Just because theres not a pressing need for Puig now doesnt mean there wont be one soon. This is a real bummer for opposing teams. Bravo to them. @Manfredisajoke you listed exactly real world examples and a lot of media narratives, therefore this take is cold, stale and worthless. One of the better signings in a blockbuster off season. Its exciting to see how aggressive Hann is right now. Why cant he be the DH or anything. They are continuing to carry him for no other reason than he was a first round pick. Garcia was the primary center fielder in 2019. Like most White Sox fans, I have been all over Twitter and continue to read any blog or article concerning MLB, especially as it relates to the Chicago teams. His 72 percent ground-ball rate was the second best in baseball. To get rid of him, they had to give up money on the international market..

". I wouldnt have signed Encarnacion. Just cone out and admit you actually like the CubsI know u love your fireworks on Fridays and your $2 tickets and all. The 2026 option could escalate to $9MM with a second- or third-place finish in the AL Reliever of the Year voting, or $10MM if he wins the award, according to The Athletics James Fegan. Yeah, that 2.4 FIP in 2018 really sucked. (Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune). I do like FIP, and Im a big believer in many moneyball principles . Even if he is just mediocre and gets some ground ball outs its worth it. In addition the nature of the position, theres ups and downs. He can play three outfield and infield positions and is the favorite to be the Opening Day second baseman. Similar deals for Chris Sale, Jose Quintana and Adam Eaton in the past enhanced those players trade value in deals for prospects that launched the Sox rebuild. Any time you are looking at relievers, theres the capacity to come in in key situations, high leverage, and be that guy you can count on in any situation, Sox assistant general manager Jeremy Haber said. It shouldnt be on a case-by-case basis; every situation is the exact same. Some might see this as a start of a new trend, locking up relief arms earlier, but I dont see that as being the case. I cant wait to see whos next for the Sox to extend. Bummer may have sold himself short To be here on the South Side for the next five to seven years the stability, the financial security, man, its an unbelievable feeling for my wife and I.. Some team will give him closer money. Fulmer was a first round pick with a ton of talent. Congrats. Butt. Look how many chances they gave Nate Jones, when there were opportunities to cut bait. According to USA Todays Bob Nightengale, its the biggest extension for a pre-arbitration, non-closer reliever in baseball history. White Sox starting pitcher Dylan Cease warms up in right field before a game against the Reds at Goodyear Ballpark on Feb. 23, 2020.

It was a bummer. And he improved as a catcher, he can be a back up,. Bummer was among the best in the game at limiting barrels last season (2.3% barrel%) and well as opponents expected slugging percentage (.281 xSLG). Hopefully Yermin tears up Spring training to show he should come up sooner rather than later. Oh just stop it. Bummer finished with a 2.13 ERA, one save, 27 holds, 60 strikeouts and a 0.99 WHIP in 58 relief appearances in 2019.

