e VP5B2nas`sT[|dNIG2_RMLi>*s>K@MhY Y, stream

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