Elite CF prospect Robert also had his share of injuries in his first pro season stateside in 2018 before taking off las year with a fully healthy campaign. Damn man how insecure are you about the Cubs? He began the 2016 season on the injured list while recovering from left elbow surgery and was reinstated July 19. To get rid of him, they had to give up money on the international market. Thats one of them Im hoping to see happen. He struck out 60 hitters last season in 67.2 IPs and has a career 8.3 SO/9 rate. Trade him while he has some value. Aaron, thanks for keeping your comments brief. And then you say you dont hate them? src="https://www.facebook.com/tr?id=674090812743125&ev=PageView&noscript=1"/>. Bee, this is very team friendly. Do you think Abrue plus other Cubans on the Sox were consulted re Puig? He deserves to be a starter and show what he has. Bummer, 26, was the Sox best reliever in 2019, posting a 2.13 ERA with one save, 60 strikeouts and a 0.99 WHIP over 58 relief appearances. If you look at hitting and ignore everything else. The bullies are in charge, and theyre making damn sure everybody knows it as they have in the case of the 10-year-old Ohio rape victim and the Indiana doctor who mercifully ended her pregnancy. But instead, the White Sox chose to take a different route. White Sox sign lefty Aaron Bummer to five-year extension, Lucas Giolito, AJ Pollock nearing closer to returns to White Sox, Bumpy outings aside, White Sox closer Liam Hendriks on track to finding right track, White Sox-Guardians opener postponed because of weather, Starter Vince Velasquez, White Sox cant overcome rocky first inning in loss to Rays, White Sox hoping bats get warmer than the weather, Georgia man traveled to Chicago and fatally shot ex-wife at Streeterville condo, then killed himself as cops arrived: police, Start your engines: Lightfoot gives NASCAR green flag for three years of races through streets of Chicago, Eddie Olczyk owns decision to leave Blackhawks, but he didnt arrive at it alone. Nobody is paying Puig 20 million a year. First, nice write-up on this, which is normal for you. Am I missing soemthing? In addition to his elite 72.1 GB%, Aaron Bummer can also miss a few bats. Give the south side fans a real shot in the arm before opening day.! He had a 2.4 FIP in 2018 Hes good, hes a lefty, and hes locked in for ~$3M/yr over the next 5 years. Hes that Swiss Army knife and a great guy to have in any lineup. In 58 games out of the pen last season, the southpaw produced a 72.1 GB%, ranking behind only the Yankees Zack Britton in that regard. Garcia will receive $3.25 million in 2020, while the Sox hold a $3.5 million option for 2021 with a $250,000 buyout. As an older fan, I prefer writing and speaking intelligently and in-depth over brief tweets and abbreviated texts although I am capable of each form of communication. Additionally, one of the White Sox priorities coming into the offseason was to add a left-handed power bat to balance off a lineup that leaned heavily right-handed. According to the teams announcement,Bummer will receive $1 million in 2020, $2 million in 2021, $2.5 million in 2022, $3.75 million in 2023 and $5.5 million in 2024. As for Yasiel Puig, Ive read reports where both Abreu and Yasmani Grandal were each consulted about the tempestuous slugger. Or injury. McCann is a good back-up, solid teammate, strong rapport with Giolito and important for preserving Grandal. Now I can watch the Sox knock Berrios around the ballpark for the next 3 years. Ballfour. The team is keeping Aaron Bummer on the South Side for the next half-decade. Racism? Typically now, you see alot more younger arms coming in throwing 97-100, with an effective slider or curve, and those are generally the kind of candidates that will often times get injured and are more prone to ups and downs.. Mercedes can get called up for DH work if/when old man Encarnacion gets hurtor if EE continues his late year problems catching up to 95+ heat. Bummer ranked among the American League relief leaders in inherited runners-scored percentage (second, 19.4), first-batter efficiency (fourth, .115), holds (sixth, 27), ERA (seventh) and opponents average (ninth, .184). How is this contract remotely risky for the player? I dont know why the White Sox wont give Yermin Mercedes a shot!!! Hes just a jealous fan who can only wish that Theo Epstein had the foresight to lock up his young studs and develop good pitching along with the solid hitters on the Cubs roster. Conversely, Engel was .201/599 vs Righties but .313/841 vs Lefties. Ya, sure. Nate Jones was fully healthy for a single season. The highest-paid among the 23 are Giolito and Moncada at $627,000 each. so hes only making 3+ million per year ? Leury is a super-talented player, Haber said. Stop acting like hes making elite reliever money. It shows the confidence and trust the team has in me. Dont agree with your statement but it was pretty funny and being funny covers for a multitude of sins. Definetly better than Collins.

Especially this one. Please, tell us more about how you and your friends could care less about the White Sox. I spend plenty of time on Twitter where brevity is required. HUD accuses city of Chicago of environmental racism by moving polluters to Black, Latino neighborhoods, As All-Star break ends, Cubs trade watch begins, Charles Barkley plans to play in LIV Golf pro-am at Trump Bedminster event: report, Amazon rolls out new electric delivery vans, Blackhawks reveal new programs reaching out to Native Americans. 7 IP, 1 run and an OPS of .729. Its a bad habit to develop. The Sox gave more lucrative extensions to Eloy Jimenez, 23, and Luis Robert, 22, in the last 12 months and for shortstop Tim Anderson in the spring of 2017. OMG, a white Sox article!!! And frankly, They have had and do have players who are better. Bummer has had one good season. To be standing here now, its an amazing feeling, Bummer said Saturday after the Soxs spring opener was rained out. Maybe if you said it about Fulmer or Covey, sure.

A left-hander, he was effective against both right- and left-handed hitters, holding righties to a .188 batting average and lefties to a .178 average. They actually didnt HAVE to; they chose to. And again, its only ~$3M/yr. Bullpen is like the stock market, but consistent arms get pricey and if his strikeouts go up along with a robust ERA, hed stand to take significant arbitration bumps that its worth the little risk even if the LOOGY becomes a thing of the past with the 3-batter rule now. His two option years almost double the total value. Garcia, 29, had agreed to terms on a one-year, $3.25 million contract Jan. 10 to avoid arbitration.

The investment signals both their confidence in Bummer, and their continued commitment to longevity for the incoming core. Thats just wrong. As I stated before, it behooves Puig to bide his time until a better situation opens up for him as spring training progresses. great deal for the White Soxs & for Bummer, Jeez, at some point ALL multi-year deals are going to get frowned on by idiots in the comments sections. All that shows is how little they value(d) international money hopefully that philosophy has changed. He kicked for the football team. Hope in 4-5 years he has the OF cannon arm to unleash like his dad. Hes clearly trending up. He tried out for the Bears for 2019 season and was cut. Evan Marshall and Jimmy Cordero are so/called journeymen, BTW, who are still under team control. Its not a lot of money. Team CEO Danny Wirtz issued an update on the organizations plans. I dont anticipate Puig signing a contract with the White Sox or any other team in the immediate future. Theres a guy running for President literally named P.P. The White Sox are getting one of the games premier groundball artists at rates that carry minimal risk. They stuck with Nate Jones because he was extremely effective when healthy, and he had injury clauses in his contract that made him ridiculously cheap while not playing.

I just dont see a-bats or room for Puig or his personality. you get a contract extension! Of course, guaranteed money isnt bad for the player either. Because theres so few talented, charismatic hispanic White Sox players. Im not a Cubs fan and you act like a troll about them. He demonstrated that resiliency that you look for in that position., White Sox starting pitcher Dylan Cease warms up in right field before a game against the Reds at Goodyear Ballpark on Feb. 23, 2020. He hit .279 with 27 doubles, three triples, eight home runs, 40 RBIs and 93 runs in 140 games last season. lol, no you are the bummer in that scenario. Keep those extensions coming. Bummer had 20 bad innings in his first shot at the bigs, he put up excellent peripherals in 30 innings in his second shot, and he was excellent in 70 innings last year. The deal also includes two option years that could raise the overall value to $29.5MM, per Nightengale. I always love the logic of hes a bust. The Sox hold options for $7.25 million in 2025 and $7.5 million in 2026, with $1.25 million buyouts for both seasons. That said, the Sox have the perfect dual in Engel and Mazara, even if they keep doing what they are doing. This is not a lot of money for a team that is offering some of the largest contracts in the game (Machado).

Gotta love the bloodlines. Back in December, its safe to assume that Puig and his representatives had a bigger contract in mind in terms of both dollars and years as the premier free agent RF available. So, maybe we can stop with that? PHOENIX The White Sox have locked up a key part of their bullpen and did it in record fashion. Monty How is it racism Puig hasnt signed?

Its not happening. I am ready for that, Garcia said. Damn, White Sox are giving out contracts like Oprahs talk show.

Nice deal for both sides. When it comes to writing, conversation and Chicago baseball, I can be brief or expansive. The Chicago White Sox signedAaron Bummer to a five-year, $16MM contract extension, tweets USA Todays Bob Nightengale. The Sox agreed to a five-year, $16 million contract with the left-hander. "The reliever role and coming in in the seventh, eighth, ninth inning it takes a certain type of temperament," Haber said."Not to just deal with and thrive in those, but handle the ups and downs whenever they come, and Aarons shown that.". Look at their splits, and you will see what I mean. In 2019, Mazara was .220 /.646 vs lefties but .288/844 vs righties. Hes a reliever, and they are famously iffy from year to year. But its a terrible habit to get into signing extensions for all players that have a good year.

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